CELPIP Writing Test 3 with answers

CELPIP writing test 3

2Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

Your niece has just graduated from high school with remarkable grades. She was the brightest student in her class. However, she wants to work immediately and does not consider going to college.

Write an email to your niece in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:
– Explain how you feel about her high school grades.
– Explain why going to college is necessary.
– Explain why working instead of perusing her college education is a mistake.

Read the sample answer and try to write your own response in the comment area. I will try to give you an estimate score.

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Task 1 Sample Answer 

Dear Jessica,

Hearing about your high school graduation made me very proud of you.  I felt an unimaginable delight going over your excellent grades the other day. Be that as it may, accepting a job position at this early stage is a premature unwise decision.

The importance of higher education in our modern age in both academic and work level is of paramount significance. Your intellectual dimensions will grow immensely in college. Besides, exploring your inner qualifications and capacities would only be possible in a scholarly atmosphere. Not to mention the new relations and friendships that will positively affect your professional life.

Starting a job so soon would have numerous negative outcomes. To start with, do not expect a respectable high income that would secure your financial life. A higher pay rate means a higher degree which you would be lacking. Moreover, the pain and regret you will experience seeing your friend’s successful careers who continued their studies would simply devastate you.

Though I am not your father, but it is still my responsibility to warn you when I feel you are in the wrong track.



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  1. I personally recommend that assigning this task to the boss’s secretary would be unfair as it should be considered a team work. Plants are creditable for the beauty and fresh air in the office which is why watering them, must be a responsibility of every staff member.

    The first and foremost reason of allotting the duty to each crew member is getting some time for relaxation from monotonous work. A white board besides the water cooler in the lunch room can be set up to keep track of members who have finished their duty. A daily 15 min plants-time can be scheduled in different areas of office by various teams.

    I firmly believe that burdening a single person with the task may affect her occupation, because of which she may not be able to spare time for her primary role. Moreover, our office is about 15000 square feet and we have plants distributed all over the area. If watering of plants becomes a single person’s duty, then there’s a high chance that some of them are overlooked.

    I am certain that my fellow coworkers will have different opinions on this matter, but based on aforementioned reasons, I feel myself inclining towards option B.

  2. Dear Sarah,

    Many congratulations on graduating high school with 96%. I feel so proud that you have not only graduated with flying colors, but have also aced the class. I am shocked to hear that you are not interested in pursuing higher education and would like to be employed straight after your high school.

    Having higher education is significant to develop your academic knowledge. Being the topper in your school provides you with an increased opportunity to apply for Ivy-league universities where you can enhance your intellectual skills. Achieving a degree from a top-notch college will widen your options of employment as well. Moreover, new friendships and professional relationship with professors will elevate the chance of getting great references.

    Accepting the current offer letter from Loblaws will not only refrain you from gaining the aforementioned skills, but will also limit your growth. In this situation, if you choose to work, there is a high possibility of not getting paid enough as oppose to working a white-collar job after graduating from a high-end university.

    Because of the above reasons, I would strongly advise you to apply for good universities and build your career.

    Mary Smith

  3. Dear Reena,
    Hope you are doing great. Congratulations on successfully completing your high school and we are very proud of you. I heard that you wanted to work immediately after school. I am writing this letter to convince you to choose college over work.
    You are the brightest student in your class and your grades are testimonial to that. I think with your talent, you will be an exceptional fit in the college. College education will prepare you for your life and will give the tools to be successful. You will meet different people, have new experiences, which you would miss once you decide to drop out of education.
    Though you might think college is not necessary for being successful in life, like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, these are exemptions and not examples. Recent studies have confirmed that, college graduates are more likely to get a six-figure salary than high school graduates.
    I hope you choose to go to college. If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask. I will help you in anyway possible.

    Personally, I think it would be better to assign the task of watering the plants to your assistant, Reena. Even though it would be additional responsibility on her, it is not practically possible to keep track of turns in the team.
    Firstly, team members are not very enthusiastic about taking care of the plants. So, I don’t think it will be a good idea to assign this on them. We know that Reena is very sincere and inadvertently a lover of plants and animals. She has been taking care of office aquarium and has been doing a good job of maintaining it.
    Secondly, I believe we should give the responsibility to single person, as they will be more accountable. For example, we had earlier asked the team members to take turns and write a proverb on the board everyday. Since no one was individually responsible, the board is usually empty.
    Due to these considerations, I believe we should assign this task to your personal assistant. I am sure she is going to love this role. Anyways, these are just my personal opinion and I will support any decision taken by the management.

  4. Hi Anna,

    I am writing you to express my concern about the fact that you want to start your working career without going to college. I am going to explain why you should go to college especially with your wonderful grade in your class.

    First of all, you will find someone who has similar interests to a job that you would like to have. When you start working, you will encounter hardships and sometimes you can not deal with them. You need someone to share with. I believe you can meet that kind of people in college.

    Secondly, you can get a better job if you have qualifications such as tax accountant. I know you are good at math, so you should try to become it. According to the article that I read, people who went to college or university receive twice more money as people who did not. I understand you want to work promptly to help your parents, but in a long run you will end up making more money.

    Considering these reasons, I strongly recommend to go to college. I am very impressed by your grade. I hope you accept my suggestion.

    See you soon,


  5. To keep the high performance of our team, I recommend seriously consider to assign plant watering task to boss`s personal assistant. It would certainly satisfy most of the traders on our floor.

    By the nature of our profession, traders should only be concentrated on the situation on the market. It is important to create a necessary environment for them, and eliminate any of the distractions surrounding them. Trading is a very stressful profession, as we deal with high stakes and high risk of losing money every second during the day. Even the smallest task, such as watering the plants, can overwhelm most of the people on the floor.

    I highly appreciate that the management team is asking the opinion of their workers. Considering money risk, as well as a mental health of the employees, I see option A as the only feasible option in the current situation.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are doing well. I wanted to congratulate you on your long-awaited graduation from highschool. Your hard work and determination paid off, and I am really glad for you getting a diploma with high distinction. Well deserved!

    However, it came to my knowledge that you are not pursuing a college degree. College provides you with an industry specific knowledge, and will prepare you for a full-time job. Considering your learning habits, I have utmost confidence that you will be a well-sought specialist in a competitive job market right after graduation.

    Not to put too much pressure on you, but I believe that a college is a necessary stepping stone to be a well-educated, successful person. There is no need to hurry with your first job, as it might highly affect your future career.

    You might want to consult with your parents, friends or even people that are already in industry. But please take some time to consider both of the options.

    Take care,

    • Sorry for not replying sooner; we had some technical issues with our website. You would most probably score 9 for this one.

  7. One of the reasons why our office is aesthetically pleasing is because of the abundance of plants that we have. However, some of them are wilting due to lack of regular watering. I would recommend that each employee should get a plant to water daily in order to get a sense of responsibility for our workplace environment.

    I believe that it would be unfair for the executive assistant to do all the nurturing of our greeneries in the office since it is not part of her job and also, she already has enough on her plate. Meanwhile, if we assign everyone with their corresponding plant then it would promote more sense of community. With this scenario, then every personnel will have the duty to maintain the ambience in the office. In my opinion, it is more reasonable and appropriate to distribute the task to the staff compared to just giving all the work to one employee.

  8. Dear Jenny,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on graduating from high school with flying colours! I am delighted with your accomplishment. You have always been the brightest ever since you were young.

    I heard that your exceptional grades could potentially get you into a prominent university. However, I was informed that you would like to skip college and go straight to working. That is not a very good decision in my opinion. Education is a vital step in pursuing a successful career and I know that you have been eager to be an accomplished doctor someday. Well, you need the degree in order to practice medicine and to be credible in your field. Also, most of your friends are going to college and this could make you feel left out since they would all be experiencing the fun of being in universities.

    Not only does college provide you the education you need to be successful, but it also brings countless of unforgettable experiences in your life. I would not want you to miss out on these opportunities so I do hope you reconsider your decision since it would affect a big part of your life.


  9. Working entire day in the office sitting in a chair and facing the computer is quite tiring. Not to mention the workload and deadlines. During are work there is a time that we have spacing we look our surrounding and observe.

    I really like the idea of having a plant in the office. Having a plant in an environment somehow relieve stress and provide comfort, but to keep it alive we need to provide its needs such as sunlight, water, and air. The watering of the plants must be done by all the team members. The task is being given in a regular basis by the person assigned in that particular day. Putting the signboard beside the plants is a great way to monitor its progress. Besides it is so uplifting to see the plant grows.

    I also believe that taking care of plants enhance employees personal awareness of responsibility in work. I am looking forward for the management decision towards this issue.

  10. Dear Tania,

    I received good news from your parents, telling me that you are just graduated from high school with flying colors. As your uncle I am very proud of you there is no absolute words that can express my joy. But aside from that news your mom told me your plan this coming summer.

    I am very confident about your ability as well your persistence in your goal. I believe you will have a more a better job when you finish college. Aside from the degree you will be have a lot earnings. The life opportunity to study is greater in your age. Compare to the people who decided to continue their study as adult. Life and work becomes more difficult as you go through, so it is best to have a strong educational foundation.

    Try to talk with this issue with your parents so they will guide you as well. I’m looking forward for your decision and don’t hesitate to ask me anything. I am very happy to help you. See you soon and good luck.


    Uncle mark

  11. Dear Mark,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your score achievement, and I am really happy for you. Moreover, I was quite sure that you will definitely secure it because you are a bright student.

    However, I am a little worried that you are planning to do a job instead of joining a college for your higher studies which should not be your priority now. Though, It is good that you want to be independent but having an educational degree is more important than work because you could choose your career options wisely and be a successful person in your life.

    Doing work at this early age could surely provide you practical experience but in the future, you can not achieve a higher position without having a professional degree and you have to always report to the people who have these degrees. Also, you cannot get a higher wage rate as well. So, I do not believe that it is the correct choice for you.

    I look forward you to reconsider your decision, and if you need any suggestions regarding this please feel free to contact me.

    Kind regards,

  12. Thank you so much for allowing me to present my perspective concerning the situation of negligence towards watering the plants. I assert that it should be teamwork.

    In a situation of 24X7 running air-condition, where we barely receive air from outdoors, if we take account of some oxygen-providing plants in the office, watering them should be the prime obligation of everyone working here. As it would hardly take 10-15 minutes from the schedule of every employee as per there schedule on different days, it is also coupled with a break from being seated continuously and from monotonous work-life, promoting the fair culture.

    However, if this is marked only as a duty of a single person, say the PA, it will be an additional burden on the everyday schedule of tight deadlines. This can lead to the emergence of an inferiority complex in his/her thoughts towards the policies of the enterprise.

    Therefore, I believe we should all justifiably come forward to accept our role and responsibilities not only towards the work-related tasks but also to pay attention to such initiatives.

  13. Hi Operations Manager,

    I like to thank you for inviting us to share through in this matter.

    Primarily in my opinion i strongly recommend avoiding Option A to overload john, why because he is already working hard on planning for upcoming events and we could see him at office every day early than the regular time to catching up to complete his work. It will be stressful, and he will be demotivated.

    Secondly my suggestion to include and assigning this task to the team, probably this will be a feasible solution to manage manpower and planned delivery timeline. I would think of a plan around my suggestion we split the team in to small group and have a schedule to attend this task it will avoid the conflict of time and day work.
    In other side of my option, this will also help the team to get some physical workout to get the fresh air and free up the mind block. Team can get more energy to deliver the quality product and projects.

    It’s is all my opinion and my view point to share the work across the people to avoid the stressful day life and take care of our office belongings. I am fine and join with you all on conclusion you decide.


  14. Dear Maria,

    I would like to begin with congratulating you on your amazing high school results. It takes a huge effort and dedication to be the top student in your class. Me and Meghan are very proud of your accomplishments and cannot wait to congratulate you in person next month.

    As per my experience, choosing whether to start your professional career school or pursue a college education can be one of the most difficult choices of your life. I advice you to pursue your college studies for many reasons. To begin with, going to college will allow you to fulfill your talent while perusing your ambitious dreams. This will allow you to gain valuable academic exposure tailored to society’ needs. In addition, graduating with a college degree will grant you access to some of the highest paying jobs in industry such as doctor, engineer and business consultant.

    I would not suggest you start working after high school. Accessing the job market with a high school diploma will limit your job opportunities to low paying jobs only with a very limited scope.

    Looking forward to your feedback!

    Uncle Rob

  15. Hi Maddy,

    I was chatting with your mother last night and heard that your grades got worse than the last semester.

    I have told you so many times that going to college is a necessary step to stabilize your life. Let me stress one more time that getting a degree at a college or university will bring you more opportunities. You can find a well-paid job with a degree, and earning more money will certainly help you later in your life. I know you don’t see how important it is now because you are young and bright.

    I was just like you when I was in high school. I didn’t like studying, so I chose to work. I worked at minimum wage for a long time, and I regretted it after a few years. You don’t realize that it is a mistake to jump into a labour market without proper education. To obtain professional skills, you must go to college. You should take your Auntie’s word seriously. I am not trying to scare you. You need to hit the books now.

    With love,

    Auntie Mary

  16. Hi Helen,
    Congratulations on your graduation!! As I heard that you are looking for a job, I decided to email you about my opinion regarding your decision.
    I acknowledge the fact that you like to find a job and become financially independent of your family. However, I do believe that you have great potential to be admitted to top-ranked colleges. You were one of the best students in South Columbia high school with high marks.

    I know how much you are keen on math and physics. Have you thought about studying Engineering at Mohawk college? This college offers scholarships for top students such as you. I’m sure your teacher would be more than happy to write a recommendation letter for you. And, I assure you that you will be qualified for this scholarship. Therefore, you won’t be concerned about financial support and no need for looking for a job for now. After college, you will gain enough knowledge and experience that you can easily enter the job market and get offers with high salaries.

    Additionally, going to a college will give you a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about other cultures that might change your life. So, please do not rush in making a decision about your future.

    Last but not least, keep in touch with me and let me know what you think about my suggestion. Best of luck.


  17. Hi Mary,
    I am glad on hearing your high school grades. Congratulations! Our family felt proud of you as intelligent student of the class and your good scores. We are looking forward for your bright future.
    I came to know that you are on the idea to work instead of going college. This option is very bad, this will make your life questionable. First, doing higher studies helps you to achieve higher in career and gets good future. Second, it gives you lot of exposure about the world. If possible, you can study abroad and can learn about different culture & people.
    The choice of working instead of college education is a terrible mistake. One of my friends, had experienced this scenario. She took a receptionist job after her high school, few years later she became unemployed because of lack of required knowledge for the work. I suggest you, do higher studies, choose a course depends upon your interest and focus on it. This will increase your intellectual knowledge and lead you to achieve in career.
    I hope you will choose a wise decision. Wish you all the best.
    Yours lovingly,

  18. Hi Minal,
    I feel very proud of you when your mom told me about your high school grades. I know since childhood your are getting excellent marks, & I appreciate that you have done well in high school too.

    I came to know that you are not interested to join college and want to do a job. I feel this is the immature decition. College gives you a good exposure and experience which will help you to get a better job.

    According to current market tradition, most of the companies preferred a gradute over high school passout.
    Apart from it, by studying in college you will make new friends and explore which will also help you to get better job.

    Once you start the job, it will be difficult to focus on studies and you might regret about your decision later when your school friends will be in better position in same company because of their qualification. In this competative era, it’s very
    difficult to get good college but as per your grades , you can easily get a good institution.

    I hope my suggestions will help you to take a right decision. All the best for your future.


      • Let me start by thanking you for giving me the opportunity to provide an input in this matter.

        I would prefer the task to be allocated to all team members. I firmly believe it is a far better option. There are three main reasons I put my two cents worth on this opinion.

        Firstly, it is neither part of the job description of the boss’s personal assistant or the members of the staff to water the plants. So, it will be unfair if he is the only one doing this duty. Also, I once read the bi-laws of this company, and it suggested that skilled employees should not engage in an unskilled labour, unless it is a voluntary decision.

        Secondly, it fosters division of labour. This is true because every staff member will per-take in watering the plant. As a result of this action, team-work will be boosted and it will eventually increase the company’s productivity.

        Finally, these plant produces oxygen which is beneficial to everyone. Hence, it becomes salient that all hands are on deck to ensure the survival of these plant. In as much as delegating this duty to the boss’s assistant sounds good, it will hardly ever benefit the company.

        Therefore, sharing the duty of watering the plant fits the bill, and its is fair to the employees.

  19. In order to keep the plants in our office alive, I recommend the task should be assigned to the boss’s personal assistant, Sam. I believe having one specific person assigned for this task can avoid the problem of the plants not being taken care of.

    There are a few reasons I believe that support my decision. First of all, Sam always comes to the office first to open the door. The plants must be watered first thing in the morning which in this case suits his schedule. Secondly, the plants are placed everywhere in the office and Sam is the only person who has access to all the rooms including the boss’s office. Finally, We all know Sam is enthusiastic about his own succulent collection at home. Based on his experience and knowledge with plants, he can monitor the plants with delicate care effortlessly.

    Some may argue Sam will be taking over too much task, therefore I would also suggest delegating Sam’s other task to a few of us such as refilling coffee beans and restocking milk and cream. However, I believe Sam is the perfect candidate to take over this task.

  20. Hi Nancy,

    I just heard from Megan that you graduated with the highest score in your class. Heartily congratulations on that. It’s always joyful to hear about your marks and your extraordinary activities at school. You have always made your family and your school proud.

    Megan also told me about your future plan that you are not interested in higher studies. I was once in your shoes, and even I used to think like that. But I am glad, I never left my studies and went to college. The college will not only give you a quality education which can be useful for your future and for your professional life, but it also teaches a lot about the reality of life. In school, you, your classmates and friends grew together. In college, you meet a variety of people from all walks of life which you have never met before. You learn from each other. You find how life is outside your home but in a secure and safe environment.

    Based on my experience which I have seen from a few of my friends, leaving your college education and working would one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Which you may regret later down the line. We should always have long term goals. Short terms goals look very easy and lucrative. But, in the long run, they always lack and doesn’t provide those result which we always expected from it. A college education will give you a sense of stability in your life and a professional career which will eventually give you financial freedom.

    I wish you all the best for your future and hope, you will think about it.

