CELPIP Writing Test 2 with answers

CELPIP writing test 2

2Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

Your recently bought a TV set from a well know store in town. However, the TV worked fine for only three days, then it shut down for no reason. You went back to the store to talk to the manager but he was not available.  So you explained the situation to the salesperson but he was very rude to you and provided no assistance. Therefore, you left without a resolution.

Write an email to the store’s manager in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • State the problem you had with the TV you bought.
  • Complain about the rude behavior of the salesperson and the bad customer service.
  • Describe how you want the store to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

Read the sample answer and try to write your own response in the comment area. I will try to give you an estimate score.

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Task 1 Sample Answer

Dear sir or madam,

On March 13, I bought an LG 3D TV from your store. My family and I enjoyed it for exactly three days, and then it stopped working for no apparent reason. Obviously, I went back to the store to talk to you, but unfortunately, you were not there that day.

I had the pleasure to talk to one of your salesmen. I thought he could solve the problem or at least direct me to the appropriate course of action, but his conduct was very unprofessional. He seemed very preoccupied and paid no serious attention to my issue. He advised me to get it fixed somewhere else. I could not believe my ears. When I reminded him about the warranty, he gave no importance to it and said that the store does not assume any responsibility after purchase. He was so rude that I had to shout at him and leave the store.

Please find attached a copy of the purchase receipt for your reference. I would be grateful if you could either refund my money or offer me a new TV set.

I Look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully


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  1. Considering that recently, my personal opinion has more weight towards having a gym inside the office building. Reasons to my aforementioned statement are discussed in the following paragraphs.

    Conspicuously, when you have an area to perform exercise right inside your working premises, it just boosts your physical as well as emotional health, that too inside your working hours. Moreover, you can always set up your morning routine with half an hour of quick cardio muscular workout right before starting the hectic day, providing that one can shower there as well.

    In addition to that, a basketball court can also be a pivotal addition to the location. While taking short breaks during work, I can significantly play couple of games with colleagues and friends, which can give me an opportunity to socialize even more during my daily official chores. Furthermore, in case if I can’t set my workout routine in the morning, I have more flexibility to attend it after finishing work, providing that I don’t need to drive anywhere.

    Based on the above discussion, I still stand by my stance. That is, having a gym facility at any given floor of the office building, will not only help in improving one’s physical and mental health, but it would also be crucial in maintaining a steady work-life balance.

    (217 Words)
    Thank you for your time.

  2. I tend to say that continuing with our existing restaurant is a good option. Even though the new childcare facility is pleasant news to hear for working parents, I think we will get many benefits if we stay tune with the old restaurant itself.

    To the matter of fact, we should not amalgamate our professional and personal life together. If we try to do that, then, during the working hours, parents may not fully dedicate themselves to the work. Because, they may get distracted when their kids are crying or something. Consequently, the company’s growth may be in jeopardy.

    In addition to that, apparently, there are a vast number of employees, who are having their lunch meal at our office canteen itself. Because, the restaurant is offering lots of healthy and hygienic foods. Moreover, the employees are contributing more work to the office, instead of travelling outside for lunch.

    Considering all the aforementioned points, I would say keeping the restaurant is the best thing. Again, these are my personal beliefs only, but I will support whatever the office management’s decision.

    I would like to share my gratitude for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this matter!

  3. Dear Manager,

    I’m writing this mail to complain regarding to the lack of parking spots. My family and I visited Yorkdale mall last Saturday after lunch to buy my daughter’s birthday gift. However, we came across a complicated and annoying situation on there. The most serious one was with parking spots. We arrived at 12:30 p.m., but I could not find a suitable location for parking my vehicle. In addition, so many cars entered in the same direction resulting in a traffic jam. My wife and daughters were throwing a tantrum and I struggled to comfort them. The day was hard and irritating; I was really disappointed about /in your mall’s conducts. Therefore, I felt the need to make you aware about the problem. I would to give you some advice to fix it. You should report it to your higher department that extending parking spots for more customers and safety. Traffic guards should be put in place to organize traffic jams. I will be looking forward to receiving good news from you about this problem and hope you have a good day.

    Best Regards,

  4. A highly controversial fact today in the air is apropos with fitness. I appreciate that organization wants to update the current facility by setting an example of worth place to work. I strongly admit that gym facility is command-able aspect compare with other choice.

    The compelling reason to support my side is modernization and competitive world. A single individual is involving more than quarter day in a work cycle. After obnoxious day it’s frustrating to commute and become a gym person for healthy lifestyle. As recent scenario can help the employees to do divergent activities at a single venue which is convenient.

