CELPIP Writing Test 4 with answers

CELPIP writing test 4

2Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You purchased a 2-year membership to a fitness center next to your neighborhood based on an advertisement. After a period of time, you discovered that the services described on the advertisement are not found in the center. You tried to talk to the manager, but he did nothing to help.

Write an email to the owner of the fitness center in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • Describe the services that are only in the advertisement and not in the center.
  • Complain about the way the manager dealt with the situation.
  • Describe what should be done to resolve this problem.

Read the sample answer and try to write your own response in the comment area. I will try to give you an estimate score.

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Task 1 Sample Answer

Dear sir or madam,

I am mainly writing to complain about your unsatisfactory services. Based on the advertisement, I have recently purchased a two year membership to fitness center. To my surprise, the advertised services compared to the ones offered are completely a different story.

First, the sophisticated equipment that you described are nowhere to be found. Instead, we exercise using old, sometimes rusty, fitness equipment. Second, showers are not sufficient to cover the growing number of registered members of the center. Most of us waste hours waiting for his or her turn to take a simple shower. To top it all, fitness advisors your advertisement promised do not seem to be qualified, granted we were able to consult one. We simply have to manage things for ourselves.

In an attempt to resolve matters with your manager in a friendly way, the latter gave no attention to me, denied all the issues, and practically mocked me. Hence, I would be grateful to you if you could refund my money, or better yet, resolve the aforementioned problems and satisfy the needs of your fellow members.

Yours faithfully

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  1. I strongly believe that we should have big cafeteria in the campus. However, we should also promote the culture of contentedly eating at a cafeteria rather than fancy restaurants.

    Firstly, the numbers of students that rely on meal cards are comparatively large. Bringing in restaurants in the campus might increase the business; nevertheless, it would create huge impact on those students who cannot afford the meals. In addition to it, this might give one group of students an upper hand to turn into bullies that would affect the self-esteem of another group.

    Secondly, there are many students who take care of their education expenses. To them, restaurants in the campus would create a financial anxiety. This might put them into a belief that they should work hard to buy meals rather than striving for their studies.

    Finally, in the current influencers’ era, I think we should encourage students eating at a campus cafeteria. This would create a harmony between the students. Moreover, they would learn everybody is equal and respect each other’s presence. As the cafeteria will provide wide varieties of food at an affordable cost, students would definitely be content, yet, this increases their academic performance. As an outcome, University’s reputation would grow two-folds in terms of both, education and food quality.

    As a result, setting up a big cafeteria should be prioritized.

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am current member at your Fitness Goals gym at the Express Avenue vicinity. I found your fitness Centre’s advertisement appealing and based on which, I registered for a two year membership at the gym. I’m writing this email to express my disenchantment with the services delivered.

    Firstly, the gym is overcrowded due to which equipment is not available during my schedule. Secondly, most of the equipment seems to be old, rusty and dusty and not sophisticated as advertised. Likewise, the number of available bathrooms is inversely proportional to the registered members because of which, there is always a long queue to get a quick shower. Besides, the fitness advisors appear to be under-qualified and personal trainers are nowhere to be found as mentioned in the advertisement.

    Moreover, upon acknowledging the concerns, I decided to let the manager know. Nevertheless, he did not bat an eye to my requests. In addition to it, he tried to mock me in front of fellow members and answered rudely whenever something was asked. I was appalled to see how inconsiderate the manager was.

    Furthermore, I would recommend you to resolve all the aforementioned issues by bringing in new equipment, organize the crowd by scheduling the gym timings, assigning trainers in groups for regular membership and personalized for premium memberships. And, make the bathrooms in the first floor functional to avoid long waiting. Finally, I suggest you to talk to the manager about his unacceptable behavior towards the members.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Maria Lucas

  3. Task1:

    Dear Owner,

    I have purchased 2 year membership for Planet Fitness center located in Don Lands area. I recently moved to this area and was looking for gym which had multiple amenities such as Basketball court, Swimming pool, Spa, and Sauna. I was impressed with amenities listed in advertisement of this Planet Fitness center and decided to take 2 year membership since it’s near to my new home.

    I didn’t do walkthrough since I was assured on the phone that all amenities listed in advertisement will be available at the facility. But when I started my working out at this fitness center, I was flabbergasted that four main amenities listed in the advertisement were not available or fully operational. I usually do strength training and do swimming once a week for my cardio. When I went at floor where Swimming pool was mentioned, I found empty swimming pool with notice that it’s down for maintenance. Also there was no information on when this maintenance will be complete. On same day, I came to know that Spa, Sauna and Basketball courts were not available at this facility and were proposed to be built.

    I immediately put a request to talk to Manager (Mr. Bell) of this facility and I was able talk to him next day. But response from Mr. Bell was very inapt. He was also not able to provide clear dates on when these missing facilities will be built or when maintenance activities will be done. In light of this situation, I would like to cancel my membership and get full refund of amount. Also this false advertisement should be stopped immediately, so future members will not be deceived.

  4. To whom it may concern,

    Purpose of my writing today is to lodge a complaint about several things that I had to face after obtaining the membership of the fitness center in the sports complex.

    Firstly, I am regrettable to inform you that several services include in the advertisement are not available in the gym. I have purchased a 2-year membership, that include free trainer and free protein shakes with the membership. Unfortunately, I didn’t get both of these things from the gym.

    Moreover, I have managed to contact the manager, and explained the whole scenario, But the way he treated me is very unprofessional. Inserted of resolving the issue, he asked me to cancel my membership and rejoin a different gym.

    However, I think from my prospect of view this is really unfair to myself. Since I have brought the membership based on the advertisement. I request to add these facilities to my membership or refund my money back to me.

    Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, an open line of communication, from you side, in this case would greatly help out.

    • So sorry for the late response; I was just on holiday. You would most probably score 7 in the CELPIP writing section in my opinion. Keep up the hard work!

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing this mail to capture your attention towards unpredicted things that happened to your valuable members. A few weeks ago, I show the advertisement for your fitness center which is a walking step away from my house. After reading your flyer of gym equipment and all the facilities mentioned I am quite interested in becoming a member of your fitness center so that I had purchased 2-year membership.

    Being a member I visited your gym, to my surprised most of the equipment’s are rusty and nowhere found the new once which mentioned in your advt. I am disappointed that for this things. Moreover, when I visited the bathrooms, there are very few showers, and a growing number of members it’s really hard to wait in a queue, it is a total waste of the time of gym members.

    When I went to your fitness center manager to talk about this contrasting thing showing in an advertisement. Firstly, he ignored me and I ask for my refund to withdraw my membership, he mocked me. I am appreciating you if you take some immediate action on this matter, or refund my membership fees.

    Yours faithfully,

  6. Dear Fitness Center Owner,
    I decided to write to you so that you have a clear record of my concern. I became a member of the Fitness Center three months ago, but I just found out that there is no exercise bike in the facilities. I just talked with the manager, and He told me that they may have those machines next year.
    My family doctor advised me to work out. He suggested I should focus on cardio, that is why I bought the 2-year membership when reading the Fitness Center ads that you were fully equipped with those machines. I must take care of my health forthwith. I am very dismayed with the administrator because he did not seem to be willing to find a solution to my problem. He told me that it was not up to him the implementation of new facilities like new machines. He suggested that If I wanted swift action, I should send an email to the Regional Management, for He is busy with other issues.
    I want reimbursement of my money. There is a new Fitness Center nearby home that has just been opened, I will not need to drive to get there, I will walk to get to there, which is better health-wise.
    Hoping for your swift action in this matter,
    Luis Cornejo.

  7. To whom it may concerns,
    I want to opine that building a recreational park would be a best opportunity for this town residents because the green area we have in town is undeveloped. I have explained the reasons of choosing this option in the following paragraphs.
    Firstly, having sports complex in this small town would be a blessing for the teenagers and adult residents. the reason for that is we have not so many sportsman in our town because they have to go outside the town for their hobbies of playing.
    Additionally, our children and seniors also need something like big green area where they can spend their spare time, jogging, walk and picnics. they would have something where they could go every evening to spend sometime in fresh air.
    Moreover, the petting zoo idea which I really loved because we do not have any source of entertainment like this. Even by having this in the town I hope our neighbour towns would come to visit us there.
    Finally, I would ask you to consider the reason behind my opinion.

  8. Dear Manager,
    I want to discuss the problem I faced on April29th, at your restaurant. I booked your restaurant for my dinner with my family on that day. We were very excited about the dinner to dine at this restaurant because we heard from so many friends about there. After so long, I got chance to go out for dinner with my children and wife.

    Somehow, it was totally opposite of our expectations. Initially, we had to wait for half an hour for the waiter to take our order which was really annoying. However, we just let it go cause we thought they must be busy because the restaurant is very popular. Afterwards, the waiter did not replied my greetings, that was really insulting.

    Moreover, when the food been served the taste was horrible as if the food was not fresh. it really ruined my whole plan for the dinner with my family. my children did not eat anything on that night and I am very upset with the service and meal provided that day.

    I left the restaurant on that day because the receptionist said manager is not available but I want you to refund my money which I paid for reservations.
    Thank you

  9. DEAR sir or madam ,
    I am writing this letter to complain you about the unsatisfactory service of the membership . Based on the advertisement , I have purchased the two year fitness membership in your center . To my surprise , I have faced many problems in your center .
    Firstly , the service were offered in the advertisement the services I got are completely different . In addition to this ,most of the members having problems to get shower , they have to wait hours to get his or her turn and equipments were offered in the advertisement all of new but we were using old parts and old machine .
    Secondly , the staff were not cooperative at all , they are not listening the regular members instead of that fitness trainer are busy with personal customers because they got extra money from them .
    I would be grateful if you could refund my fees or resolve the aforementioned problems as soon as possible . in order to satisfy the needs of your fellow members

  10. My preference will be opening new restaurants on campus. A big cafeteria, nevertheless, will be a good choice in terms of providing meals in a low price, however, in my opinion, campus officials should consider the option of opening branches of famous restaurants to satisfy food quality for students.

    Besides the improved food quality, students can not only experience a wide range of taste from their famous restaurants, but also stay healthy with their eating habits. Students can stay more focused on their studies without worrying about lunch or dinner with the easy accessibility of healthy food. Students bringing their acquaintances and friends to the campus restaurants will thereby be economically beneficial for university.

    Option A will certainly meet the needs of all types of students, regardless of him or her being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. As the quality of food improves, the price will elevate accordingly which should not be a concern for most of the students.

    In this way, university is not only satisfying their appetite, but also providing a wide variety of healthy meals.

  11. Dear sir or madam,

    I am writing this letter to complain about the unsatisfactory services provided by your fitness center. I saw an advertisement of services provided by your center. On the basis of which, I had purchased a 2-year membership, however, after a few months of joining the fitness center I couldn’t find your services up to the mark.

    Initially, the advertisement provided a brief schedule of weekly routine, for instance, from Monday to Friday, a 2-hour Zumba class and on weekends, a special meditation session including Yoga were supposed to be organized. Moreover, the advertisement stated that your fitness center has been renovated with new fitness equipment, but all I noticed were the old, dusty and rusty equipment. In addition to it, the bathrooms and changing rooms were stinky and felt like they haven’t been cleaned for years.

    Upon acknowledging this situation, I decided to talk to your manager politely about the issues. Not only did he respond me rudely, but also started mocking me. He also asked me to take my membership to other fitness center without hearing me entirely.

    I am highly disappointed by his unsuitable behavior and would kindly request you to refund my full money back, or better yet, resolve the aforementioned problems.

    Yours sincerely,

  12. My vote is definitely for the cafeteria. There are many reasons why we should not have restaurants.

    Firstly not every student can afford expensive meal and most of the restaurants have extremly high prices. The cafeteria is relatively cheap option so all campus could come and enjoy the food.

    Secondly competition between restaurants is not smart move for the campus budget. To improve food services is necessarily to bring new options, but do not spend all money supplies. Opening branches could cost a lot of money, because of the different kinds of restaurants. It is a great opportunity for them to grow as a company so they probably will ask for huge amount of money.

    Another reason, in my opinion, is variety of food provided in one place which is cafeteria. You can choose from many dishes right in place or maybe order online. It would be really useful to create mobile application where you can pre-order your meal couple of days before.

    I think the best choice for the campus is to provide healthy and quality meal for acceptable price, not just another fast food center. In cafeteria all students could satisfy their appetite.

  13. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing this letter to complain about the services in your fitness center.

    In the advertisement for the year membership you provide private lessons with 50% discount, but I could not get one. Also using lockers in changing room suposed to be for free, however I was very strictly informed that it is not true.

    When I talked to manager about these services he was extremely rude to me. He did not apologize at all and blamed me for my mistake. According his opinion I am not able to read carefully and should wear better eyeglasses. This behavior is very unprofessional and not acceptable.

    I was wondering if you could cancel my membership and give me my money back. I do not want to visit this fitness center again. Also I would appreciate if you talk to your manager about his attitude. I think it will be good for your prestige as well.

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.



  14. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    I am writing to express my disappointment about the inconsistent services in your fitness center. I recently signed for a long-term membership however, I learned that several services are unavailable.

    Based on the advertisement, the services include free use of the sauna but only showers are available in the center. Next, there will be one available female fitness instructor to assist every hour. In my two weeks at the center, I notice only male fitness instructor is present at the gym. Lastly, there will be one locker allotted for each member but, I observed that most of the lockers are shared. Being dissatisfied, I thoroughly discussed these concerns with the manager however, he was inept to provide proper solutions. First, he told me to focus on my program and forget about the advertisement. Then, he said that I will be given free drinks to compensate for the deficiencies. This made me even more unfulfilled.

    In order to put a resolution about this issue, I demand to cancel my membership immediately and please talk to your manager about proper behavior in addressing customer complaints. I look forward to hearing from you this week.

    Lea Stuart

    P.S. Thank you hightestscore!

      • As a student, I have appreciated going to the school cafeteria than a restaurant.

        I find a large cafeteria to be reasonable for students. One, while sellers offer available “good” food options, the prices are affordable too. Being a student, I would rather purchase more on school items such as books and spend less on my food. Two, I believe the food variety is sufficient for the students. Often, I observed that students do not even stay in the food court to eat; instead, they hang out longer at this place. They enjoy a great amount of time chatting with friends during break time. Finally, students do their homework together with fellow students. In fact, I personally experienced this before when I was still in college. I liked doing my assignments in the cafeteria because I could still converse without bothering the loudness of my voice. Overall, compared to a restaurant, the vibe is less formal. Students want to socialize while relishing the food.

        Definitely, I will enjoy a big cafeteria with my fellow students on the campus, which offers various food choices at cost-friendly prices.

        • Nice try! I don’t think you will score more than 6 or, if lucky, 7 with this one. Keep improving!

  15. To Whom it May Concern,
    I had purchased a 2-year membership at your gym. I am writing this email to complain about the lack of services, which was earlier described in the flyer.
    In the advertisement, it was mentioned that the gym would be equipped with an in-house sauna. Since I like sauna, which is very refreshing and relaxing, I was thrilled to get a membership at your center. When I joined the gym, I was told by the manager that the sauna room is still under construction, and it would available in three months time.
    After three months, when enquired again, manager said that, the management has dropped the idea of sauna and it will no longer be an amenity at this center. Disappointedly, I requested the manager for refund since sauna was primary reason for me to join your center. But the manager unapologetically rejected my request and asked me to take it up with owner.
    So, I am requesting you to investigate into this matter and refund my fees, or better yet, bring the sauna into the premises as promised.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Ken Adams

    In my opinion, cafeteria would be a good option for our college. Though restaurants are not a bad idea, you will see that, because of the below reasons, they would not be suitable for our campus.
    Firstly, there are lot of students from marginalised community in our college. In fact, more that 60% of our students’ families make less that $60000 annually. For this reason, I believe cost wise, cafeteria would be suitable for students, as they would be able to afford a decent meal. Though, the restaurants have promised to keep the pricing competitive, I don’t expect them to be as nominal as a cafeteria.
    Secondly, we will have the flexibility to customize the menu to likings of students while imparting healthier eating habits. Most of these famous restaurants would not be able to provide a complete and nutrient meal to our students.
    Because of these considerations, I believe cafeteria would be a better choice for our college. I am sure the students would be happy with it. Anyways, these are my personal opinions and I will support any decision taken by the management in this regard.

  16. Dear sir,

    I am writing to you regarding a 2-year membership I’ve recently bought at your facility in my neighbourhood. The main reason for this email is to complain about a gap noticed between the advertisement and the reality.

    First of all, I was expecting numerous brand new equipment allowing each individual to work out in any one of them at any time. However, to my surprise, the amount of equipment is not enough for the number of people trying to exercise, which creates lines to use each device. I’m also extremely disappointed with the instructors. They are just a few and unprepared to support all training purposes. Besides these problems, I also had to bear with your manager, who didn’t pay proper attention to my request. He showed disrespect by saying I was making a storm in a teacup.

    As an attempt to solve this predicament, I would like to firstly receive formal apologies from your manager. It would be also important, to have more instructors available to assist us when working out. Last but not least, it would be fair if I had a discount on my monthly fee to compensate for the shortage of equipment.



  17. First of all, I appreciate you for giving me a chance to let me give my insight about this matter. I personally believe option B will be much better off for all students. Our campus currently has either high-end restaurants or fast-food restaurants. It will be a good idea if we can have not only the more affordable meals but also a wider variety of meals.

    Being a student, we have a very limited budget for daily purchases. At this important time of life, I believe we should spend more time studying but not working just to buy lunches. With having affordable meals available on campus, it can ease our financial burden and allow us to dedicate all our available time to academic learning. Also, the new cafeteria will provide a place for students to bond and strengthen the relationship as the meals are affordable for everyone.

    Considering these reasons, I advocate the option B. It will not only make our student life easier but also eradicate our financial stress. Since students are constantly overwhelmed by stress from schoolwork, being able to lessen the financial burden will be greatly appreciated.

  18. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction with the experience I had with your fitness center. The services written on the flier I received in my mailbox extremely appealed to me and hence, I decided to join the 2-year membership. However, soon after I joined the membership, I realized the services and prices were far different from what were advertised.

    My main reason for this complaint email was the membership fees. The advertisement emphasized on no additional costs but only monthly fees of $16. Indeed, there were no fees for joining membership, but the staff forced me to opt for health insurance, which costs another $15 a month. Although I told the staff how I am insured by my employer, he refused to listen to me and forced me to sign up for the insurance. I believe having insurance is not compulsory but the staff tried to sell it so he could get some commission. Secondly, there are only limited numbers of treadmills available in the center. I often ended up waiting for couples minutes before getting the chance to use it. As you may know, treadmills are popular equipment for people to use for warm-up.

    I would like you to discuss this aforementioned issue with the staff and convey my complaints to him. I hope you could refund my insurance fees and also increase the number of treadmills in the gym.