    With Love,

  21. Hi Sara,
    Congratulations on your graduation. I heard about your grades. I am elated and so happy for you. I know that you are a champ, my precious niece.
    Your mom told me that you want to work immediately, and don’t want to join college! But I think otherwise. Let me tell you why I say so.
    Having a college degree is very essential for the current job market. Studying at a college gives you enough exposure and required skill set for your job. You will make lot of new friends and experience people from different cultures. Everyone else is struggling to get into college, where as with your grades you can get into any college you want.
    Working right after high school is not a bad idea though, but the jobs offered does not provide high pay since you are just a high school graduate. You will have to struggle a lot initially and you will be frustrated. By the time you realize all this, you will be losing your time. I am telling all this from my own experience and I hope you would not follow the same path. I hope you reconsider your decision.

  22. I think the task of watering plants should be taken care of by rotating it among the team members day by day.

    First of all, Chris, our boss’s assistant, has already been busy enough with the current daily tasks, so adding the task of looking after all the plants on top of his to-do list seems a bit too overwhelming. He has so many important things he needs to prioritize to make sure things are alright around our boss, and I always see him running around the office to manage all the tasks on time!

    Besides, we could easily split the routine of watering plants to each person in our office. I suggest we make a spreadsheet to track who in the team is in charge of the task, so we can make sure the plants are watered every day. Moreover, all the members in our office appreciate the beautiful plant-full working environment! Since we all getting such benefits having the plants in our office, I think it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the plants alive.

    Thank you for consulting us, and I hope my insights are helpful!

  23. Dear, Laura

    Congratulations on your graduation! I am very excited for your new journey! Your parents told me you did amazing on your grades which I was sure because of all the hard work I saw from you. I am glad all the effort you put through your school years came together well!

    Your parents told me that you were thinking of not going to college, however, I strongly suggest you go to university! Since you always had a huge passion for learning science, I think going to college is significant for you to continue learning on your curiosity and meet people who you can share your interests.

    Although I understand you feel important to jump into working and building up your career at an early age, you should still consider exposing yourself to advanced education! This is an important opportunity for you to take the next step in your skills and knowledge which will eventually allow you to have more career options in the future than the ones you have now.

    You should take some time to discuss your plans with your parents more! I am always wishing you the best!


  24. Dear .Sarah

    First of all, I would like to congratulate on your graduation Sarah! I’ve also learned that you got exceptional grades, what an excellent achievement! I am proud of you. However, accepting a job at this early stage would not be the best option for you in my opinion.

    I fully understand that your passion made this decision, but going to college would give much more beneficial outcomes in the future. Especially in your area, as computer science is booming industry, having an additional education and degree will boost up your potential. You would miss that opportunity if you accept that job offer.

    Additionally, early working stage would probably arrest you from learning but stress. It is inevitable to get the stress from the work because of the heavy work load which you have never experienced before, so that might affect you from building a career dream.

    If you just had one opportunity, you should capture that, and considering your potential, pursuing the college education will only be the opportunity you should capture. I hope you change your mind but I fully respect your choice.


  25. I would like to opine in favour of distributing the task to every employee as this seems to be far better and convincing choice than making it your assistant’s responsibility. I would like to present a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument.

    Plants are in the office so that every employee can breathe clean and fresh air. Watering these should be everyone’s responsibility as everyone is getting benefit from it. Assigning it barely to your assistance will not be justifiable. In addition to this, allocating this task to one person will be burdensome and hectic. Infact, everyone contributing their share will make it effortless for all.

    Moreover, the job responsibility of your secretary does not involve watering plants. She may feel offended and might get frustrated if this additional task is assigned to her. She will not only get frustrated but may also lose respect among the teammates. She could even file a complaint in the Human Resource department.

    Therefore, considering all these reasons, I strongly believe that every worker should take this activity as his/her responsibility rather than dumping it to any one employee.

    • Dear Rebecca,

      I just heard the wonderful news from your mom about the highest score you got in your high school. I am really happy for you. And you have proved that ‘hard work never fails’.

      Even though you have missed few classes in your last semester due to health issues, you managed to cope well with your teachers and made great efforts to achieve this remarkable score. And getting highest score in high school is very important, because it is being the way to end up in a reputed college with the good course.

      I also heard from your mom, that you want to join work instead of going to college. But as of my opinion, you can reconsider about joining a college. Being a bright student, the college curriculum will help you to emphasize your knowledge. you get more theoretical and practical knowledge through the college. And also you should not miss the opportunity to meet more friends when you go to college.

      Even though going for a job and earning money is essential to lead a life, i suggest you to pursue going to college. Because the vast knowledge you get from the college will give you better opportunities to select your job based on your interest and convenience.

      I hope you will reconsider your decision. Even though you are disappointed about not working now, you will definitely feel happy for this decision in your future.

      With love and Regards


  26. Hi Anna,

    First of all, congratulations on your achievement. Although I am glad to hear about your exceptional performance in high school grades, however, I think starting a job at this stage is not a wise decision.

    Higher education is immensely important to grow ahead in a career. A college education will load you with the necessary skills to climb up the corporate ladder. This will not only enhance your academic knowledge, but also other skills like teamwork, cooperation, and leadership. Interacting with the new people, making new friends, and working collaboratively with them on new assignments will positively affect your professional career.

    In addition to this, starting a job early have numerous drawbacks. Firstly, the wage you will get after high schools will be far lower than what you will get after university education. Secondly, in this competitive environment without a higher degree, it will be difficult to get a promotion and salary hike, and you might get frustrated.
    Therefore, I suggest you reconsider your decision and give a second thought to higher education. Do let me know whatever you decide.

    Yours truly,

  27. I would like to opine in favor of distributing the task among the teammates as this seems to be a convincing choice for me rather than assigning it to one person. Though, the later looks equally appealing, I would like to present a couple of reasons to substantiate my opinion.
    To begin with, assigning the task within the team members on a rotational basis will neither be burdensome nor unjust to an individual. The assistant may feel targeted or humiliated if she’s asked to water plants daily, as this is not part of her job description.
    Moreover, it can be a good way to increase awareness among employees regarding environmental issues and global warming. With the rise in pollution, it is essential to save and plant more trees for our betterment and this notion can be implanted in people by taking a small step of watering plants at the office and getting indulged in this topic during office events.
    Considering these reasons, I believe the employees should take rounds in this task rather than dumping it on one individual. These are my personal opinion, but I would go with whatever management decides to do.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to voice my preference.

  28. Dear Jean,
    Congratulation’s on completing your high school successfully with incredible grades. You have made me proud. However, I was a little surprised when I heard you plan to skip college. Though I respect your decision, I would like to share my experience.
    Once, I was in a similar situation and skipped my studies, but soon enough I realized the value of a degree as I was always underpaid in comparison to my friends with specialization. As rightly said by many colossuses, knowledge gives you power and wisdom. After struggling for a few years, I joined college to complete my degree in Business Analytics which helped me in becoming a successful entrepreneur.
    Its worth to point out that, skipping college will lead to an early job, but the earning will be the bare minimum with no job satisfaction. As you lack specialization, you won’t get picked for any high-profile job, all you can do is part-time work at café or gas station. I would encourage you to go to university! Anyways, these are my two cents! Hope you will be able to choose the right path.
    Take care,

  29. To whom it may concern,
    I am writing this email to inform you of an issue with the TV we bought from you three days ago, along with the poor customer service we received at your store upon trying to return the item. Unfortunately, within three days of my family and I using the brand-new television, it decided to malfunction and not turn back on. We are very disappointed with how quickly the product stopped working, but we are willing to accept that this may be a one-off case.
    On arrival at the store, we were greeted by a young man named Derek. He explained to us that you do not work on weekends, however, he was available to help us and solve any issues. After explaining the situation with the television, Derek preceded to be very sarcastic and condescending. His clothes were very unprofessional for a store of your standard, not to mention his poor personal hygiene. We were dismissed and ushered out very quickly.
    The whole experience has been very dissatisfying for my family and I. We demand a full refund on the TV, and we will not be recommending this store to friends or family.
    Jack Aitcheson

  30. Hi Jane,

    First of all, congratulations on your graduation! I heard that your marks were one of the highest in the school. I’m really proud to have such a smart niece. But there is one thing that got me worried. Your mother mentioned that you don’t want to continue your education and would prefer to work instead.

    I think you should think about it again, as not having a higher education would set you back in your future life. Most of employers nowadays are looking for educated people with a degree. If you continue your studies and graduate from a university or college, you would definitely have more opportunities to get a better job with a higher salary!

    Also, since your grades are so high, you can get to the best college or university in the city! Think about all of the doors that this might open for you! You would meet new people and have time to explore and enjoy your youth with your peers.

    I hope you will once again think about your decision and consider further education. You have so much potential!

    With Love,
    Aunt Marie

  31. Hello to my favorite niece,
    How are you? it has been a long time since we saw each other.
    I was thrilled to hear that you graduated with remarkable grades! I am so proud of you and I hope you are too!

    I would like to bring to your attention that in these days going to a college is necessary. First of all the labor market is very competitive, college degree you will have an advantage on other candidates. Secondly, you will be able to learn a real profession which will help you in the future to find good job and to get promoted.
    Moreover, it will be a mistake to go working now instead of pursuing college education and this is why. Now you are still young, it will be much easier for you to to catch up with new material than in the future when you will be older, having your own family to take care of. Not only that the material still fresh in your memory but also the requirement of getting inti a collage getting harder every year so now it is the right time for you.

    I hope you will change your mind,

  32. Task 2:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m glad to provide my comments in this survey. my opinion is to assign the task to boss’s personal assistant. Because if the task is
    assigned to each of the team member, someone should create weekly schedules like who is going to water the plant on which day and it should be tracked regularly. So it will take long time & many resources should be on-boarded to maintain this activity.

    My suggestion is to assign the task to personal assistant and he can have a dedicated resource for this task. so he can easily monitor, whether all the plants has been watered, Instead of monitoring each resource daily. Also it will be great, if these activities assigned based on everyone self interest. If each employee is assigned to do this task, it will affect the working hours and lead to issue in productivity.

    Considering this, task can be assigned to personal assistant and maintained easier.


  33. Dear Jess,

    Congratulations for getting graduated from your high school, I’m really proud of you completing your graduate with remarkable grades. I hope with this grade you can join Doctor or a engineering course.

    And i heard from your father, that you are willing to work. Kindly take this as a advise Jess, bachelor degree is more important for you. At this age, earning money may fulfill your needs temporarily and you may feel independent compared to your friends. But in future you will get more commitments & responsibilities so the money which you earning now will not be sufficient by the time.

    I’m telling this to you from my own experience, after completing my high school i started to work immediately, initially when i earn money it was good, but later i realized that will not help me to survive rest of my life. Then i joined a college and completed by bachelor degree. So i do not want you to do the same mistake. You are brightest student in your class, so i advice you to continue your education. Now-a-days student prefer Engineering courses in future you have scope for this profession as well.


  34. Dear Anny,
    The news of your outstanding performance at school made me felt on the moon. I always knew that you will became shining star of your academy; proud of u.
    I know you want you join work directly after schooling but let me tell you something. Firstly, inspite of getting such graceful grades you will not be able to get higher pay scale as to achieve it you need to be degree holder, which means rest of your life will be hand to mouth. Secondly, you won’t be having that keen experience, problem solving skills and confidence to communicate with people of different nature and community which you can only learn while going into higher institutions. Last but not the least, you will miss a life time opportunity of making interaction with new people and learning new subjects.
    Moreover ,you will regret as your mates will get the pay they demand for but you can’t ;due to lack of degree which they are be holding.
    Therefore , I just want you to re-think on your idea for dropping out college. As you are a smart child and knows better which track will give you a secured future.

  35. I agree with option B; watering plants at our office should be assigned to each member of our team. Giving additional tasks to the boss’s assistant busy schedule I find it greatly unfair and unreasonable.
    First of all, it is unquestionable that we all agreed to have the flowers and the plants in our offices. Thus, we enjoy being surrounded by a fresh and joyful environment. Plants brighten our dark offices and release beautiful breathtaking scents. Surrounded by this a pleasurable environment we feel more relaxed, and also have more energy and our productivity increases incredibly. Additionally, it is unreasonable to leave this particular task only to the boss’s assistant who leaves often on long business trips. Thus, this will cause all not watered plants to die.
    Second of all, we should all agree to water plants on alternate schedules. Having a little exercise regime during the long business hours will most likely have a great impact on our wellbeing and health.
    In conclusion, I immensely support option B, because it gives us more advantages.

  36. Our town has been in high demand for shopping complex, that is either within or at least by a shorter distance away. Woodbridge Mall, current nearest mall, is located about 40 miles away. Round trip takes approximately 80 miles of drive and that has been quite exhausting for many. So, having the shopping mall will provide us the extreme comfort of not driving 80 miles every week.

    After talking with many different households, I found that most of us travel to Woodbridge almost once every week. This is largely due to lack of supplies, such as imported goods, in our grocery stores. Furthermore, when we wish to go to the theatre or popular restaurants for entertaining nights, we tend to save it until the next visit to the mall, so to do all in one trip. Many times I think it would be really great to be able to make spontaneous decisions to enjoy the entertainments rather than having to save it for the future.

    As for the recreational park, there is one located only about 10 miles away. Even with such a close distance, compared to Woodbridge Mall, not many of our town people are seen there. I believe this proves what really is a higher demand for people in our town.

  37. I am writing you because I got extremely happy since your mother told me about your brightest performance in class. You always were so dedicated to school that I could not expect anything different from this.

    Firstly, as you know, when I finished my college I went directly work for a small company in town. Taking into consideration my own experience, I would like to give you some advice about that. It is completely important and necessary to have a degree from a recognized university. When you do not have a professional background, unfortunately, the business market will not consider you able to build a strong career.

    Definitely, if I could go back, I would have thought more about it. You have a lot of time to decide the best course and the college for you. The professional life requires more than the basic.
    Moreover, university is a nice place where people are sharing knowledge to grow as a professional. Keep in mind, a diploma means great opportunities in big companies and a high wage.

    My main suggestion is that you need to specialize in some field. Have you have you ever thought about marketing?

    I am looking forward to seeing you and celebrate together!


  38. Task2:

    I am greatly appreciated that you asked for my opinion on the problem of plant caring task. As far as I am concerned, I think that we should delegate the task to everyone.

    Firstly, as you know, our office was redecorated recently. I believe there are lots of toxic air circulate in the building. These plants could be used to filter the toxic air, and it plays a vital role in keeping the air fresh and healthy. In this company, we care about the people around us. In other words, by taking care of these plants, we are actually making sure our co-worker is safe.

    Secondly, everyone spent most of their time at the chair on a daily basis. If we rotate each member to water the plants, then they have the opportunity to stretch their body and relax their eye by watching the green. I believe it is an excellent way to relieve people from pressure and stress. Besides, it would boost the employee’s performance and efficiency.

    In conclusion, with the above reasons, I would suggest that we distribute the task to each employee rather than hand it over to your personal assistant.

  39. Task 1:

    Dear Jennifer,
    Hope you are doing well. I heard from your mom that you graduated with an outstanding academic result. I am so grateful and happy to see you made it this far. However, your mother told me that you wish to skip college and go to work directly. I have some concerns about it and would like to give you some advice.
    Firstly, college is a totally different place than high school. Your life there would not be just studying anymore. For instance, you could join various parties and make friends with other interesting people. Besides, you are able to learn more advanced skill that would indeed help you succeed in your future career. You could treat me as a great example.
    In addition, if you choose to work right now, from my past experience, even though you could find a job that has decent pay. But in the long term, you would merely have any opportunities to grow or promote your career further. The reason being the employer more look into people with a degree. Therefore, I would recommend you reconsider your decision carefully.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best regards,

  40. Dear Tracy,

    I just wanted to write an email to congratulate your graduation from high school and also got a remarkable score. I feel happy and honored of your achievement. I have heard that you want to work instead of going to college, and i just want to give you my two cents.

    I would definitely encourage you to go to college. After i graduated with my economy degree, i receive lots of bank’s offer and adapt faster in work environment. I believe you would receive the same offer that i got, no matter what major you are choosing.

    You will get a higher income with your higher degree in the future. After i finished my master degree, i get promoted to branch manager and also get considerable income. Except for the experience reason, i believe my degree enhance my promotion chance.

    Anyway, i just wanted to encourage you to go to the college and i also believe you will enjoy it. If i can help you with anything, just let me know.

    Look forward to seeing you next week,


  41. My opinion on responsibility of watering the plants in our office should be given to one person. Although everyone enjoys having full of plants in our office and should have some part in keeping our plants healthy, it just seems hard for some of us, as sales people, to manage the schedule.

    With the amount of plant we have in our office, it would be estimated to take about 30 minutes to water them all. As we all know, our schedule with clients are irregular most of the time. To find a free schedule of 30 minutes would be very challenging, especially with the current pace of our business.

    Furthermore, keeping track of the turn may be an extra work. I believe this duty has to be taken by one person. However, if that should be the case, the duty can be simply given to the person to rather water the plants instead of keeping track of who needs to water them next.

    It is certainly upto the decision of the person but I know Mr.Thompson, as Mr.Scott’s assistance, have some free schedule in the office and part of his duty is to maintain the office environment and I would like to politely suggest asking Mr.Thompson on this matter.

  42. Mike,
    Above all suggested by you, I would choose option B, and assign the task of watering plants to each member of our team. Adding to your personal assistant busy schedule another task is quite unreasonable and unethical. Moreover, taking of her hands an extra work I would find more feasible.
    For starters, I would take under consideration the fact, that each of us could spend few minutes during the lunch break watering plants on alternate schedule. We all benefit from having plants in our office, and working in fresh and joyful, scented environment is definitely more pleasurable. There is no doubt that we all should share the work.
    Second, having plants is helping our productivity and in many ways helps us to relax from tedious paper work during long office hours. Additionally, watering plants does not cost a penny along with taking up much of the time.
    Furthermore, few minutes of exercise during the day can improve our health dramatically.
    Also, there is no particular reason to dedicate this task to one person, considering we are all team.

  43. Dear friend Joanna,
    I am writing to congratulate you and express my excitement about your recent graduation from high school. I never doubted you are the brightest student in the class with remarkable grades. I am overwhelmed by joy and happiness, I cannot express. I also spoke to your mother yesterday to learn, you decided to go to work instead of pursuing further education. That’s my dear is not a very good decision, in my opinion. It is highly recommended, that a person with your superior skills set should pursue higher education to enhance their knowledge. I am convinced that you will regret not taking this opportunity. Higher education holds significant importance. Moreover, jobs with higher degree will land you in superior positions and guarantee secure and beautiful future. With high school degree you may end up with only low paid employment. Furthermore, struggling every month to meet ends.
    Nonetheless, I am sure you will make wise decisions and I wish you prosperity and great life ahead.