    Nonetheless , Due to pandemic of covid-19 everyone is fighting with obesity and gained weight. This will bring healthy and wealthy lifestyle among the staff. By playing basketball together in a court will create a friendly relationship with co-workers. Our company has a various cultural employees; this is an opportunity to learn about different traditions , languages and heritage values. Although , This excellent alternation would approach effective and veterans in to company for upcoming positions which can change the chart of revenue and market value.

    I pen down by thanking you for taking my thoughts into this subject. Hope my words can help you to take a decision. Those are my views perhaps I am happy to accept the decision that will make by high authorities of company.

  5. I personally think that the newspaper firm should continue to publish both print and online versions of newspaper. Even though the revenue is dwindled for print version, I think continuing print version will offer more benefits to the people.

    To begin with, for the mater for fact, COVID 19 is prevalent all over the world today and because of that, people might be afraid and prefer using online version only in this critical pandemic situation. I hope this situation will be resolved sooner and sales of print version will be back in trend in upcoming months.

    Moreover, in the rural area, only less number of people are using internet connection, rest of others are depending on print version only. So stopping print version will affect the readers, which in turn results in newspapers to lose more customers.

    Considering all the aforementioned reasons, I believe it would be better to not to prohibit the print version. However, company could forecast the print version’s sales based on the recent selling data and reduce the production of print version as per the forecast. This bilateral solution will make the company content with their enduring and adequate subscribers. To repeat, these are just my personal beliefs, I will supports whatever the newspaper management decides.

    Grateful for the opportunity given to express my opinion on this matter.

  6. Considering that lately, I have the dilemma of juggling my time after work, between doing some muscle training and house chores, it is a no brainer choice for me that I would plump for a gym in my working premise. Moreover, my son is studying in University already, hence, I really don’t have the need for a Child Care Center.

    Per my observation, after doing some workout, I feel more vigorous and have a general positive outlook in life and work. It makes me more productive and efficient in fulfilling my tasks. It provides me with clarity of mind as well.

    Furthermore, hitting the gym at break time gives me time to socialize with my colleagues. It promotes harmonious camaraderie between workers.

    Shower rooms and basketball court are marvelous added facilities that I am so ecstatic to avail! I fancy playing basketball during my younger years. Also, to be able to freshen up, after doing physical exertion will aid me in carrying the remaining time of the day at work feeling revitalized.

    With the foregoing, having a gym at work does not just promote my physical well-being, but it is also beneficial for my mental and emotional health.

    • Great job! You would most probably score 9 or even 10 with such writing style. Good luck in your CELPIP test!

  7. Dear Mr. Smith,

    Last weekend, I bought a Sony Television in your store. I was extremely satisfied with my purchase considering that the images were magnificently vivid! However, yesterday morning, three days after my procurement, it completely turned off while I was watching the morning news! I pulled off and on the electric cord, as the User Manual suggested, but to no avail, it lost its power.

    Frustrated, I went back to your store in the afternoon. I approached one of your employees with a nametag “Brandon”. I greeted and asked him politely if I can talk with you concerning my broken television issue. I patiently narrated to him the morning incident and demanded for aid. Much to my dismay, he rudely responded, in a high pitch voice, that you were occupied and will not be available for the day. He further told me that the store cannot help and I should hire an electrician at my cost. I was extremely surprise by this rude behavior, especially that I have been an avid shopper of your store.

    This unfortunate event led me to write you this letter, in order to ask for a replacement. You may contact me through this email for any questions.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


    No. of words: 210

  8. I firmly believe that occupying the area for a child care facility will be an ultimate solution for working parents. Considering we have a “Life gym” fitness center right across the street, a child care center in our company itself will be highly beneficial for the following reasons.

    First, it is a great opportunity for working mothers to spend time with their children in break time. With the green area in the building, it will be easier to enroll kids in different sports, like running, yoga, badminton etc, which in turn will help parents to stop worrying about their whereabouts. This way they can focus more on their fundamental job.

    Additionally, developing a child care center will save commutation time for parents who tend to drive all the way to the city to drop their kids off. Getting education and extra curricular activities for kids in the same building will definitely save workers’ energy and time. Lastly, having their guardian close to them will eliminate the delay, in case of any emergency situations.

    I am certain that my coworkers will have a different opinion on this matter, but due to the aforementioned reasons, I see myself inclining towards the option to construct a child care.

  9. Dear Manager,

    Last week, my husband and I visited your “Best-Tech” store to purchase a 52-inch LCD TV since our old one stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I am your regular customer and have made several purchases in the past from technology department. However, we are dissatisfied with our recent purchase and would request a satisfactory solution.