  19. I would prefer option of Big Cafetaria because of undernoted reasons:

    1. All students are not same same economic backround, some are wealthy and some are not. College Cafetaria has to ensure that No student goes hungry, Big Cafetaria by virtue of low cost meal would ensure that No student goes hungry.
    2. Cafetaria is not only a eating place but also a social place to catch up with fellow students and friends before, during and after the meals. A big cafetaria would serve the purpose of meeting point but in case of restaurants eating meals would take place in compartmentalised silos with each restaurant catering to its own customers sitting in their premises.
    3. Just like restaurants large variety of food Veg as well as Non Veg would be available to students only thing missing would be brand name of the restaurants.
    4. As the college is situated in heart of city, any of the students who wishes to eat out in restaurant can just step out of the college and have his/her meal in his/her favourite restaurnat as almost all of them are situated just outside the college.

    Last but not the least managing a single Big Cafetaria would be much easier for the college administration than managing many restaurants.

  20. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am Navjot presently availing services of your fitness centre (under 2 years membership) situated in my neighbourhood area of Panckula. In Nov 2020, I came across advertisement of your centre stating fitness centre with state of art facility under guidance of experienced trainers.

    However, upon joining it was found out informed there was only one trainer for whole of facility and he too had resigned in Oct 2020. All new members complained to Manager Mr. X however, he expressed no concern for problem faced by Gym members and declined to cancel the membership. \

    As a last resort, I am approaching you to advise the Manager to hire a new trainer and also till then withdraw the advertisements.

    Looking forward for long anf fruitful association.


  21. Dear Manager,

    I am writing this email to express my disappointment about the service at the gym. I currently bought a membership for two years.

    According to the advertisement that I read, there is a big shared hot tub, but there is only a shower room instead. This hot tub is one of the reason I decided to choose this gym. I felt dishonest of you about the content of the advertisement.

    Besides, when I talked about this matter with you, you only told me that the content of advertisement had already been changed and did not explain about it. Moreover, you did not even apologize of that. I felt extremely upset.

    Now considering these reasons, I am no longer tolerated so I would like to cancel my membership. Also as compensation for these problems, I would like to receive a full refund of my purchase.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours faithfully,

    Ken Atwood

  22. I would like to opine in favour of option B which is producing both version, It is seem to be a far better and more convincing choice for me than other. Though, the other choice is almost equally appealing, I would present couple of reason to substantiate my argument.
    To begin with, people are more depending on gadget but for me it is a good time to away for hours and read news offline. To add this, it will be reducing my stress level also, my gesture got relax. Moreover, reading news online is quite handy but, newspaper is tradition option for all.
    On the other hand, many of us are not able to access the internet due to some limitations, for them it would be hard to get rid of without print version. Also, stop printing of print version they reduce their one group of readers.
    Having all arguments, I believe that producing both versions are the more beneficial than stop printing forever.

  23. As far as i am concerned, both options have some advantages and i can see why some of my friends would go for option A. On the whole, however, there are a couple of reasons why i chose option B over option A.

    For one thing, if the college were to set up a Cafeteria where quality of the food is not compromised and and price is kept affordable, everyone in the college would be able to save some money by the end of the year. Many students, including myself, hardly yearn any money and they totally depends on their parents for pocket money and there by they cannot afford to spend much money on food other entertainments. Hence, taking this fact into consideration, in my view, cafeteria would be a great addition to our campus. In contrast, a restaurant is like to get a cold response from the students as it will be expensive and thus very few students can make use of this facility.
    Furthermore, unlike the restaurant, as stated in the survey question, a cafeteria is likely to provide vegetarian as well as non vegetarian options. As far as i know, there are at least a dozen students in our campus who are allergic to meat and thus a cafeteria would be an ideal choice. On the other hand restaurants doesn’t seem to have vegetarian option in the
    In a nutshell, the benefits of a cafeteria outweighs the advantages of a restaurant. As a matter of fact, for the reasons i have outlined above, it is loud and clear that option B is the best choice for our campus. Thank you for offering me a chance to provide inputs on this subject.

  24. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am one of the newest members of GoodLife fitness center on Bloor St. Despite being extremely happy about being back to gym after the lockdown, I am writing to you to complain about the advertisement that sold the idea to me to buy the two year membership at your sports center.

    The advertisement clearly stated that all members, who bought their memberships between December 1. and December 31., are entitled to have free three months pass for CityBike bikeshare. Unfortunately, none of the salespersons on their end are aware about that promotion. Besides the offer for bikeshare pass, you advertised that the gym was fully renovated during the lockdown. The only finished room is the woman’s changing room, and renovation works in all of the other rooms have just started. This causes plenty of inconvenience for me and other customers.

    First of all, I am sure it is inappropriate to advertise features that are currently absent in your gym, so I am asking to reduce my monthly membership fee by 10% for the time until all renovation works are completed. Secondly, I am asking to resolve the issue with bikeshare pass as soon as possible.

    Yours faithfully,

  25. Dear sir or madam,

    Since last month I have been a new member of HitFit5 fitness center. To day, I am mainly writing this email to complain about the fake ad broadcasted from your gym.

    First, all the equipments listed on the flyer are not available at your center. I specifically choose to enrol due to all the new machines you were suppose to provide as brand new bicycles, treadmills and showers. Although, I was not very motivated first I finally enrolled because of the good advertisement from your salesman.

    Second, I tried to discuss about this matter with your store manager who seems not pay any attention to the customers. He said he cannot do anything and we have to be patient till the fitness center sell enough membership cards to be able to afford the cost of the new equipments.

    Finally, I decided to contact you by email since I cannot meet with you in person.Therefore, I fell I am entitled for a full refund of my first month as I cannot fully benefit of your services. I would also like to end my membership with your fitness club.


    Mary Smith

  26. Hi Manager,

    It has been six months since the parking area of the mall is under construction. My family and I purchase our weekly groceries from the mall, and therefore we visit the mall frequently.
    We have been facing a lot of trouble because of the ongoing construction in the parking area. There is always waiting on the entry and exit gates, and it is troublesome finding a parking spot in the mall. For each visit, parking a car takes most of our time and leave us with a little time for shopping. To tackle the situation, we have been using a cab service for each trip to the mall. The cab service is expensive in this area and is putting a hole in our pocket.
    As per the construction notice, the construction work was supposed to complete within four months. The contractor has breached the period of construction. I got a chance to have a word with him on my last visit to the mall. He told me how there was a shortage of laborers on the construction site and how he’s unable to hire more laborers. I would suggest you help the constructor out with laborer hiring that will speed up the construction.
    Hope this email brings the issue to your notice and suggestion helps.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Monica Geller

  27. Firstly , I would like to appreciate the college officials ,that before taking any decision on Food facility, they have asked for the opinion of college students.
    In my opinion, the option B for making a Big cafeteria on campus is more appropriate for all students as well as the faculty too. In college own cafeteria, college itself can do audit on food whether it is based on quality standard or the nutritional value, variety of food options can be made for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians accordingly for native and outside students . On daily basis , menu can be designed based on orders. Order can be segregated in many categories like small meal, mid meal, large meal. Accordingly the price will be fixed. In this way ,student easily can opt for meals as per their need and budget. The meal price for sure will be cheap as compared to branded restaurants and also will be more nutritional.
    So, it is better to go for option b, as with option a , most students will go for food which is cheaper and unhealthy in order to save their money, which can lead to poor health among students.

  28. Dear Sir,
    I am writing this email to let you know that I am highly disappointed with the services of your fitness center. Last month when your fitness center introduced the 2 year membership program , I had enrolled for the same considering the advertisement which was published regarding the services . In that, there were many services which were mentioned that the fitness center will provide if one enrolls for a membership program.
    Firstly, It was mentioned to give sauna bath service once a week, but there is no section for the same. Secondly, In fitness center 20 equipment for each cycling and running will be available, however only 10 equipment’s are there. I have to wait for 25 minutes for my turn to come and in the morning I have to rush for the office too. I had tried to discussed same with fitness center manager also, but he is not ready to help and listen anything.
    I request you to cancel my membership for fitness center, as I am not able to use the services on a daily basis, due to lack of equipment available and short of time in morning hours or else incorporate the services which were promised.
    I hope you will consider my request the same and will take appropriate action.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Membership card No: 3juys12

  29. Personally, I prefer having a big cafeteria although having branches of famous restaurants on campus is tempting.
    First of all, students always look for ways to save money since living costs are so high! So, when it comes to vote or choose a place to go, I am almost 100% sure that students will choose a cheaper option.
    Second, the college could run a poll to get an idea for the cafeteria’s menu on what type of foods students are interested in or crave for. This way the variety of the available dishes will be increased and covers different types of foods from all over the world. Therefore, it will satisfy a higher number of students. Besides, it could be an opportunity for students to experience new cuisines.
    Last but not least, the college could have an eye on what will be served in the cafeteria! I believe this is good for students’ health and safety. The college could have some standards for the food being served at the cafeteria. However, this is not a feasible option when it comes to deal with restaurants.
    In the end, because of all the mentioned reasons, I believe that a big cafeteria is a better option for students. I’d appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this matter.

  30. Dear owner,

    I am writing this email regarding a situation I am experiencing at you fitness center. Some days ago, I bought a 2-year membership to use at the downtown unit due to the proximity to my house, and unfortunately, I figured out that some services announced on the advertisement are not available there.

    The ad that pushed me to become a member of this center included 2 swimming pools, 10 treadmills, 5 bathing rooms, 2 massage chair, and free wi-fi to use while we are working out. But during my first day at this establishment, I observed that there are neither pools nor massage chairs. I talked to the manager and he said I made a mistake about the understanding of that advertisement and so, he could do absolutely nothing to help me. He did not give me the chance to show him the flyer proving the services I had bought.

    Considering that I just bought this plan because I have to swim every other day as part as my knee rehabilitation, I am not interested in being member of your gym anymore and I want a full refund of my purchase.

    I look forward to your response.


    Corina Mayer.

  31. Hi Sir,
    I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction on my membership issues.
    I recently saw your promotional offer in Social media, I was extremely excited about the Yoga training at this facility. I had 2 Year subscription and started the schedules. Over last 6 month the experience was quite good and easily accessible on time.
    Firstly, from first week of may I am getting trouble in my Yoga training schedules. Eventually, i had very tough time with trainer and had a conflict. i have explained the details of the membership, even though he does not allow me to join the class from May 5th and told me to validate the membership with the office for confirmation.
    Secondly, The next day i tried to reached the customer relationship Manager Mr. Sam to report this issue, but he is not available on the day, i have sent many emails about this. but no response (attached the reference Email). I made all my effort to get this sorted out at the Branch, but there is no luck.
    So, I request you to spend some time and check on this issue and resolve to resume my Yoga class, if this is not resolved in a week, I would like to cancel the membership and refund my subscription charges.
    Looking forward your response and appreciate in advance.
    Thank you

      • Dear Sir,
        I purchased a 2-year membership in your fitness center on 01st of June 2020 based on an advertisement. However, I used to come to the location couple of days per week. I found that there are no weight dumbbells, treadmills, training bench and towels which were advertised. Treadmills and dumbbells are basic equipment for a fitness center.
        Advertisement showed that the center will provide clean towels for each member after every use of the gym. It is hard to get a bath without a towel. Members cannot do a proper fitness training without above said equipment. I complaint these matters to the Manager on duty on 25th June 2020. Unfortunately, he said that the center was just opened, and they are still waiting for fitness equipment which were ordered. It is not fair, that charging $750 for a 2-year membership of still-developing fitness center.
        I am looking forward for a reimbursement for my membership. I will hope a quick response as well.
        Thanking you.
        Best Regards,

  32. Hi Sir/Madam,
    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfactory and Relationship Manager behavior in your Fitness center located at Brampton.
    I was excited about the recent promotional offer and immediately purchased 2year the membership.
    First, the experience in the facility center is not at all good as advertised, the equipment’s are not replaced with new and rusty. the shower rooms are all ways occupied and we are all wait for so long time for a simple shower.
    Secondly, the Yoga training room are small and not accommodate 20 people, I had tough time to attend the Yoga schedules and not published to all, trainers are not skilled and equipped with required materials. I had conflict with trainer many times and its very annoying front of others. Eventually I am ending up not attend or missing the class. It is very irritating to everyone in the center.
    I reached to Facility manager to report this and resolve the above issues, but he is not concentrating on these issues, i have sent many mails no response.
    I request you to cancel my membership and refund my money and look into the behavior issues this will case your reputed business.
    Looking forward your response and resolution.
    Thank you

  33. Personally, I think that a big cafeteria is a better option for students. This is because one, it promises to provide a diverse option of food items for students. Due to the busy schedule of students in this college, many students are forced to eat whatever they can lay their hands on. These meals are mostly lacking nutrients, leaving students undernourished and unhealthy.
    The second reason is cost. A big cafeteria in school means that students would not have to patronize expensive food vendors and restaurants, enabling them save money. This is because students are not typically financially buoyant. While famous restaurants might enable students to be spoilt for choice, the cost of dining at these establishments might not be suitable for many students.
    Considering these reasons, I genuinely believe that providing a big cafeteria is a better choice. This will help to improve the health of students and also provide financial benefits.
    Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

  34. Dear Mr. Johnson,

    I am writing this letter to complain about my terrible experience at your establishment. Recently, I saw a commercial for the Atlantic fitness centre listing a swimming pool, a state-of-the-art cardio room, weights room and an indoor track field as part of its services. I was excited by the thought of using such a modern gym and I immediately purchased a 2-year membership.
    After a few visits, I noticed that the promised state-of-the-art cardio room had only one treadmill and a faulty Stairmaster and that there was infact no swimming pool.
    When I complained to the manager about the absence of the services that was advertised, he outrightly told me that there was nothing he could do about the situation. I then demanded a refund, but he refused to provide one. He claimed that there was a no refund policy at the fitness center. Needless to say, I was furious about the deception and the attitude of the manager.
    I am asking that you take a look into this situation as it could tarnish your reputation as a business owner. I am also demanding at least a fifty percent refund as I did not receive the services that I paid for.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Blake Adams

  35. Dear manager,

    I am writing to you to express my complaint about your fitness center. Here are a couple of reasons to justify my thoughts. I purchased 2-year membership from your fitness center at Young-Bloor intersection. According to the advertisement, the fitness center will be able to provide individual hot water shower and personal trainer. But there is just 2 shower in your centre and not enough personal trainer.

    Firstly, I went to customer service to explain this issue. when I approach him to say my issue, he no paid attention to me. However When I was explaining this topic he cut my word and told me we have a shower and trainer as we said.

    Latter, his conduct was also very rude. He told me you need to read the advertisement again. we do not have provide to individual things. This center is not a luxury. what were you expecting? I didn’t believe my ears. I was shocked by his behavior.

    Please find attached my original receipt for your reference. I accept a full refund or another store membership as your advertisement.

    I look forward to hearing from you


  36. Task 1

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would like to clarify a few discrepancies that occurred after I had enrolled to become a member at your Sport Center. The information provided in the online brochure was clearly stating that there is a large and deep salty water swimming pool, whereas there is only a tiny jacuzzi in place. Doubtful, that any type of pool exercise could take place in it, and they were promised by you, too. Moreover, the Rope Yoga classes are planned on weekdays mornings only, unfortunately nothing in the evenings is there as previously shown on your web site. The gym equipment is also a bit outdated versus the new, shiny one presented to me.

    The issues I have raised to the General Manager where totally ignored. Obviously, Mr. Smith had a very rough day. Just after hearing me out he shortly replied that I have to reach out to the headquarter, and then he hang up on me. Sad to say, but this was very unprofessional behavior, especially for such a prestige club you claim to be.

    As the whole situation is highly disappointing I would like to kindly ask you to refund me the membership fee. Additionally, perhaps it would be worth to consider to organize some customer service training for your teams in the future.

    Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Kate Lee

  37. Task 2

    Both options have their advantages and it is understandable why some of the students would prefer the option B. If I had to choose, however, there are several reasons why I would go for the option A.

    First and foremost, opening a food court with diverse cuisine certainly would meet expectation not only local but also foreign students. In results, everyone would find something they enjoy the most. From the modern healthy vegetarian food thru the homemade dishes ending on the quick service restaurants. Inviting, and having on the campus brands like Tim Hortons, KFC or Pizza Hut would be a great differentiator, and a type of prestige for our Humber College.

    Secondly, renting the spaces for operating these restaurants could be an additional source of the profit for the Collage. Moreover, school would not have to take care of all red tape administration matters related to operating own cafeteria, as that would be solely a responsibility of the brands owners. Thus, could focus on its core activity which is tutoring. While the extra revenue could be invested in expanding the sport facilities.

    Having said that, in my best belief having well known brands who are the experts in operating restaurants is far better choice than the own cafeteria, where for sure the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks.

  38. Dear GoodLife manager,

    I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction with the GoodLife gym at Davisville-Yonge intersection.

    I’ve purchased a 2-year membership of GoodLife last month after thoroughly talking with a nice fitness instructor, Sarath Lee. I was looking for a gym in my neighborhood with a variety of classes and 24h service. These were the main reasons I registered at this branch. However, after a month of commitment to the gym, I noticed that there is no more 24h service at this branch, which was quite a shock to me.

    Besides, I clearly remember that Sarath was mentioning this gym membership will give me the option to attend both hot yoga and HIIT classes. Last week, when I was about to enter the hot yoga class, the instructor told me that I should register to this class separately!

    I was so desperate and decided to talk to the branch’s manager. I booked an appointment with him, but he never showed up to the meeting without any notice! I received an email from him later that week, apologizing for his amateur behavior.

    In brief, I would like to bring to your notice the unsatisfactory services happening in the GoodLife gym at Davisville branch. Since I was so annoyed with the manager’s attitude, I would like to either cancel my membership or ask for a granted full membership that I can attend all classes at this branch.

    Thanks for your time and understanding.


  39. Being healthy is crucial to the students academic success. Hence, I believe option B is the best option to the students. We can have a cafeteria that offers nutritious food with low prices while keeping in mind students’ diet preference.

    Most of the students’ expenses are food related. Unfortunately, because of limited financial resources students tend to make the wrong decisions when it comes to food. We rely on cost effective meals which can be junk food most of the time. Having an on campus cafeteria that offers: high quality food , low prices , and dietary preferences is a necessity to the students’ lives.

    Hosting famous restaurants on campus will negatively affect the students. These restaurants will not care about our nutrition because their main concern is making profit. In order to make the highest profit possible, they will cut corners when it comes to the quality of food they will offer.

    I appreciate the effort of our campus officials to provide better food service to the students. This is achievable by having an on campus cafeteria that will help keep the students healthy while considering their financial situation and food preferences.

  40. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to you regarding the issue that I am facing with my membership at your sport center. While joining your club I was offered various activities, that I would be able to participate in, and they would be free of charge. Unfortunately, a tennis court and a swimming pool appeared to cost extra. Moreover, a gym and yoga classes are taking place only in the mornings, so I cannot attend them as I am at work. All that in your leaflet was mentioned as a benefits available for joining members, and the reality is different.

    On top of that, I have kindly asked your local store manager to support me with solving this problem. Said to say, I was treated harsh or even more simply just rude. Additionally, my complain was not addressed at all. That is why I have decided to write to you with hope you will be more empathic in this situation.