  44. Hi Jessie,

    A big congratulations for passing out with flying colours at your high school. You might be on top of moon right now. I personally was very confident about your success owing to your dedication, focus and handwork.

    While on one hand, I am happy on your remarkable achievement, but on the other concerned about your decision to take up job instead of university. I understand your thoughts of becoming financially independent but as a well wisher I would like to raise a red flag on the future negative implications it has.

    You have an entire life ahead to work and earn. At present, the age it at your side. With perfect grades and no responsibilities with you currently, it is an ideal scenario for you to pursue graduation course. Graduation course helps you to drill down in the area of your interest. It develops a core knowledge that can be effectively applied during your professional career. Group assignments and projects will help you to build skills to work in team. This intern will help you in your office floor.

    Instead if you go with a new job at this point, you will have comparatively less opportunities. The tasks would be more operational in nature. Future career growth would be at the tortoise pace. There is a high chance that you might regret in future for your decision but that might be too late.

    I believe in you and know that you are capable of much bigger things than this and we I standby firm with you to support and help achieve greater heights. For any questions or guidance do reach out to me.

    Joe Miller

  45. Dear my lovely Jane,
    Good afternoon. Jane, I am so proud of you to hear that you have graduated school as a top of the class,
    And you are a mature adult so I believe that you can make a decision yourself.
    I would like to be a supporter to you, so whenever you need someone who can give you any of help,
    Please let me know I will be here for you.
    I respect your decision to work instead of studying. But sometimes we need to keep listening to advice from the people. I was thinking about you that if you keep studying that might be much better for the future than keep working. Of course, you can get some money from the company, but I think if you keep focusing on your study what you want to be, it is one of the huge investments for you that can’t compare to anything.
    Additionally, if you go to college, you are going to get a countless experience and having friends with wonderful memories that can’t buy and hard to experience during the work.
    I love you so much, so I really hope that you can make a reasonable choice for life.
    Love you

  46. Dear Lisa,

    I am so thrilled to hear that you graduated high school! Congratulations! Also, I was told that you graduated with incredible grades, being one of the top students in your class. However, your mom expressed her concern that you would like to start working immediately, instead pursuing a post-graduate major.
    Firstly, I must say that in order to accomplish your goals, going to college is one of the most important steps on a person’s academic life. In addition, it brings the great experience that is being surrounded with people that have the same objective as you. If you do not experience it, you will not be able to succeed later.
    I understand that the idea of start working right way and make money can be tempting, but you must keep in mind the downsides of it. For instance, you will not earn much with a job that only requires a high school diploma. Moreover, you could be stuck on this position for a long time if you get accommodated to it. For these reasons, I strongly recommend you reconsidering the idea of starting a job right now and begin applying for colleges instead.

    Best regards,

  47. Dear sir/ madam ,

    I am writing to complain for unsatisfactory services from your retail store. Last week , I purchased a Sony High tech camera from Best Buy located on the 21 Grand northern view Highway .

    It worked well for a week however problem has arisen after. One fine morning , I took the picture of my garden and it was shown completely blurred when reviewed . The blur is so extreme that it doesn’t demonstrate anything on the picture unless some colours. I bough it specifically to capture the our family vacation trip to los angles. My grandfather old age uncertain his life therefore want to have some memorable photos with him.

    After I returned from trip ,I approached and explained the issue to the Manager . To my surprise, he behaved arrogantly in from other customers . He rudely shouted at me and told to visit the company .

    I o

  48. Dear apple inc . ,

    I am writing to complain because of your retail store unsatisfactory service . On June 11 , 2019 I purchased a iPhone 10 from a apple store located on 2311 marine way , Burnaby .

    When I opened the box at home, the condition of phone was unacceptable . The screen glass was broken into pieces and some scratch was seen above the right side of the screen . From my perspective ,I believe someone has put the broke item in the box . I trusted the company worldwide reputation therefore didn’t check it on the store. Unexpectedly, my observation went wrong

    In an attempt to solve the matter , I approached and narrated the whole event to the store manager. However , I was surprised by his rude behaviour. He shouted with swears at me in front of others customers to visit the company head office.

    I would like you either issue an new iPhone 10 or reimburse my $1000 paid for the phone . Also , please consider the training program for the effective customer service

    I looking forward to hear from you


  49. Dear Amie,

    I congratulate you for graduated with A grade from your High School . Yesterday, I felt very proud to heard this news from your mother.

    On the Other side , I was astonished for not pursuing college education. The benefits are not limited with financial security to neglect , however ,it groom your personality better. The interaction with fellow students helps to develop the social skills and makes you confident person to deal in public life . From the perspective of intellectuality, it raises your awareness regarding yours rights and broader mindset to live the life wisely.
    The career and wage growth is limited in laborious job to cope with increase in expenses with inflation. To foresee a future, body become older with time and cause hindrance to do labour job at later age .

    I am hoping you ill consider my advice to make a decision

  50. In my opinion, watering the plants should be a task for everybody. I understand some people may think the personal assistance should do it, but at the same time the plants are in our office.

    First, I would like to point it out that, plants in work environment makes the place more enjoyable and cozy. It make us fells more relaxed and less boring. Better then looking at the white wall all day.

    However, as any other task, no one wants to take care of them. So, to be fair with everyone, we should take turns. Every week 1 person is responsible for watering and cleaning the area where the plants are located. They should repeat the task twice a week. That way, should take longer for your turn again, and we don’t kill the plants.

    Again, this is only an observatioin on what I think. I will support any decision made.

  51. Dear Niece,

    I would like to congratulate you. Your mother told me you just graduated from high school with excellent marks. Well done!

    I am also writing to let you know, why is so important to go to college after graduating from high school. Instead of just throwing up some reason at you, I will tell you some of my own experience.

    When I was your age, all I wanted was to have a job. That way I could go out with my friends and buy my own stuff, without bothering anyone. I never want to go to college, I thought it was a waste of time.

    Long story shorty, my mother made me go to college, and I am thankful for it. I work in one the most successful company in the world, because a diploma I got when I was your age.

    You are a grown up now, you can decide by yourself. However, you should take some of my advice in consideration. Think about your future.

    Love you
    Aunt Lais

  52. My choice is that we share the watering of plants amongst the staff. Although I understand the simplicity of having one person take care of this task, I still believe that it should be done by all the workers.
    Firstly, I think it is good for moral if we all share a common task. It would help the staff interact with one another and hold each other accountable.
    Secondly, I don’t think it would be fair to put all this responsibility on the boss’s PA, doesn’t he have enough on his plate? Why would we put unnecessary pressure on him to do a job that could be done in a fraction of the time by a team of people who normally have time to spare throughout the day anyway?
    To summarize, I think it would be unjust to put the responsibility of watering the plants on one person as it could be done by a group people in a fraction of time.
    Thanks for letting me give my opinion on this matter.

  53. Dear Romy ,
    I Congratulate you for graduated with A+ grade in all courses. Yesterday , your mother called to share this news , and informed about your future plan. I felt very proud and happy to heard your achievement.

    However, she had anxiety for your decision to not pursue Higher education . In my perspective , it will prove to have more cons than prons . For the first and foremost , there will be less job opportunities considering the fact that college diploma is a mandatory requirement for maximum professional jobs . Furthermore, considering aging a natural factor, educational skills have more advantage to execute the
    work without hindrance in later age , contrast with laborious work .Additionally , without education laborious jobs are the only option left to pursue a career , which have less job security and stability .

    I believe opportunities missed are never arisen again in life. The delaying of education doesn’t guarantee for the circumstances in future to support . This is the right time to start it .
    I hope my opinions will be consider .

  54. Dear Holly,

    First of all, I want to say how proud I am to hear of your exceptional leaving results.  Your hard work, dedication and commitment to your studies has proven to be beneficial and you have impressed your whole family.  I congratulate you.

    Your father told me you were considering entering the workforce after school, rather than attending college.  Whilst the decision is ultimately yours, may I express my concern?  College is an excellent way to develop as a well-rounded individual.  It provides opportunities and open doors for you, Holly.  You develop independence, iniative and integrity.  You create friends that will last a lifetime.  College is more than attending classes, it is a chance to achieve, win, make mistakes, date the wrong boy, drink too much at a party and figure out your passion in life. 

    I strongly discourage you from entering the workforce immediately after school.  If money is an issue, know that your family will support you.  We are extremely proud of you.  Please don’t be in a hurry to be an adult.  You have your whole life ahead of you.

    With love,

    Uncle Sam.

  55. Dear Maria,

    I am delighted to learn that you excelled with flying colors from high school. Great news! i couldn’t be prouder of you Maria!
    Along with commending your success, i would like to speak some words of encouragement to you with regards to further education and work. Speaking to your mother this week, she mentioned you would like to start working instead of pursuing further education? Let me share my perspective if I may. Higher education is a must these days. With growing technology, artificial intelligence and just plain old competition – a higher education after high school makes you equipped and better ready to gain employment with higher wages. A better job, with a better wage in this competitive age isn’t a bad idea, is it?
    Working right away will perhaps have short term benefits of having money now, however it will be the same low-income wage for years to come, not ideal when starting a family. On the other hand, a college education can get a good job in a company you can perhaps grow in.
    Just some light I would like to shed as you make your decision.
    Wish you the best

  56. There are several advantages of both options, however, I prefer option B than option A due to its safeness and convenience.

    First of all, the safety of all students should be a top priority. Opting for a private school bus to take them for field trips are much often better than public transits because school bus drivers are more experienced to handle field trip events. They are more careful in driving because they are aware that their passengers are children. Often, they also have another person with them to look after the students during the trip.

    Secondly, even if school buses are more expensive they serve more convenience that public transits in a sense that every student is picked up and made sure to be dropped off at their own homes. This lessens the burden and worry of every parent.

    So in conclusion, paying extra for safeness of the children is far more advantageous than a cheaper public transit.

  57. On watering the plants, I would like to go with option B and here are the reasons.

    The plants are here for everyone to enjoy the greenery, get fresh air and fragrance. So, it should be everyone’s responsibility to water it. With so many plants, it will be taxing on the PA of the boss to water it on a regular basis and will also add up to his already busy schedule. We also need to look for an alternative, when he must be away from the office, both due to official and personal reasons.

    With that being shared responsibility of the team, each of the team can take care of watering a few plants, which should be managed easily. Doing this will also not jeopardize the task, as this is a teamwork. Indirectly, this also helps team building. We could even have a friendly competition among the teams on a monthly basis, to keep the task going.

    With that said, I would go be whatever be the decision taken by the boss or through majority.
    Let’s keep them GREEN and keep them healthy!

  58. Dear Lax,
    Congratulations on your passing of school with high grades. With your hard work and dedication, you lived up to your expectations and made all of us proud. Way to go!

    At this time, I heard from you mom that, you are planning to work and not continue with your college education. My sincere advice is, to continue your college education. Even though starting to work now will help you to be on your own, it has a lot of short comings through your career growth.

    On the other hand, with you being a smart student, with such high grades, it will relatively be easier to pass out of college with some good grades, which will help you to get better position. A few more years of college education will provide you with a better platform to start your career. It will also give an opportunity to live in a new set up, find new friends, etc, which will make you more resilient to changes and help to adopt to any situations that you might face in both corporate and personal life.

    Hope you think through my advice and make the correct decision.

    With lots of love,

  59. Dear Stan,

    Words cannot describe how proud and happy I am to be your aunt. Your mom shared with me, that you graduated with honours, and you had the best score on your final exams from all of the fellow students.

    I won’t deny that it got me thinking and I am a little bit concerned when I’ve heard you are not planning to apply to any college or University right after high school.
    I know the idea of earning money, moving out of your parents and start the adult life seems very appealing right now, however, I’m afraid it will not be a good decision in a long-run.

    You are extremely smart, you gain knowledge in minutes, you have a gift- you are a prodigy.

    While in College, you will meet not just new friends, but also your professors might help you to find your own way, they might show you areas of life which you never would think about. Believe, when I’m saying, that studying and learning new things while you are young is way easier than when you are over 30- I know something about it.

    Life is long Stan, you will have time, to have a job, make money and travel around the world- but with a degree, you might travel because of your work, you might get a job you would never think about, and see things you saw just in the movies.

    I believe in you and that you will make a wise decision. Remember, I’m always here to help.

    Auntie Nat

  60. HI Aman,
    I hope you are doing good. Yesterday, Diana called to share the news, you passed with A grade from high school. I offer my best wishes ,children’s achievement always bring satisfaction and proud .However, She also stated , making money is her first preference and does not want to study further .On the school job fair , reliance corporation has hired her as supervisor and 1 may , will be first day on work .

    I got surprised for not pursuing further studies. There are more job opportunities with education . Furthermore , in this economic sensitive world ,everybody desire to acquire government job to secure their lives . Nevertheless, government authorities have made the College studies mandatory .

    Firstly , successful in obtaining $25 per hour is commendable ,to the contrast ,education can lead to far superior salary jobs. . Secondly , acquired skills in education opens many ways to get another job , if company bankrupts or job loss happens . However, options are less to replicate same job for misfortune .
    I hope you will be consider my opinion.

  61. Dear Eman,

    I’m writing you to express how happy and proud of you I am. I know both of your parents are doctors, I expected you to get good grades in high school but to be ranked in the forefront of your class is stunning and impressive.However, I heard that you are not interested in continuing your studies and to be honest I am a little bit upset.

    Firstly, you are smart and talented going to college will not be challenging for you and it will show your real ability. I know your parents stressed you out all the time in order to go to med school but between me and you, if you don’t like it you don’t have to. On the other hand you shouldn’t avoid college because of that.

    Second of all, I know you very well and I can tell you want to be financially independent. Nothing is wrong with that but if you avoid collge you might struggle financially in the future, since you have a growing responsibility with time. I don’t want you to do my very same mistake, at the beginning I have a nice car and now I can barely pay for my son’s tuition fees.

    I hope you consider my advice and we will talk about this in more details on you come back to Jordan.

    Take care,
    Your loving uncle Ahmad

  62. Plants in office are very refreshing and I personally like them very much. I don’t think it is fair to assign task to water them to a single person (boss’s assistance in this case). It should be responsibility of everyone in office.
    We have around 500 plants in our office. Everyone likes them as it makes us feel like we are working in a garden or a park. Single person can not water them all every day as it will take whole day. We should divide the areas in office between different teams. Team manager is responsible for watering plants in their area. Manager should be able to assign task to their team members as he feels like. We can ask teams in a survey after a month how the arrangement is working for them. Teams can learn from each other that way.
    All of us enjoy the office with plants. We should share responsibility to take care of them as well.

  63. To whom it may concern:
    I live at 2222 Molly Avenue, Mississauga Ontario. I am writing this email to complain about teenagers gathering and shouting in the park which is just across my house.

    I have been enjoying my pleasant stay in this house for the last 10 years and have no problem so far. Recently, I see many youngsters are gathering in this park in the evening, and making the surrounding environment unpleasant for all people who live in this society. They shout after drinking beer and abuse to each other. These students stay the late night in the park and harm the park’s belongings.

    I really require your help in continuing my staying in the same house. To do so, I have a couple of recommendations if you would like to follow. Number one, put a notice board in park mentioning “Gathering in this park from 10 PM to 6 AM is Prohibited “. Number two, if a Police officers visit the park and share the information with students that whatever they are doing is a crime and if they continue to do so they will be charged for a criminal case”.

    I think the above notions will help for sure and the youngster will not dare to stay the late night in the place.

    Thanks in advance for all your help regarding this.

  64. Dear Aashka,
    I would like to congratulate you on high school graduation with exceptional performance. I am aware how hard you studied. I am proud of you. Your mother told me about your wish to directly start a job now and not going for university education.
    You are bright student and I don’t want to question your judgement. But according to me, you should consider going to college. In today’s world, College education is necessary. Most of high paying jobs require university degree. College will help you expand your knowledge across different fields. College will help you identify what you like and what you want to do professionally for rest of your life. In professional life, college degree is very useful in getting promotions. I am aware that financial freedom of earning now is very lucrative. But on long term, you will regret not going to college.
    I will always support you no matter what you decide to do next. I hope this helps you in deciding.
    Your Uncle,

  65. I appreciate that management is considering our opinion in this matter.
    I would definitely prefer the second option. A team becomes much stronger when there is team work, and not only doing office job but any other duties . There are a few arguments why I prefer option B .
    Firstly, I think if the tasks of watering plants, will be assigned to each of team members will be much easier than if only one persone is doing that.
    Will be more interactive, you get to see and talk to people that you saw only once in the company.
    Is more fun, when you change your activities during the day, and it s also goo for your body,because you forgett about your chai for a few minutes.
    Secondly, it seems for me impposibly that only one persone to do this every day, it is not fair and it s not equal.
    Let s make everyone s life easier and do a team work. This is my motto.

    • Nice job! I think this one would get 5 or 6. If you need any help preparing CELPIP, kindly contact me on Skype. ID: “hightestscore.com”

  66. Dear Rebeca,
    I cannot describe how happy and proud of you made me the news I got from your mom yesterday. I always knew you are the brightest student in your class, and your remarcable grades have proved it one more time.
    You are the proud of our family, we deffinetly have to celebrate that.
    I also heard that you are thinking of ideea to find a job immediatly and you re not considering going to college. Maybe this looks the best solution for you now, but please, think further, there are so many opportunities for you, for your career, for your future .If you start working straight after high school you ll find only cheap jobs, but you are better than that, you can do more that that.
    Going to college, having a degree, those will open a door for a bright future.
    And also college life is something that everyone should experince, there you discover who you really are and what you want to do.
    And belive me you will have so much more opportunities to find a decent and well paid job when you have a degree.
    However, you will be the one who decide, but please take in consideration my opinion.
    Hope to catch up soon.

    Auntie Christine

  67. Hello,
    Please see my answer below.

    Hi Bruna,
    I hope is everything well with you.
    Congratulations for your high school’s graduation. I am so proud of you. You was the brightest student in your class with remarkable grades.
    I talked with your mom yesterday, and she told me that you do not want to consider going to college. I decide to talk with you and I hope change your idea.
    I know you want to work for make some money and have your independence. At the moment this look like very excite, but in the future probably you would like to regress and go to the college. You are a brightest student, you always dream about became a programmer. Are stop now? It is your future.
    The college will be just more two years, and you can work part time with you really want to. After the college, you will be able to enjoy much more your work and make more money too.
    I hope you can think better about your decision. If you would like the idea, we can go to a coffee when I can tell you a lot of good experience that I had in my college’s years.