    We purchased a home theatre so as to feel the experience of cinema at home. It worked fine for about three days, after which it suddenly broke down. Moreover, it started giving blurry picture quality the day before it shut off. We left it unplugged for 24 hours and plugged it back, but the trick didn’t work.

    Since the TV is under manufacturer warranty, we tried calling your store to seek some help but no one responded, after which we decided to drive by and talk in-person. While explaining the scenario to your salesperson, Tom, he not only ignored us, but also went on his lunch break and left us hanging. Once he returned, I asked him about the repair services, but was taken aback by his unprofessional conduct.

    Therefore, I respectfully request you to provide me with a full refund as the product still falls under 14-day return policy. Looking forward for your prompt response.

    Mary Smith

  10. Dear Teacher,

    I am writing this email to express the concern I am having with my son exam results.

    My name is Nazeema M/O John who is doing grade IV in your school. He has top notch marks in all the subjects other than Mathematics. His marks in Mathematics is plummeted in last two exams due to which he is not happy for several weeks. He was doing well in Mathematics till his grade III, with the last two exam results I can conclude that he is having some trouble with the new syllabus.

    I heard that you are taking extra classes in the evening for the students who are all interested. So, I request you to include my son in the evening classes and would like to meet you in the school and provide my observation to you on where he is lagging which might be helpful for you to train him to better his marks. Please let me know your comfortable time for our meeting.

    It would be great if we can meet in the coming week.


  11. Dear Store Manager,

    Me together with my husband recently bought a new TV set in Robinson Appliance Center knowing the credibility that the store have and the quality of the items that it is selling. Unfortunately, this was not what we encountered.

    Firstly, when we got the item we were able to use it and enjoy its features but for no apparent reason it stop working after 3 days. We thought that maybe it was just because of our wifi connection but with every effort we did to reconnect still nothing really changes so we are assuming it was the item.

    Secondly, we tried to visit your store to use the warranty and hoping that someone might help us address the issue. However, the sales peson that was on duty that day was not helpful at all and acted in a curt behavior towards us.

    Thus, I would like to command for a full refund of the item or a new TV set.
    Moreover, training your sales person on handling this kind of concerns should be your top priority as well.


    Jillian Ward

  12. While I do see the benefit of having a child care center in our office building, I still believe that having a gym is a better option as this promote wellness and at the same time great source of bonding with the employees.

    Having a full-time job is not an easy task, it requires effort and time for an individual to achieve a specific job requirement. Therefore, self care is the last thing that an employee might think about. But knowing that you have this kind of option just around the corner would somehow encourage the staff to make themselves healthy in a physical way.

    Encouraging each other in doing this kind of activities together would not just promote wellness but will make a rapport outside of work as well. It would create a much better working relationship and would lift up the environment in the work area.

    Considering these reasons, both the employees and owners would benefit if we have the latter, as this will boost the workers energy and would eventually translate with their jobs.

    Again, this is my pesonal opinion, but you can expect my full support with any decision made. Thank you for giving me a chance to provide input in this issue.

  13. Work-life balance is one the most important aspect of the modern workforce. Though, both the ideas presented by the HR department are wonderful, in my opinion, a childcare center is need of the hour.
    Firstly, average age of employees in our company is 30, which means majority of the workforce is likely to have child or two between age of 3 to 10, where they would need special care. So, as opposed to the general belief, childcare center would be beneficial to larger group than a gym. Secondly, most working mothers like the idea of having their children in close quarters, so that they can nurse them when needed. I think this center, would motivate more women to stay in the workforce, as they will be able to take better care of their children, while working in the office. Finally, I think having green area within the office premises, would be beneficial to us too, as we take a break from this stressful environment.
    I hope the department would choose to a build a childcare center. I will support any decision taken by the department in this regard.

  14. Dear Manager,
    I am writing this email to describe the awful experience I had at your store.
    Recently, I bought 60-inch plasma television at your store, which comes with 5 years warranty. To my dismay, the television stopped working it just 3 days and it wouldn’t start-up. So, I came to the store to raise my complaint about the product, but the staff at the store were indifferent to my concern. I was handled in a very rude manner, almost shouted down, saying that store wouldn’t be responsible for defective products. When asked, whom I should reach for assistance, the person in-charge couldn’t provide a definitive answer.
    Yours is a very recognized store in the neighbourhood and I would have expected better customer service from you. Can you please repair this product, or better yet, replace this with a brand-new television? I hope you will investigate this matter on priority.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Ken Adams

  15. Dear Manager,
    I am contacting you to complain about a terrible shopping experience I recently had at your store. Considering the reputation of your store, and after doing a broad research online, I bought a smart TV from your store.
    Everything was smooth in the first three days, and I was truly enjoying my brand new TV. However, the disaster started in day 3, when the TV abruptly stopped connecting to my house’s WiFi, meaning that I could no longer use the smart features of the TV.
    Thus, I decided to go back to store for a return, or an exchange. However, the salesperson who was working on that shift appeared to be extremely unprofessional and rude. When I politely asked for a return, the salesperson implicitly tried to blame me for misusing the TV.