    Having said that, in my opinion the most fair solutions would be that you could; firstly reduce my membership fee for about 50%, and secondly to allow me to cancel the agreement before two years’ time. All that, due to the fact that you have not meet the terms of our contract.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Joana Dou

  41. I strongly prefer to Option B. In my opinion, having an affordable canteen on campus is a way better choice for university students and my reasons are the following.

    Firstly, I believe that we can all agree on lots of students are on a really tight budget during their academic years. Most of us have to save money for the tuition fee and for the study materials, we are working hard to ensure our future carrier. With Option B, we would be able to consume healthy and scrumptious food for low price.

    Secondly, in the capacious cafeteria we could find numerous variety of dishes and there would be meatless option as well. Nowadays a lot of people try to decrease their meat consumption by having only vegetarian food.

    Finally, I doubt that popular restaurants would be able to offer available pricing for us. They want to create profit and they also have high maintenance cost.

    I hope the management will choose Option B as well.

  42. Dear Owner,

    I am writing this email regarding to my bad experience in your fitness center. In the last month, I bought a membership card in your facility based on your advertisement. I was really enthusiastic so I made a two-year commitment in order to improve my physical strength.

    Unfortunately, I deeply disappointed right now because I am feeling that I am scammed. You have offered free personal training for the first 6 months, but when I started my workout program I did not get any assistance.

    Moreover, I tried to contact with the manager in the first week, but he was not available. However, I was able to talk to him on the following week, he was reluctant to help and he refused my request for a personal trainer. In my opinion, this is unacceptable behavior from a service provider.

    In this letter, I claim a full refund for my membership fee and I would like to cancel my agreement with your company. I hope you understand my decision.

    Best regards,
    Alan Harper

  43. Dear sir,

    I am writing you to express a concern i have about the services that i experienced in your fitness centre. I am the member with 2 year contract in your fitness centre which is located at Yonge street and close to my house.

    Apparently, the services included in the advertisement are not available on the gym centre. I joint the centre for all the facilities that are advertised like: the vending machine, training person, tanning and swimming pool. I was extremely disappointed when i found out that the centre lack those facilities which i joint for.

    However, i tried to talk with the manager about this situation, he turned his back to me. Instead of giving me a solution, he rudely behave with me which is unacceptable. likewise, he insulted me infront of all the member presented at the time. I was highly embarrassed so, i waked away from there.

    Although, i have a two year contract, i humbly request you to cancel my membership. Moreover, i will be grateful if you can return the money that i have spend there.

    I hope you understand my situation and accept my advice. thank you for your time.

    with Regards

  44. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing this regarding misleading advertisement about my 2-year membership I recently purchased.
    On the advertisement, it said 2-year membership including access to swimming pool. However, I do not see any swimming pool in the fitness center. Swimming pool was one of the most attractive point to me to sign up for the 2-year membership, and when figure it out that there is no swimming pool on the site, I was very disappointed.

    I have talked to the location manager regarding this misleading advertisement and asked him if he could either cancel my membership and pay back the fee or transfer me to another fitness location has a swimming pool. Unfortunately, his answer was not professional, and he said it it not possible to cancel my membership or transfer me to another location because that will be too much work to do for him.

    This was very disappointing experience and I would like to suggest you to retrain your employees how to handle the situation and also to make sure there is no misleading elements on your advertisement before it is published.

    Yours faithfully,
    K S

  45. Dear Mike,

    I am writing this to suggest you this year’s family trip destination. From my experience this year, I want to suggest going to Walt Disney World in Florida where I visited with my friends last summer, and I believe we will all have a great time there.

    At Disney, there are a lot of attractions and shows that both kids and adults can enjoy. I saw a lot of families were there all smiling and enjoying their time. Since we have 7 kids joining this year’s family trip, the destination should be kids friendly.

    Another thing I am considering is our aunt Sara. She recently got surgery on her left leg, and she will need a wheel chair during the trip. A good thing about Disney is all the hotels and shuttle buses are barrier free! I also remember that all the staffs were very friendly and helpful to assist people need a help.

    I hope my advice helps you in some way. But I am open to any destinations if we can all have a good time, so please let me know if you need any help to look into more of the places.

    Best regards,

  46. Personally, allowing employees to choose a activity and company pays for the fee would be a better choice. Even though, having a gym in a company sounds attractive, I believe letting them decide their own place to exercise will be financially more affordable and satisfy our employees more.

    First, building a fitness club in our work place is very pricey. Some fitness equipment cost more than $10,000 and we will need to hire personal trainers. We have more than 20, 000 workers and to make a gym which is capable 20,000 people is not cheap.

    Also, Many of our employees used to play sports such swimming, baseball and basketball. They would enjoy playing those games outside of work more than just staying a gym and having a personal trainer.

    Considering those reasons, I would like to suggest allowing workers to decide their own activities outside company and redeem their membership fee has more advantages than having a expensive gym in our facility. Thank you for giving me a chance to input on this issue.

  47. Dear owner of Breeze Fitness Center

    I recently purchased a 2-year membership to your fitness center after coming across your advertisement in the local newspaper. But quite to my disappointment I found out that many of the services mentioned in the advertisement were lacking. First of all, I never found a training coach in the gym as advertised. My principal purpose to join a fitness center was to lose weight and this will not actualize unless my training is supervised by a coach. Secondly, the gym is closed on the weekends and this contradicts the information given in the advertisement originally. I have a busy work schedule and I relied on the weekends to be able to dedicate some time to my physical fitness. Moreover, the equipment in the gym does not seem to be renovated as promised; some of the gym equipment are broken and cannot be used.

    I reached out to the manager regarding these issues, but she ignored my complaints. As the last resort, I am contacting you to demand a full refund for my subscription, unless serious measures are taken to implement the services you advertised.


    Patricia Smith

  48. I believe a big cafeteria on campus would be more advantageous to the students. The student population is usually financially vulnerable as they are mostly dependent on their families. Therefore, a cafeteria which offers affordable menu would be the best option for them. Moreover, as students are usually occupied by schoolwork during the week, an easily accessible cafeteria which serves quick meals will be preferred. Additionally, a cafeteria will provide a space for the students not only to eat, but also to study.

    Even though there are advantages to having restaurants on campus, many students will find it hard to pay for an expensive meal at a famous restaurant on a daily basis. The option to dine at a restaurant will always be reserved for them as there are already some in the vicinity of the campus.

    Altogether, I think everyone would benefit from a cafeteria to a greater extent, but I support whatever decision that is made.

  49. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am writing this mail to express my dissatisfaction towards the services of your fitness center and unprofessional
    behavior of staff.

    I have joined fitness center last month and taken two years of membership, after reviewing advertisement on your website. The
    facilities have showed on website like sonabath, shower room , separate swimming pool for women and all new equipments.
    I have got shocked when I saw the equipments are not working properly and swimming pool and sonabath is still under
    construction. Furthermore the most embarrassing part is to waiting in a queue for shower room.

    I have tried to explain all above points to your manager, but he didn’t give attention and behave in a rude way. Moreover on the
    next day he refused to meet.

    Considering all above issues , I request you to please refund my money, I am no more interested to be the part of your fitness
    center and suggest you to be loyal with your customer. I an attaching the screen shot of your advertisement and my payment receipt
    for your reference.

    Kindly look into this matter on the priority basis and an early reply will be highly appreciated.

    Thank You,

  50. Hello Sir or Madam,

    I hope you are doing well.

    My name is David Jacob and I am the father of Lucy who is a student of class IV-A in your school i.e Kennedy Public School.
    I would like to bring to your notice a few issues/concerns my daughter had at the school, would like to suggest a few recommendations
    and sit with you for some time to have a discussion.

    She informed me that two students in her class are continuously hassling her and making fun of her skin color and race, and a few
    students continue to make noise during self-study hours, she is unable to concentrate and is concerned that her grades would
    be impacted because of it. Also, the garden which is beside her classroom has a tad bit of wet garbage and that causes foul smell when they sit in
    the garden.

    My suggestions are to have a session on cross-cultural differences and diversities to start with for not only those two students but for the whole
    class, so that everyone can benefit from such stint. To have a rotating class monitor for self-study hours whose responsibilities would be to
    ensure that all students utilize the study hour and provides feedback to the teacher, and this class monitor changes by every class.
    Lastly, I would like to recommend to have some cleaning done in the garden and have different categories of bins places on the edge of the park.

    I would like to suggest that we meet on the coming Monday i.e 03/23/2020 at 10:00 AM. Please feel free to change date/time if this doesn’t work
    for you.

    Thank you.


  51. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to let you know that the service mentioned in advertisement are not found in your GYM. I found your gym advertisement from my mail box. I was so impressed, so I purchased 2 years of memberships. But, later I found you don’t have all the services which was describe under brochure.

    Let me explain the situation in more detail. Firstly, In brochure it mentioned that you have shoulder and leg excise machines, but the truth is you don’t have these machine your Gym. Secondly, I found that gym is not following proper hygiene according you the advertisement. So that I decide to talk with fitness center manager to take an action to resolve these problem. Instead, of resolving a problem, he was blaming to staffs and try to ignore all other issues.

    I would very helpful if you can take action on these problems instantly. Otherwise please refund money, because I was miss guide through the advertisement.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Nazim Ali

  52. Personally, I believed that big cafeteria would be a batter choice. Even though Restaurants also give variety of food, but the big cafeteria would give more benefits to the students.
    Firstly, big cafeteria Provides variety of foods in low cost, which help students to buy and save their money. As not everyone is doing part time job. Moreover, they all sit together and do funs with their friends. It helps children to get whatever they want in one place.

    Secondly, It provide fresh food which make students healthy and its help children not to worry about their lunch and dinner what to make or what not to make. Furthermore, students can give their request one day before, If they want to eat some special thing.

    Considering these reasons, I think that big cafeteria would be a batter choice for each student. Again, this is my personal opinion, I would like whatever the decision is made. Thank you for giving me a chance to provide input on this issue.

  53. Hey Yash,

    First of all, a big congratulation on your scholarship and admission in such a big university. It’s been a while; I didn’t see you. I got so excited after hearing the news from an uncle.

    Since this is my final year of the same college, I would like to suggest to you that how this degree can play a vital role in your studies and scholarship can enhance your future goals. At the beginning of the last year, I started getting offer letters from my field job, so that, a degree in the IT sector is perfect for you. Moreover, this college is providing internship after each degree course, which could be a significantly great experience for any newcomers.

    I’m aware of your student loan and you are trying to do the job by dropping a year. Honestly, it is not a good idea because you are not paying student loan at all while studying. After graduation, once you get a job; a certain percentage will get deducted from your salary, which could be bearable. Anyways you are getting a scholarship, which can lighter your student loan stress. Therefore, you must drop your plan of getting a year off.  

    I hope my suggestion might be helpful to you.


  54. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Being an honest customer of your authentic Indian restaurant, I would like to let your attention to our unexpected experience last night we had. We were very excited for yesterday night as it was our first anniversary so that, we reserved a table at 8:00 pm. By the time we reached there, the restaurant was packed, and we didn’t get a seat for 45 min moreover, food was tasteless and not cooked properly.

    On top of that, we never get a glass of water even asked after 5 times and the restaurant also looked understaff when it was the busiest day of that week. I would have complained about it, but you were not available.

    Since this restaurant has been opened, we never tried any other restaurant and gave you a huge business all the time. However, we would not appreciate this kind of service to the regular customer and for that, we would love to have a discount on our next visit.

    I hope we will not disappoint after last night with the quality and service of such great Indian cuisine.


        • There are some sentence structure issues, grammatical mistakes, punctuation misplacement, and few vocabulary issues as well. Let me know if you need any help improving your writing score. I do provide online classes if you are interested. Good luck!

          • To whom it may concern,

            I hope this email find you well! My name is Emmanuel Osimiri, and I am a new member of your gym, Glorious Fitness. I would love to draw to your attention to the deceptive advertisement on your centers website, and the unprofessional attitude of your manager.

            Firstly, it was stated on the website that new machines have been bought. Unfortunately, this is not a true reflection of the gym. Most of the equipment is rusty and damaged. Secondly, the advert mentioned that customers will be assigned free personal trainer if they make a full payment of two years membership. Consequently, I made this payment and no trainer have been assigned to me. it is worth noting that I am three months into my subscription. Lastly, the washroom is still in a terrible condition. Whereas it was stated on the advert that it has been renovated.

            Going forward, I was in awe of the managers unethical behavior when I brought the matter before him. First off, he was reluctant to talk to me when I approached him. Then after, his reply to me was rude, and he finally walked away without solving the problem.

            If at all possible, I would appreciate it if the unused part of my gym membership will be refunded back to me.

            Awaiting your response!



          • You can contact me on Skype. Here is my ID: “hightestscore.com” The first 30 mn trial class is free.

  55. I would prefer a big cafeteria. Even though having famous restaurants like KFC, Mcdonalds and many more sounds more fun. I would still choose a bigger cafeteria for all of us.

    Firstly, having a bigger cafeteria with a wide variety of food items would be much better than deciding everyday which restaurant to eat. And the cafeteria will be preparing and cooking everyday meals for the students which will be healthy and fresh. Everyday having different cuisine and menu for us would be a great way to learn and taste about cultures.

    Secondly, the price for meals in the cafeteria will be at a lower price and that would be student friendly. Not all of us are working part time, so it would be really difficult to eat everyday at a famous restaurant. Prices also do not include taxes so the entire combo meal at the fast food chain would cost us more than the cafeteria.

    Therefore I would prefer a bigger cafeteria over famous restaurants as I would like to indulge in healthy meals at a lower price.

  56. To sir or madam,

    My name is Alisha Green and I recently purchased your two year membership at She fit ,fitness center.I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction about the services that were mentioned in the advertisement and they were not delivered as per say.

    Let me explain to you in detail. As per your advertisement, the center was supposed to provide us hydro-massage services along with new technology of sauna. But recently when I visited the section, I was completely disappointed as the sauna room was out of order as well as there was no hydro massage machine.
    Secondly,I was very excited to use all the new equipment but then I realized that machines just got new paint and they were the same old rusty machines.

    When I approached the manager, Mr Andrew, he completely ignored me and another member who had a similar problem. After waiting for 30 mins, he finally spoke to us, and he simply decided to deny the problem and told us that all machines are new.

    I personally think that his behavior was very unprofessional and I am very upset with the whole false advertisement. I would really appreciate it if i can get my money refunded in my account.
    Since I no longer wanted to be associated with your brand.

    Awaiting for your reply,

    Thank you.

    Alisha green

  57. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am writing to you to express my concern regarding the misleading advertisement for your fitness center. Falsification is a serious issue to deal with.
    I’m Anna Chambers, being a fitness enthusiast, purchased a 2-year membership based on your advertisement. A few of the services which caught my attention are the Dietician on board, Sauna and swimming pool. I religiously go to the fitness center in the hope of meeting the dietician. To my surprise, I never came across one. Rather I made an interesting discovery. There is no dietician or whatsoever, to begin with, and the swimming pool and sauna are still under construction.

    I took up the issue with the manager. He dismissed my complaint stating that he is not responsible for what was advertised and didn’t provide any solution. He rather sounded rude and condescending. As a solution, I hope you make the required changes promptly. If you are unable to do so, I’m going to cancel my membership and request a refund.
    Thank you for giving the matter your attention and I hope to hear your reply soon.
    Anna Chambers

  58. It is phenomenal that university put the matters of high importance like this on surveys; as a result, students could have clear voices over their choices. Even though opening one big restaurant could have minor positive impacts, I ultimately believe that option A due to its huge advantages are a path that should be pursued.

    Firstly, having wide range of restaurants available would highlight the free will of students to choose their own food, as some prefer expensive and high rated food likewise some others priority is the low price as they live off a narrow budget. Some prefer low-calorie or vegetarians; however, some are fast food lovers

    Secondly, variety of branches and brands will automatically result in better quality as the rivalry among them would heat up. Each of them tries its best to attract customers with new foods, taste or with attractive and creative services like dorm delivery. In this such a condition everyone would enjoy as students are happy with the service and restaurants have their own customers based on the their quality-price ratio they offer.

    Although an enormous cafeteria will grantee the low price or even availability of different foods, in meanwhile the quality cannot stay convenient, as there is no rivalry.

    Thanks for hearing my ideas and examples

  59. thanks for your nice website

    Dear Sir or madam,

    I am writing this email to complain about the one of your fitness center branches, in fact the one located in 24, Metro Street. About a month ago, I bought a 2-year membership based on the TRX classes advertisement based on mentioned center. However, there are no sufficient equipment for the TRX class.

    Last week I went and talked to the manager, but he has not been cooperating so far. He said, he is not responsible for the advertisement and those are had been handled from the headquarter office like forever. . Although we had fully respected conversation, he has been ignoring since the day of our dialog. After that, he refused to talk about it anymore; moreover, he had left the situation unsolved so far.

    As owner of the this fitness center I expect you to solve this problem as soon as possible I expect one of these two method and your more than welcome to uses them to overcome this issue . The best way to solve this matter is for me to have full refund of my payment. Another way could be assigning me to one of the other branches in which has the TRX facilities. Thanks in advance for your precise attention and action toward this incident.

    I am looking forward to your replay as soon as possible



  60. Opening branches of restaurants on campus appears to be a more attractive option to me than having a large cafeteria.

    Many of the students, including myself, usually go to one of the restaurants outside of our campus, however, the problem is that those restaurants are quite far, and it usually takes us 20 to 30 minutes on foot. Therefore, it would be very convenient if we could have those restaurants available onsite. Besides, those restaurants come with varieties of food and very reasonable prices.

    Moreover, having a larger cafeteria does not seem very necessary at the moment because there is plenty of space where people can eat such as the park next to our building. I barely see people hanging out at the cafeteria just because people prefer to eat at different spots every day rather than stay in the campus. Therefore, I do not think people would utilize the cafeteria even though it was renovated to be larger. Could it be a total waste of money?

    Thank you for consulting us, and I hope my insights are helpful!

  61. To whom it may concern,

    I registered for a 2-year membership at your fitness club after I saw your advertisement sent to my email. In the advertisement, it said that the 2-year membership came with free access to all the facilities including the pool, and it also mentioned that people under the membership could join the monthly exercise class with an instructor without any extra charges. However, I recently discovered that I had to pay extra fees for both joining the fitness courses and using the pool, which is not what I saw in your promotion.

    Although I explained the situation to the manager, he just ignored the fact that the advert was misleading and poorly responded to my complaint rather than provided me with the course of action to solve the problem. I think how he handled the situation was very inappropriate and not fair.

    Finally, I still would like to have access to both the swimming pool and the monthly fitness class. If you still insist that I cannot have those services, I am going to cancel my membership and request a refund.