    • I still think you won’t exceed 5 or 6 tops. Let me know if you are interested in taking some writing classes. I will be glad to assist you.

  68. Survey:

    In my option the best choice is option B, assign the task to each of the team members.
    First, when we received the survey about keep the plants almost everybody voted to have the office full of plants. In this case, I believe is not fair put the responsibility to water them in just one person. If everybody help this will be benefic for all the employees and nobody need to be overcharged. Every team member can water them and check this with a control sheet.
    Second, I know the boss’s personal assistant loves plants already he has too many things to do. For example the number of meetings, he needs to organize every day. I think he will be not happy with an unfair duty.
    In resume if everybody wants to keep the plants, everybody needs to help with take care of them. I believe If we prepare a detail control sheet with dates and names that who will be responsible to water them and but the sheet in the intranet will be fair with every person.

  69. I truly appreciate the management for asking our opinion on the matter. I think that this duty should be shared by all the team members equally and not just by Linda.

    I have a few reasons for it. Firstly, the plants are spread in the entire office and not just in the boss’ office. So if all of us enjoy the benefits of these plants, why should not all of us also share the responsibility? Also, I feel that it would be too much to ask from just one person. She already has a lot on her plate, and adding this to her list of tasks is not fair. Instead, if the entire team shares this responsibility, it would not seem like a burden.

    I suggest that we should all assign one day to a particular team member for him/her to water the plants. We could go in alphabetical order of last names, or by birthdays, or any other order. This way it would be equally distributed among all of us, and would not be a burden on just the one person. Putting it all on Linda alone, honestly seems very unfair.

  70. Dear Jane,

    So pleased to hear about your high school results this week! Many congratulations to you! You have made all of us in the family so proud of your achievements. I am not surprised though. After all, you were the brightest in your class.

    However, your mother tells me that you do not plan on going to college and instead want to directly start working? That, my dear, is not a very good decision in my opinion. Education is a really important part of life. Not only does it help you make a successful career, but also brings innumerable unforgetable experiences in life. College life is something everybody should get to experience.

    On the other side, you have your whole life in front of you to work. I don`t want you to miss out on the joys of being a college student. Also, in a few years, all your friends will be graduated and have successful careers, and I don`t want you to feel like you missed out on something.

    I ask you to think again about your decision since it is going to affect a big part of your life. My best wishes are always with you.


  71. Dear Anna,

    Congratulation on graduating High school and being top of your class on 2018. I am very proud to say that my niece is the brightest student in her class to all my neighbors.
    I remember the day of my graduation and how excited to start college in the next few weeks to become a nurse. There are many options for you now that you are finish high school. Your mother Helen has mentions to me that you have desired to start working and not to pursuit in your dream career to be a doctor. That you want to work and save up money to be in a better financial place for college. I understand your concern; however, my family will help you pay for the college tuition fees and accommodation. We have that problem solved and next week I am taking you to visit some colleges that you can apply for at the end of the summer.
    I am always here for you and willing to come to a compromise of going to college and working part time. I do whoever strongly suggest to not work part time, as your education is far more valuable them a job when training to be a doctor.

    Aunty Cathy

  72. Dear Anna,

    First of all, many congratulations on getting excellent grades from high school. I am very happy for you. The way you were preparing for your exams, I was sure that you will get a high score.

    Secondly, I know that you wanted to work after completing your high school. But going to college is also as vital as work. College is the first step towards your career. You need to decide which stream you want to go and based on your decision, your future will decide. You will learn all the subjects in details in college, so you will get detail level of practical knowledge in all the subjects.

    You will get a better opportunity in future if you have a graduation or post-graduation degree. Without it, you may not qualify for an interview itself. This is the pre-requisite for many of the good companies. You will not progress much in your career if you don’t have a graduation or post-graduation degree. So this is a must for you to do the college education.

    I hope you will agree with me and think about college education.

    Best Regards
    John Smith

  73. To whom it may concern,
    I would like to register a complaint. Two weeks ago, I purchase a 2-year membership to your gym after seeing your advertisement posted on my local bus stop. The ad promoted its complementary personal trainer for the first month, locker with individual locks, and protein bars. It also featured a picture of the standard gym equipment like treadmills, bicycles, and weight stations. However, after attending the gym, every day, for the last two weeks, I found that most of these advertised features were not provided. There was only one trainer for every three members, which makes the “personal” part beyond misleading and makes it untrue. Moreover, the jar of protein bars was filled only in the morning and was gone by the end of the day.
    I have since spoken with the manager and she has not addressed my complaints properly. She also noted that the advert was not misleading and it was not a ground for false advertisement since they were technically true when the gym is below 50% occupancy.
    To address my issues, I would like to ask for a personal trainer for the next four weeks, and I suggest the gym refill its protein bar jar three times a day. Furthermore, I would like an apology from the gym manager.
    David Lee

  74. I truly appreciate your efforts to survey with the goal of doing what is best for our team. Your options, tasking your personal assistant or each of the team members to water the office plants, both have their own merits. Although tasking each of the team members will encourage teamwork, I think tasking your personal assistant will be most beneficial for several reasons.
    Firstly, assigning the task to your assistant would be more effective and facilitate the task better. If the responsibility of watering the plants is distributed, there will be a high probability of miscommunication and mismanagement. For instance, if one employee forgets to water because they did not think it was their turn to water the plants, the plant will suffer with malnutrition. In contrast, there is no room for misunderstanding when one person is responsible for it.
    Secondly, the task takes away valuable time for each team member. I believe that productivity is of paramount importance for our work, and if we must water the plants, we will get distracted and unable to focus on our work. The time inefficiency will greatly degrade the performance of our company.
    Thus, I think you should task your assistant to water our office plants.

  75. I strongly feel option B is a better choice over option A. The below reasons will shed some light on my preference.
    First, school buses will have only one pick up and drop off point, while public transit will be stopping at many points on the route. In addition, for public transit, the students have to wait for the arrivals of the bus at the bus stop which may take a while. All this would increase the students travel time, and hence, they would be left with lesser time for enjoying their destination.
    Second, since teachers would be accompanying many students on field trips, it would put them at ease with regards to boarding and alighting of students when the pickup and drop off point are under their control. Furthermore, public transit may not go to the final trip destination and may expect students to alight at some other closest point. It becomes taxing for the teachers to drag them safely to the final point.
    Last, I concede, private transport would not be as cost effective as public transport, but students’ safety is of paramount importance than saving some money. In public transit, they come across many strangers and teachers many find it difficult to monitor and control their conversation.
    For the above stated reasons, I think the school authorities should not permit usage of public transit for the field trips.

  76. Hi Annie,
    Hearty congratulations on your outstanding grades in the school. You are the perfect epitome of our family and made us feel proud of it.
    Unfortunately, you chose to work instead of going for higher studies. I’m very skeptical about your decision as it would hit very badly on your future. You will definitely regret missing the college. I request you to contemplate on your future plans for the following reasons.
    Firstly, in this competitive world, Higher education holds significant importance. Your intellectuality and thoughts will grow multifold with the learnings at college. You will get to know different people, cultures and lifestyle which plays prominent role in your professional career.
    Moreover, jobs with higher degree will land you in superior positions and guarantee a beautiful and planned lifestyle.
    With high school degree, you will endup with only low paid hourly jobs with no or stagnant growth in your career for a long time.
    I’m sure you will make a wise decision and wishing you more prosperity and happy life ahead.
    Best Regards
    Uncle John

    just one quick info. is 200 words including the name at the bottom. please suggest.

  77. In my opinion, watering the plants is a fun activity; something different from the regular office work, therefore, it should be made a rotating task between all workers. This will serve multiple benefits. To start with, the responsibility will not fall on one person not making it an unwanted burden for that person. Besides, everyone will get a break to interact with nature during the few minutes it takes to water the plants. Not to mention the consequent health benefits from all the moving and lifting.
    Boss’s personal assistant is already overloaded and may skip the watering on some days due to the other priorities. If everyone is gaining from the fresh oxygen, fragrance and beautiful greenery, then everybody should contribute to keeping it alive.
    Moreover, sharing the plant-watering task can come across as a team building activity to spark the team spirit between the employees. I would like to recommend our boss to appoint this work, one team a month as a competition between the teams. This way each team will put in their best efforts to sustain the greenery at work and never forget to care for their silent friends.

  78. Dear Amy,

    Firstly I would like to congratulate you on your excellent grades in high school. You have made all of us very proud. I am glad that you took this crucial year seriously and your hard work paid off well.
    Now that you are ready to transition into the next big phase of your life, I wanted to share my own experience with you. I believe a college degree is extremely important before you decide to pursue anything else in life. Not only does it give you the knowledge but also changes your perspective towards everything. You can always start earning once you graduate from a great college but it would not be easy to get education once you move on from this stage.
    A college degree can open many doors of opportunities, which may otherwise not be possible. Hope that you will be able to make the right decision for your career and future. You can always call me if you need my guidance on any matter.

    Yours Lovingly,

  79. Dear Sara,

    I would like to congratulate you on achieving remarkable grades in high school. I am overwhelmed by joy and happiness that I couldn’t express. On the other hand, the decision of skipping graduation and starting to work might not be as fruitful as you think.

    To start with, it is highly recommended that a person should pursue higher education to enhance their knowledge and skills. Higher education entices higher paying jobs which is essential to live blissful life. In my view, I would encourage you to study further since you are a bright student.

    On the other hand, without a master’s degree, a person can work only on less paying jobs such as pizza delivery, customer service executive etc. and after some time it can lead to anxiety and frustration of not having luxurious life due to less pay.

    At the end, I would advice you to rethink on your decision and I hope my mail will help to make a wise choice.

    Uncle Sam

  80. Hi, there. Could you help to check my writing below, payment made.

    Task one

    Dear Joan,

    I have to say I was shocked when I heard that you are seeking employment without considering going to college. It is a mistake. Please think it again.

    Do you know how much all your parents were proud of you, especially when you were named as the high school valedictorian last month? As a straight A student from secondary school, you always elated us with awards, trophies, and medals. One popular topic of family get- together was “What universities and major should Joan apply?”

    Working after high school is not a good idea. As a college instructor, I personally witness many brilliant high school graduates struggled in low level jobs for much longer time. It is proved fact that once you earning money you will eventfully lost interest in pursuing higher education. Therefore, in spite of high cost of post-secondary study, it is definitely worthwhile. Few years later upon graduation, you will not only be well-prepared for a high-paid professional job, but also lay solid foundation for a great career.

    I cannot emphasize more strongly on the issue. Please opt for right path at the vital cross road of your life.


    Task Two

    We all love our indoor landscape, and would like to keep the plants green for longer time. As for watering arrangement, although option B seems fair to all team members, as far as I am concerned, option A would be more practicable and effective.

    Firstly, option A makes the boss’s personal assistant the one and only person responsible for the task. So whenever a problem occurs, no others, but him/her would be blamed. Consequently he/she will take this task seriously — remember to water plants every day and every time. In contrast, in option B, everyone shares the responsibility, but it makes each one not really accountable.

    Secondly he/she has a green thumb and loves work with flowers, bushes and trees. Admittedly watering all the plants will add her duties, I assume our boss will adjust her workload accordingly. As I know some members of our team are annoyed by thinking about their turn to water. It is better to assign the task to someone who enjoys it other than others deem it as burden.

    Based on above consideration, I am convinced that option A would be a better choice for maintaining our green ambiance.

  81. We all love our indoor landscape, and would like to keep the plants green for longer time. As for watering arrangement, although option b seems fair to team members, as far as I am concerned, option A would be more practicable and effective.

    First off, in option A, the boss’s personal assistant is the only person responsible for the task. Therefore whenever a problem occurs, no others, but him/her would be blamed. Thus he/she will take this task seriously — remember to water them every day and every time. In contrast, in option B, everyone shares the responsibility, but no one would remain accountable.

    Additionally, he/she has a green thumb and loves work with flowers, bushes and trees. Admittedly watering all the plants will add her workload, it is better to assign the task to someone who enjoys it other than others who may deem it as burden. Once she mentioned that every single pot in our office need its own watering timing and method. I believe she has the passion and ability to ensure our plant get watering and other care they deserve.

    Based on above consideration, I am convinced that option A would be a better choice for maintaining our green ambiance.

  82. Dear Joan,

    I was shocked when I heard that you are seeking employment instead of pursuing higher education. It is a mistake. Please think it again.

    Do you know how much all our extended families were proud of you, especially when you were named as the high school valedictorian last month? As a straight A student from secondary school, you always elated us with awards, trophies, and medals. One popular topic of family get- together was “What universities and major should Joan apply?”

    Today, tertiary education is not Nice-to-Have, but a Must-Have. Colleges provide perfect environment for young people, like you, can thrive academically, physically, and psychologically. To start, you have to determine your major, considering both personal interest and labor market. During the program, while acquiring knowledge on the major and around subjects, you need to spend money wisely, keep healthy seriously, arrange your time effectively, and expand personal network simultaneously. All these not only make you well-prepared for a professional job, but also lay solid foundation for a great career.

    I cannot emphasize more strongly on the issue. Please opt for right path at the vital cross road of your life.

    Best regards,

    John Smith

  83. I consider myself honored to be working in a office surrounded by plants, especially because it makes me feel closer to nature. Considering this scenario, I am extremely enthusiastic about the idea to share the responsibility to take care of the office plants among the staff members.

    First, I honestly believe it is an unfair solution to assign a singular individual to assume the entire the responsibility for the office plants. This person has already to manage with her work tasks and it will increase considerably its workload. Second, it is a wiser decision to have the coworkers working toward the same purpose, sharing responsibilities and having a different task compared to our jobs. Lastly, I consider this opportunity as an excellent idea to learn new skills. It was brought to my awareness that there are several published articles that demonstrate benefits on stress relief, decrease of mental illness episodes and important contributions for energy enhancement and self-motivation among the employees.

    Having the above information into consideration, I rather most likely to share the assigned responsibility within the team instead of have to burden one of our peers with this extensive duty.

  84. Dear Sara,
    Congratulations, for graduating from high school with flying colors. You’ve made your parents proud, keep up the good work. I am writing this to advise you to go to college before starting work.

    You’ve always been the topper in your school for decades, so it’s no wonder that you cleared your exams with a whooping score especially, a centum in mathematics clearly proves your ability and the love that you have for the subject. However, I am skeptical about your decision to work immediately without attending college.

    I would want you to attend college first, before starting work and there are several reasons behind that. Firstly, at school you study all the subjects together at the fundamental level but at college you will get the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge on a particular subject of your interest. Secondly, this specialization will enhance your career and get you job ready.

    Also, I personally have witnessed students who took work instead of pursuing their higher education end up struggling at the lower levels in the company for a longer period of time. Furthermore, it is a proven fact that once you start earning money you will eventually lose interest in pursuing higher education. Hence, I’d advise you to go to college and then take up work which would be more beneficial for you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes,


    It is an undeniable fact, that all the workers in a firm must be treated equally without any discrimination. Since our office plans to maintain a green space for its employees it has planted plants all around the office and now the issue of concern is who will water these plants. I tend to incline towards option B which encourages the entire team to participate in watering the plants.

    There are several reasons why I prefer option B over option A. First of all, when the entire team is asked to water the plants it makes the task easier for everyone because the work is divided among staffs and they can water the plants on a rotational basis. Secondly, when the responsibility is given to one particular individual it conflicts with the company’s policy of treating all the employees equally.

    In addition, option A would be an unfair decision because the entire burden is transferred to the personal assistant who might get annoyed in a short span of time. Furthermore, all workers share the same work space and enjoy the green ambiance hence it would be a fair decision only when the entire team involves, contributes and shares the responsibility among them in maintaining the ambiance of the firm.

    To conclude based on the above mentioned reasons and keeping in mind the policy of treating all employees equally, I recommend option B which would be the best solution.

      • thanks a lot, My requirement is a CLB 9. I just have one issue, i am unable to express the ideas within 200 words. I always end up writing more than 230 words. Is it really okay to write more than 200 words? Will i lose marks if i write lengthy passages?

        • I would not recommend exceeding 230 words; do not give them any reason to lower your score. Better safe than regret it.

  85. I know most of the employees might prefer option A over option B. However, I strongly recommend that watering the plants should be all of our responsibility. It is not fair to ask boss’s personal assistant to do it every day.
    The plants around the office create a very refreshing work space and are enjoyed by everyone. It gives us the feeling that we are outside in the nature and they flowers certainly do make the office smell nice. I believe assigning this tasks to the personal assistant would burden her workload and consume a lot of her time every day. If we divide the office area and assign a particular area to a team member it would make it efficient and fair. Everyone would be able to contribute and have a say in what plants are potted every year. This would be a fun activity for people to do around the office.
    I think this will definitely solve the problem as everyone will be answerable to each other.

  86. Dear Janet,
    Congratulations on your graduation from high school. I heard you were the valedictorian for your batch and I am so proud of you. I can’t believe you are growing up so fast. However, it deeply concerns me to hear that you want to take up a job instead of going to college.
    A piece of advice from my own experience, if you want to have a stable and a well-respected job it is necessary to have higher education. I know the thought of earning money and becoming independent is tempting but you might end up regretting it. Higher education means better job prospects as well better income. It also gives you an opportunity to gain more experience and build a strong network of peers. You will also get more time to explore life and make new friends. I know you are an ambitious girl and I don’t want to feel limited by your education as you progress in your career.
    I really hope you make an informed decision. I will be visiting you this weekend and I hope we can talk more about this. I will support you no matter what you decide.
    Yours sincerely,

    • Good work! Try to organize your paragraphs better next time. You also tend to miss some articles and pronouns sometimes. If you could take care of that, you have a good chance to score 9. Keep it up!

  87. Hi Anna,

    Hearing your school results made me feel proud. First of all, congratulations for this achievement. Your hard work gave you a great reward. I am so happy for you.

    In college, you will new things which will help you to increase your knowledge and sharpen your mind as well. College is a pathway towards a bright future. College connects us to a modern world where we learn how to be successful in our life. Meet new people every day and exchange our thought with each other gives us new experience. College gives us a chance to explore new things which is a advantage. Nowadays, college degree grows up our value in the society.

    Start working after high school looks like a fun at the beginning, however consequences are opposite. Lack of education tends us to work in factories. You cannot expect to earn more money which will make your future bright. High pay rate jobs demand college or university degree which you will be lacked.
    Though I am not your father, however I want to give you some suggestions.