    I assume the salesperson is new in the market, and is rather inexperienced in dealing with such cases. However, I would expect you, as the manager, to train your workforce more efficiently. Aside from that, I would want to request a full-refund for my purchase, according to the policies of your store.
    I look forward to your prompt action and response.

  16. In response to your request for my opinion on the new event to happen in the park ever Saturday, I think that having a fruit and vegetable market would be benefecial to everyone. I consider the following reasons for my choice.

    Firstly, having a fruit and vegetable market will give residents easy access to daily food needs that will help promote healthy life style. Residents can begin to incorporate fruits in their food menu/meal plan since they no longer have to travel to bigger markets to get them.

    Secondly, nutritionists have said that fruit and vegetables are rich in fibre and vitamins. This, I believe would give room for dietary options for everyone in the community and would help keep their body in healthy conditions.

    So, in my opinion it is more suitable to have a produce market as it is more affordable when compared to furniture and appliances. I would say not everyone can afford to buy a fairly used furniture or applliance every week.

    Thank you for your continuous effort in making our community a habitable one.

  17. Mental and physical healths are key factors of productivity and they play an integral role in job satisfaction.
    For above mentioned reasons I strongly recommend the HR department to consider building a gym on our floors, as oppose to a child center.

    Having gym directly in our office will encourage employees to stay active and to do exercises. It is a well research topic
    that physical activity stimulates blood flow, increases people`s mood, and has a huge effect on one`s overall quality of life.
    Maintaining a high job-satisfactory score is beneficial for a company, as people will be more engaged in whatever activity they are doing at the work. Moreover, contrary to a child care center, a gym is something that every employee can take advantage of.

    It is important to keep up with the industry, where more companies trying to create a startup-like environment in their offices.
    Option A is exactly what we need to do for that.

  18. Dear Sir or Madam,

    On December 21. I purchased a 45-inch TV at one of your stores in downtown. Unfortunately, it was working just over 3 days in total. The TV started to get thick black lines all over it`s screen and then completely shut down. There was not any power outages at my place, and TV was taken care of. I am sure that the issue was not caused by my actions, and it was malfunctioned before my purchase.

    To resolve the issue I wanted to talk to the store manager, who was unavailable at the time. The only worker, whom I saw there, was a salesperson. Not only he refused to help me out, but also, in extremely rude and unprofessional manner, started to accuse me of breaking the TV and taking too much of his time.

    In any way I believe this kind of customer service is acceptable. Besides asking you to resolve my issue with the TV, I will also ask you to talk with above-mentioned salesperson directly. All of customer-facing employees should take appropriate training, and situations like these should not occur.

    Please let me know how can I get help with my TV.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    On December 21. I purchased a 45-inch TV at one of your stores in downtown. Unfortunately, it was working just over 3 days in total. The TV started to get thick black lines all over it`s screen and then completely shut down. There was not any power outages at my place, and TV was taken care of. I am sure that the issue was not caused by my actions, and it was malfunctioned before my purchase.

    To resolve the issue I wanted to talk to the store manager, who was unavailable at the time. The only worker, whom I saw there, was a salesperson. Not only he refused to help me out, but also, in extremely rude and unprofessional manner, started to accuse me of breaking the TV and taking too much of his time.

    In any way I believe this kind of customer service is acceptable. Besides asking you to resolve my issue with the TV, I will also ask you to talk with above-mentioned salesperson directly. All of customer-facing employees should take appropriate training, and situations like these should not occur.

    Please let me know how can I get help with my TV.

    Yours faitfully,

    • Sorry we couldn’t reply earlier as we had some technical issues with the website. I believe you would score 8.