    Hope to hear back from you soon,

  62. Writing task 2.
    It is great that we can express our opinion on changes regarding food services! From the two options given, I would definitely choose the first one.
    In my point of view, if restaurants, we all know, open branches on our campus, we would have many different options. Restaurants with specialties from different nationalities is the solution to our problem. Every student will have the opportunity to choose among a great variety according to his/her preference or food restrictions. We would also have the chance to try food from each other’s country. It is a way to get to know different cultures and habits.
    I understand that a large cafeteria could satisfy our food needs up to a point in low prices, but, knowing that you must spend all your breaks in the same place can be boring and tiring. Different restaurants will provide us a change of scenery and allow us to enjoy our breaks. As for their pricing, I am sure that it will be affordable to everybody because all restaurant-owners will know that most of their potential customers live on pocket-money.

  63. As many international students are coming from all different countries, enhancing food services on campus is indeed an important plan for our school. Given the options, I definitely prefer the option B, expanding the big cafeteria for various reasons.

    First of all, considering the diversity of the culture on our campus, limited restaurant choices would not benefit all the students’ various food preferences. Instead, if big cafeteria opens up on the center of the campus providing numerous food options every day, that would be much more suitable for school’s society.

    Additionally, since the students’ budget for food price is limited, the cheaper option is better for the students. For my case as an example, I don’t usually go out to restaurants to eat because of the financial difficulties. I usually go to nearest food court to have a meal, therefore the big cafeteria is a great addition for me.

    Given the aforementioned reasons, I highly recommend option B than option A, and I look forward to see improved food services around the campus.

  64. Writing task 1.
    Dear Owner of “Good Health” fitness center,
    About a month ago, I noticed your advertisement for your new fitness center. I went through your leaflet very carefully in order to get all the information regarding the services you provide. I was excited to see that you offered swimming, Zumba and Karate lessons! I couldn’t take my eyes off those beautiful illustrated pictures in your brochure showing the activities of my dreams! I was thrilled that I would be able to attend those classes, I was always looking for, in my own neighborhood! Therefore, I bought the 2-year membership, without thinking twice!
    After joining your club, it didn’t take me more than 2 weeks to realise that the reality was very different! Trying to find the swimming pool, I discovered that it is still under construction and the instructors for Zumba and karate, haven’t been hired yet!
    As soon as I got know what was going on, I addressed my problem to the manager. I explained to him that the main reason I signed up, were those 3 activities that your ad described and showed in detail. He was nice and kind, but, not helpful. He told me that he is not responsible for what has been advertised and he pointed out to me all the other options I have, by being a member of your center. Since, I would never switch my old gym to your center, if not for those 3 classes, your manager could not solve my problem!
    In conclusion, I want to let you know that I feel deceived! I paid for a long term membership for services you are not able to provide me with.
    Therefore, I request the total value of the membership I paid you to be refunded to me in full. I am sure that you understand my frustration and you will take my demand in serious consideration. Please note that if I don’t hear from you shortly, I will be forced to make further steps and bring this to justice.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Joanne Smith

  65. I am mainly writing to complain about your unsatisfactory services. Based on the advertisement, I have recently purchased a two year membership to fitness center. To my surprise, the advertised services compared to the ones offered are completely a different story.

    First, the sophisticated equipment that you described are nowhere to be found. Instead, we exercise using old, sometimes rusty, fitness equipment. Second, showers are not sufficient to cover the growing number of registered members of the center. Most of us waste hours waiting for his or her turn to take a simple shower. To top it all, fitness advisors your advertisement promised do not seem to be qualified, granted we were able to consult one. We simply have to manage things for ourselves.

    In an attempt to resolve matters with your manager in a friendly way, the latter gave no attention to me, denied all the issues, and practically mocked me. Hence, I would be grateful to you if you could refund my money, or better yet, resolve the aforementioned problems and satisfy the needs of your fellow members.

    Yours faithfully

  66. Regarding the matter of how to improve the food services in our campus, in comparison with famous restaurants, having a big cafeteria would be the better option in my view.
    As a start, the cafeteria will provide a variety rang food to students who come from different countries and have different food preferences. The most striking part is it can serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines which is appropriate because we have many foreign students who are vegetarian. A prime example of which is that my class , half of my classmates are from south Asian, they simply prefer taking food from their home as our current restaurant does not provide vegetarian food.
    In addition, the prices of the cafeteria are low, so that all our students can afford . As far as I concerned, some students in order to save money, they would rather just take a piece of bread as their lunch. the reason being is that the current restaurant’s prices are high even for people who are working our school.
    All in all, building the cafeteria would be definitely the better choice over famous restaurants in the long run. It is in that context I wholeheartedly support this idea and hope school officials will proceed with the same interests. Thank you for your chance to voice my opinion.

  67. Dear Manager,

    The local shopping mall is such a convenience for the community. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the mall there has been an increase in volume. This increase has caused parking to be nearly impossible.

    It takes me at least 20 min on a good day to find a spot. If I have no luck around the lots, I got to scramble around the local neighborhood. Finally, after a successful gallivanting for spot’s and capturing one. This whole experience doesn’t give our shopping a good start.

    To solve this issue, I have few suggestions that can be implemented. Firstly, there is a vacant land across from the parking spot. This can be constructed into additional parking. Secondly, the current parking lot can be built within. That is having building additional parking floors. Hope you implement these suggestions as they are for the betterment for our community.

    Thank You,
    Calvin Klein

  68. In my opinion, having new restaurants on campus would be a better option. Even though the appearance of a big cafeteria may be fascinating due to its low-cost meals, the benefits of restaurants outweigh it for several reasons.

    First off, the students’ choices are always diversified that can be met by the presence of many reputable brands of restaurants. For example, some students can only afford junk food in the break time can find it convenient at McDonald’s or A&W; others prefer to have salad, organic or fine-dining cuisine despite the longer waiting time may appreciate services at Freshii or The Keg, to name just a few.

    Nonetheless, the more the number of well-known restaurants is, the better the meal prices would be. As we are aware, the Fork has a similar concept that gathers many different restaurants, which have brought huge benefits to its visitors and nearby residents: prices are very competitive.

    Anyway, this is only my personal belief, but I will support whatever the final decision is made.

    I appreciate the opportunity to provide my input on this matter.
    (Words: 181)

  69. Dear Mr. Prang,

    I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction with the services rendered at the California fitness center. I have just purchased a 2-year membership based on the information on your advertisement, however, the reality of benefit is a different story.

    To begin with, the services mentioned on your ads do not exist at the center. During two weeks of working at the gym, I had not been finding any personal trainer when needed. In addition, there was no weekly yoga class, and the hygiene of the gym was compromised.

    In an attempt to resolve these concerns with your manager, I received unsatisfactory responses that the personal trainer and yoga class could only be provided upon availability, and at the discretion of the center; shoe marks all over were natural parts of any gym center. I was really shocked!

    In order to resolve the issues, I would suggest you add services listed to your itinerary and improve the cleanliness. For example, a locker for members’ outdoor shoes and more frequent scheduled cleaning can be helpful. Otherwise, I would like a full refund to switch my membership to another center.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    (200 words)

  70. To whom it may concern,
    I recently purchased a two-year membership to your fitness center and I am writhing to express my dissatisfaction with the service provided. Initially I purchased the membership due to the fact that the fitness center provided a number of different services, unlike several other fitness centers in the area.
    After using the fitness center for over two weeks now, I have discovered that several of the services included on the advertisement weren’t actually available at this fitness center. The swimming and crossfit classes are being held at different locations and the badminton and table tennis facilities are not available whatsoever.
    Upon making this discovery, I contacted the fitness center manager, who did not deal with my complain in a professional manner and had no solution. He said that the advertisement was outdated and were the services provided last year, since then the services have been moved to different locations, with no intentions of returning to this facility.
    Since theses services are not available at this facility and as these were some of the main reasons for joining this particular center, I would like to cancel my membership due to false advertisement.
    John Doe

  71. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing this to express my dissatisfaction about the services I have received at your fitness center. I purchased the Platinum Membership last month and am currently paying you $45 bi-weekly.
    I received an advertisement letter of your fitness center a couple of months ago and, I got really impressed by the services that your gym is offering; therefore, I canceled my agreement from another gym and joined your fitness center immediately. I think, cancelling my membership from the previous gym and joining your fitness center are two of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life because I could not find any services that your fitness center has claimed in the advertisement. Sauna Bath, new Cardio Machines, free Wi-Fi, and clean towels are nowhere to find.
    In addition, I have made many verbal and written complaints to your gym manager about these services. Not only did he not reply to my complaints, but also has started ignoring me. This is very frustrating because this is a completely unethical behavior. I am paying you $45 bi-weekly for using your facility; thus, I am expecting to receive a good customer service from your team.
    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know about this issue so that you can resolve this matter as soon as possible or I would like to get my full refund and cancel my contract. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  72. Dear Jhon,

    I’m writing to thank you for your invitation. It is so kind of you! In fact, I found myself with happy tears looking at your invitation, but, unfortunately, I’m unable to accept your invitation because of the hectic work I have at my office.

    Let me detail you, recently few of my colleagues resigned to their positions because of their personal reasons. This made me accept for additional responsibilities until my boss finds the right employees and they get trained well. However, this doesn’t seem to happen in anytime near future. At least not before the holidays!

    Anyhow, I would be glad if you could suggest me some other time to meet you and spend moments with you. And I promise I would not miss it next time. It’s been ages since we both hanging out whole night while chit-chatting about all our acquaintances and having delicious food we like.

    Please let me know.

    Yours friendly,


    • After considering both the pros and cons of both options, I opine in favour of buying new dresses.

      With this proposition, we can solve the purpose of purchasing new attire for our upcoming Christmas shows. As our current costumes are already losing their shine and appeal, we are in imminent need of buying new clothes for our upcoming Christmas performances. As a volunteer attendance manager, I expect our shows to be well patronized this year. Therefore, we should not take a risk of losing our revenue and reputation just because of older clothing.

      As we all know, the stage inspection last month revealed that the stage is still structurally sound, and we reinforced its stares and the entire subfloor a few months back. Moreover, if we decide to reconstruct the stage, its foundation will also need to be redone, and the available budget might not be enough for all this whole project.
      At last, the stage work will take at least a month to complete, and we cannot afford to be without practice sessions for one full month during the busy season.

      Considering these points, we should spend our money on new costumes.

  73. It came to me that the college has intentions to improve the food services for students, and I found it very suitable to decide in a survey one of the two provided options. I state with the restaurant option, as it appears to be a better way of pleasing students for so many reasons.
    First, the famous branches will surely satisfy student preferences as they are already known from other food courts. Having some of the favorite ones at our college, it will provide a wide variety of food that can please the majority of students. Besides that, the renovation space directed to this improvement is wide and will surely be enough to install several restaurants and tables, providing students a new and pleasant area to spend their breaks.
    I appreciate the college’s initiative for this improvement, as it was for so long a subject of discussion between students and management. Surely everyone will be benefited by these restaurants.

  74. To Whom It May Concern:

    I had recently received an advertisement on your new fitness center in my neighborhood, I was very intrigued by the services it had to offer. As a result of that, I had decided to purchase the two years membership.
    Firstly, it was advertised that there are tanning beds but to my dismay I found nothing of that sort. Subsequently, I had to re-book my tanning appointment with my previous fitness center.
    Next, there was a hot tub also advertised but it was completely jarring to find an inflatable pool with hot water. I found that completely absurd and very misleading.
    Finally, I had spoken to the manager about these issues I was having. I was completely appalled after talking to the manager. He was very ignorant and insolent; he basically implied that if I wasn’t satisfied that I should leave the premises and not spread negativity.

    I would like for you to rectify this matter immediately by giving me a full refund of the membership I purchased. Also, an apology from your manager would also be greatly appreciated.


  75. Dear Mr. Lee,

    I am writing to complaint about a misleading advertisement distributed by your fitness center. I recently purchased the 2-year Membership for $1500.00, only to find that several of the services offered were non-existent.

    The pamphlet offered a 24/7 use of the gym facilities, however, when I arrived at 5 am last Monday, the gym was closed and nobody at reception answered my calls.

    Last Wednesday, I tried to use your “award-winning” sauna, only to be told by one of your staff members that it was still in construction and that it would not be completed for another two months.

    I voiced my disappointed to the manager in charge and he insisted that the discrepancies between the advertisement and the reality of the facilities are always verbally communicated to new members prior to signing up. I asked him if I could schedule a meeting with you but he denied my request and told me to “deal with it”.

    Due to your fitness center’s inadequacies and your employees’ lack of professionalism, I would like to request a full refund of my membership so I can take my business elsewhere.

    I look forward to your response.


    Mary Hynes

  76. Dear sir or madam,
    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction regarding the services provided at your gym. I was looking for the services those were mentioned in the advertisement but nowhere to found in the gym.
    Being impressed by the services including a personal trainer, a sauna, showers, swimming pool and highly advanced equipments, I took a 2-year membership at your Blueridge location. To my surprise, the gym is congested, and it took extra time to wait for our turn to take shower. Moreover, the equipments are few and rusty. Talking about the personal trainer as assured in the advertisement, there are not enough trainers as compared to members demanding for assistance.
    While expressing the discomfort about the services to the manager, he didn’t seem to be interested in solving them. Rather, he wants me to get comfortable with whatever is available in gym. Thus, I am expecting you to look into the issues and either provide the members with services promised in the advertisement or cancel my membership and give me a reimbursement.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Jasnoor Kaur

  77. I would like to opine in favor of having a spacious cafeteria in our college as this seems to be a convincing choice for me rather than a restaurant. Though the later looks equally appealing I would like to present a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument.
    To begin with, a cafeteria would provide a wide range of food options to people who have different food preferences. It will serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines which is appropriate as many foreign students are either vegetarian or vegan by choice. Moreover, students surviving on pocket-money won’t be able to afford fancy food every day in well-known restaurants, in comparison to that prices of cafeteria meals sound reasonable.
    In addition to it, having a big place to sit during lunch hours will resolve the shortage of common areas. It is worth mentioning that, our college has less sit-out space, often during lunchtime I have noticed a queue of people waiting for a vacant table. Hence, opening a dining hall will reduce the space crunch issue.
    Considering these reasons, I believe that the cafeteria is more beneficial than restaurants. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I would support whatever management decides to do.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to voice my preference.

  78. I would prefer to see famous restaurants open on campus. There is already a huge buzz amongst students at the thought of having their favorite food places within the college facility. Here are the two main reasons why.

    Firstly, many of the students already travel off-campus for lunch. This is due to the poor choice, and food quality that the college services have to offer. By bringing these restaurants on-site, it is going to save the majority of student’s valuable time throughout the day, which will allow them to spend more time studying instead of traveling.

    Secondly, the food quality in already established restaurants is going to be much higher than that of an in-house cafeteria. Even if the cafeteria claims to have cheaper prices, I would much rather spend a little bit more and receive a higher quality meal. Along with this, a higher nutritional dish consumed in the middle of the day has been shown to increase concentration levels.

    To conclude, I really believe that a huge variety of famous restaurants is the best option. It will not only be advantageous for students but also the college. With increased time to study and greater concentration levels, this will lead to better grades.

  79. To the Fitness centre owner,
    Last week I bought a 2-year membership to your facility in Collingwood. I heard great reviews from friends, and I saw an advertisement showing a deal that included a free consultation, and personal training session. Unfortunately, I found out after signing up that this is a service you no longer provide. If I had this knowledge prior to entering into a contract with your establishment, I would have gone to anytime fitness on the other side of town. They offer the same deal.

    To make matters worse, when I approached the manager about the situation, he didn’t know what advertisement I was referring to. After finding out that he is a brand-new employee, this made the circumstances more tolerable. Although, I believe as a member of staff overseeing the operations of the gym, he could have done more to accommodate me and come up with a solution to the misunderstanding.

    This is the reason that I decided to get in contact with you directly. I am looking for personal training on a long-term basis, but I will not sign up without a free initial consultation first. Is this something that you can reinstate for me? If it isn’t, then I kindly ask that you consider releasing me from my contract.

    Best Regards,

  80. Dear Mr.Smith

    I am writing to you to inform you of the difficulties my son has been having in school for several weeks. It appears that a boy in his class has been bullying him and I would like to propose a solution to try and prevent this behaviour in the future. I would like this problem resolved as soon as possible as my son is afraid of going to school.

    There are a couple of options I can suggest to try to stop the bullying. Firstly, I can get contact information of the parents of the bully and I can arrange a meeting with them and try to resolve any issues the children are having with each other. Secondly, you could intervene and talk to both children and try to find a solution to their problem.

    If you would like to meet me in person to discuss the problem and my suggested solutions I am available any time.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

  81. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing this email regarding the services provided by your fitness center “Fit for less”. Two months ago, I saw your gym’s pamphlet in my mailbox, and I was impressed by the offerings. Post that I bought a two-year membership to join your Kennedy branch. Unfortunately, my experience was disdain due to various reasons and circumstances.
    Firstly, the advertisement mentioned that your gym is well equipped with brand new instruments like ellipticals, weight machines, aerobic steppers, etc. However, to my dismay, they all are in poor conditions which makes it difficult to use. Moreover, necessary gear like cardio and treadmill are unavailable.
    In addition to it, no qualified instructor is on-site to conduct sessions on advance yoga or cross-fit training, as was mentioned in the ad. Despite all this, I tried to discuss with the center’s manager and confronted him on the aforementioned lacks, he dismissed my concerns in an impolite manner.
    I would request you to kindly look into the issue and provide a quick resolution before you lose your elite members as your reputation is at stake. Nevertheless, I would suggest to bring in better equipment and a certified trainer.
    Looking forward to a change at the center.
    Kind regards,

  82. I would like to opine in favour of opening a big cafeteria in the university campus to improve the food services as this seems to be far better and convincing choice than option A. I would like to present a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument.

    Firstly, a big cafeteria will offer a commonplace for everyone to eat together, share and enjoy the meal with friends. The variety of food option available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food will allow each member of the group to have his choice of food on one table, hence making the bond of friendship stronger by sharing and eating together.
    Secondly, the prices in popular restaurants will be sky high, and not students of all the classes will be able to afford it. The cafeteria will offer budgeted meals in comparison to famed outlets while maintaining the same quality.

    In conclusion, a large cafe will not only provide the meals at an affordable price but will also strengthen the bond of friendship by providing the common platform to share and eat.

  83. Dear sir or madam,

    I have recently acquired a 2-year membership to your fitness center. I decided to become a member because I was convinced, by your advertisements, that I would have professional help to use the equipment available. After a few months attending your gym, I am not receiving good value for my money.

    Your video on YouTube shows many personal trainers helping people with a smile on their faces. The reality, however, is that there are only one or two trainers roaming around. I have never managed to get their attention. As a result, I am unable to use most of the equipment. I tried to talk to your manager, but he simply said I should wait for my turn or come at less busy hours.

    That being said, I strongly recommend you hire additional personal trainers before you upset more members. You have to offer exactly what you promise to captivate your public. As for your manager, I suggest your give him better guidance. He needs to learn how to solve a problem instead of creating more.

    I hope you can solve these matters in no time so the other members and I can have the services we are paying for.


