CELPIP Speaking Test 3 Answers

CELPIP Speaking Test 3 Answers

Task 1

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Hey Andy, I know It might seem impossible for you now to quit smoking considering you have been smoking for 20 years now. But you really should take the doctor’s recommendation seriously this time. It’s a matter of life and death now. You have to stay in good health. You can start by avoiding public places that you frequently go to and smoke with your friends like cafés and bars. Keeping away from that environment will enormously help you resist that desire of smoking. And how about practicing sport regularly? You need something to occupy your mind if you want to win this challenge, and there is nothing more effective than going for a run every morning.

However, if you are not into jogging, you can try any sport you like. I am sure you will notice the difference after. I am not sure if you are willing to try those electric cigarettes they are advertising on TV. It is worth a try you know, they would gradually help you forget about real cigarettes I suppose. I would also read how other people were able to quit cigarettes if I were you. You would greatly relate to these kind of stories. Anyway, I hope you don’t give up easily and good luck.

Task 2

I guess the scariest experience I can think of is when I was babysitting my little cousin one day. I was alone with him at night watching TV together when I heard a strange noise coming from the bedroom upstairs. I wasn’t scared at first, I thought it was just the window or the cat was fooling around.

However, I noticed the cat sleeping under the dining table, so the only explanation left was the window. I had to go upstairs and check. When I got there, everything was normal and the window was closed as usual. Suddenly, I heard the same noise coming from the living room downstairs this time. It happened that my little cousin was playing me all along!

Task 3

This scene takes place in a kitchen during the day I suppose since the kids are still awake. In the middle, I can see a boy and a girl who seem to be enjoying themselves drawing and coloring on the kitchen table. They both have red hair, the whole family have red hair actually, even the mother. On the right of the kids, there is a dog who is trying to watch  what the kids are doing and he looks very happy. The mother stands behind the boy cooking a hot meal. On her left, I can also see some messy dishes piled up in the sink that need attention. Anyway, the whole kitchen seem a little messy to me and needs immediate clean up.

Task 4

The boy would most probably show his drawing to his mother after he finishes. I suppose the girl would do the same too. They might also exchange their coloring books in order to help each other or give any suggestions. As to the dog, he might stop watching the kids and go play with the cat. They may start running around the kitchen or go outside in the backyard. The mother however, will probably taste the meal she is cooking and add any necessary ingredients. She will also take a look at the oven, pay attention to the messy dishes, and clean up the mess around the kitchen. There could be other possibilities, but these are my personal predictions.

Task 5

Hey Susan, I don’t understand why you prefer Virginia High School where St George is clearly better for our son. First of all, the monthly fee is cheaper and you know we need to save as much money this year as possible for his college education. Second, it is not as far as Virginia High School. So it won’t take us too long to drive him to school and go to work every morning.

The teachers also are highly qualified in St George and many parents recommended them if you remember. At least we can ensure quality education for Jim. Finally, I don’t think he would be pleased to go to a school where he doesn’t have a single friend. I have to ask you to reconsider Susan.

Task 6

Hey John, I know I am supposed to work the following three days but the doctor insists that I should rest for a couple of days. He told me that my health is deteriorating and it would turn to a serious illness if I don’t follow his advice. Moreover, I don’t think I would perform well anyway. I can’t really concentrate on my work and I constantly feel exhausted. So you won’t be satisfied with the outcome. I also feel like a deserve a three days absence after I managed to close that million dollar deal last week. Besides, I haven’t taken any vacation last year if you remember and I really think I deserve at least a week now. So what do you think John?

Task 7

I don’t think it is really necessary for children to learn how to play a musical instrument in the early stages of their lives. To begin with, they can learn other useful things too apart from music. I know that learning a musical instrument can develop their creativity, but there other hobbies that can do the same and boost their intelligence as well. For me, playing chess, board games, and martial arts for instance are better alternatives. Furthermore, music sometimes, if not well supervised, can turn to a negative addiction for many kids.

They start devoting more time rehearsing on their musical instrument, forget about their education, rarely do their school homework, and spend more time with their band if there is one. Finally, even if parents manage to control their children’s musical addiction, I don’t think we should force them in choosing their pastime hobby. Many children don’t show any interest in playing music, and yet their parent insist on making them learn an instrument. That’s what I am really against.

Task 8

Hey honey, it’s me. Remember we agreed to buy a bicycle for little Steve for his coming birthday. Well, you would not believe what I found in this toy store. This bike has unusual parts. The wheels for example are two different balls. The front wheel looks like a football whereas the back wheel is a red basketball. You know how your son loves these two sports right? The seat is also weird. It has the form of a rugby ball. Steve is not really a fan of rugby, but I’m sure he would love the looks. And that’s not all, the grips or the handlebars look exactly like a microphone, so that he could sing while riding his bike. So what do you think honey? Should we buy it for him?

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  1. How difficult is to score a 9 on Celpip speaking? I have booked it next month and I need to score 9 to boost my immigration score?
    I need your suggestions, please help me.

    • I must admit it’s quite difficult to score nine on CELPIP speaking. All I can say is that you need to practice as much as you can. You need to work on your pronunciation aspects if you have some problems there. You need to work on your tone, intonation, pauses, sentence structures, and so on and so forth. In addition, your responses need to sound natural and not memorized. Best of luck!

  2. Hi there,
    Thank you for the answers. This site has helped me get a better grasp of the CEPIP test. More so than any other site I would say. If it is not too much trouble, could you answer task 5 correctly. Thank you.
    Kind regards,

  3. Hi, there,
    I am a little bit confused by the answer of task 5 which you posted. The question is that you prefer Virginia HS, but answer is opposite.

  4. Please give me tips and advises on how I can get a CLB 7 in CELPIP.I am Richard Llacer from the Philippines and I will take the exam by the end of the month.I am now focusing my attention on writing and speaking passages you and your subscribers provide.I think it is very helpful.Thank you for this great sample trainings and drills.


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