  19. I greatly appreciate the fact that I am given the opportunity to give my input on whether we should have a gym or a childcare center in the facility.
    Personally, I would rather choose the gym over the childcare center. I believe that everyone should add some sort of exercise in their lifestyle, and not everyone has the time or money to invest on gym memberships. Therefore, having a gym in our facility would encourage staff to join and use the equipment provided. In addition, people can have a shower after getting a workout done, which will help staff members to stay focused on their tasks.
    On the other hand, not everyone can make use of the childcare center, because not everyone is a parent. There will be a very few people who can take advantage of the service provided.
    Another reason why I will choose the gym, is because it was proved in a research that people who are engaged in physical activities, will be the most productive ones. Consequently, our Company could potentially experience great outcome from employees because they have been exercising regularly.
    Considering these explanations, I believe that most of our staff members will benefit from having a gym in the building.
    Thank you

  20. Dear store manager,
    I recently purchased a TV from your store, and I did have some issues with the brand-new product.
    Once I set it up, I did have trouble in adjusting the volume, because I could not hear anything. After increasing the volume, I was still having a hard time hearing what was said in the TV. In addition, the colors on the screen where very dark, and even after trying my best to fix the issue by changing settings, I was unable to get the desired brightness.
    On top of that, when I visited the store to get assistance from one of your associates, I was extremely disappointed from the service I received. The staff member did not greet me at all, and assumed that I was not good at technology, therefore I was facing those issues. I would like to inform you that I have professional experience with technology because I worked as a Technical support staff for an International Company.
    Finally, I would suggest you train your staff members on how to listen customers and how to solve their problems. I would really appreciate if you could replace my TV with another model.

    Thank you for your consideration

  21. To whom it may concern,
    I am writing this email to bring to your immediate attention a problem I have been facing at the Baggins Park located next Cognizant office, Derry Rd.

    My colleagues and I have been regular visitors to the park. Our office does not have the provision of a cafeteria, as a result we usually spend our lunch breaks at the park. Recently, a flock of pigeons have migrated to the park causing a lot of trouble to the visitors. Last week, one of the pigeons picked up my colleague’s wallet  and flew away. My colleague has kept several important documents such as driving licence, health card, debit and credit card in it. Consequently, he replied for all the documents all over again.

    In addition to that, these birds are causing a lot of damage to the park properties, and in some cases they can cause serious health issues to the locals. In order to mitigate this, I would request your newspaper to write an article to cover this issue in the front page so that city officials or park managers could take necessary actions.

     I hope this will be addressed soon, so that we can have peaceful lunch breaks in the days to come.

    Kind Regards,
    Nazeema Mohammed.

  22. Dear Shwetha,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I was very much excited about our movie plan, unfortunately, a situation has come up, and I won’t be able to accompany you.

    I know we decided to watch “Fast and Furious” together and we managed to book tickets online for the March 17th, 3 pm show. I am extremely sorry, I will not be able to make it, as you are very much aware that I recently got promoted, and my workload has soared. Yesterday, my manager has assigned me a crucial task, which I have to submit on or before 18th of March. In addition, I have a lot of other artifacts to be delivered on the same day, which is the main reason why I have to drop off.

    However, my friend Sarita, whom you met at my last birthday party is willing to join you. Since you two got along very well at the party, rather than going alone, it would be a great idea if you could take her with you in place of me. Please let me know if you are fine with this alternative plan.

    Again, I am extremely sorry for the last minute change! Hope you understand.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  23. Dear store manager,

    I have bought a smart TV from your store 3 days ago, and after that the TV shut down with no reason. I have tried several times to bring it back to work, but with no use. Actually, I assure you that I examined the TV before purchasing it, but unfortunately the issue with it was not visible.

    I came to your store today, searching for you to report my complaint, but I did not find you. I tried to explain my complaint to the salesperson was in charge at the time of my arrival, but he was not helpful. He spoke to me very rudely, ignoring my problem. When I started raising my voice, he gave me some attention. Nevertheless, I had the TV with a visible clear problem, he was not very concerned about it and just recorded it in his agenda and nothing else.

    I am writing this email to you to find me a resolution, so I can get a refund or replace the TV. Despite of the terrible attitude of the salesman I met in the store when I came to complain, I still believe that you would resolve this issue without further escalation of my complaint. I would also be glad if you spoke to your employee and made it clear for him that this way of dealing with customers is unacceptable.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  24. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Nazeema. I am writing this email to explain the situation that I am unable to make the scheduled loan payment promptly for this month, due to some unavoidable personal reasons.
    I had borrowed 30000$ as loan for the purpose of my post-secondary education from your bank, and I am supposed to repay a fixed amount of 300$ on the 1st of every month to the bank. I started repaying the loan since the beginning of this year, and I have never missed any payments till date. Unfortunately, I had some unexpected medical expenses last month as a result of my grandfather’s heart surgery, which set me back a few grand, hence I had depleted my paycheck for this purpose. Due to my current financial hardship, it will be highly difficult for me to repay this month’s debt.
    However, I will be receiving a performance bonus from my company next month along with my salary, which would help me to repay the missed payment of August along with its subsequent schedule. Besides, I am ready to pay the late payment fees as well.
    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your consideration and patience.
    Yours sincerely,
    Nazeema M S

  25. Personally, I am more inclined towards the idea of submitting a five-page report than attending the three-ours exam, as the report provides more benefits to students.