  84. Dear Sir,
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to organize this month’s staff party. I am writing this email to acquire some information regarding the party.
    I want to ask about the date, time and duration of the party so, I will arrange accordingly. To elucidate, I think we could arrange a party in Paradise hotel which is located near the outskirts of the city. As I share a very cordial relationship with the hotel manager, we can get a good discount. Moreover, the hotel has a jungle theme setup which looks eye-catching. There is a wooden bridge that connects two portions of the hotel and water flows under the bridge. Additionally, its high glass windows present a panoramic view of the beautiful lake, and every day they organize live show which portrays the importance of the jungle. The restaurant also offers a variety of cuisines especially “the buffet” so, everyone can enjoy it as per their choice.
    Kindly confirm the date, time, location and theme so, I will book accordingly. After receiving your approval, I will inform all the staff members. I hope you would like my suggestions and I will never let down your expectations.
    Yours sincerely,

  85. Considering the ongoing planning of library services with respect to library management, I would like to appreciate to develop a play area for children. I would certainly go for option B for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    Firstly, nowadays child kidnapping cases are augmenting day by day, parents feel unsafe to leave their child alone at home. So, parents can leave their children in the play area and they can study without any tension thus this facility becomes boon for them. Secondly, every parent cannot afford daycare fees so, sometimes they leave their study in between. If the library provides this facility, they can save their money as well as their children play in front of them.
    On the contrary side, in library everyone has their own preferences for TV channel so, they want to see different things at a time but it is not possible. Owing to this, quarrels occur in the library which spoils the library environment.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify option B would be preferable and likable to all members. Everyone would have their choice as per own thinking. This is my opinion but I will support whatever decision is made.

  86. I understand that a few of the customers might highly appreciate on your restaurant serving only organic food, however, I would strongly suggest you to discard this idea and continue serving both, the organic and non-organic dishes.

    At the outset, your restaurant is counted in one of the most prominent multi-cuisine food-chains and is favourite destination to customers with various food inclinations. With most of those exotic dishes being non-organic, I cannot imagine you moving in the direction of organic food specifically. With the advent of this move, you might loose potential customers, like me and my friends, who love chicken and lam prepared in your kitchens; and I’m sure, there would be countless such lovers in our city.

    Moreover, your eatery enjoys esteemed reputation in the market, and if you seek such a transformation, you might have to convince the customers again. I am sure, you understand on what it takes to establish yourself in the market with a whole new strategy.

    Therefore, considering monetary and reputation lose, I would opine in favor of the current format itself, wherein, you continue serving both, the organic and non-organic dishes.

  87. Dear Principal,

    I am mainly writing this email to express my discontentment and how annoyed we felt during the last parent teacher’s meeting, when two of my son’s teachers didn’t bother to meet the parents, even though they were present in the school.

    We were quite hopeful to meet all the teachers and discuss our son’s progress in all the subjects. Everything was going smooth, until we got to know that the French teacher might be a couple of minutes late, but eventually, those few minutes never finished and we waited for more than an hour. We, being from a non-French background, are unable to track our son’s progress at all, so we are thoroughly dependent on the teacher’s reviews itself, and unfortunately, we could not discuss his progress at all.

    To add to the woes, almost similar unprofessional behavior was displayed by the Maths teacher. My son performed poorly in the last session, so were hoping to discuss his progress in the current session, but that discussion could not happen at all.

    Therefore, to meticulously resolve this issue, I urge you to arrange a discussion between the French and Maths teachers as soon as possible, so that, we could get an exact idea of his abilities and performance. I hope they show up this time.


  88. It is indeed worth noting that the traffic issues have alleviated near the school premises over the past couple of months. Given these two options, I would certainly prefer to drop my kid at the school parking lot owing to various reasons.

    Children’s security is the first and foremost reason. I can’t imagine dropping my son two blocks away from the school and letting him walk those 400 meters alone. Given the situation, children are prone to kidnapping, or fatal road accidents. We should also consider a few naughty students, who might exploit this opportunity to bunk school. Therefore, as parents, we would be always in a dilemma whether our kids reached school and if they are in safe hands or not. Therefore, I would personally prefer to drop my son inside the school premises itself, doesn’t matter, whether it is the parking lot or the main gate.

    Also, option A is actually a temporary escape from the given situation, because dropping our kids two blocks away is simply shifting the location of the jam, instead of solving the problem. In a couple of weeks, I expect complaints from the residents of far block also, thus inappropriate solution.

    Therefore, with the arguments presented above, I would reckon in favor of dropping kids in the school arena itself rather than two blocks away.

  89. Dear Ms. Jones,

    I am writing this email regarding the job openings in your construction company. My name is Smanata, and I hail from Toronto where the headquarter of your esteemed organization is located.

    I would like to express my interest in the position of a receptionist in your main branch. Given my vast experience in front desk management and my education, Masters in Company Secretary, I find myself an idle candidate for this position. My dynamic personality, demeanour interaction skills, and fluent communication brings a lot of energy required for this job. I possess a great reputation in managing a clean and presentable reception area all the time.

    Additionally, I have had experience in managing the front desk for another construction company, thus I possess the domain knowledge required to introduce our company at any given situation.

    Therefore, I would request you to suggest a suitable time slot to discuss my candidature in detail. During this meeting, you can evaluate my skills and I stand a chance to understand your expectations. Looking forward to hear from you.


  90. Considering the ongoing planning of library services with respect to the library management, I would like to appreciate to develop a play area for children. I would certainly go for the option B for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    Firstly, nowadays child kidnapping cases are augmenting day by day, parents feel unsafe to leave their child alone at home. So, parents can leave their children at play area and they can study without any tension thus this facility becomes boon for them. Secondly, every parents cannot afford day care fees so, sometime they leave their study in between. If library provide this facility, they can save their money as well as their child play in front of them.
    On the contrary side, in library everyone has their own preferences for TV channel so, they want to see different things at a time but it is not possible. Owing of, quarrels occur in library which spoil library environment.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify option B would be preferable and likable to all members. Everyone would have their choice as per own thinking. This is my opinion but I will support whatever decision is made.

  91. Dear Jackson,
    How are you? I hope this letter finds you with the best of health and spirit. I just received surprise gift and CD which you have sent via courier. I am writing this email to inform you about CD.
    When I had given CD it’s in working condition but yesterday when I tried to start, it shows some technical glitch and some strange noise was coming from the player. Then, I tried another CD and it was working fine. I inspect the bottom part of the CD, found a crack. I think when you went for the trip you might kept CD in handbag so, due to pressure of laptop CD got cracked. I suggest you to keep CD in CD pouch from the next time.
    You don’t regret for it and I don’t want any money for CD but next time when you will find this same CD, without asking me purchase because it’s generally not found at every shop. I will pay whatever the amount for the new CD. Give my regards to uncle and aunty!
    Your lovingly,

  92. Considering the ongoing planning to develop public services with respect to the provincial government, I would like to appreciate the idea to build more universities. I would certainly go for the option B for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    Firstly, university plays an important role in student’s life. If number of universities will increase, seats will increase which helps to reduce the university’s fees so, everyone can afford it. To exemplify this, in Gujarat state several engineering colleges have increased in last 3 years which helps to reduce fees. Additionally, students do not have to apply in the abroad universities which helps to preserve nation’s treasure and helps to augment the nation’s growth.
    On the contrary side, maintenance cost of hospital is high compared to university because hygienic is the most important so, they have to hire several persons for it. Apart from it, patients always prefer to go in their regular hospital because they cannot trust on anyone for their health.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify option B would be preferable and likable to all citizens. Everyone would have their choice according to own thinking. This is my opinion but I will support whatever decision is made.

  93. Dear sir,
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to organize this month’s staff party. I am writing this email to get some information regarding party.
    I want to ask about date, time and duration of party so, I will arrange accordingly. To elucidate, I think we could arrange party in Paradise hotel which is located near the outskirts of the city. As I share a very cordial relationship with hotel manager, he will give good discount. Moreover, hotel has jungle theme setup which looks eye-catching. There is one wooden bridge which connects two portions of hotel and water is passing under the bridge. Additionally, its high glass windows present a panoramic view of the beautiful lake and every day they are organizing live show which shows the importance of jungle. The restaurant also offers a variety of cuisines especially “the buffet” so, everyone enjoys as per their choice.
    Kindly confirm the date, time, location and theme so, I will book accordingly. After receiving your approval, I will inform to all staff members. I hope you would like my suggestions and I will never let down your expectation.
    Yours sincerely,

  94. Dear Jack,
    I received your last trip photos, surprise gift and CD which you have sent via blue dart. I’m very elated to see my gift. I hope you and your girlfriend both are well. Here I’m writing this e-mail regarding my CD which you borrowed before your trip.
    I feel very sorry to inform that; you made a bad packing because when I open the parcel, you put the CD is under the gift and photos. Moreover, CD is covered by only paper cover so, whole gift and photo’s weight on top of the CD. I think during currier transportation time it was broken.
    You don’t regret for it and I don’t want any money for this CD. This CD is unique; and it’s not available on all shop so, whenever you will get the chance you find the same types of CD. Meanwhile, I also try to find it. if I will find out, inform you. Additionally, I request you make habit to put CD in always CD pouch.
    Give my regards to uncle and aunty as well as you girlfriend!
    Your lovingly,

  95. I am quite certain that a few of my fellow students and the faculty members would always prefer hard copies over their digital correspondence, but I hold a different view, and favor in an investment towards digitization of all books due to various benefits it entails.

    With the advent of technology and given the availability of hi-tech products like laptops, tablets and mobiles, the usage of ebooks has become very convenient. You can have access to various books on-the-fly, without having to carry bulky masses on your back. Additionally, digital books are easy to compile, and hence, are cost-efficient.

    From the university’s perspective, maintaining an online book store is much cheaper and provides a fairly easy transaction system. The management might consider reusing library area for the external conferences and student presentations.

    Additionally, the digital books are virtual in nature, they don’t require paper, and hence, environment-friendly. Moreover, such digitization initiatives are a step-forward towards The Green Future, the vision of our university.

    Hence, based on the above arguments on the prospects of technology and digitization, I find myself inclining rationally towards option B.

        • Yeah! My ratings are out of 12 indeed. I haven’t heard of someone scoring 11 in years. If you get 10, then you are the best of the bests.

        • Food is the basic necessity of a human being. And according to me, it has to be healthy, hygienic and of course it should satisfy my taste buds. Just like my mother cook for me. Keeping all this in mind, I strongly suggest a big cafeteria. It offer students low priced meals so that they can afford easily as having limited pocket money. And additionally it will offer a large variety of food options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. As I am myself is a vegetarian and I found very less variety of vegetarian food in restaurants. So, I always prefer to carry my own food. Like me, there are many students who do the same way. This cafeteria will solve the issue and we can have various cuisines under one roof.it will ease the stress of eating and can concentrate on studies and other activities. It will a big place to hang around, chit-chat and make more and more friends while eating. It can be a nice homely and friendly environment all around.
          Therefore, a bigger cafeteria is more achievable over famous restaurants. As healthy, hygienic food in lower prices is much favored for me.

  96. I am quite certain that most of our colleagues would share the same opinion as I do, and would opine in favour of organizing all the meetings during the working regime itself.

    At the outset, a dedicated schedule of 8 hours, and sometimes 9 as well, is hectic enough for a human body, and both, mental and physical recovery is required to continue the next day. Also, most of us have personal commitments, and families, as well as kids, to look after. Thus, demanding extra hours for meetings might not be fair from an employee welfare perspective.

    Additionally, it is worth noting that an individual cannot simply participate in the meeting for the sake of attendance; an employee has to be well prepared while jumping into such discussions. Thus, having such an expectation is a serious threat to one’s work-life balance.

    On the contrary, I would suggest our management to seek the solution from a different perspective and might consider restructuring our ceremonies in terms of time schedule, or by inviting a limited audience.

    Therefore, with the above points on the table, I would cast my vote towards option B itself.

  97. Dear Sir,
    Greeting of the day!!!
    I just received your mail and you assigned me to organize this month’s staff party in our organization. I am grateful to you for giving such type of responsibility to me. Here, I am writing this mail to get some information like date, time, duration of party time and I would like to suggest you for party theme and location briefly in below.
    To elucidate, I plan to host a dinner party in fine dining restaurant called “Jungle Bhookh” as I have had an overwhelming experience in the past. The restaurant is located near the outskirts of the city. Moreover, it’s only 5.5 clicks away from our office and popular for nature theme. The beauty of hotel, inside it there is wooden bridge which connects two portions of hotel, containing a water under it. There are various trees, animal and bird’s statues as well as bonfire. Also, its high glass windows present a panoramic view of the beautiful lake additionally the restaurant also offers a variety of cuisines especially ‘’the buffet”.
    Please confirm date, time, location and theme so, I can book accordingly. After receiving your approval, I will update to all colleagues. I hope you like my suggestions and I will never let down your expectation.
    I Look forward to your approval on the same.
    Yours Sincerely,

  98. Consider the ongoing planning to decide days off with respect to the company, I would like to appreciate the idea to give week off on Friday and Saturday. I would certainly go for the option A for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    Firstly, employees can do errands on Friday like banking, medical check-up and many other government services which is closed on weekend. Moreover, they can balance their personal as well as professional life. On Saturday they can spend whole day with their children and family. Furthermore, employee can do some part-time work or pursue leisure activities on Friday. To exemplify this, if he/she is excellent in their work, they can give an expert talk in industry which help them to earn name and fame and they can share their life experience to teenagers which help in growth of nation.
    On the contrary side, employees can enjoy 2 days with their family but they are unable to complete government related work however they have to take a leave to complete it.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify option A would be preferable and likable to all employees. Everyone would have their choice according to own thinking. This is my opinion but I will support whatever decision is made.

  99. Dear Jenny,
    It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. I hope this letter finds you in the pink of your health. I am elated to hear that finally you will come to Toronto and today I can’t explain my happiness in the words.
    I want to ask when you will come and how many days you will stay here? Anyway, you’ve to stay at my home without any excuse so don’t book any hotel. I had learned some desserts and I know that you are chocolate lover, will prepare chocolate truffle cake for you. Furthermore, after a week biggest theme park will start in Toronto and our nature is audacious so, we would definitely enjoy it. To add cherry on the cake, the weather here is very pleasant during those days due to snow so, we will pursue snow activities like snow tubing, ice hockey and many more.
    I am excited even at the thought of spending the winter vacation together after so long. I have to tell you a lot of things and expect the same from you. Give my regards to aunty and uncle!
    Your lovingly,

  100. I am quite certain that a few members of our group are excited to get brand new costumes for our upcoming shows, however, I would opine in favour of utilizing recently raised funds on refurbishing the main stage of our theatre.

    To begin with, the main stage receives the most foot-fall during the whole year, as we not only perform but also use it for practice; thus, its maintenance is of utmost importance. Also, recently we have had a couple of incidents due to the broken stairs, adjoining the front row with the stage, resulting in sprains and minor injuries to our supporting staff. Also, we have been receiving complaints from our sponsors regarding torn carpets being used, especially during facilitating ceremonies. Therefore, renovating the stage and performance area is of paramount importance for the welfare of our crew.

    Also, given the recent agreement between various theatre groups on reusing costumes, gives us substantial options to choose from, without having to spend our funds.

    Above all, our ticket sales has plummetted since last quarter due to the lack of infrastructure, thus, leaving us with the only option to improve it.

    Therefore, to deny the financial crisis and keeping the artist’s welfare in view, I strongly suggest focussing on restoring our stage.

  101. It is quite evident that many of our colleagues are fed up with the birthday parties being celebrated every then and now, in fact, I also belong to the same group, therefore, I strongly suggest to organize a yearly event to celebrate all birthday parties together.

    First of all, small birthday parties are mostly time killers. Usually, many of us are occupied with assigned tasks, moreover, we have various scheduled and unscheduled meetings as well; taking time out of this busy regime is difficult on a short notice every week. In fact, I had to miss three out of the last five parties, even though I had contributed my part for celebration. On the other hand, a yearly mega celebration can be well planned, so that all of us can utterly enjoy the event. Moreover, we might consider inviting our families on an annual birthday bash.

    Secondly, organizing small parties are not budget-friendly. Based on a calculation, the mega event might cost around $1000 including drinks, food, and decoration, whereas individual parties cost anything between $200 to $250, therefore cost-inefficient. Additionally, given the fact that our company has a substantial outdoor area, we don’t need to worry about the gathering of a mass chunk.

    Based on above outlined points, I find myself inclining towards option B only. Thanks for considering our problem and seeking resolution over the same.

  102. I am quite certain that some of our colleagues might be interested in the installation of brand new copy machine, however, I would like to cast my vote in favor of replacing existing chairs with more comfortable ones.

    To begin with, most organizations are focussed towards employee health, and ergonomic problems top that list. These days, a significant number of employees are suffering from postural problems, be it spinal issues, neck pain, or persistent body aches, thus alleviating the demand of comfortable chairs in our workspace. In fact, existing chairs are more than 10 years old already, thereby ruling out any option to neglect their replacement.

    On the other hand, a new xerox machine might be handy to only a few of us, as most of the employees prefer digital documentation over hard copies. Additionally, the concept of a copy machine is against our organization’s vision of Digitalization and paperless workplace.

    Hence, option A seems much logical, as well as beneficial, over option B for the sake of employee welfare and compliant with our organization’s plan.

  103. Dear Sir Manager,

    I am writing this email to complain about few services I was unable to find in the fitness center I am attending for 2 months. The subscription was part of a promotion happening in a stand of the “The Moon” mall.
    On the advertising, was listed services as tanning, hydro and massage. In the moment I enrolled, I have been told to enjoy those facilities in any location, which I realized after that is not true, since my location does not have those services.
    To top it all, I spoke to the manager last week and he was not helpful. As per him, all information should be found on the website and it is the client responsibility check the availability of equipment in each location.
    I am totally disappointed and would like to request a refund of the full year payment I have done and the break of commitment without extra charges.

    I hope you can understand and attend my requests as related above.

    Viviane Araujo
    ID: 1064991

  104. Dear Manager,
    I recently received a commercial of the opening of your new store, providing a high discount on all items as a token of celebration. I was really excited about the sale, and I want to grab the things which I was interested in especially, the 52inches Samsung TV which was at 50% discount.
    However, on my arrival, not even a single item was available of my interest. Surprisingly, not even socks or belts were in stock. I enquired to one of your staff member about the discounted items, and he said that only a limited number of the stock was placed and maximum items have been sold out, only countable things were left. That was really disappointing for me because you guys didn’t keep your words of having an endless number of items as per your advertisement.
    I believe that it’s your responsibility to arrange sufficient stock for the store, as it was your first day. Therefore, I would request you to please provide me that TV at the same discounted price as your adverts, on my next visit, because it was your job to have satisfactory stock.
    Hope to have a positive response from you.
    K. Singh

  105. Even though few members of our society would opine in favour of afternoon visits, but I strongly reckon in having a museum opening its gates for morning visits only due to different benefits it entails.

    To begin with, most of us are working in the morning. By the time, the first slot of visitors arrive at the museum, we would be already busy with our work schedule. This makes it convenient for the residents and hassle-free experience for visitors as well. In fact, visitors can re-use society’s parking spaces as most of us travel to our offices by car.