    Yours faithfully.


  88. Dear Swati,

    I hope you are doing well. i heard about you are result, you got excellent grade in high school.
    I am really happy about your success and you are deserver it after so much hard work.

    I also heard from your Mom that you dont want to continue study and you are looking for the Job.
    there is no harm in Doing Job, but now in your age you need to look for further study. so, you can develop your
    skillset and you will get better job in future.

    additionally, if you look for job, you will get job but its small scale and also, there is more work and stressful. it will effect on your health and you will not earn enogh money as well. I know you are good in study if you pursue college you will definitely get good grade and more profession job in future, so, you can earn more money from it.

    I hope you are agree with my suggestion and you will change your mind and will take admission in college.
    I am looking forwared to hear good news from you,

    Yours Lovely Uncle,

  89. Dear Abc,

    I am very happy to hear that you got good grades in your high school.
    As you have made everybody proud by this achievement you definitely deserve a Gift but the decision of working without getting into college
    is not a wise decision.

    I will be more happy to state that if you go to college for further studies, that will definitely leave an impact on your mind
    and your skill set will increase additionally you will able to explore yourself while going for higher education.

    Your decision for working but not studying is not correct as you will not be able to explore yourself.
    Higher education gives you a way and adds an extra dimension to give you a way for your professional life.
    Moreover don’t expect too much in terms of your salary and in that case, you might regret after some time that you made a wrong decision.

    Overall if you go to college and then preferring for your professional life is a wise decision for you, as I am your well wisher
    but still, I feel you are on a wrong track that’s why trying to guide you so that you can take a good decision in your life.

    your’s Aunt,

  90. I am so lucky to be part of this survey, I my opinion I would go with the option B. There are several reasons why I choose this option B over option A.

    First and foremost, we are total of 30 members as a team, if the task was assigned to team members sharing the work would lead to once a month per member. Which would not be stressful at all. But in contrast,
    personal assistant may forgot or miss due to her over work, which would lead to current problem.

    However, Just it would take 5 minutes to water the plants, where the team members would spend that time as small break between their work which would give peace of mind, so that it would help in their work productavity.

    Finally, As our office is surrounded by plants, watering then regularly would provide as fresh air, which would intern lead to healthy living and be a part of supporting global cause.

    I conclude that option B would point out to a positive result.

  91. Dear Amanda,

    I have came to know that you are done with high school, and opting to work rather that going to college.

    First of all, I am so happy for your graduation of high school with tremendous grades what you earned. We should meet next week to celebrate this moment.

    However, I know you are born with talent, even though getting educated is un stoppable. It’s so important to pursue your college studies, and you will appreciated with a much bigger job than what your are expecting right now.

    Finally, I would suggest that working as after high school is not a good idea, because at this age keeping stress on you would lead to mental tensions. Where as when you complete college you would develop on your thoughts and would lead to better future.

    Have a Good Day, Please think of my suggestion.

    Yours lovingly,

  92. Hi,
    Below is the answer for writing task 2. Kindly provide your valuable comments.


    Personally, I think assigning the task of watering plants to the team is a good option. Even though boss’s personal assistant can do this work but if task done by team will promote the teamwork.

    The first benefit of assigning the task to a team that work can be done in less time compared to the time and effort one person will put into it. For example, last week all team members of the team volunteer for fund raising charity event and they distributed themselves in a small group which approached different departments of the organization and the task done in a day which could have taken a week if only one person had the responsibility.

    Another benefit is the increment towards strong work culture. To encourage teamwork, many organizations invest lot of money so supporting such small activities itself can benefit the organization in a bigger picture. In addition to this such small task might be a fun activity for employees and a burden for boss’s personal assistant.

    Considering all these factors, I think the responsibility should be given to team as an activity combined with benefits. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to provide input on this issue.

    • Nice try! I believe this one should get 6. A word of advice, try to avoid any ready-made sentences or expressions you find on the net. They consider this as a form of cheating!

  93. Dear Sara,


    Hearing about your graduation made me very proud of you. I can’t express my happiness in words. The grades which you got are really great. I know you are the brightest student of your class, so you must deserve such grades.

    However, your decision about going to work, made me little upset. I would like to say, that higher education is very important in our lives. In school ,we learn so many subjects and gain knowledge, but how to imply that knowledge in practical life, we learn from college education and in universities. Aside, continuation of anything is far more better that completing in various parts i.e. education.So, in my point of view, you can continue your education besides going to work.

    Hence, I feel that starting a job soon might give you number of difficulties. You can’t expect much salary without any degrees. Moreover you would feel pain and regret after seeing your classmates on higher position due to their higher studies.

    Anyway, its totally your decision. Hope you will understand my concern and choose whatever is right for you. Once again Congratulations.

    love you

  94. The plants, which have been installed by the HR department, has been a great help to the transformation of our office. In my opinion, the watering should be assigned to each member of the group.

    First of all, everybody seemed very impressed of what ornaments can do to such a boring and monotonous place like ours. Taking care of these plants will not be an added duty on us, but may be turned into a hobby as well. On our break, we could share a minute or so to check the assigned plants to us. In addition, the beauty of these plants makes our stress be somewhat relieved as it provides a calmer atmosphere.

    Secondly, the distribution of this task to each of our workmates would promote camaraderie and teamwork. As I know, Genie, the marketing assistant, is very passionate about orchids and has a green thumb, she could share to us tips on how to take good care of the plants.

    On the other hand, assigning these to the boss` assistant would be an added burden to him because the plants are numerous and he is always out of town for several meetings.

    Thank you for considering my opinion.

    • Great work! Sorry for this delay by the way! You could get 9-10 for this wonderful writing style in my opinion. Keep it up!

  95. First of all, I would like to thank you for considering my opinion upon this matter. I would like to go with, option B: where, we should set a date and organize a big party to celebrate all birthdays at once. There, are some advantages going with option B.We will be saving time as well as money and enjoy bigger celebration.

    I personally believes, that option ,A: having small parties every other day is waste of time for all employees .Also, for some reason, if someone can not stay then that person turn out to be rude in whole staff’s eyes. The extra time that we spend to celebrate someone’s birthday we do not get paid and person who’s birthday it is mostly have better plans to celebrate it with their families. Most of the time, when it is birthday for someone they tends to takes a day off to treat them personally.

    Therefore, if we only celebrate the one big party we will not have to worry about staying in the office every other day to celebrate.
    We can arrange such a party at the end of each month last working day.It will be a good celebration and nobody would mind spending one hour extra once a month.

  96. Hi Mr. Bob

    Today, I am writing this email, in regards to the issue that has been recently, arose due to the event in our neighborhood. We moved to this quite, neat area five years ago. There is no social bias, among people of this area and we all get to gather on weekends in the park. Since, you have started this weekly event. I muse say, it is good cause to have the outdoor market.

    It is impacting our lives and ruining our peace in the area. Therefore, it has become impossible to enjoy a peaceful weekend in that park anymore. Our kids, cannot play on weekends in the park which seems to be big headache for all of us.

    Firstly, I would like to suggest, that you create more parking spots. If possible, you can also make that event for one day either on Saturday or Sunday. This way, we all will know that we have one day to enjoy our peace at the park.
    Lastly, it is better to arrange an indoor place before, winter begins.

    Please, pay your keen interest into this matter. I hope, that you will come up with a better solution that will benefit the whole neighborhood.
    Best Regards,
    Angela Rose
    please read,review and score!

  97. Dear Joy,

    Congratulations on your graduation! You did really great in passing high school on top of your class. I know you still have lots of potentials and the future is bright for you so I recommend you to still continue your studies and forget about having work yet.
    Firstly, you are still at the age of discovering yourself and I think in pursuing a college degree, you will be able to find more what you are passionate about. Moreover, a degree would prepare you on your future endeavors especially that the best companies nowadays require high standards such as educational attainment.
    Secondly. I know you are thinking of the financial difficulties of your family since your father have just lost his job, but I can tell you that as I saw your grades, no doubt you can apply for academic scholarships or even apply as a student assistant at the office.
    Lastly, if you get a job now, you have low chances of having a promotion therefore what you could earn will also be limited.
    I hope you make up your mind and have a second thought of what I have just told you.


  98. Dear Riya,

    I am very happy to hear about your higher secondary exam results. Congratulations my dear. Felling proud of you. I will buy present for you. Also i heard from your mother that you are not going to college for higher studies. You would like to work instead?

    I highly recommend that you should join for your higher studies in college. This is the right time for you to get your degree. Because of you have high score in Higher secondary its very easy for you to get admission. You can join in any college up-to your wish. May be you can find your old friends in your class.

    Also if you wish to get a good position in a good company you should have a degree with you. In the future also if there is a chance of promotion you should have your higher qualifications. Now a days everybody is very competitive. If you wish to work you can easily find part time jobs with your studies.

    Another thing after some years if you think about studying may be by that time your age will be over. so that might be a disqualification. So i think you follow the procedures for your college studies.

    I hope you understand what i am trying to convince you. I would love to hear the happy news from you.

    Take care


  99. Hi Jane,
    It has been quite long I heard from you last , I hope you’re doing great. I learnt from you dad yesterday while chatting that you graduated in flying colours from high school, a hearty congratulations dear. It is very appealing to keep our family flag flying. I hope we are going to have a first professor in applied sciences in you. Nevertheless, I was very surprised when I heard that you intend to start work straight up, rather than pursuing a college degree, that prompted me to write up this email.

    Having been your mentor from childhood I thought you would always follow my footsteps, it is obvious that one can’t be a registered professional in his/her field without having a college certificate. For instance before you become a registered Engineer, you ought to have graduated from an university or a college. Likewise these certificates and licences would be the stepping stone for you to attain a higher position in your desired profession which would grant you a success in future.

    Although having a good paid job after high school may be tempting, but you should also remember that having a college certificate would change your status to an elite in the society. In long run it would be more beneficial to you both financially and otherwise.
    Kindly, I hope my advice would make a lot of sense to you, I’m looking forward to seeing you enroll in one of the prestigious Colleges in the country.
    Uncle Ben

  100. I would like to commend you on your interest of beautifying and making our working environment nice and healthy with your plantation scheme.
    Regarding the issue on the survey, I would prefer option A for some reasons.

    Firstly, there is a need to have a focal person that would be responsible for these plants, As the saying goes ” a dog with many feeders always dies of hunger ” the same would apply to these plants if we share the watering responsibility among the team members. The focal person would take the glory if the plants fully survives and the blame if they die off. These might serve as a catalyst while carrying the duty.

    Secondly, watering of plants usually takes place early in the morning or late in the evening, and considering our departure schedule most of the team members closes earlier in the day between 2-3pm. While the personal assistant normally closes by 5pm. So this would fit his schedule better.

    Although it would have been very nice to see the team members participate in the watering of the plants, but for the above mentioned reasons and ability to deliver the team’s tasks promptly, I think the personal assistant would do it better.
    Thank you for listening to my opinion.

  101. Having a restaurant where the workers may have their daily intakes for a very moderate price is advantages. However, the benefits of Option B overshadow the benefits of Option A. Hence, there are several reasons I give my preference to a childcare facility.

    First of all, nowadays many mothers are deprived of a chance to work, although they are keen on indeed, mainly because they can not leave their offspring alone, or with their relatives. So, this facility will make it feasible for them to go for their job, they have cravings for, together with their children.

    Secondly, it has been proved by many au fait specialists that when mothers leave their babies at home, they are less competent at work place, as it is hard for them to concentrate. As a result, the quality of work suffers, per se, company suffers, too. More, with results like this, these women are less likely to be promoted in the future.

    So, according to aforementioned reasons I am convinced that replacing the restaurant with childcare facility is better option.

  102. Dear Nancy,

    I am delighted to know your high school score. You score makes me proud of you. I didn’t know that you have such a capability which you proved with you high school grades. I am lucky to have you as my niece.

    Now, since you achieved a good score in high school, you have really good prospect to get a good college. High school studies are not enough for any good and high salaried job. To get such a job, you need to study further in college and get trained for white collar jobs.

    Working with the high school certificate will not give you proper job which you actually deserve. I feel you should not stop your studies and go for higher education that will give you more opportunity in the job market. As an elder person, I would like to suggest you that do not stop your education as you are bright students and can do wonders if get a chance. Think twice before taking such a hard step because this time will not come back again.

    I hope you understand my concern and will consider what I am trying to say

    God Bless You

    Yours Uncle

  103. Dear Sarah,

    I am writing you to give advice for your professional life. I have learned from your parents that you decided to start working instead of pursuing a higher education.

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your high scores and for being elected the best student of the year. I am very proud of you! On the other hand, I am less proud to hear you are quitting studying.

    I understand you want to be financial independent and leave your parents’ house. As a result, you realized that the easier way was to get a job. I wish you can comprehend that having a higher degree will give you the opportunities to lend a better paying job. In addition, the university life will provide you with the most diverse experiences. For short, you will leave home, you will make life-time friends, learn a lot and have fun.

    I hope you think more thoroughly about your next steps. You have a brilliant future ahead and I hope you take my advice into consideration.

    With love,

    Aunt Rosie

  104. In order to take good care of those plants in the office, I will assign the task to each of the team members instead of the boss’s personal assistant. Here are my reasons:

    To start with, those plants are for every employee in the office, they bring fresh air and a good view. Everyone should appreciate their existence. Hence, if they want to maintain this green environment, they should contribute their time and effort to cultivate the plants.

    Secondly, if every team member take a shift to look after the plants, it won’t cost much personal time. We have 5 team members in the office right now, which means everyone only waters once per week. It’s quite an easy and enjoyable work.

    In addition, as watering the plants be the whole team’s responsibility, the team members will watch each other and remind each other in case someone forget about his or her duty. If it becomes the duty of the boss’s personal assistant, who will take care of those plants if she is on business trip?

    Hence, I will certainly choose option B to carry out this task.

  105. Hi Sir or Madam, here’s my second writing work, please give some advice, thank you!

    Hi Sophie,

    I’m so glad to hear from your mom that you have graduated with outstanding grades, congratulations!

    However, I have also been told that you are planning to start working instead of furthering your study at university. Personally I think it will be hard for you to find a decent job without a university degree. Generally, people believe that university education guarantees a good job in the future. The reason is that you will acquire knowledge in different fields at college which improves your employability. For example, if you study Finance and get related qualifications, then you might become an accountant later. What’s more, you will be more competitive if you have a bachelor or diploma degree. As a Human Resource Manager, I can say the higher educational level you have, the more job opportunities you will get.

    Another thing is that, with such a spectacular academic performance, you can definitely apply for grants from most of Canadian or American universities and win one for sure, so make good use of it! Also, I can imagine how frustrated you will be when you see other peers, whose grades are inferior to yours, pursuing their university degree and earning more money than you in the future.

    I hope these ideas would be helpful for you, and I’m standby if you need any further help!

    Best regards,


  106. Hi Sir and Madam, here’s my answer for T2, could you please kindly help me to have a check? Thank you so much!

    Putting Sophia in charge of watering plants in our office alone, in my personal opinion is unjust. I think it is the right time to emphasize the team spirit in this situation, so everyone of us should take the responsibility to do this.

    We need to realize that our company has made its effort to buy these plants to make the daily grind less depressing, and apparently everyone benefits from this and enjoy a more pleasurable working surrounding. It is undoubted that we should share this work since these plants help improve our productivity in ways of making us relaxed from tedious paper work and also making us concentrate on tasks at hand. Watering plants in turns will not cost us too much time and it could be a good form of physical exercise which is good for our health.

    Also, there is no reason to ask Sophia to take full charge of such a laboring work since she already has a heavy work load and does so many administrative jobs. And we should not forget the fact that she often accompanies our boss Mr. Theden to go for business trips from time to time, it would not be a good idea to assign this task solely to her.

    Above all, I would suggest to get everyone involved in this task since these plants are beneficial to all members.

  107. Task 1
    Hello dear Amenda,
    Delighted to hear that you achieved remarkable grades in high school you made all of us proud…keep it up!!!
    Adam (you dad) was discussing about your plans of start working in this early & he was in anxiety about your working idea, Well that’s quite a good option to grip hands-on experience early in the carrier to know more about contemporary working atmosphere, but I would share my experience. as I finished my high school I got very attractive job offers too but when I realized with the time my carrier will be limited due to lack of degree so, I gave up the idea and continued & completed my professional degree.
    Here I am an example for you I have a good job and growing future opportunities.
    Especially the brilliant students like you have brighter future opportunities to achive and do more in life & you will learn the way to turn life in different situations in University level.
    Secondly, I know In early stage all we are excited to achieve our goals in a shorter time also we get some cash, of course, it’s more than the pocket money you get from parents, but in long run gradually & perfect move will affect on your future. So, my recommendation is to keep your enthusiasm in you and continue your studies to achieve the higher objective in life.
    Once again you made us proud keep doing it and you will shine like a star one day, best wishes and good luck for your future efforts.
    Your Uncle

  108. I would highly appreciate if you could review this email writing task. Please rate it out of 12. Is the above-mentioned score out of 12?

    Hi Anjali,
    It is extremely pleasant to know your high grades in the high school examination and it made me feel proud of you.
    I am very excited to discuss your plans in the near future. I came to know from your dad that you are not much interested in joining the college and want to start working as soon as possible. However, considering my experience from the college and in the work environment, I would like to advise you to join a college for the higher studies. The bright students like you are a great asset to our nation and a higher education will empower you to the next level. I personally feel there is so much to learn in the college not only regarding your educational field but also about the life.
    I can understand that you are very excited to get a hands-on experience in the working environment. Moreover, I am sure that the working will provide you with an immediate financial support and experience, however, in long-term, your growth in the work area will be restricted by the lack of a higher education degree. Therefore, I would like you to seriously conceder the option of joining a college for the higher education.
    Once again, many congratulations on your success and I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

  109. Dear Helga,

    Hearing about your high school graduation made me feel very proud of you. I’m so happy that you graduated with a distinction.

    Your dad told me that instead of applying to colleges and continuing your education, you are looking to find a job. I would strongly recommend that you get in to a university and get higher education. College education and experience will help you grow personally and professionally. You will have a chance to explore different fields of study, meet new people and make connections. Moreover, with college degree you will have a better chance to get a well-paying job, or a job that you are interested in.

    Working after completing high school may look appealing to you at this time. The benefits of it are short term. You may think that you are making money while your friends are studying and completing assignments, however, you will not be able to find a job that can give you financial stability. Moreover, you will have the regret when you see you friends with better jobs and careers. Remember that you get a better career with a better education and degree!