    First of all, I believe that “Writing” is an art, it is better, if there is no imposition of time constraints on it, so that students can bring out their best form of writing. However, when students are asked to write a test within three hours, they would simply tend to memorize and write, which is of no avail, and it would consequently affect their language efficiency.

    In addition, why I think the notion of five-page report to be the best choice is, because, the students will have enough time to do some research on the provided topic by referring to other books and journals, which would enhance their vocabulary and language proficiency. Furthermore, it would help them to think through the content and their writing style, and draft the well-formatted report.

    Considering all the above mentioned reasons, I advocate the idea of a five-page report, as this option will also be accountable for half of the course grade. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever college decides to incorporate.

    Thank you for this opportunity to provide inputs on this matter.

  26. Personally, I would prefer our community center to choose the idea of having vegetable and fruit market every Saturday. Even though the option of second-hand furniture has some advantages, I am more inclined towards the former idea as it would keep our residents healthier.

    Firstly, as we all know, the fruits and vegetables available in today’s market are of low quality. The food processing organization uses chemicals to keep them fresh for longer duration, and ripen them in short period, which deteriorates its nutrient value. As a result of which, people are tending to buy fruits and vegetable from organic shops, which keeps them healthy. This event would help our residents to buy the organic unadulterated items, which are rich in vitamins and proteins. They will be sold directly by the farmers and hence, it would be win- win solution for both residents and farmers.

    In addition, most of the residents have required furniture at their house. Moreover, there are a lot of websites available for buying second-hand furniture.
    Considering the aforementioned reasons, I believe the fruit and vegetable market would be a better choice for the sake for our residents’ health. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever event community center decides.

    Thanks you for the opportunity to provide inputs on this matter.

  27. Dear Librarian,

    I am writing to discuss a problem that I am having in the library. I come to the library every day because it is the only quiet place where I can study, but lately, the noise levels have been too high for me to concentrate.

    The problem is, there has been a rowdy group of teenagers coming to the library every day around lunchtime. They sit in the north-east corner of the library, the place where I study. They usually sit for an hour and left. Earlier I thought it would happen for a day or two, but this has been persisted for over a week.

    May I request you putting up more signs around the library stating the rules and regulations of the library. Also, it would be great if you can come to the north-east corner of the library at lunchtime and witness the problem by yourself. If you would talk to them, I think they would listen.

    I absolutely love studying in the library hence, I would highly appreciate it if you could solve this problem as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Your’s faithfully,
    Gulshan Singh

  28. Dear Restaurant Manager,

    I am writing this letter to express my concern about the food and service quality of your restaurant.

    On April 10, I came to your restaurant along with my spouse to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I reserved the table for 7:00 PM. We reached the place at 6:45 PM and waiting for someone to greet us. After a long wait of 45 minutes, one serviceman came to entertain us and took us to the table.

    We ordered a chicken pizza and two mocktails. Unfortunately, the pizza was not hot, and the chicken was stale; Even, the mocktails were not chilled. When we complained about the food quality, no one paid any attention. Moreover, the restaurant manager was nowhere in sight to resolve our problem. As a result, our special day was completely ruined, and we had to left without any resolution.

    Since your restaurant is well known for its service and food quality. I would like to give your restaurant another chance. I would appreciate it if you can refund the bill amount and give me a discount on my next visit.

    I look forward to your timely response.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Gulshan Singh

  29. I believe the salary hike should be offered to experienced employees. Even though the hike based on educational qualification would motivate the freshers, option A would offer more benefits to all employees in several ways.

    To start with, a senior professional plays a significant role in the company’s success. To illustrate this, with experience one acquires better problem-solving skills and the ability to tackle real-world situations. Therefore, they have contributed more to the company’s success and, hence deserve a better hike than the less experienced ones.

    Another reason why I think raise should be given to experienced employees because our company has a specific technical requirement as a part of the selection process. As a result, all the employee meets the basic educational requirement. By offering a raise on an education basis would needlessly create disputes among teams. Knowing the fact that juniors are getting better hike would make them feel inferior, and eventually degrades their performance.

    Considering these reasons, I think the hike should be given to the experienced staff. Again these are my personal beliefs, but I will support whatever the company decides to do.

    I highly appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this issue.

  30. I personally believe that limited work hours in a single job would be better than spending more hours in multiple jobs. Even though students will make more money with long working hours, a fixed work hours schedule would offer more practical benefits to our students throughout their studies.