    On the other hand, museum slots during the afternoon might cause noise and disturbance for students, who just came back from school and are preparing for studies or planning a refreshing powernap.

    Additionally, most of the visitors would prefer to dine in nearby restaurants, in case of afternoon visits, occupying spaces that are ideally preferred by the residents of our society, thus annoying them.

    Therefore, as a community-minded resident, I would suggest morning visits over afternoon visits for the welfare of society members and the visitors and moreover, for the success of the museum.

  106. First of all, including us in company decision making on such serious matters is highly appreciated. I strongly reckon in favour of reducing working hours and shrinking paychecks over laying off some employees.

    To being with, employees are biggest asset to any organization and taking care of their welfare should be company’s utmost priority. Considering that many people have families and kids to provide for, as well as financial duties to fulfil, it would be unwise to show them pinkslips during such crisis situation. Not to forget, these employees are the pillar of success that our organization enjoyed for long.

    On the other hand, cutting down salaries temporarily might affect our savings, but it will keep feeding our basic needs along with strong sense of security. At the same time, reducing working hours offers possibilites for employees, who need extra money, to seek part time jobs and offer wider opportunities in future.

    It is also worth noting that when the company would hopefully overcome the financial doldrums, it might not require to hire new employees; thus saving the extra cost incurred in painful recruitment process.

    Based on the above outlined points, I would suggest to reduce salaries and working hours to tackle the company’s financial crisis instead of getting rid of employees.

    • Also, could you tell me about spelling usage, about what to follow, the US English or UK English? For example, whether the correct spellings are “favour” or “favor”?

      • The Canadians favor the British spelling more, as in the case of “favour”. However, it tends to use the American spelling in some cases. Try to google this topic. You will get more details on the matter. Good luck!

  107. Both the opinions have their own merits, and I can see why people are choosing Option A. If I had to choose I would go for Option B, for the compelling reasons listed below.

    On the one hand, the event of used furniture and utensil market would help to attract people more. As not only people from our place but people from outside town will become part of this event. For example, many people want to buy and sell their old appliance for their personal benefit but didn’t able to find customer. This event would act as an opportunity for both vendors and consumers. Moreover, it will save time and energy; by showing and making the deal on the spot.

    On the other hand, our town is already having many grocery stores that sell fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, everyone could buy them as per their needs. For example, I remember once I had bought one dozen banana on a weekend, but due to some crisis I had to go out to my aunt’s place for 3 days, and by the time I came back they started stinking and was unfit to consume.
    Ergo, I think option B is better.


  109. Everybody likes affordable good coffee so, I think there should a cafeteria around. There are many reasons why there should be a large coffee shop not the popular eatery place. First of all, it’s going to be winter soon so folks drink more coffee than eating expensive food. Moreover, I heard there will special discount card for student that is $30 a month, which is great as that way they don’t need to buy the coffee from an outside expensive shops every day.

    Secondly, the cafe will create more on-campus opportunities for students that will help them in their future to get references for the previous jobs. In addition, there will be more gathering of students and they can discuss more class notes in shops. On contrary, the restaurant will charge them more money for the dishes which they going to provide which students can’t afford to spend. On top of it, I am not a meat eater so I think this place will have options for veggie lovers.

  110. Dear Gym management,
    I am writing you this report as I have been very disappointed about the gym and its services. When I registered with the gym, I was very pessimistic, as I thought there will be more equipment than my previous fitness club used to have and that was the main reason why I applied here. But, to my surprise this place does not have many of the tools like treadmill, massaging chairs, 10 kg dumbbells, barbells that was promoted in the pamphlets.

    Moreover, after one week I reached to the manager while he was on the phone with the customer
    Talking about the same issue I had, he ignored me. He was very rude and he communicated with me so badly that I left right at the movement and decided not to come back. However, it was written in promotions that there will be a personal trainer who will help the customers with weight loss and body build-up, but the fitness club didn’t had one.
    Lastly I just wants to resolve this problem by retaking my money back or giving me free membership for 2 month or else I will complain to the health ministry about the false advertisement.
    Paul Madison

  111. Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am writing you in regards of Canada Day community picnic that was held last week. I was thrilled to attend the event as it was my first time. Everyone was so proactive with their dishes however no one include a list of ingredients for their meals. As an allergic person I was very scared to try food.

    I believe it is important for food events to have a list with detailed ingredients for every dish. As the outcome might be very tragic for allergic people. For instance, last year one of my friend who has a honey allergy went into anaphylactic shock. Thankfully she had an antihistamine shot in her purse that literally saved her life. It was not obvious that the dish she had contained honey.

    I have a suggestion on how you could address this situation. Next time you would organize that kind of event you could send an email notification for all the attendees with the general rule on how to safely share the dish on the picnic. I am sure every allergic person would really appreciate it.

    Please tell me your thoughts on that matter,

    Best regards,

  112. Dear Anna,

    I am writing regarding the job interview you are going to attend next week. First of all, congratulations on your first professional interview. You must be overwhelmed at this moment and might be curios on the kind of questions that could be asked during this interaction. Most candidates feel the same.

    Remember to get dressed in formal attire to look professional and feel confident. Initially, you might be asked some basic questions about your education, recent projects, and favourite subjects. Some interviewers are also interested in knowing a candidate’s behavioral aspects like habits, choice of music, and books, etc. However, others could land you in a situation to examine on your presence of mind and evaluate your analytical abilities. Please do not hesitate while answering and try to speak as naturally as possible.

    Additionally, to alleviate your chance of selection, you must read about the organization’s business and its products beforehand. This signifies your interest in the job.

    Though I don’t see any reason why my neice won’t be selected during the interview, but still I would like to share my best wishes to you. Please let me know how it went.

    Best Regards,

  113. Dear officials,

    After taking your survey in regards to the upcoming changes to the food services on campus, I have decided to go with the option A. This option speaks for students that want restaurants to be implemented throughout campus as food service, I chose this option for several reasons. First, university is a place for matured students to attend and have a lot of freedom to learn and live as adults, a cafeteria is certainly something that interferes with this idea, imagine all the students attending the university having to go to one single place for food services, there’s a high chance that it would be very crowded. Second, a cafeteria may have very limited food options, on the contrary, implementing restaurants will allow students to choose what type of food they want to eat, whether it be fast foods, chinese foods, korean foods, expensive foods, casual foods, etc. Lastly, as I’ve stated above, university is a place where students learn to live as adults, they need the necessary freedom to choose how, what, and where they want to eat, whether if it’s delivery, on the go, or to stay, they need all the variety of options they can get to have a taste of what the outside world is like, additionally, these options can be flexible to their schedules, some students may prefer delivery for more time to study, some may prefer hanging out with friends in a small nice place, some may want to order to go if they are in a hurry.

    Please take serious considerations into not only my thoughts but others as well, it will definitely contribute to fixing the current food service issue.

    Best Regards

  114. Dear Restaurant Manager,

    I am writing to you to discuss my dissatisfaction of food and the terrible customer service which we had received in your absence at the restaurant.

    First, to start we arrived at 7:00 pm sharp. Even though we had a reservation at 7:00 pm, we stood at the entrance and waited for more than 20 minutes before someone finally arrived and took us to our seats. We sat down and began looking at the menus. In a few, we have decided our order but no server or order taker was paying attention to our table.

    Finally, our food arrived but for some reason we noticed something dangling from one of our burgers. For our surprise, we found a dead mouse in between the buns. We were disgusted and quickly informed the cashier about it. To our great disappointment, the cashier accused us and blaming us to put a dead mouse in the burger to spoil the restaurant reputation.

    We know that the restaurant has a good reputation but this situation shows some required training for your employees. I would like to come back and give another chance if I would get my full refund as the resolution of this occurrence.


  115. I am writing this email to draw your immediate attention towards cancellation my registration in Embedded hardware course due to medical problem.
    I have enrolled for the PCB design in embedded hardware course and length of the course is 4 months. Course fee is 200 CAD and I have paid my full fees for this course. I am very interested to pursue this course because digital market is augmenting day by day. Unfortunately, a week ago I met with a serious road accident and currently I am in hospital. I got a fracture in right leg so, I am unable to walk at least for 2 months. As per doctor suggestion, I need to take rest for four months thus I will return to my home Germany after discharge. I am requesting you to cancel my registration for the course and I need money urgently to pay my hospital expense before discharging. As you know my financial condition, please refund my money as soon as possible in my credit card and its number is 1345 6783 7645.
    I hope you will understand my situation and respect my decision. If you have any query, please let me know. I am waiting for your prompt and positive response.

  116. Considering the ongoing planning to build a new facility with respect to the city council, I would like to appreciate the idea to build a new recycling centre. I would certainly go for the option A for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    To embark, recycling helps to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators which help to prevent land and air pollution. Moreover, it helps to conserve the natural resources like timber, wood and minerals. Additionally, it will create more employment opportunity in recycling and manufacturing industries which will increase the economy growth of country. To an exemplify, if we recycle more paper and reuse those paper then it would reduce the deforestation.
    On the contrary side, most of the time visitors will come to see nature park by their own vehicles which increase traffic and pollution level in city. Moreover, visitors are throwing food packets and other things on roads which make it dirty and increases air pollution.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify option A would be preferable and likable to all residents’ members. Everyone would have their choice according to own thinking. This is my opinion but I will support whatever decision is made.

  117. Dear sir,
    I am writing this email to appreciate from the bottom of my heart for the library service which our city has received in last month. Citizens received several benefits from it.
    Library promotes the literacy because they provide a space where children and adults can develop their skills which they need to survive and thrive in a global world. Moreover, in the library they provide free access, it become economical for everyone. I specially appreciate the computer facility which they are providing with nominal charges per day. In the era of technological revolution, most of the things become digital however some people cannot afford computers so, this facility becomes boon for them. Apart from this, they have provided three charging ports on each table so, it is a good facility for those who are using electronic gadgets.
    I encourage to build another facility like recreational centre, gym and many more which leads citizens to healthy and better lifestyle. It also brings the enhancement in the development of city. If you need any support, we are happy to give our contribution.

  118. Considering the ongoing planning of a land developing with respect to the city council, I would like to appreciate the idea to build a park. I would certainly go for option A for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    First and foremost, park provide intrinsic environmental, aesthetic and recreation benefits to our city. Moreover, it boosts physical and psychological health and make a place more attractive to live and work. Additionally, it helps to reduce the urban heat island effect and sound pollution. Park has several trees which provides enough amount of oxygen to the citizens and it also helps to reduce the global warming effect. Last but not the least, it helps to protect natural ecosystem.
    On the other hand, museum shows cultural and heritage things. So, people does not use it every day. Furthermore, it’s maintenance and building cost will increase burden on people in the form of tax by government.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify option A would be preferable and likable to all community members. Everyone would have their choice according to own thinking. This is my opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

  119. Dear Sir,
    I am very glad to receive tomorrow’s meeting opportunity with foreign clients, but I cannot attend it due to medical emergency.
    As you know that, yesterday my father was admitted in hospital due to heart attack and his condition is serious. Today morning his angiography report had come, and two veins is totally blocked which is very difficult for them to survive. Cardiologist has decided to do angioplasty tomorrow and doctor insist me to stay at hospital with my mother. Moreover, my younger brother is currently out of country and he will come after two days. Me and Andy both are working on same project thus I am suggesting to give this opportunity to him. He has capability to handle this meeting, if you give me a permission to pass on documents, report and presentation to him then I will pass to him carefully. Meanwhile, I will be available on call if he needs any help from myside. After completion of meeting, I will collect notes from and make a brief report from it.
    Please understand my state of dilemma; accept my heartiest apology and give me another chance to prove myself. I will never let you down in future.
    Yours sincerely,

  120. Dear Manager,

    Based on enticing advertisements of your fitness club, Black’s Gym and Spa, I enrolled for a two-year membership last week. But to my dismay, those lucrative services are nowhere to find. So, I am writing this email to register a formal complaint.

    Those flashy leaflets caught my attention with the mention of facilities like high-end equipment, steam bath, aerobics session, and many more. Additionally, during registration, I was given assurance of the fitness coach’s availability in late evening hours as well. But now, I can’t find any of the mentioned services. We exercise using rusted equipments, wait in a queue for using treadmill and moreover, there is no provision for a steam bath. Adding to the woes, the aerobics trainer seems novice with the aerobic activities.

    My attempt to seek your manager’s attention for resolution went in vain, he simply dismantled the pamphlet I was referring to for complaint. Eventually, he suggested me to continue with the services as is. I was finding it difficult to pull myself together.

    Long story short, I no longer aspire using your services and to seek a full refund of my enrollment. I would appreciate a positive response.


  121. Dear Sir,
    I am very glad to receive tomorrow’s meeting opportunity with foreign clients, but I will unable to attend it due to medical emergency.
    As you know that, yesterday my father was admitted in hospital due to heart attack and his condition is serious. Today morning his angiography report has come, and two veins is totally blocked which is very critical for them to survive. Cardiologist has decided to do angioplasty tomorrow and doctor insist me to stay at hospital with my mother. Moreover, my younger brother is currently out of country and he will come after two days. Me and Andy both are working on same project thus I am recommending giving this opportunity to him. He has capability to handle this meeting and If you give me a permission to pass on documents, report and presentation to him, meanwhile I will available on call if he needs any help from myside. He will take notes and I will make a brief report from it.
    Please understand my dilemma; accept my heartiest apology and give me another chance to prove myself. I will never let you down in future.
    Yours sincerely,

  122. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am very glad to receive tomorrow’s meeting opportunity with foreign client.as you know last night my father was hospitalized due to heart problem. So, I am writing this mail regrading I will unable to attended it.
    The reason for my absence for the Monday meeting is my father is pass through heart attack, he is admitted in ICU, Sterling Hospital and his heart is working up to 20%. Moreover, as you know my brother already go to abroad due office work. Today morning doctor met and told us he will do operation and put two balloons tomorrow. So, he has insisted me to stay whole day with my mother. In additionally, I recommended to you give this opportunity to Henry. Because me and henry both are working in same project, so I had pass on my presentation and guide to him. He is smart and capable to take my responsibility meanwhile I am available on call if he needs any help from my side.
    Please understand my dilemma; Accept my heartiest apology and give me a chance to prove myself. I promise you that I will never let you down.

    Yours sincerely,

  123. Hi Jenny,
    I am glad to receive your camping invitation and appreciate to it, as you know I do not have any experience of this types of trip. I am writing this mail regarding why I am grabbing this opportunity in below.
    Firstly, I want to enjoy some memorable moment like stay, walk and rope climbing. Moreover, enjoy different climate, wake up to the sounds of birds, spend night in tent and fire camp experience. But you know I have some health issue, so I need more day wise plan information which is covered all detail like places, walk in distance, day event list, accommodation and stay duration. According to this detail I will take suggestion and some medicine from my doctor. Last but not the least, this is my first experience so please suggest me which types of clothes and food I will carry with me.
    Once, I am receiving all detail i apply leave request in office. Moreover, I informed to my parents and take approve then I will give you my final acknowledgment as well as I do complete all my formality process.
    Once again thank you for sending this invitation; I am waiting for your positive and prompt response.
    Kind Regards,

  124. Thank you for allowing me put my opinion for food services on our campus. It is always a pride to have one of the famous eateries in our college. However, in my opinion having a big cafeteria with variety of food option is more preferred
    Having a well-known restaurant on our campus will restrict students to choose meal from fixed restaurant menu, although they have good list of item but I will limit the student with only one type of taste that the restaurant will be serving. In addition, there will be long waiting time, and nowadays with compact schedule students will be wasting waiting for there food instead of focusing on studies.
    Having a Big cafeteria, student will have multiple option for there food. Will have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food selection in one big canteen. I know there are many students who will love this option, as there are very limited vegetarian food corners near to our college campus. This option will meet demand for large groups. In addition, the price will be low that will have less burden on us, being a student we have limited money and we cannot ask our family for more when we run out. Having a low cost food option will help us to save more and put less stress on our parents.
    After considering both the option, it will be friendlier to have big cafeteria that will offer food at concession price, than having a renowned restaurants.

  125. Dear sir ,

    I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction with customer service .

    On march 21 , 2019 , I purchased a 22 inch TELUS television from your 2311 , jattitude location. It worked well for initial three day; however, after a problem arose. One fine morning when I started the device found the display screen not working and was demonstrating the total black colour instead of color screen. To mend the problem , I have reset the television many times , but all went unsuccessful .

    The product was still under the given 2 year warranty, So I went to the store contemplating the issue will be solved . Nevertheless , I was surprised with employees rude and arrogant behaviour. I had met the customer compliant department and a employee, Baskaran , was assigned to me to look the matter. Though, in the beginning he listened the problem attentively, I was astonished to hear his response after telling the price of television. In a loud voice , I was ordered to visit the repair shop .


  126. Considering the ongoing planning of a New Year’s Eve party with respect to the community association, I would like to appreciate the idea of evening party with dinner. I would certainly go for option A for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    First and foremost, evening party is the best time to celebrate and they can celebrate with their families. Moreover, parents can bring their children along with them, they can enjoy celebration without any worries because if they leave their children at home, they are unable to concentrate in party. Furthermore, scrumptious supper will be served in the Eve party and everyone can enjoy it on their table peacefully. Additionally, several games will be organised for each age group and DJ party will start after 9:30 pm to 12:00, which will augment their happiness.
    On the other hand, late night party will only allow adults so, several members might reject to come in the party because they have to leave their children alone at the home. Moreover, festivals are always celebrating with family, it makes your happiness double.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify option A would be preferable and likable to all community members. Everyone would have their choice according to own thinking. This is my opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

  127. Dear Jenny,
    How are you? I think you become a busy bee!! You had not called me since two weeks. Anyway, I am very glad to inform you that I get a promotion and I become a CEO of company. I am on cloud nine and I want to share my happiness with you. I am writing this email specially to invite you for dinner.
    I want to take you for dinner in the Hayat Regency which is five-star hotel. We will be go there after a day in the afternoon after 7:30 pm because I know that you are coming from your office after 6:30 pm. In the afternoon, hotel has arranged puppet show and games. Hotel’s interior is like an ancient time and we feel like a heaven. Moreover, they are organizing laser show on some days so, we might get a chance to see it. Additionally, it is especially famous for its foods; we can enjoy several types of scrumptious cuisines at one place. I know you like chole-bhature and you will get perfect taste here. Last but not least, its desserts are mouth-watering and it’s like an icing on cake.
    If you want to invite your fiancée, invite him definitely. I will also come with my fiancée, we will have more fun together. I will be happy if you will accept it and I am waiting for your confirmation for the celebration.
    Your lovingly,

  128. Hi Jenny,
    I am very glad, when I had received your camping invitation because I had never gone on camping, it will be totally new experience for me. I am sure, I will enjoy this camping if I will accept an invitation but I want to know more details about camping before accepting it.
    Firstly, I want to know the location of camping and where we have to stay at night in forest because I am very scared from wild animals and small insets. Moreover, I need to know the total days for camping because I have to apply for the leave at least a week ago. Furthermore, place is safe for girls or not because I have to take a permission from my parents and I have to explain everything in details.
    After receiving your answer, I will take permission from my parents and also apply for the leave in company. I am eagerly waiting for your response because I am very excited to come with you in camping. I hope to see you soon.
    Your lovingly,

  129. Considering the ongoing planning of special celebration with respect to the multicultural club, I would like to appreciate the idea to have s formal dinner. I would certainly go for option A for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    There are various reasons to support my claim. First and foremost, special celebration is always organizing once a year, it should be lavish and grand. Moreover, everyone can afford its expense, formal dinner has to be arranged and several scrumptious cuisines has to be served. Furthermore, people would sit down and interact with each other peacefully. They can discuss any topic in deeply. Additionally, they can enjoy table games which enhance their bonding with other club members.
    On other hand, light snacks would not appropriate for dinner because it could not satiate their appetite. Moreover, people does not get a place to sit, they can interact for few time and after completing their snacks, they will leave as prompt as possible.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify opinion A would be preferable and likable to all club members. Everyone would have their choice according to own thinking. This is my opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

  130. To whom it may concern,

    I would like to register a complaint for two year membership I recently signed up at your fitness club.