    I hope that you will re-consider your decision, and apply to colleges for the fall semester.


  110. Having an open concept area in our office is an opportunity for all of the employees to make our work place even more environment friendly. I truly love being surrounded by so many plant species while working on my daily assigned tasks, and I strongly believe everyone should get involved in watering the plants regularly.

    First, Dr. Sack’s personal assistant is currently overwhelmed with so many jobs that I believe it is not fair asking her to water the plants for us. Second, by making the employees responsible for watering those plants next to their desks, we can encourage them to learn more about those herbal species and what different care they might need. Lastly, we can even hold a competition and give awards to those people who could end up having the healthiest and most beautiful plant. In this way, we can pave the way for more collaboration and networking among all our employees.

    Given the reason I have provided, it is my belief that everyone should be responsible to water the plants in our office regularly. From the aesthetics point of view, I am sure we will soon end up with the most amazing office area in our building.

  111. Dear Amy,

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying your time with your lovely family. My sister, Shirin, told me that you graduated with the highest GPA among your classmates. Congratulations on such an amazing achievement. Shirin also mentioned that you are considering working without further formal education. Based on my personal experience, however, I believe such a smart girl like you will have a brighter future if she takes into account pursuing higher level education.

    On one hand, attending college gives you the opportunity to broaden the horizons of your knowledge in your field. The more theoretical knowledge you have, the higher the chances of your employment. Moreover, recent study published in The Economist showed that those people with higher education usually get paid twice as those without college degree.

    On the other hand, if you start working immediately after your high school graduation, you will not have any chance to get to know the market and those people who could potentially be your collaborators and competitors in the future. Furthermore, you will end up having less experience than your colleagues at the work place if you go directly to the job market.

    Given the reasons I have provided, I hope you come with this understanding that attending a college is definitely a better alternative in your case.

    Enjoy the rest of summer and please say hi to Shirin and your father.

    With love,

  112. Hi Linda,

    Hope you are doing great. I am really proud of you after hearing that you have graduated with higher grade. Congratulation darling. I know this was not an easy task and you did it well. We should celebrate this when you get here next time.

    By the way your mum said that you have decided to find a job after you graduation. I do not think that is gonna be a good idea. Because you are a brilliant student and putting a fullstop for your higher studies at this stage is not appropriate at all. You can do somthing more than this if you go to a collage. If you have a financial need for that do not hesitate to ask form me. I am there for you anytime.

    Even when I was in your age I had the same feeling as you. So I can understand your situation. But trust me, When you get to a collage you can see the world in a diffent manner than you diserve today. Once you complited your collage studies you can go for a better carrier options. That is why I just want you to finish your collage studies first.

    Hope you will consider my point. I know you will not make any silly decesion. Love you!


  113. Dear Erin,

    Congratulation, your mom told me you had remarkable grades in the high school. I am so glad you are a brightest student in the class. However, you want to go to work instead of go to the college.

    As I know, you are really smart more than what I thought. I knew be a student and get a high scores is very difficult. Uncle will give you some suggestion. When I was same as your ages, I had had a idea same as you but I saw and heard a lots people who did not get a high salary and nice job after high school. Moreover, if you are continuing your education which is college and Master degree that will improving your knowledge and future job position. I can see you have bright side of the future will coming soon or later.

    When you graduate from college or the most high degree education that you will get a decent job. Therefore, you are going to college is the best chose. I will see you at next month.

    Best Wish,

  114. Dear Mary,
    I learned that you have graduated from high school with remarkable grades. I feel extremely proud of you on your success. You are a hardworking and bright student and i believe, you can achieve any heights with your abilities.

    Last time your mother told me that you are interested in working after high school instead of completing your education, which in my opinion, will be a immature decision. These are very crucial years of your life where you are building your career path, and getting enrolled in a good university will help you reach your goals. Your intellectual dimensions will grow in a scholarly environment, and you will become mentally and professionally sound for your dream job. Apart from this, you will also be able to network with scholars and professionals in your desired field.

    At present, without a university degree, you will be able to get nothing more than a clerical position with very limited scope for growth. Also, you will lack necessary higher educational qualification as required for higher managerial position, which can result in stagnation in your career.

    I hope you will consider my advice and accordingly take a better decision for yourself.


    Aunt Sarah.

    P.S.- I am writing my test tomorrow, so your feedback will be highly appreciated.

    • Again, your style would possibly get an 8, but I hope you would be lucky enough to get 9 in your test. Good luck!

  115. Dear fitness centre owner,

    I am a newly registered member of your fitness centre at Bramlea Rd. and Countryside Dr. After going through the advertisement mentioning different workout options available at the centre like zumba sessions, pilates, power yoga, etc., I have purchased a 2-year membership last 28th June.

    I have been visiting the centre regularly and in last one month, have noticed that till date no sessions have been conducted for zumba and power yoga. This is totally opposite to the claims in the advertisement which specifically mentions about 1-hour session thrice a week by professional zumba instructors.

    In this regards, I talked to your manager on 5th August and expressed my grievance regarding deficient services at the centre; but to my utter disappointment, your manager responded rudely to my queries and vehemently denied to any such claims by the fitness centre. His behavior was shocking and unacceptable.

    You are a well known brand in the fitness industry and going with the reputation, I had high expectation with the level of services provided but till now had worst of experience. I would request you to look into this matter and make possible arrangements to conduct these sessions.

    I look forward to your response.



    Hey, hightestscore. Your feedback on my earlier writing helped a lot. Please evaluate this one and grade with possible comments as i am going to write the test tomorrow, so i can improve my weak points.

  116. Dear Sir
    I am writing to this email regarding the purchase I had from your store. Last week on 25th of June I bought a 55 inch 3D Samsung TV from your store, which was one of the new arrivals in your shop. A salesman was assured me that it was one of the best models that has been produced by Samsung brand. It worked properly for the first 3 days, and all of our family members were satisfied by the quality of the TV. But on the third day, while we were watching our wedding ceremony video suddenly the screen became black. We pressed the power button several times to turn it on again, but nothing happened
    I referred to your store to file a complaint, but unfortunately you had left the office. I was obliged to talk with one of the salesman’s in the shop. After I addressed my concern he behaved very rudely and even shouted at me. He even told me that he is very busy and cannot Waste his time for me.
    I would appreciate if you could either refund my money or exchange the TV with the same model .Moreover, I hope I would never encounter such an inappropriate behavior from your staff.
    You’re faithfully,
    John Smith

    i tried to work on my tenses, structures and article
    would you please check and let me know

  117. Dear Jessica,

    I would like to congratulate you since your mom told me that you graduated from high school with spectacular remarks. I am very proud of what you achieved, Jessica. However, she also mentioned that you wanted to skip Universitiy and you want to ti start working immediately? I hope you consider my response as to why you should continue your university degree rather than starting your job right away.

    One of the plenty reasons why you should consider pursuing your university is that you will earn a degree that holds a value towards success. As we all know, knowledge is power, and we get all those knowledge through studying in university. Given the fact that you are a smart girl, you can finish your degree sooner than later, and will give you access to a lot of opportunity in the real world. Aside from that, it will give you better pay compare to working without degree.

    You told me before that you wanted to work as a doctor. In order to achieve that dream, you will have to study medicine for that. That’s why, if you skip university and you plan on working right now, then you would definitely get a low salary job and it has nothing to do with medicine. You should clearly rethink about this decision of yours.

    Once again, Congratulation Jessica!


    Word count is 217. Please let me know what else should I improve on.

    Thank you so much for you help!

  118. I appreciate your time and efforts for helping us. Could you please take a look on the following piece? Thank you.

    Personally I love plants, and I strongly suggest that we should distribute the task of watering the plants to all the staff in order to keep them in a good condition at our work place.

    My main reason is fairness: all the staff share the same office space and each of us benefits from the oxygens and green views the plants produced. If so, why should we just let one person to take care of all of them? In addition, I think looking after plants can make employee have sense of belonging, as they have the ownership of the office duties and contribute to the lovely work environment.

    Furthermore, watering plants cannot fit into the personal assistant’s schedule easily; her timetable is not fixed, and it is highly affected by the business activities of the senior management team. For example, she often needs to take business trips with the boss. Thus she is not be able to take care of the plants on the regular basis.

    I believe creating and maintaining a healthy and positive work environment needs each employee’s input; therefore, we share the responsibility of looking after the plant is a better option.

  119. Thank you in advance for reviewing my writing and providing your feedback.

    Dear Francis,
    Congratulations for being one of top students graduating from the high school! I am so proud of you and happy to see your efforts have been paid off. I am a bit shocked by knowing that you are considering to work instead go to college. I definitely will encourage you to pursue further education because it will lead towards a bright future and easier life.

    Taking myself as an example, I was forced to work after my high school due to family financial situation. However, although I was commended as a hard worker, the low education had limited my promotion opportunities again and again until I obtained my college diploma. Nowadays, better education will lead to a better paid position and allow you climb the corporate ladder smoothly.

    In addition, I can see those coworkers, who studied full-time in university and college, have built strong networks in the field; consequently, their networks provide strong supports for their career advancement. In contrast, my part-time study in college cannot bring me the tie with my classmates.

    You are my dearest niece and a smart girl, I hope my personal experience can convince you to make a sound decision. I wish you a promising career and happy life.


  120. Dear Ann,
    How have you been since last we met?
    I was talking with your mother, and she told me that you had finished school with a remarkable result which made me extremely delighted. I am very proud of you because of being the most brilliant student in the class.
    I’ve heard that you decided to find a job instead of attending the college that I believe is a premature wrong decision and made me sad. According to my own experience, I suggest you to start college immediately, because the role of academic education cannot be underestimated in both academic and work level. Not to mention that it would immensely help your future career very much by finding new friends that could be later your connections for hunting a job.
    I think that it is a big mistake to work right after school, and has numerous drawbacks. Firstly, you could not make high salaries to secure your financial life. Those high salaries need higher degree which you are lacking. Moreover, you will feel pain and regret seeing your friends that continued their studies and who were not as smart as you, moving up the ladder would made you frustrated.
    Again I say congratulation to you and hope you make a right decision

  121. Hi Please evaluate my score for the following:

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with the experience I had at your restaurant during my last visit.

    On December 25, I was there at your restaurant with my mother. It was her birthday so we decided to celebrate at your restaurant. But to my surprise, despite having a four-star reputation, your service was really disappointing.

    We arrived at the restaurant at 7.00 pm, thirty minutes prior to the time of our reservation, and waited to be seated for 20 minutes. After waiting there for 20 minutes one of your staff members came to greet and took us to our table. It takes another 20 minutes to serve the welcome drink and take our order. Through the evening, the service was terrible. we ordered thin crust chicken pizza, french fries and iced refreshers to drink. At one point, the server brought us someone else’s food. The food was also disappointing. Instead of getting us chicken pizza, he brought us prawn pizza, which my mother is allergic to. The fries we ordered were also soggy. the iced refreshers we ordered were extremely sweet.

    We left the restaurant in complete disappointment. I know the restaurant has a good reputation and would like to give it a second chance. I would like to get a complete refund of the meal and also appreciate if you could provide us a good discount on our next visit.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


  122. I would like to convey sincere thanks for inviting our opinions on this matter.
    I think it would be more feasible for the personal assistant to support the plants. Firstly, all the team members are thriving for long hours satisfying the client’s projects. In addition, our schedule is so hectic that we are dragged into unexpected meetings too, and sometimes we are also entailed to stay back at the client site for the day to support their needs. On the other hand, the personal assistant’s calendar is completely in line with our manager’s, and that her duties are limited when measured. Since she is onsite all day, it makes more sense for her to pick this up.
    Secondly, Due to different shift times, it would be a challenging task to assign this duty and might result in an adverse outcome.
    Last but not least, the entire team is entitled to work on leadership board presentations in the last week of every month during which employees required to work for extended times that we are even skipping our lunch breaks.
    Finally, considering the alignment of current roles and responsibilities, I would suggest this daily routine task can be handled by the assistant at ease.

  123. Hi Chloe,
    Hearty congratulations on your high school graduation, and I am delighted to know that you achieved exceptional grades.
    Since I heard that you were considering work over a university degree, I would want to emphasize certain aspects which can determine your final decision. Although I understand you would want to have extra money of your own to complete all your shopping desires, this would only be only temporary. As you progress in life, you will observe the need for a better paying job to lead a quality life. A well-paid job is only possible with knowledge which you can attain from the university degree.
    In addition, knowledge learnt from the school expands your career horizons, and be immune to any unexpected job recessions. Also, the success ratio for any job is more than 90% for a qualified individual.
    Finally, the most important, the personality of a person is determined by the education he/she has. Education shapes your perceptions towards and shapes your decisions.
    I hope my advice benefits you in all your future endeavors.
    Good Luck!

    • Good job! This might also get a 9. There are a few mistakes here and there, but I think it would get a 9. Keep it up!

  124. I believe the responsibility of watering the plants should be delegated and mandated upon employees. I would like to suggest a couple of reasons for saying so and approaches that we could take.

    Firstly, by making employees take cognizance of plants, we will inculcate a sense of belonging and, to some extent, responsibility within our employees towards our office space. Secondly, it would also positively impact their mindset when they collaboratively as a team would see something nourish and grow under their protection.

    We could assign this task on weekly basis to the various team that we have, by making Team Lead as in charge. We can leave up to the team leader however he wants to take care and rotate his/her subordinates. Alternatively, we could divide our workplace’ green areas on direction or floor and make a specific set of people to take responsibility on a given day.

    I hope my suggestions are beneficial and could influence the final decision.

  125. Personally, I believe option B, which is diving the task of irrigating office plants between our team members would be a better idea, even though may be it seems easier to be done by only PA.
    My first reason is that this new assignment not only could immensely increase conscientiousness among our colleagues, but also sense of coordination in our team would greatly increase. To clarify, unfortunately team work which is thoroughly crucial for our team is at its lowest level. Being obliged to water the plants in the office, could be considered as one of the possible solutions to increase collaboration between our group members.
    Another worth mentioning point, is that the work pressure of Boss personal assistant is through high. If watering plants responsibility has been assigned to her solely, she could not manage to finish office works and watering the huge of plant in office building. For example, if some day she has been forced to attend the meeting with the Boss for the whole week out of office, the plants would be definitely die because of water shortage.
    Considering the above reasons ,I believe that splitting work among personnel is more advantageous and it not logical to assign the responsibility to only one person in the office , which such a high work load.

          • hi dear hightest score
            i modified my writing , i will appreciate if you could check it , as i have exam on 8 of septemebr and i should get 8 in writing

            Personally, I believe diving the task of irrigating office plants between our team members would be a better idea, even though may be it seems easier to assign it only your PA.
            My first reason is that assigning the task to team members would promote team building among personnel. It could be considered as one of our projects which needs collaboration of all employees to succeed. In addition our office relations would be improved as we will have a common topic to talk about.
            Secondly, the work pressure of Boss personal assistant is through high. If watering plants responsibility has been assigned only to her, she would not manage to finish office works and watering the huge of plant in office building in a limited time frame she has. For example, the days she is obliged to attend the out of office meeting with the Boss, the plants would definitely die because of water shortage.
            Considering the above reasons, I believe that splitting work among personnel is more advantageous and it not logical to assign the responsibility to only one person in the office, which such a high work load.

  126. Dear Ann,
    How have you been since last we met?
    I was talking with your mother and she told me that you have been finished school with an astonishing result, which made me extremely happy. I am very proud of you, most especially because you became the most brilliant among your counterparts.
    I’ve heard that you decided to find a job instead of attending the college. According my own experience I suggest you to start college immediately, because it both helps your future career and expanding your network very much.
    I think that it is a big mistake to work right after school. Because you will get used to making money and to confess this is a great pleasure, but would make you lazy for continuing education after it. Do you remember my friend John, he made a decision like you, in spite of the fact that he was so smart like you and unfortunately after 2 years of working, he never went to university and stayed in the low level job until now.
    Again I say congratulation to you and hope to get together in the not too distant future.

    • Nice try! There are some vocabulary, structure, and tense issues you need to work on. I don’t think you can get more than 6 or 7 at best. Keep up working!

      • hi dear hightest score
        i modified the above writing , would you please check the modified version

        Dear Ann,
        How have you been since last we met?
        I was talking with your mother, and she told me that you had finished school with a remarkable result which made me extremely delighted. I am very proud of you because of being the most brilliant student in the class.
        I heard that you decided to find a job instead of attending the college that I believe is a premature wrong decision, and made me sad. According to my own experience, I suggest you to start college immediately, because the role of academic education cannot be underestimated in both academic and work level. Not to mention that it would immensely help your future career very much by finding new friends that could later be your connections for hunting a job.
        I think that it is a big mistake to work right after school, and has numerous drawbacks. Firstly, you could not make high salaries to secure your financial life. Those high salaries need higher degree which you are lacking. Moreover, you will feel pain, and regret seeing your friends that who were not as smart as you continued their studies and moving up the ladder
        Again I say congratulation to you and hope you make a right decision

  127. Dear Sarah,

    It’s wonderful to know about your incredibly awesome grades along with your graduation news. Kudos to you for achieving this feat. I heard that you are planning to work instead of pursuing your college education. I believe it may not be a good idea for more than one reason.

    Firstly, the emoluments and quality of work you would be employed for with a college degree would be, by far, more superior than what you would currently get as a high school graduate. Secondly, being such a bright student that you are, I am sure you would be able to get a job but it may pinch you in the future when you would not be able to qualify for coveted jobs which would require a minimum of a bachelor degree.

    I hope you will consider my suggestion before taking a decision. Please feel free to call me if you want to discuss further. Congratulations again on your graduation and outstanding grades.

    Love and Regards,

  128. Dear Emma,
    I would like to congratulate you for the outstanding results that you scored in your high school exams. And I am extremely happy for you that you awarded as the brightest student in the class. But I have heard that you decided to work instead of going to college and I felt very disappointed.
    Therefore, I would like to advise you how important perusing college degree is. Almost all the employers are looking for candidates who completed their college degree. So, you may not find a job as easily as you are thinking now. At last, you may end up accepting a moderate job with a low salary. The experience you earn with this low-level job will not help you to improve your personality; moreover, you miss a chance to utilize your brilliance in a proper way.
    I am proud to say that you are a hard-working student with multi talents. I was mesmerized to see your 98% score in science subjects. There is a bright future if you accomplish a degree in science subjects. There are lot of opportunities out there for graduate students which offers better wage with benefits. If you don’t do your degree now, you would regret in the future and you will be vulnerable.
    Think once again and take a wise decision.
    Aunt Karen

    • Very good work! I believe this could get an 8. There are few mistakes related to tenses and some sentence structures. Keep it up!