    To start with, limited working hours would allow students to concentrate more on studies. To illustrate further, more time would be available to the students to prepare for examinations and hence, their performance would be improved. For example, when the University of Calgary enforced the law for fixed working hours, there was a significant improvement in students’ grades. I think the same would happen here.

    Another reason why I think option A is better because of the health benefits students would gain. With fewer working hours, students would manage their timetable better, and this would allow them to take out some time for extra-curricular activities. A recent study shows students who invest more time in multiple jobs are more prone to health issues like headaches, sleep-deprivation, diabetes, and even, severe mental illness. Having a rule for fixed work hours would be beneficial to the students’ health.

    Considering these reasons, I think imposing a law for fewer work hours per week in a single job would be better for the students. Again, these are my personal beliefs, but I will support whatever the University decides to do.

    I appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this issue.

  31. Personally, I believe discount coupons would be a better option. Even though having more global news would be quite informative, I think discount coupons would offer more practical benefits to our society and company as well since we can always read up to date news online.

    Currently, people in our town do not have any options to look out for offers that our local shops are offering. A dedicated section in the paper would be helpful for the local resident to find all the discounts/offers in one place.

    Another reason why I think a discount section would be a better choice because of the boom in the sales company would experience. Having more offers and discounts would attract more people to buy a subscription. For example, when The Times of India introduced a dedicated discount column, its sales were increased by 30%. I expect the same will happen here.

    Considering these reasons, I believe our community would benefit greatly from the discount coupons. People of our town would be eagerly awaiting a dedicated offer’s section. Again, this is my personal belief, and I support whatever company decides to do.

    I appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this issue.

  32. I believe upgrading the gym would have more rationale behind as compared to the new bikers’ lane. Even though, building a dedicated two-wheelers lane would plummet the frequency of road accidents, renovating a gym would offer more socio-economic benefits to our society.

    Most importantly, the existing swimming pool is outdated, undersized, and failed to offer the modern amenities that the pools in other towns are offering. Due to minuscule size, sometimes it becomes difficult to find a slot on the weekend which eventually forced our residents to drive to the nearby town. Moreover, we do not have any spa centers in our area as of now.

    Another advantage is the economic boom that our community would experience. With a modern swimming pool, we can organize state level swimming competitions and hence, can mint more money. Having a spa center nearby would attract more members to join the public gym.

    Considering these reasons, I think renovating the gym will be a substantial investment and the people of our town will be overjoyed. Again, this is my personal opinion, and I will support whatever decision is made.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to provide input on this survey.

  33. I personally believe installing biometric locks will have more rationale than deploying the Night Vision Cameras around the campus. Even though cameras would be beneficial to identify the culprit, biometric locks would offer more security and prevents unauthorized access.

    Most importantly, biometric locks will ensure the restricted access to the hostel rooms, and hence, cases of stealing items from rooms will plummet. In recent years, we have witnessed more cases of thievery on our campus than outside areas. Therefore, the upgraded doors with biometric locks will be much effective in this situation.

    Another reason why I am in favor of the biometric locks is that our city government has already installed the cameras at the bus bay which cover, which is just opposite to our campus and covers most of the outside area. Also, we can utilize the same in our investigation processes in the future.

    Considering these reasons, I believe installing biometric locks will be a wise investment, and our students will be benefitted in several ways. Again, this is my personal opinion, and I will support whatever the hostel management decides to do.

    I appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this issue.

  34. The desire of every nation to fulfill the basic needs of every citizen has led to a rise in the international trade of the daily consumable. In this essay pros and cons of the import-export of basic commodities will be discussed.

    Firstly, trading of basic goods helps in the economic development of the country. By exporting the products, one can mint more money and hence, can use it for the city development. Moreover, it also brings more job opportunities in the transportation department. As a result, it helps in combatting nationwide issues like unemployment. For example, when India agreed to trade tomatoes to the other Asian countries, plenty of job opportunities were created in the field of agriculture and transport which results in the economic boom of the country.

    Additionally, this would help in bringing harmony between the countries involved in trading. If two countries are involved in transporting the everyday essentials, they tend to respect each other more. Even in a pandemic situation, they are likely to help each other to meet their shortfall. For an instance, India imports most of its oil and petrol from Iraq, and both have always maintained cordial relations between each other, even during the economic crisis due to corona.

    Besides all the benefits of international trading, there is one drawback of paying high prices for these imported products because of imposing high taxes. But the other merits overshadows its drawback.

    Considering these reasons, I believe that international trade of basic commodities is essential and helpful for the socio-economic development of the society.