    In the advertisement it says people with membership have free 24 hour access to the gym plus free registration for one of the exercise courses with the instructors. However, when I tried to sign up for one of the courses I was told at the reception it was not free and I would have to pay for it although I had already signed up for the membership. I contacted the manager but all he told me was that the membership only provides the free 24 hour access to the fitness gym and not the free courses, which was not helpful at all and not the response I was expecting.

    Having free sign up for those courses was a major part of the reason why I decided to get the membership, and that was the deal described in your advertisement. I would still like to have the free registration for one of the courses or I will have to request a cancelation of the membership as well as the refund to it.

    Hope to hear back from you soon,

  131. I would much appreciate having a big cafeteria on our campus. Although having choices of restaurant branches on site sounds like a great deal, realistically, big cafeteria that provides affordable meals will be more helpful for many of us.
    The major problem we have right now is that the cafeteria we have currently on our campus does not have much variety of meals on the menu and students are fed up with eating the same food everyday. There are some restaurants near the campus, however, most of them are not quite affordable to many of the students. To top it all, there is no food choice for vegetarians in our cafe at a moment, and it is significant for vegetarian students including myself to have access to convenient food choice, since there are no vegetarian restaurant near the campus and many of us are too rushed in time for the assignments to spend time for preparing our lunch everyday.
    Thank you for considering our opinions and hope whichever choices are made will improve our school life.

  132. To,
    Whom so ever concern
    Sub: Inadequate service facilities
    Dear sir/Madam,
    I am writhing to you with your fitness center located at 25 richmont dr, I have recently purchase a 2 year membership followed by your advertisement flayer I received at my doorstep.
    After I joined the fitness center, I noticed lots of equipment and facilities flashed are not available at all, to list few of them washroom is not equipped with modern fittings, no hot water available in washroom, Few of Fitness equipment are rusty and not balanced properly. Doing work out with this type of paraphernal can lead to health issues.
    When I approached the manger of the center he was not at all cooperative, he put blamed on me I should have inquire properly before buying the membership and cannot do anything.
    As you understand, I have paid for the services advertised and not for the rusty equipment that can lead to any unforeseen circumstances.
    I request you please look in this matter and process a full refund for my membership fees. Looking for a prompt action from your side.

    Thanks and Regards

  133. Dear Manager,

    i am writing this email with respect to issue i am facing with my recent purchase of sony tv from your store

    i have bought sony smart tv 55 inch for $525 from your store located at eglinton avenue, the product comes with 2 year warranty.

    I was very exited to have a new big screen tv in our living room. We have used the tv for 3 days and it was working perfectly fine. We have connected our smart tv to our home internet, streaming of the movie and videos was very good we all loved the picture quality.

    But suddenly it is not detecting any internet we have tried couple of internet option, it is always showing no network detected . We got our home internet inspected from our service provider and it is showing good signal quality .

    I have called the customer support centre they are unable to solve the problem.

    I am requesting you exchange my tv as it comes with 2 year warranty ,if you do not have the same tv available in stock ,in this case i will request you to refund my full payment amount.

    Looking for an prompt and positive response from you

    Thanks and Regards

  134. Hi raman,

    I hope you are doing good ; it’s a long time since we met. Yesterday, I felt happy to hear the news of your born baby ,when your mother called me . After the birth of your younger brother, 25 years ago , a baby has taken a birth in your family. Therefore , each family member would be thrilled to love the child .

    Child always see their parents as role model and follow their footsteps . Therefore , always perform a good deeds , so , they can’t get distracted to adopt wrong path of life . I am sharing the lines said by famous writer bikka sheronwalia ” Children are byproduct of their parents deeds, behavior and attitude “.
    For short term , a wrong act can be benefited to you . However, one must accept the consequences that your child will not be reluctant to execute the same deed in the future to do it .

    Lived with you for 2 years in the university; i know you are very responsible person. A 100% will be given to raise your child ; humans do ,make some mistakes but i believe very few will be come from you . Also , for next to month, i am having days off for Monday and Friday . Therefore, i can babysit your child , if both of you are doing work shifts simultaneously .



  135. Dear sir ,

    I am writing this email to express dissatisfaction with the Mall ‘s parking system .

    I have lived in the mill-wood residential area since the last 26 years. Brenton mall, is the closest mall, which is only 5 miles away from our home. As the mall have walmart , famous clothes store and food restaurants ; We have visited the mall every week frequently to buy grociers , other household item , clothes , etc.

    However, last month we hadn’t shopped once in the mall. Even though we have arrived almost 10 times in the mall parking lot , but none of the parking spot was vacant due to which we went back to our house. Therefore , nowadays ,we have been going to other grocery store which is 15 miles away from our home . Being a father of young kids,I have reluctantly trusted their driving, and have worried of my children safety during the commute to long distance.

    I would like the measure should be taken to provide parking spaces to the customers . Also , i have heard from many resident that neary businesss employees have been using the spaces to park theircars daily . I beleive , if this is true , management ould consider to avaoid it .


  136. Dears sir ,

    I am writing this email to complain for the services mentioned on your advertisement are not delivered practically.

    On may 3, 2019 , i purchased a 2 year gold membership of your 1111 green-way location store . Inspired by the blue color pamphlet,who has details for all three membership , helped me to made the decision .

    To begin with , a free sauna bath was flamboyantly stated on the advertisement brochure ; however, last Friday the receptionist refused to unlock the sauna bath’s door until pays $10 fee . In addition,
    a new weighting machine is nowhere to be found on the gym . All others members are still using the old rusty equipment . Last, 24 hour open system has not been working effectively because couple of times iIvisited store and found the doors locked

    To solve the issue , i narrated the matter to the manager. Surprisingly , he was very reluctant to listen the issue, and suggested to join the other fitness center if unsatisfied with services.

    I would be grateful either all aforementioned facilities will be stored within a given time period or reimburse $1000 paid for the membership



  137. To whomsoever, it may concern:
    My family and I visited your restaurant last week. My wife is always fond of having delicious food served by your restaurant. Hence, we thought of having a mouthwatering family meal as a celebration. Both the food and service lived up to our expectations. However, I was overbilled, and that is why I am writing to you.
    My wife ordered the chicken with gravy and rice, my children had pasta and salad and I had the lentil curry with rice. We only order one soft drink with the meal. The total cost of the meal was 400 rupees. Unfortunately, today when I saw my credit card statement, I came to know that we were charged twice for this meal.
    Could you please credit the excess amount to my credit card? I have attached the invoice for your perusal. Or you can call me at 00889995566.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  138. Hi ravi ,

    I hope you are doing well . As i heard from your mother about your nervousness for first job interview next week, I am sharing some tip and knowledge which will help you to succeed .

    Start believing in yourself and as graduated student with degree in job related studies you are qualified to do the job effectively . Nevertheless , a good personality is still needed to impress the recruiter so, i suggest to wear ironed formal clothes .

    After the first interaction , mostly the Human resource people asks ” why you deserve to get this job,”? . Prepare the answer before the interview by adding with a mixture of study related information and personal interest . Also , revise your study related knowledge thoroughly because related question will be asked and your expertise will be judged accordingly .

    At the end be confident and maintain the eye contact with recruiter during the interview . Sometimes you forget and answer wrongly, in those situations, try not to loose your confidence and focus on the next question to give your best .

    Best of luck . I am sure you will give your best in he interview .



    • Hello Sir/Madam,
      I am writing this mail to enlighten about your misleading advertisement which I came across in a local newspaper. Trusting the advertisement, I took a 2 year membership and now I am regretting it. I expected a separate shower and changing room for women, upgraded equipments and a coach as mentioned in the advertisement. Inspite of these I saw rusty equipments, 1 coach for the existing members who has no time left for new members and 1 common shower and changing room which is just not acceptable. When I talked about all these issues to the manager, he rudely refused for everything and was trying to avoid me.i have no option left other then writing to you. Now I am no more interested to be a part of your center and demand refund of my money.
      So, considering all these issues, I appreciate you to look into the matter and reply on the prior basis.

  139. Considering the ongoing planning with respect to the community association, I would like to appreciate to build a swimming pool in our society by our organization. I would certainly go for option A for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    There are various reasons to support my claim. First and foremost, indoor pool is access throughout the year at any time. Moreover, indoor pool is equipped with heating facility which helps us to control water temperature as per our requirement. Furthermore, maintenance cost is less compared to outdoor pool. Last but not least, children can enjoy their leisure time in pool without any dependency and some of them are developed it as their career choice.
    On the contrary side, outdoor swimming pool water get polluted from dust particles which affects our skin. Moreover, we have to hire security guard who prevents strangers to access it which increase our maintenance expense.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify opinion A would be preferable and likable to all society members. Everyone would have their choice according to own thinking. This is my opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

  140. Dear Madam,
    My name is Maria D’Souza, a mother of Jack who is studying in 4th grade in your school. I am writing this e-mail to schedule a meeting with you for Jack’s progress in school.
    I want to express my gratitude towards you for imparting good moral values to Jack. I feel very proud because Jack is learning sharing with others, work in group and many others. Moreover, he has also improved his drawing and craft skills. Furthermore, these days Jack is playing more outdoor games which has improved his physical appearance and health. However, I cannot see any improvement in Maths and Science because he always tries to avoid these subjects. I am little worry for him because I thought that he had losing his interest in that after his mid-semester exams. As you know that, he had got very less grades in those subjects.
    I want to meet you and discuss this issue because you are Jack’s favourite teacher, he will never avoid your instructions. I will be elated if you will give me your suitable date and time for our meeting as prompt as possible.
    I am looking forwards towards your positive response. I solicit for your co-operation.

    Thanks and Regards,

  141. Dear Madam,
    I am Jack, father of Chris, who is studying in 4th stand in A Class. I am writing this e-mail to schedule a meeting request regrading to my child’s progress in your school.
    I am appreciating you and school management, to impart moral values as well as maturity in Chris. Moreover, he has faith on you, so he is blindly following you because you are role model for him. Furthermore, he is become an active in co-curricular activities as well as outdoor sports like volleyball. Owing of this reason, he becomes physically and mentally strong. However, I cannot see improvement in his writing. He never reaches at pinnacle state due to this reason. I had analysis some ways to improve his handwriting, so I want to meet you and discuss. You will suggest me the best suitable way so I will guide Chris accordingly. I know Chris never avoid your instructions. I will be elated if you will give me your suitable date and time for our meeting as prompt as possible.
    I am looking for your positive response. I solicit for your co-operation.

    Kind Regards,

  142. Considering the ongoing planning with respect to community association, I would like to appreciate to build a swimming pool in our society by our organization. I would certainly go for option-A for the compelling reasons outlined below.
    There are various reasons to support my claim. Firstly, Indoor pool access through year at any time. Owing to it we organize swimming competition every month. Apart from it, children are spent their leisure time in it, and they develop swimming as a hobby, or some are adobe as a carrier skill.
    conversely, outdoor pool will so difficult to maintain. Because water get polluted from dust particles which affect to skin. Moreover, we must hire security guard who prevents strangers to access it which increase our maintenance expense.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify opinion that option A would be preferable and likeable to all society members. Everyone would have their choice according to own test. This is my opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

  143. As a student, I would prefer to have a big cafeteria on our campus.
    One of the main objectives for on-campus food services is to present healthy and affordable dining opinions for all students. Many students are live on a budget, so big cafeteria fits their needs. While famous and fancy restaurants can offer an exceptional dining experience, it is not functional for students’ day to day living even with competitive prices.
    Also, unlike restaurants which have set menus, the cafeteria is more flexible. Students can purchase from light snacks to full meals at the same place. It also offers a variety of food options; I heard the chefs in the UBC cafeteria changes their menu weekly. The cafeteria is more feasible for quality control. The school’s management team l can monitor the food quality at the cafeteria’s central kitchen. I understand the school is looking to satisfy students’ needs, so the school can ask students to sample the foods between different catering companies before they decided which one to use for our cafeteria.
    Therefore, a cafeteria would be more practical for our college. Thank you for letting us present our opinions.

  144. Dear Fitness Centre Owner,
    I am a member of your Fitness Centre. I am writing in regarding of a miss advertisement. I purchased your centre’s membership based on your neighborhood flyer. On the flyer, it clearly printed the members are entitled to free training lessons provided by the professional trainers. However, when I started to visit the centre, I discovered there is no such service available.
    I addressed the issue with your manager, but he told me that the centre has never promoted any free training lessons and ask me to prove it. I presented the brochure to the manager the next day, and he exclaimed the flyer was for another location while throwing it away. What upsets me was the manager’s attitude, he treated me disrespectfully when I brought up a legitimate concern to him.
    This is a clear false advertisement. I am asking you to set up free training lessons as the flyer advertised in your centre within one week or offer a 10% discount to all members of the centre. If I cannot receive a solution by Oct 5th, I will report this situation to the Better Business Bureau.
    Best Regards,
    Vivi Shen

  145. In my perspective , the city council should built a new parking lot in the vacant downtown land. Our surrounding area is already filled with many shops and option B is not much beneficial to residents . Here are the reasons to support my choice :

    First and foremost , in present downtown parking situation, there is not enough space to park every resident vehicles . therefore, some people who are not fortunate to find a place have to commute 5-6 miles to tansy mall parking lot to park their vehicles. Additionally, residents time have been consumed because in morinng rush hour they have to travel to distance parking space to reach their cars . For instance , like busy metropolitan cities morning traffic , likely something goes wrong which becomes impediment for person to arrive the parked car location on time.

    On top of that, new space will benefit the visitors because I have seen travellers roaming here and there to find adequate space to park their vehicle. At least if not all, some of them will not have hard time to find parking place . On the other hand, our downtown is already filled with goods shop so I don t believe new shop will more benfits the residents.

    I hope my views ill be considered while making the decision

  146. I strongly endorse the restaurant ‘s management contemplation of menu items transition from serving organic and non-organic food to organic food only . Here are the following reasons:

    First and foremost, Having limited dishes to prepare for customers, the chef feels unstress and focus to prepare the dish with adequate quality. Given the aforementioned fact , I have noticed couple of time when I ate the food that the taste of food is different each time particularly when the store gets busy the food quality goes below the average. As I assumed the reason , preparing too many dishes cook forgot to put needed dish ingredient .
    Furthermore, in many instances , I have heard from friends’ the restaurant making both organic and non- organic are incompetent to deliver the each category food flawlessly. Whenever they have ordered organic food from those places, unfortunately , the food given was mixed with non -organic food may be because of using same frying pan. Rumors are widespread and people feel to take food from those stores who are serving particularly food only.
    Hence , I believe it will be lucrative for restaurants to sell particular food only .

      • To whom it may concern,
        I am writing you this email to express my dissatisfaction with your gym. I register myself to 2-years membership after entice to your extra-polished advertisement last month.
        First, advertisement emphasized on new yoga and swimming classes. When I started I was promised that everything will be started within a week as the fitness center did not have enough members to perform certain exercises for yoga and swimming. It has been almost 15 days since I have starting working out and yet no one disclosed anything. I joined the center especially for yoga and swimming classes to cut on some weight, however, I am just offered regular gym exercises which I could be offered cheaper in another fitness centers.
        When I talked to the manger, he could not answer me appropriately. In fact, he mocked me and said I can talk to the owner instead and he has no authority to act. Moreover, he said I will have to stick with my membership for 2 years otherwise he will charge me $300 for canceling it before maturity date.
        I would like to request to refund me full amount of money and should issue me one free month for misrepresent and adverse behavior of manager.

  147. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing this letter to bring a situation that can turn out to be bad for your fitness center’s brand name. I got a very appealing pamphlet in my mail box while I was looking forward to join a fitness center from your brand. After taking a brief look on the benefits that come along two year membership I joined it.Unfortunately none of them turned out to actually existing.
    Firstly, like promised the sauna in the center is never operating. In my span of one month I have seen sauna being working only once. The tiles are coming off the floor and turning out to a potential trip hazard. Moreover, the pamphlet represents all span-ken shinny equipment being demonstrated by professionals. But to bring this to your attention i have never seen a professional and to top it all equipment are rusty and some even make rattling sound.
    I spoke about all this to one of your supervisor. he did not really looked like her care about anything while, he told me that he has no control over any of these. After all my struggle and patience I decided to bring this to your attention.
    I would like to get my membership cancelled with no cancellation fees applied.
    Hopping for a positive response.

  148. Dear Manager,

    Please accept this correspondence as a formal complaint for the misleading advertisement about services offered in the fitness center. The advertisement stated a list of services to be part of 2-year membership enrollment but sadly that was not the case.

    To start with, the advertisement mentioned all new weights and machines in the fitness center but during my recent visits I came across old and rusty weights. Moreover, half of machines weren’t even working. Also, three complimentary personal training sessions were included for the new members but upon enquiringly, the trainers refused of any such commitment. In addition to all, advertisement said weekly yoga class on the schedule; which has not been occurring over last few weeks.

    Upon bringing these concerns to the manager, he didn’t even bother to empathize to the situation, on the contrary he discredited of any such advertisement. Instead of taking ownership for problems, he blamed the online marketing team of the fitness center. Also, he was rude and disrespectful to the new members.

    Therefore, I would like to cancel my membership and strongly urge you to process the refund for the membership fees. I would also appreciate if you can have some training programs for your staff to deal with dissatisfied members.


  149. Considering the ongoing planning of annual function with respect to the school management, I would like to appreciate the sports day organized by our school. I would prefer option B because it will give an opportunity to each student.
    There are various reasons to support my claim. First and foremost, it will give a chance to each student to showcase their abilities and it will augment their confidence level. Moreover, it will help them to develop several qualities like, leadership, sportsman sprit and to never give up in any situation. Additionally, it will help them to increase their concentration and decision making power which will increase their performance in education. Furthermore, they will become physically strong. Last but not least, they will play in group, they understand and co-ordinate each other; they will understand the importance of team work. Owing to this skill, they will achieve success in career and reach a pinnacle state.
    To sum up with these reasons, I ratify opinion B would be preferable and likable to staff members. Everyone would have their choice according to own thinking. This is my opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

  150. Dear Manager,

    I am one of the regular shoppers at your shopping mall. I am writing this correspondence to inform you that from last couple of weeks it has become very hard to find a parking spot in the shopping mall.