  129. Dear Sakshi,
    Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for the remarkable grades that you have scored. I felt exquisitely happy to see you standing at the bright side as always and for the decisions that you have made so far towards your career.

    However, I am very disappointed with your decision that you have taken to work instead of going to college. Though you have some reasons behind your choice, let me take a chance to explain you how important to peruse the college education immediately after the high school.
    1) You will have a better future if you finish your college in numerous ways.
    2) You are not going to get a job that suits your intelligence and finally you may end up with accepting some small job with low salary.
    3) Ultimately, work satisfaction is very important in every one’s life but I am sure you may not get a job that gives you satisfaction at the end of the day.

    Also, I feel that working instead of perusing college is a huge mistake being as a brightest student in the class. Even though you can gain some working experience, you can’t develop your personality and technical aspects which helps you in the future in numerous ways.

    I would like to endorse you to apply all the top schools in USA for the courses you are interested in and finish the graduation to have excellent future.


    • Nice try! I’m afraid you won’t score more than 7 for this one. There are some sentence structures issues you need to improve. Good luck!

      • Dear Sakshi,

        First, I would love to applaud you for the outstanding grades you pulled off. I am glad to see you standing at the bright side as always and hats off for the decisions you made so far towards your career. But, I am disappointed with your choice you have chosen  that’s  working instead of college. Though you have reasons behind your decision, let me take a chance to describe how essential to peruse the college education after the high school.

        1) You will have a better future if you finish your college.
        2) You will not have a job that goes with your brilliance and you may end up with accepting poor job with a moderate wage.
        3) I repeat, work satisfaction is most essential in everybody’s career but I am sure you may not get a work that offers you pleasure.
        Also, I feel that working instead of perusing college is a huge mistake being as a smartest graduate in the class. Even though you can build up working experience, you can’t develop your personality and professional aspects which encourages you.
        I would like to recommend you to apply the top schools in USA for the courses you are fascinating in and complete the convocation to have a magnificent future.

        • Try to state your reasons using connectors rather than presenting them as bullet points. You won’t get more than 7 if not 6 with this one. Keep up the hard work!

  130. Dear Priscila,
    I am so proud to hear that you were the brightest student in the class. Congratulations on your achievement. So nice to see that all of your hard work was worth it.
    I have also heard that you want to work immediately and skip going to college. In my opinion, I believe that college is necessary when finishing high school. First, going to college will provide you specific knowledge about particular areas. Having this in hand, you will be more ready for the workplace (when you start working).
    Also, the college years are very important because they are the most precious time of our lives. You will get to know new people every day, including teachers and colleagues, who will be of great addition to your career.
    I have talked to two friends this week about your case. One is a college principal and one is an influent business manager in our city. They both agree that you should not skip college at this moment, even with the high grades that you have achieved.
    I hope my advice helps you in this moment and I look forward to hear from you.

  131. Dear Anne,

    Congratulations on graduating high school! It was unfortunate that I couldn’t attend your graduation ceremony. On the day of your ceremony, I was having a meeting in Japan, where you could also feel the graduation season coming. Please be minded that I was always thinking of you and sincerely wish I was at your graduation ceremony being the one handing you the flower.

    You have been the most outstanding student throughout these 5 years and been the helpful peer tutor for your classmates. I am proud of you and have the belief that you will achieve much more if you choose to go to college.

    I have heard from your mom that you prefer to work immediately, instead of going to college and following the traditional path. However, this traditional path helped the most of adults with preparing for their career life, including me, and becoming professionals to serve our society. When I was in the college, I met my current work partner. We spent time studying together, challenge each other, and created the idea of developing a company that we have now. if you chose to work, there will be a high possibility that you would miss the opportunities to build your future network.

    I know that it is important to gain experiences in the work field, but I highly suggest that going to college and exploring various opportunities will accomplish your future career the most.

    Aunt Wan

  132. Dear John,

    I am writing this email to explain to you that how the higher studies are important in our life!
    Firstly, many congratulations on getting a very good grade in a high school. Even I was expecting the remarkable score from you as I was aware that you were very brilliant in studies. These scores will definitely help you to choose the stream where you want to further study.

    Secondly, once you decide upon the stream of your interest, you will learn advanced level topics in that stream. These will help you to develop your practical things and you will understand the things better. There are chances that you will get your job in campus selection before completing your college. This will be one of the huge advantages.

    Finally, a college education is a must, once you have a college degree; there are chances that you will get a job in a good company as many companies are asking for a college degree. You might get a job immediately after school but from the future perspective, you must do the college, which will give you a good education as well as practical experience.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Rahul Makhija

  133. Dear Sunny,

    Congratulation on finishing high school with such a remarkable grade. I am really proud of you! However, I heard from your parents that you would like to start your career right after school instead of going to college. I would like to share some personal thought about this.

    I graduated from University of Waterloo two years ago and my experience towards college is exceptional. I not only learned sufficient professional knowledge to become a good Software Engineer. But more importantly, I became experienced on planning my semester, prioritizing goals, and bearing with stress. All these skills helped me to become successful in my early career. What’s more, I made lots of friends in college and they all become professional connection after we graduated.

    You might think going to work directly can also learned these skills as well. However, please keep in mind that it might not be easy for a high school graduate to find a decent job in the first place. I believe your performance in high school can grant you access to the top tier University in Canada.

    In conclusion, I strongly recommend you to think about going to college. If you have any thought about this, feel free to talk to me.


  134. Dear Sarah,

    I was so glad to hear about your excellent achievement in high school. I wish I were there to celebrate with everybody your award for best student. Congratulations!

    On the other hand, I was disappointed to learn about your plans to work instead of pursuing a higher degree. Due to the fact of you being an amazing student with such potential, I cannot understand your reasons. As you should be aware, with a diploma you would be able to get better jobs.

    Nowadays, for almost every job you need to have good certifications, and at least an university degree. Therefore, if you choose to rely only on your high school degree, you will never find a decent paying job.

    Thus, going to the university will greatly improve your chances of finding a good position. Nevertheless, the university is an amazing place to have all sort of learning experiences besides the classes. It is a complete experience that you will be missing. You will regret it.

    To conclude, you have a brilliant future ahead. Do not waste it by quitting studying.

    With love,

    Carol John

  135. Dear Rossy,

    Congratulations, I just heard the good news! I am extremely happy for your outstanding performance in high school. You scored A+ in all of your subjects which makes me feel very proud of being your aunt and also makes me encourage you to pursue a higher education.

    You have all the chances to succeed my dear. First of all, with these amazing grades you can get a scholarship to pursue your career in medicine. I know being a doctor is you passion since you were a little girl. Furthermore, your parents will not need to worry about tuition nor education expenses as the scholarship would provide everything you need.

    On the other side, we all know that education always improve our lives. Getting a college degree will increase your chances of finding a good job and face poverty. Also, your talent will give you the opportunity to help other people and in return you will get the best feeling ever.

    While working is very important for us as human beings since it provides some sort of independence and financial stability, there are a few reasons why you should consider getting a college degree first. If you work instead of continue with your education you will miss your chances of studying the career of your dreams. Also you will work for a low salary and getting a high paid job will be very difficult and as a consequence you will not be able to help your parents.

    Finally, I just want to tell you that getting your higher education is the best path for you. It is all about your future, and yours my darling is brilliant!. I wish you the best.


    Auntie Lia

    • Good job! Try to keep it within the word count limit next time. This writing style could get you an 8. Keep it up!

  136. From high school teacher to student

    Dear Julia,

    I was over the moon when I saw your school results. You were an inquisitive student, always doing extra work after school and this is the reason for your excellent grades. I am proud of you.

    As your educator I would like to let you know that higher education plays an important role in building your career. Obtaining only school education will make you less competitive in long run. For example a company will always hire a candidate with highest level of education and skills. Thus, college education is very important to succeed in life.

    While I understand that you want to earn money and explore the real world however without gaining enough knowledge will make it very difficult for you to earn and compete with other people. Acquiring good education will not only help to accomplish your goals but also to stand out of the crowd like a shinning star.

    I hope that you will change your decision and take admission in a good college for further studies.


  137. Both options have some advantages, and I can see why some of the members in office choose Option A. On the whole, however, Option B is my preference.

    First of all, we are lucky that our offices have full of plants, but unfortunately, nobody wants to water them so they will remain alive. We all know that boss’s personal assistant is so busy that she does not have time to fill water on plants. So the best option is that we need to take the responsibility.

    Secondly, this is not one person job so we all need to come together and solve this issue. We need to spend some amount of the time every morning on putting the water into the plant. We have around 50 members and we can assign 2 or 3 members every day for this task. So that way plants will remain alive. You will get Fruits & Vegetable once it will grow. So this will be the added advantage.

    Considering these reasons, Option B would be a great choice. I hope each team members will be happy to do this activity. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I would support whatever decision is made.

  138. Hi Joan,
    I met you mother yesterday at the church’s annual retreat. I was delighted to hear from her that you have graduated your high school with honor’s. Right from the day I visited your school on the annual science fair, where you presented your concept on self-sustaining towns, I knew you were destined for a great future. But, I was saddened to hear from your mother that you were not considering pursuing your college education and rather were planning to work at Giordano’s pizzeria.
    I understand your point of view that you want to help your parents in paying off the housing loan. But I would suggest you to rather continue your education because, even though the prospect of earning money right away is lucrative, in a long run you would want to pursue a career with growth prospects which seem to be non-existent with your current plan. Also, higher education will provide you with necessary tools to accomplish your goal of creating self-sustaining towns.
    I hope that you would consider my request and rethink your decision of abandoning further education.
    With Love,
    Uncle Sam

  139. Dear David
    How are you? Hope everything is going well! I just got the news from Susan that you have graduated with the highest grades among your peers which is great to hear!! Literally, I am really excited to hear about your future plans and I also would like to give you some advice due to my previous professional experience.

    First of all, It would be a great idea to start searching for the subjects in college that fit your interest. A college education is essential since most of the job seekers see it as an asset. On the other hand, you can seek some volunteering or part-time jobs which you can carry out together with your college education. It will definitely provide you with an initial experience before college graduation. Starting a job directly would not be a good idea since you probably would not be able to have a higher position in the companies due to your low-level education. Instead, in my opinion, studying in college plus volunteering would be the most efficient and sensible plan for you.

    I hope my recommendations will be helpful for you for your near future plans. I am sure that you will make the perfect decision that enables you to have the best in your life.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  140. I would prefer option A, to give the task of watering the plant to boss’s personal assistant. Our office have so many beautiful plants and they need to be watered two times a day. So it will be extremely difficult for the team members to water them daily, even if they take turns. There is a big chance that someone will forget to water because of their responsibility towards their project.

    Our company is a big firm and has lots of ongoing projects.Team members has to work on their projects day and night . All of us are too busy in making these projects successful. Some team members have early meeting and some have to stay after office to complete their work. Some members travel to client site for presentations.

    If the task of watering plant is given to a single person like boss’s assistant, it will be good as, it will be her responsibility to water the plants. She won’t forget it. She can water plants, just after coming to office and then before leaving for home. Once in blue moon, if she’s on some holiday or she’s feeling under the weather, for those days she can put team member on duty for watering plants.

  141. TASK-1
    Dear peter,
    I am writing you to congratulate for your brilliant and outstanding result .Last week, your mother informed me that you completed your graduation with remarkable marks. It makes me proud and you enlighten our family and it will be helpful for you future scholarship.
    For one thing, I believe that students should continue her study for better future. It makes easy to get a good job in near future. Research found that, The qualified are getting preference in job sector than non qualified.
    For another thing, In lieu of starting work, you would better devote yourself in acquiring higher degree. You can start your job after finishing education life. A survey found that, 75% of students who start work after school graduation, they are unable to settle their life.
    I hope you would be serious on your study and keep it up for the sake of better future dreams.
    I look forward to your response.
    Bob Smith
    Personally, I believe in Assign the task to each of the team members would be better choice. Even though, the boss’s personal assistant might do the work, reliance to the team member would offer more practical benefit for the care of the plants.

    In one hand, it makes the each team member more competitive. They will do the work with more attention to show their capability. One research found that, 75% work of the office work can be speed up competition. In this way the plants will get more care from each member.
    On the other hand, it will increase their enthusiasm in work field. They will be more punctual and it speed up in the work field. A survey found that, any extra activity with official job can decrease the dullness of the desk job.
    Considering this reasons, I believe that reliance on team member would be greater choice. Everyone in the office would be overjoyed. Again, this is my personal opinion, I will support whatever decision is made.
    Thank you so much for giving g me a chance to input my opinion in this issue.

    • Nice work! You would most probably get 6 for these writings. Keep up working and good luck! Sorry for this late evaluation by the way.

  142. Hello Sir,
    I am extremely happy with your step towards the plants in our office. But I also feel bad about being unkind to them. With your support, I am sure this time we should be able to cherish our plants.
    As you gave us an option to choose whether if we want to water our plants ourselves or we can have Mr. John(P.A) to do it for us. I would be happy to do this work myself and I will also recommend others to pitch in and contribute. I believe plantation is really a stress relieving activity and spreads positive vibes in an office. Such activities resemble the responsible nature of a person. It will be very unfortunate if our team is not coming together for such a beautiful cause. I would also like to recommend that if we can distribute the plants near every workstation & office and assign an individual to take care of their own plant will be an effective idea.
    I can assure you my continuous efforts to water the plants and keep them nourished.

    Ankit Guhe.

  143. Hi Susan,

    Congratulations on your graduation! I heard from your parents you were one of the top students in you class and you got A+ for all the courses. I am so proud of you !

    I know you want to work immediately, but I would like to suggest you go to the collage to get further education. You would get more professional knowledge in a certain major when attending it. You would also get connection with many kind professors and friends with same interests. Collage life would be more amazing than you expect!

    I would also like to mention you would regret if you work immediately without going to a collage. There is no doubt that you will not get a respectable income only with high school degree, and it seems you would do a repeating job in your whole life. I hope you could consider it seriously if you want a more prosperous life.

    Your aunt

  144. Hi Carrie,

    Hearing about your school grade made me very proud. I heard you want to do a job after your school but I suggest you should focus on your future study instead of work.

    Your school result is excellent and you can get admission in the best college in Toronto. I would suggest you should take admission in college because you can earn more money after your graduation. More study means more money. Also, you will find good friends in college that would motivate you and help you in your future. One thing it is very tough to do the study and work side by side, you cannot focus on your study after your working hours. Another thing, after a few years your friends who chose the college after school will be settled and you will be behind them that would devastate you.

    Though I am not your father, I recommend you to pursue your education and later you will get so many jobs. I am happy to help you if you need my assistance.

    Your Sincerely,

  145. Dear Nancy,

    Congratulations on your graduation from the high school! I am extremely delighted to hear that your grades are at the top of your class. You made us proud again, as always.

    Going to college is a wonderful opportunity not only to learn more about a specific field you like but also an incredible experience that helps you develop social skills. I strongly suggest you continue your education in college. Considering your interest in math, I am sure that you would definitely excel in engineering or a related field.

    I am well aware of the unfortunate series of events your family has been going through lately. In particular, your dad’s firm going bankrupt has affected you financially and therefore you may be willing to start working as early as possible to help your family. However, not pursuing a college degree would be a terrible mistake on your side! Think of five years from now. Having a diploma will have change your future in a way you will never regret!

    I hope to see you graduating from the college as the top of your class. Follow your dreams!

    Yours truly,


  146. A better workplace yields better productivity of employees. Although the boss wants to extend the car parking space which can be beneficial for few employees, in my opinion, building bike stand to promote healthy lifestyle is a better option.

    Firstly, bicycles are eco-friendly and economical. by using more cycles we can save the environment and stop the depletion of fossil fuels. due to pollution the global warming has increased to an alarming rate, if conservation steps are not taken now it will be too late to save environment for our future generations.

    Also, nowadays most people do sedentary jobs in which physical exercise is very minimal this further increases stress and other stress related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol. To promote healthy lifestyle we ought to encourage more employees to use bicycles to commute to work place.

    Considering the aforementioned reasons, i think option B is a better choice. Besides, this is just my personal opinion i will honor the decision taken by the office management.

    • I will only give an estimate score as it is not one of the topics on the website. I think you can get 7 or 8 with this one.

  147. Dear Lilly,

    I’m emailing you because of the news that is circulating our family. Rumour has it that you have just graduated and have gotten top results. I am so pleased for you.

    However, I’m told that you are thinking about not pursuing your studies and will instead be going directly into employment! I personally think you should reconsider this option, due to the following reasons:

    One. Obtaining a degree in this day and age is favoured by employers and will help you progress professionally in your later life.

    Two. Because you are still young and have fewer responsibilities, you will have more time to devote to your studies compared to later stages in life, when you will have to delegate time a lot more carefully to accommodate college.

    Furthermore, as someone who has never gone to college in her younger years, I can confirm from experience that going to college helps a lot.

    Yours truly,


    • Godd job! I would change words like “one/two..” when you state your reasons. You can use connectors like “first of all/ moreover /in addition…” instead. That said, you would probably get a 7 or an 8 for this one. Keep it up!

  148. writing task 2 survey.

    In my opinion option B would be a better choice to solve the issue of watering plants on a daily basis at the office. As by assigning the task to every team member will make the task easier and all will feel responsible at the same time.
    Firstly, it is not fair to put the responsibility on one person’s shoulder. When working together, it is the moral duty of every employee to help their colleagues and make the office environment friendly and stress free. Moreover, the boss’s personal assistant tends to travel out of office with the boss for meetings and presentations, so it is very difficult for her to maintain this routine of watering the plants.
    In addition, plants makes the office cool and picturesque, so we all must understand the importance of plants in our life. In the future, this will make everyone in office more sincere towards their duty. Although, This daily practice will bring team spirit in members which in future helps to increase their productivity.
    In conclusion, considering these aforementioned reasons, the task of watering plants should be equally allocated among employees in the office.

  149. Dear Sara,
    I am so glad to hear that you graduated with very good marks, but your mom told me that you don’t want to continue your studies.
    In fact, I totally disagree with you for a few reasons. First, employers nowadays are demanding for a higher degree.
    Second, you will never be what you wanna be because according to what you know that you wanna be a dentist and there is no way to be one without continuing your study.
    To be honest with you, I am so regretful that i did not continue my study after i graduated. Don’t repeat the same mistake.