    Recently over the last few weeks, the number of cars has increased manifolds in the parking lot which is causing a lot of inconvenience. This is resulting in waiting in long queues and everyone is eagerly looking to secure a parking spot.

    Last week, in order to avoid the long wait in the parking lot, we decided to take a bus. There is no direct bus service which runs from our home to shopping mall, so we had to change two buses to get there. In addition to this, on our way back the bus broke down as a result we had to take a taxi to reach home. Overall, the whole experience was unpleasant and expensive too.

    Therefore, I would suggest you to kindly resolve parking situation on priority basis. To start with management can come up with an hourly rate model for parking which will curtail the number of cars parked for long hours and also as permanent fix they should consider of adding additional parking spots.

    Looking for the resolution at the earliest.


  151. I would like to opine in favor of building a recreational park as this seems to be a far better and convincing choice for me than the other one. Though, the other choice is almost equally appealing, I would present a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument.

    To begin with, having a recreational park which would have a sport complex in it; will stimulate and promote the spirit of healthy lifestyle which is a must in today’s era of hectic work routine. In addition to this a large green area and small petting zoo in the park will not only add the charm to our small town but also will provide shelter to animals.

    Moreover, due to urbanization, it is very significant to preserve natural habitat and maintain the right balance of green quotient in the environmental ecosystem. Also, there is already a shopping complex which was built last year and is not very far from our town. Therefore, having a recreational park built will be a boon to our town.

    Having discussed all the arguments, I believe that building a recreational park would be more beneficial than a shopping complex.

  152. Dear Manager,

    I am writing this email to you to introduce to our charity called We Care for Children, a non-profit charitable organization which focuses on children’s education and fitness. It caters to children in the age group of 6-14 from low income group families by providing them books, encyclopedias and encouraging them to take up sports.

    In the fundraiser campaign, we are organizing a sport meet for all the participating children. There will be different types of sporting events such as soccer, tennis, badminton, baseball, basketball etc. This would not only inculcate a strong sense of team work among the children and but also would be a great relaxation for them as they have just finished their exams.

    Therefore, I would urge to kindly consider contributing to this noble cause. The money that we raise will be used to recognize and reward the deserving children with appropriate equipment and professional training.

    I would be grateful if you can help making the aforementioned event a success and make an impact on the lives of the children.

    Mark Smith

  153. Dear Store Owner,

    I want to inform you about the misleading advertisement being spread in our neighbourhood regarding your fitness centre. These advertisements claim that the gym has an indoor pool and a sauna, where, in reality, there is no facility of that sort.

    The first thing I did after realizing that I was duped by this advertisement, I addressed this issue with my trainer, as well as the lady at the front desk. To my surprise they not only avoided my complaints, but they also tried to convince me that it was a minor error in the advertisement and not that big of a deal.

    After getting such a cold response to my complaints from the staff members, I reached out to the manager of the gym Mr. Singh and expressed the concerns I have. Moreover, I showed him all the proofs like pamphlets, pictures of the posters etc. in order for him to understand my frustration. He at first, gave me the assurance that he will look into this matter and get an answer for me within 5 business days.

    At first, he assured me that he was going to look into this matter and respond to me within 5 business days, it has now been 15 days. He has since stopped replying to my emails and denied all my meeting requests. After exhausting all my options to resolve this situation, I have requested a refund but it went in vain as I was told there will be cancellation fees if I were to cancel my membership from the staff members.

    I would really appreciate if you could please look into this situation for me and help me getting my membership cancelled as well as a full refund for fees incurred by myself.

    Thank You in advance.


  154. Dear manager,
    I am writing to you to express my immense disappointment with your fitness center.
    A couple of months ago, I saw your advertisement for the yoga and cycling classes in the newspaper. You also advertised fully equipped and brand new gym and a pool. Reading about all the amazing features provided I decided to purchase a 2- year membership immediately.
    Unfortunately, after a short time, I discovered that the services described in the advertisement are far from what you published.
    First of all, the yoga classes you advertised are always fully booked and I could not register. On top of that, the bikes provided for the cycling classes are rusty and old.
    Additionally, instead of brand new equipment, I found broken and dirty machines. The pool was also under construction most of the time.
    I decided to speak with your shift manager, however, his conduct was very rude and unprofessional. He stated that he is not responsible for the owner’s decisions. He also added that he is not authorized to give me my money back.
    I would like you to investigate this situation and take some actions with regards to my experience at your facility. I also request a refund as this situation I faced is highly unacceptable.

  155. As per my opinion, Disney world is better than Niagara Falls. I agree that Niagara fall is near compare to Disney world but I still think option B has more advantages compared to option A.
    First and foremost, travelling distance is more compared to Niagara fall but in long distance we can enjoy the journey in bus as well and every one can spent more time with each other. Moreover, Disney land have variety of rides for each age group, everyone can enjoy as per their choice. Additionally, in Disney land we can spend whole day easily compared to Niagara fall because there are several other activities like, kids parade, music show, fountain show and many other shows had been taken place throughout the day. Furthermore, different types of food stalls are available in it, everyone can enjoy scrumptious food as per their selection.
    Last but not least, in our office most of the employees have adventurous nature, Disney land is perfect place for them to make their day more memorable. Because of all these reasons, I have selected option B.

  156. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have recently joined your gym with gold membership, my card number is A358. I am writing this to express my dissatisfaction about the services of your fitness centre.

    Actually, I received your advertisement flyer stating free trainer for an initial 3 months, but after joining I found that there was only one trainer, who always stay occupied. Even though I tried to fix appointment time with him, he only gave me five minutes directions.

    As I don’t have enough knowledge about exercises, it doesn’t make any sense for me to continue the gym. So, I would like to request the cancellation of my contract.

    I look forward for your prompt response,
    Your sincerely,
    Arwinder singh

    • Dear Sir or Madam,
      I am writing this to express my dissatisfaction that I had experienced with your product. I had subscribed for premium membership program with your store based on the advertisement mentioned in television. Due to flat fifty percent discount, I had purchased an oven a week ago from A-one mall in downtown. The oven worked fine initially but suddenly broke down before two days while I was cooking.
      when I had started it, it was working properly for four days. I had prepared cake and cookies using it. On the fifth day, when I was preparing food it was suddenly broken and some wires were burned in it. I was shocked to see it and I had immediately called to your store but you were absent.
      Please consider this as my official complaint and try to resolve my issue as soon as possible. In order to compensate, I would like to replace faulty piece with brand new one and I believe cooperation is the key to success in every place. You can reach out to me on 678-912-5342.
      I am looking for your prompt and positive response.

      Warm regards,

  157. The complaint of foodservice was mainly about the available variety, so I think that the option of opening a restaurant will be an optimum solution of these consequences.

    Firstly, our campus receives a myriad of admissions of inter-regional and international students. Since food preferences varies as per culture, famous restaurants specialized in different cuisines could satisfy everyone’s need. Although cafe also can offer numerous dishes, it will be hard for them to match the taste standards.

    Secondly, more places to eat will save a lot of time. As we only have a single lunch-break and we previously discussed the issue that it is not possible to change that, cafe will get rushed due to the high volume of students. Consequently, the student will have to visit outside places. Therefore, management should attempt to spread the crowd for a better service.

    In my opinion, the restaurants are best option as per our situation, yet would happily welcome management’s decision.

  158. As an international student, I believe option B that is big cafeteria is apt and appropriate for majority of students as most of us are coming form middle- class family and paying extra for fancy food will lead to more burden on our family. Not only the food will be economical, but it will be healthy also.

    With Big cafeteria, everyone will be catered with same meals, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian which will bridge the gap between high and low level of income students whereas Restaurants, the food might be delicious however, it will be expensive and students, coming from higher income group will tend to buy their meal from there and others might envy them.

    Moreover, quality and standard are the most essential part when it comes to food which I do not think that restaurant will be able to deliver, on the other hand Big cafeteria will serve meals enriched with nutrients and vitamins through which we will be able to maintain healthy lifestyles. Also, for our college it will be convenient to govern only one body in comparison with multiple restaurants.

    In the end, I strongly suggest to open Big cafeteria in our college which will not help only students but also the college.

  159. The complaint of foodservice was mainly about the available variety, so I think that the option of opening a restaurant will be an optimum solution of these consequences.

    Firstly, our campus receives a myriad of admissions of inter-regional and international students. Since food preferences varies as per culture, famous restaurants specialized in different cuisines could satisfy everyone’s need. Although cafe also can offer numerous dishes, it will be hard for them to match the taste standards.

    Secondly, more places to eat will save a lot of time. As we only have a single lunch-break and we previously discussed the issue that it is not possible to change that, cafe will get rushed due to the high volume of students. Consequently, the student will have to visit outside places. Therefore, management should attempt to spread the crowd for a better service.

    In my opinion, the restaurants are best option as per our situation, yet would happily welcome management’s decision.

  160. Everyone is surely ready to welcome the new and improved food services on our campus. I think it was long overdue to have wider selection of foods in our campus. That being said, I strongly recommend campus officials to consider about bringing big cafeteria over restaurants. Cafeteria will serve fast and affordable options which definitely meets our needs.

    As students, we are tight on budget and schedule. We often times need to order the food for take out and eat while studying. Moreover, cafeteria foods are usually prepared quickly, or sometime even pre-made, which saves our time a lot. Price is another major factor for us. When sitting down at the restaurant, not only the food price is higher, but also there is gratuity that should be paid to the server. After all, the bill ends up being nearly double of the cafeteria food. For few occasions where we prefer going to a restaurant, we already have several decent places, Moxies, Keg, and more, not too far from the campus.

    For the above reasons, I believe cafeteria will serve us perfectly to our needs. Thank you for the effort in improving the services and I really look forward to it.

  161. Dear sir ,

    I am writing this email to complain the services offered on your advertisement pamphlet haven’t been delivered practically. Persuaded by the facilities written on the brochure , I purchased a gold membership from the 2311 Marine way location , Surrey. However, I haven’t enjoyed any of given services .

    First , a free Sauna bath mentioned for initial three months is appeared bogus because I was asked last week to pay $10 for the usage. On invoking a aforementioned membership benefit of free usage, receptionist has refused to answer me and left the place . Furthermore , fellow members are still using the old rusty equipment and a promised new equipment is nowhere to be found . Last, I visited the location couple of times around 12 p.m. and found the store locked , on the contrary , 24 hour open services is mentioned .

    Last Friday evening , I approached the manager and explained the issues. To my surprise , I haven’t gotten any answer from him and was completely ignored . On the Other hand, he started listening other bystander customers.

    I would like my money to be reimbursed or store all the aforementioned facilities in the gym including a time period . Also , please consider the employee’s customer service program for effective interaction with consumer


  162. Personally, as a college student, I would like to have a big cafeteria on campus. The food service manager should consider open a space that would benefit everyone. Taking into consideration that most of the students only work part time, low prices meals should be the most interesting choice.

    Firstly, the cafeteria can provide all students foods for a good price and also including meals for vegetarians and non-vegetarians people. Since I started my classes, four years ago, I have never seen a restaurant selling this kind of food inside college. It is a good moment to encourage students to be healthy. Definitely, we are not satisfied with the food currently sold and I can hear many students complaining about prices. However, we need to consider that a cafeteria is different from a restaurant, but if they guarantee a variety of options, certainly would satisfy students’ needs.
    Moreover, many students spend much time on campus, increasing demand for food. The cafeteria can offer fresh, healthy and fast meals, what makes people choose a new style. With a great offer, people will be more confident to buy their meals from the cafeteria instead bringing it home.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion on this choice.

  163. Task2: Option B: Big cafeteria: The cafeteria can offer students low prices meals. It also offers a large variety of food options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

    It was greatly appreciated that you asked for my opinions regarding the new food services provider at our university. As far as I am concerned, I think the big cafeteria would be a better choice.

    Firstly, most of us have a very tight course schedule, which indicates we don’t have much time to spend at lunch. A cafeteria definitely meets our needs because it could serve the food very fast. Besides, majority of the students doesn’t live on campus, instead they lived quite far away. As a result, we don’t have a huge demand for fancy food, but some light meals to fill up our stomach.

    In addition, our school has around ninety percent of full-time students, and student doesn’t have a constant source of income. Thus, we need to be very careful about buying things. Otherwise, we would run into financial problems. The cafeteria option promised to provide food at a relatively cheap price. I believe this would indeed help the students to save some money to do other things of interest.

    In summary, the cafeteria would be a better option because It not only provides us various food options but also helps us save some money.

    Thanks for your time in considering my response.

    Best regards,


  164. Task1:

    Dear Owner of Steven Fitness Center,

    I am writing this email to complain about my gym membership at your store located at 12345 nelson ave.

    Firstly, I was attracted by the store’s promotion at the 7-11 convenience store around my house. It clearly stated that the gym provides onsite swimming pool and sauna room. Also, I am a person who enjoys water activity a lot. Therefore, I decided to try out your gym.

    Right after I signed the paperwork for membership, I was checking out the gym, and this location does not have any water facilities available. As a result, I raised the concern to the store manager, but he completely ignored me, and told me to get out because I am asking him to cancel my membership. In addition, he threatens me that if I do not leave right now, he would call the police.

    I have no way to escalate the issue but reach out to you. To address this incident, I would prefer a cancellation of my membership as well as a formal apology from the store manager.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,


  165. Dear store owner,

    I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction in your fitness store. I purchased a 2-years membership and found there are inconsistent services between the advertisement and real life. I also feel helpless about your customer service.

    There are several things different from the advertisement. The advertisement shows there is a yoga class on wednesday and friday weekly but i couldn’t find it on fitness schedule. In addition, the fitness equipment is still the same as before which does not seem to be renew as shown on advertisement.

    I also feel disrespect from the store manager. I tried to confirm the yoga class schedule and he replied that everything is in proceeding and i just need to wait for it. And he also can’t tell when is the new equipment coming and did not provide further helps.

    Given the seriousness of this issue, i would like to have a full refund on my membership or confirm either the yoga class or new equipment schedule as soon as possible. I look forward to your response.



  166. Personally, i think building a big cafeteria would be a better choice. Even though famous restaurants are more popular, i think big cafeteria would be a better choice for several reasons.

    The first benefit would be saving money for students. Many students have a student loan and they have low income even they have a part-time job so they have to plan a daily board expense. Big cafeteria offer low prices meals that fit students’ expense needed perfectly.

    The second benefit would save time for students. Famous restaurants might locate in a different area. For example, it needs 5 minutes to walk to the keg restaurant from the library, but it takes 10 minutes to subway. It would be more convenient to have different kinds of food in one area such as the big cafeteria.

    Considering these reasons, I believe it would be a better choice for having a big cafeteria on campus. Again, these are my personal belief, but I will support whatever decision is made.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to provide input on this issue.

  167. To whom it may concern,

    I am writing this email to express the issue I have about the membership in your fitness center. I purchased a 2-year membership and find that some of the services are not included and different from the advertisement. I tried to contact the manager but he did not provide effective help.

    The problem is that he did not provide efficient help. I saw that there is a membership yoga course in every Tuesday and Friday which show in the advertisement. When I go to fitness there is no yoga class these days. I asked the manager and he just replied the yoga course is coming soon but he can not tell the particular time.

    I suggest that fitness should confirm the yoga course as soon as possible and giving a particular time. I understand that the advertisement’s contents need to be multifarious but it should be consistent with what the contents described. Both I and my friends who are the membership in here can schedule our time to take the yoga course rather than keep waiting or cancel the membership.

    I just figured I would bring this to your attention to improve your services to the customer. Again, I think your fitness is a good place which locates near my home, but could you provide a more consistent and effective service?



  168. Dear Sir/ Madam
    I would like to express my great dissatisfaction with services in your fitness centre.
    On March 31, I purchased 2- year membership to “BCC”, located on 3333 Dundas Street E in Elora.
    I found your business advertisement in a flyer delivered to my home. Unfortunately, within just first few days I have had very unsatisfactory experience.
    For starters, your advertisement stated that you provide high quality and brand new equipment, that was nowhere to be found. I had to exercised on the old, rusty and broken machines.
    Additionally, the yoga classes you offered everyday at 7 pm were not available. Not only, were overbooked, but also scheduled only once a week on Wednesday at 6 pm. I must add I was looking forward to join them.
    To top it all, the showers at your facility are limited, and do not meet the number of the registered members to use them. Most of us had to debate on leaving the gym without taking a shower or wait long hours to actually take one.
    I have approached your shift manager with these issues. I thought he will be able to help. However, his conduct was very unprofessional. He also seemed to be overly preoccupied to give me any attention. At the end, he gave no importance to my issues and suggested to go to the gym elsewhere. I could not believe my ears. He was very rude, that I shouted at him and left the premises.
    Consequently, I would appreciate your concern and would like to ask for a refund. You could also take a closer look at the situation in your centre and additionally, take some urgent actions to solve the issues.
    I look forward to your prompt reply.
    Yours truly,

  169. Considering the ongoing issue with respect to the canteen menu I would like to appreciate the move by canteen authorities to modify the food and beverage services. I would prefer outlets offering low priced but nutritious food instead of branded fast food chains.

    There are various reasons to support my claim. Firstly, pocket friendly food would be affordable for all. Secondly, the nutritious eatables would result in positive health benefits for the learners. Thirdly, frequent special food options can be made available as per the festivals and seasons. Lastly, availability of food variety for folks with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian inclination would ensure students focusing on studies rather than food wandering.

    On the other hand, the famous restaurants would focus on the profits than the contents. Unhealthy food offered by them might make students inactive and obese. In the long run it would inculcate habit among students to consume fast food.

    As healthy young generation is of paramount importance, I would advocate for option B and go away with the famous chain eateries.

  170. Dear James,

    Hope you find this mail at best of your health.

    I am penning down this email to express my concern with respect to gym services in Ottawa branch.

    I was attracted by your new year advertising appealing corporate professionals to take up physical exercises to overcome the stressful work life. The marketing communication promised subscribers with complimentary monthly diet consultation and Yoga. Considering it as the need of the hour I immediately subscribed to it as a 2 year member.

    Unfortunately things did not went through as per my expectations. I was informed that Diet consultancy and Yoga services would begin once the full time Dietician and Yoga instructor is hired. With the issue unresolved for more than two months, the manager when contacted did not budge and blamed central office for not providing the adequate staff.

    With no floor level resolution, I am forced to write to you requesting to look at the matter urgently. Ad you are aware that it is of paramount importance to stick to service delivery promises, I suggest you to temporarily appoint part-time Dieticians and Yoga instructors to commence the promised services for the good of members like us who trusted your words. Lastly I seek for compensation for the mentioned services not received for couple of months.

    Awaiting positive response from your end.