    At the end, I am sure you are smart to take the right decision, hopefully, I am going to hear a good news.
    Best regards

    • You should write better than this if you are looking for a higher score. You won’t get more than a 5 or 6 for this one. Keep up practicing!

  150. Could you please check your Skype? I was trying to contact you regading the tutoring sessions, but haven’t got any response.

  151. I think that it is very important to keep our office cozy and green. Of course, it might be much easier to assign the task of watering flowers to one person. However, I would stick to the option of sharing this responsibility by all the team members.

    Firstly, it is not fare to assign this task to one person only because she is new and would not be able to decline it. This young girl works only part-time and she would spend a lot of time for a non-qualified job. Therefore, she might lose interest in this job very soon, given that she wants to gain some professional experience in this position. Instead, we might assign the responsibility to water the flowers that are located near the permanent workplace of each employee. It would take only 5-10 minutes for each team member to fulfill this task.

    Moreover, such break for watering flowers would be very useful to distract us from the work for a short time and reduce anxiety even for those colleagues who are not got used to make pauses during their workday. It is proven by psychologists that such breaks help to increase concentration and effectiveness on the workplace.

  152. Hi Mary!

    My congratulations with your graduation. I was so happy and proud when I got to know about your brilliant results. I used to always believe in you and to admire your talent, motivation and focus on studies.

    On the other hand, I was really upset about your decision not to continue study and to start working immediately after school. Believe me college time is a very special and an unforgettable period in life. In college, you would be able to get deep and specialized knowledge in veterinary. You were always dreaming about being a good vet and saving animals. I am sure you would be a brilliant student with remarkable future.

    I know that you are striving to get independent from your parents as soon as possible and you got a job proposal of receptionist in vet clinics. However, even though they suggested you a good wages, it would be a mistake not to pursue your education. If you change your mind and go to college you would be able to get much higher salary in the future. Besides, you are so young for having this full time job commitment. I am persuaded that you would be much happier studying what you really love in college and enjoying the company of intelligent and determined friends.

    Love you,

    • Good work! Sorry for this delay! You would most probably get an 8 for this one. Keep up the hard work!

  153. Dear Angie,
    Hello Angie, how are you doing nowadays? I heard the news from your parents about the excellent grade you received from the school. I am most definitely glad to hear that!
    I was told that you want to find a job rather than persuing further education. Which is also a good idea but I personally think going into college is much better option to take. It is always better to study while you are used to the education system. Especially if you are seeking a professional job. Of course you can find lots of jobs now, but you will be restricted to certain extent without any diploma or degree.
    Do not think enrolling into post secondary school will be harsh on your parent financially because you can get a student loan from the government. They will even provide you with great sums of grant! After the graduation, you can pay off your debts within few years with no or very little interests rate.

    Please take this letter as a friendly advice and no need to be to stressed about it. This is just my thought and I always want what’s best for you. And congratulation for your achievement again!

    Please send me an mail or two when you have time.

    Lots of love from your Uncle Kevin.

    • Sorry for this delay! They wont’t give you more than a 6 for this piece. Keep up working and good luck!

  154. In my opinion, assigning the task to each of the team members would be better and more efficient rather than assigning it to the boss’s personal assistant.

    It will be very difficult to hand full office area by a boss personal assistant as the office area is quite huge. Surroundings are also covered with plants. Anyhow it will require him daily 2 hours for watering plants, and also it would not be a better option as we all know the workload he is into.

    On the other hand, we have a team of 10 members. We can easily manage the watering of plants. We can make five groups consisting two members of each group for watering plants in the office garden. Every group will have to do this task ones in a week.

    Also, this activity will add up our concern about the green community.

    Concluding the above, it’s better to have plant watering activity done by team members.

    Thank You.


    • You might get a 7 with this one. Try not to keep repeating “also” a lot. Use other linking words. “moreover, in addition…”

  155. Dear Maria,

    Congratulations on your remarkable grades. We all are proud of you.

    I would really recommend you to go for higher studies. With these grades, you will easily get admission in top rank universities with the scholarship. It’s totally up to you which field you want to choose for further study.

    Doing a job at this age, would not be a great decision. The workload will be more with lesser pay scale. It will remain consistent throughout your life. This will further affect you when you will compare your lifestyle with your school friends.

    Also, you don’t have any urging conditions that force you to start earning at this early age. I Know you have a passion to try different things however you can have a part-time job instead of quitting studies at these early time.

    I hope you will change your mind.


    Uncle Musa.

  156. Dear Daniela,

    I am so proud and honored in hearing that you did an incredible job in school. I had absolutely no doubt about it and you will have such a lovely and successful future.

    Talking about that, your mom mentioned that you are planning to get a job instead of going straight to college. I am very surprised because, with your wonderful performance, you can easily be accepted in an awesome university. As you know, it is essential to have a degree to find a better job and develop a professional career. Moreover, many job posting just hires people with certain education level.

    The workplace has become more competitive every day, which requires a lot of efforts and preparation. In this way, you will be able to find just entry levels jobs and simple tasks, which I believe you will find boring as they do not challenge you to grow and improve. Soon, you will realize that it was a waste of time as you will feel tired and will not find time to pursue a career.

    I hope you consider these points before making a decision that can not explore your full potential.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

    Aunt Lily

  157. Although famous restaurants sound attractive, I strongly believe having a big cafeteria in the campus is more practical and beneficial due to several reasons.
    First, price is always the priority when students consider food choices as we all know they have little income, but a lot of debt because of the students’ loan. As a result, low price meals offered by the cafeteria would be popular among students. Second, the capacity of catering space is crucial for our college. There is only one hour for almost 1000 students to have lunch or dinner at the same time around 12pm and 6pm due to the class schedule. Comparing to the spacious dining tables and comfortable seats of the famous restaurants, the cafeteria can create more available seats within the same dining area. Last, the layout of the cafeteria provides flexibility for the school to use this space for other functions. For example, we can use this space for graduation ceremony by just putting the tables and chairs along the wall.
    In conclusion, I recommend Option B because it can make more students access to the affordable food services as well as provide the flexibility of the space usage.

  158. Hello Fitness Centre Manager:
    My name is Michelle. I am writing to request membership refund. In Jan, I paid two years membership fee for the service you advertised on the Global Mail newspaper; the services includes unlimited hours usage of the gym, the swimming pool, hot sauna room, and free towel and shower. Unfortunately, I found the services you promoted are not consistent with the ones I received here for the last five months.
    For 5 months, I had no chance to use your swimming pool as the note on the door indicating that the swimming pool is out of service, and so is your sauna room. I went to your front desk a few times without luck because I was informed that they did not have the authority to deal with my complaints. When I required to refund my membership fee, they said I had to talk to you. What makes me more frustrated is that it seems you have never been in your office no matter when I looked for you.
    I hope you refund the full amount of my membership fees as I did not access the services as you promised. Your prompt cooperation and immediate response would be highly appreciated.

  159. Dear Mike,
    The bunch of plants in our office definitely makes the air purified and improves the work environment. According to your survey question of who should take responsibility to look after the plants, I prefer each team member takes rotation to water the plants rather than let your personal assistant to take care of it for a few reasons.
    First, your personal assistant is very busy and not always in the office. Jane is in charge of coordinating with different departments and making schedules for you as well as the administration team. Meanwhile, she has to follow you when you have business trips. Therefore, asking her to water the plants is not practical and feasible.
    Second, if the team members can take turn to take care of the plants, it will increase team spirit because all of us can contribute something to the team. In addition, watering plants is also a good exercise for us to have a stretch during the work hours. Thus, it is also beneficial for our health.
    To sum up, I believe the option B should be a better option because it would not only build up team spirit, but also enhance the work efficiency and employee’s health.
    Best regards,


    I am going to take CELPIP test at the end of May and my goal is to score 8. Could you please review and let me know your evaluation in terms of my answer? Thanks.

      • Thank you for your prompt assessment. I appreciate. I definitely will share your website with my potential clients in the future if you don’t mind.

        Good day,


  160. Dear Cati,
    I am very glad to know, your high school result has announced and you are the top scorer in your school.
    I was pretty sure that you will win this. However, when I received the call from your father, I was so excited to hear this good news.
    However, at same time, I am little worried about your decision to find a job instead of college. Cati, I just want to make you understand. The job is very necessary, so are your studies. If you have the higher qualifications, that would be an advantage to consider for promotions, and it would help you reach more heights in your career.
    Of course, college life is something you should not miss out. I believe, your college studies will direct you to choose your career/ profession. So you must go to higher studies.
    Anyways, by the end of this month, I expect a long weekend and we will meet in your home. We have to celebrate your achievement. In the meantime, we will discuss further on your future plan as well. I can’t wait to see you.
    Bye, take care.
    Yours lovingly
    Aunt San

  161. Dear Lana,
    I’m writing you this email to express my happiness towards your graduation. I’m extremely glad and proud of you. This is the first step towards your success and upcoming achievements. By these school grades, new doors can open to you and can grant you high chances in enrolling with high ranked universities.
    Also, a new chapter of your life is likely to begin, especially when you join a university. It is highly important to start looking after your future. Being a university graduate will help you get your dream job. In addition, it is mandatory to have a college degree to be promoted to managerial positions and receive extra income as you have always dreamt.
    If you wish to go to practical work immediately, and engage yourself in workplace from now, then you are doing a mistake in which you will regret later. By doing so, you will encounter challenges and difficult situations at work where no one can support. You are not well-prepared and matured to face such challenges. Finally, a bachelor degree can help you stand by yourself and gives you the opportunity to be a champion.
    Best Regards,

    Thanks to review, advise, and grade ?

  162. Both options are valid in a workplace, due to the work load that employees suffer from and the frequent meetings as well. Nevertheless, there is no harm to look after surrounding things, such as Plants. I think each team member should worry about the appearance of the office and take care of watering the plants. I prefer the second option for two ultimate reasons.
    Firstly, the boss’s personal assistant has limited skills and abilities to look after the manager and office works. In addition, it will not be feasible for the assistant to water office plants on a daily basis. For instance, the assistant might be sick one day or in annual leave. Therefore, the plants will fade and die.
    Secondly, this can be a good initiative by the manager to assign team members for watering the plants, which can be considered as a physical exercise. Moreover, this initiative would promote teamwork within the team. For instance, if employee x is overloaded, then employee y will take over and support. Ultimately, it’s a win-win ratio.
    In conclusion, option B will be more reliable in terms of responsibility, physical activity, and teamwork. Which could benefit both the organization and employees.

    Thanks to review, advise, and grade 🙂

      • Is it possible to reach 10 with this writing (regardless of the minor mistakes)? If not, I appreciate to advise to reach CLB 10
        Thanks in advance

        • – Writing complex sentences.
          – Using linking words appropriately.
          – Creative ideas.
          – Take care of your punctuation and correct any misspelled words.
          – Organize your paragraphs.
          – Avoid ambiguous meaning.

  163. Dear Danny,

    Hope you are in good health! I was also planning to ask to for an outing during the vacations so your invitation seems perfect. I am so happy to have a co-worker like you who is passionate and outgoing. We share the same interests but the camping outside makes me worried.
    I have never experienced an outdoor camping all my life. I just need to know where we will go for camping; to the woods or the beach or a riverbank or to the mountainside. I have heard people living in tents and It can cause some mosquito and insect bites too. Also, we have to cook food on charcoal. For your information, I am not a good cook.
    Moreover, what kind of fun activities will be there during camping? What kind of clothes and food items do we need to bring with us? Please provide the more details about the camping trip. What would be the length of the trip?
    Please provide the details of the trip so that I can give it a thought and get along with you to camping for a live experience.
    With Regards

  164. My name is John Ramoudit and I am a resident of the city for last 10 years. I wish to present my opinion regarding the development of sports centre in the community.
    In my opinion, the option 2 will be the most durable and inexpensive option for us. For one reason, the basketball and soccer court are smaller in sizes comparative to the hockey rink. During winter, it would not be possible to play basketball and soccer sports outside in the snow so a cozy arena will help people to unite together and enjoy the sport. On the other hand, ice hockey and skating are seasonal sports which can be enjoyed during winter season outdoors.
    Furthermore, the cost of the basketball court is less when comparing to the hockey rink. The hockey rink will need more maintenance and the creation of the playground is more complicated as it is a seasonal game so it requires every time implementation. Basketball and soccer courts do not require more execution and the single court is more than enough to play for long hours.
    I believe that the option 2 will give us more opportunity to enjoy the sports during winter season.

  165. My name is David Backham and I am a resident of this city for last 5 years. Being a business hub, the city’s population is doubled and with the increased number of people, more vehicles can be seen on these narrow roads every day. In my opinion, option 1 is the best for our city to widen the roads to control the traffic jams.
    For one reason, Roads in our city are narrow and traffic jams are seen frequently during the rush hours which results in arguments and accidents amongst the general public. With the possibility of widen the roads and make the proper lanes on the roads will help everyone to use the roads efficiently. There will be less traffic which results in the smooth and pollution free environment.
    For another reason, the option 2 is not that effective for our city. Building a train system can take up to 3-5 years and can cost approximately $1 billion to set up the whole project. Most of the roads will remain closed during building the train project and it will be a great hassle for general public. Moreover, building a new transportation system will be more expensive and it is not easy to afford such expense for every city.
    In contrast, option 1 is less expensive and more reliable source to control the traffic in the city. At the end, I would like to thank the authority to give me a chance to voice this opinion. I hope the authorities will make the right decision.

  166. I would choose Option A:
    Assign the task to the boss’s personal assistant.
    I strongly recommend that the task of taking care of the plants should be assigned to only one designated person since as noticed, none of the team members seem interested in taking this initiative. There will be one person accountable and will ensure that proper care is taken at all times. If all the team members are given this responsibility, there might be confusion and there are chances that some plants might get watered multiple times. The disinterested team members might not do their task whole heatedly which may even lead to dissatisfaction in the work place if they are forced to do so.
    Hence, I feel it is important to give this task to the boss’s personal assistant.

  167. Personally, I would like to have the additional bike stand in our office. This would encourage co-workers to use the bike and promote physical activity.

    For one thing, in our office close to 50% employees use car, and there ample amount parking spot free throughout the day. In contrast, people find it difficult to find the bike stand. In my view adding more parking space is not an enviable option, due to the desk bound job, people don’t pay heed for physical activity, biking everyday to office makes them healthy and promote a better lifestyle.

    For another thing, our environment is already so much polluted due to multifold increase in the automobile sector. Former will only promote more cars to the office, instead, we should try to reduce the vehicle on road, which help the environment, and make better air to breathe.

    Considering these reasons, I believe bike stands would be a better choice. Everyone in the company would be healthy and happy. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to provide input on this issue.

  168. Hi Anne,

    Congratulations my dear, I am so proud of you, What amazing grades you got. I have always believed that you are going to be a successful person.

    However, I was shocked when I heard that you are planning to start working instead of continuing your university studies. Through my experience in life, I don’t agree with you.

    Completing university studies will help you a lot in your life. It will be easy for you to find the right career you love. I know since you are young, your dream is to be a doctor. I am sure you are able to do it, but first, you need to go to the university. By achieving your dream, you will have a good salary and a happy life as well because you will work what you love.

    On the other side, If you start working now, you will have to accept any low-wage job. That will not help you to pay your bills beside long daily work hours. I think that is not your goal in life my dear.

    Wish you the best Anne.

  169. Dear Sarah,
    I am so happy to hear about your grades in School. I must say that you are a brilliant student since you got these grades without putting in much effort. However, I was disappointed to hear that you wanted to drop out and start working. I strongly recommend that you continue your studies as I can see a bright future for you ahead.
    Pursuing further studies will help you grow as an individual. It will be preparing you to face the corporate world with much more confidence and knowledge. Once you have a degree, you will be offered with more competing high paid jobs in the market. College can contribute in increasing your market value immensely.
    I think you would reconsider your decision after reading my email. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best for your future.
    Aunt R

  170. Personally, I would like to have everyone in the team water the plants on a daily basis. It would be more effective instead of a person doing it all alone.

    Firstly, It’ll be too much of a task to assign a duty to water the plant regularly to the boss’s personal assistant. This might impact her other deliverables and create another set of problems for a boss to tackle. In addition, if she is on leave, that would means no watering on those days as well.

    Secondly, as we have a big team, it would be better to have shared responsibilities; this will not only give new team members to give them a chance to interact with other members, but it would also give them a chance to work in a collaborative manner. This will promote the team building, and make them feel comfortable, which eventually let them perform well in their day to day tasks.

    Considering these reasons, I believe distributing the duty would be a better choice. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

  171. Hi test score,
    thank you for your replying, could you tell me what exactly should I need to work on in writing ?
    may regards

  172. Dear Helen,
    I am immensely happy with your performance in High school‘s final term. I felt proud of my student receiving the Academic Excellence Award which a few students had earned in the past.
    This is the first milestone of your life you have achieved. In my experience, College education helps to visualizing a problem from various perspectives such as technical, social, and economical. High School education is important to understand the basic concepts of higher education; however, further studies expose you to real-time world issues.
    A college education is a basic necessity for higher paying jobs; therefore your thought of choosing work is not an intelligent one. The Alumni of a graduate school have higher chances of acquiring competent domain knowledge which helps them to land into good jobs and earn the respect of society. Statistics have shown that there is a significant difference in salaries of people with high school diploma in comparison to college graduates.
    I hope, you will not jump the gun and will evaluate all pros and cons of college education over job before making a thoughtful decision which will have a great impact on your career and overall life.
    I wish, you will thrive in your future endeavors.

  173. Hi Laura,
    I am writing to you to say that you have done a great work in your high school grade results, as far as I know you were very bright during your school journey, so i believe you deserve it.
    As I am your uncle, I heard that you are going to get a job, which I think has some adventurousness if you work part time job or in the summer time to get some money for your living expenses. However, I know you that you could do better based on your score in high school .
    Also, bear in mind that going to the college will widen your knowledge and increase your chance to go to the university and then getting a decent job with great position.I can see this as I know you can do it.
    Finally, I hope that will help you decide which way you are going to.
    my regards
    uncle Mark

      • Hi sir hightestscore.
        what it needs to be improved in my writing, it is a lack of using vocabulary
        and make it easier.
        my regards.

        • You need to improve your vocabulary choice and your sentence structure. You should also work on some punctuation issues. Good luck!