  35. I personally believe installing a biometric locks at doors will have more rationale than deploying the Night Vision Cameras. Even though upgrading the security by using cameras would be beneficial to identify the culprit, biometric locks would offer more security, and prevents from the unauthorized access.

    Most importantly, by installing biometric locks we can ensure the restrict access to the hostel rooms, and hence, cases of stealing items from rooms will be plummeted. In recent years, we have witnessed more case of thievery in our campus than the outside area. Therefore, the upgraded doors with biometric locks will be much effective in these cases.

    Another reason why I am in favour of the biometric locks is because our city government has already installed the cameras at the bus bay, which is just opposite to our campus, and we can utilize the same in our investigation processes in future.

    Considering these reasons, I believe installing biometric locks will be a wise investment, and our students will be benefitted in several ways. Again, this is my personal opinion, and I will support whatever the hostel management decides to do.

    I appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this issue.

  36. I personally believe building a new sports complex will have more rationale behind than developing a new baseball ground. Even though building a more spacious Baseball ground will be helpful in accommodating large audience, a new sport complex would offer more socio-economic benefits to the society.

    Most importantly, the existing athletic tracks are outdated and failed to offer the services that other sports complex in different towns are offering. Unfortunately, it eventually force our Athletes to practice at the nearby grounds which needlessly creates a hole in their pocket.

    Another reason why I am in favour of building a new sports complex is because of the economy boom our community would experience. With a modern sports complex featuring upgraded tracks, we would be able to organise many country level sports events. As a result, we can mint more money.

    Considering these reasons, I believe constructing a new Sports complex will be a substantial investment, and our community will be benefitted in several ways. Athletes of our town will be eager to see a new complex with modern amenities. Again, this is my personal opinion, and I will support whatever the decision is made.

    I appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this issue.

      • Thanks for reviewing my writing. Could you please highlight the points wherein I need to work in order to improve my score to 10-11.

  37. Personally, I believe that upgrading the gym will have more rationale behind as compared to the new bikers lane. Even though, buildling a dedicated bikers lane will be beneficial in plummeting the chances of road accidents, renovating a gym would offer more socio-economic benefits to the society.

    Most importantly, the existing swimming pool is outdated, undersized, and failed to offer the modern amenities which the pools in other town are offering. Due to its size, sometimes is becomes difficult to find a slot on the weekend which eventually forced our people to drive to the nearby town. Moreover, we do not have any spa centre in our area as of now.

    In addition to this, this will also be beneficial for our economy too. With a modern swimming pool, we can organise state level swimming competition and mint more money. Also, with the new spa centre, more people will be fascinated to join the public gym.

    Considering these reasons, I think renovating the gym will be a substantial investment. Again, this is my personal opinion, and I will support whatever decision is made.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to provide input on this survey.

  38. Personally, I think building a Shopping centre will be a better option. Even though developing a Recreational Park will be an amazing idea, our town is in immediate need of a huge, modern Shopping Complex.

    Firstly, new complex will play a vital role in improving our city’s economic development as it will create ample job opportunities for the citizens. During its construction phase, many workers would be benefitted from the temporary jobs and once it is built, it would help students to grab summer jobs in the restaurants and supermarket.

    Most importantly, we have only one mall in our town which is outdated and having limited options to shop. Moreover, the theatre is in very bad condition wherein the seats are filthy and auditorium is less spacious. Given the fact that it is being built in a secluded place, it is quite unsafe to visit at odd hours.

    Considering these reasons, I believe that option A would be a substantial investment and most of the residents of our town will be delighted. Again, this is my personal opinion, and I will support whatever decision is made.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to provide input on this survey.

  39. Dear John,

    How have you been doing? It’s been so long since we were last in touch. I have a great news to share that I have won two tickets to a concert. Delightedly, I would like to invite you to attend this most anticipated event.

    This concert will be held at Green Park Stadium in Calgary on May,30 and it will be based on Rock theme. Moreover, many top notch bands are going to perform live over there and free drinks will be served.

    As you know that I am quite into the online arcade games and during the time I was playing one of those, I came across an quiz wherein, it was mentioned that one can win two passes for the concert. Apparently, I gave a shot to it and won it luckily.

    Keeping in mind the genre of the event; I thought of asking you for this event as you are so dear to me. I am sure we will thoroughly enjoy this evening. Don’t worry about the commutation, I will pick you from your place at 7:00 PM.

    Please let me know if you are interested. I look forward to meet you at the day of event.


  40. Dear Sir,
    i have bought a Samsung 50’ TV month April 15th in your store, suddenly the Tv was not working from May 10th on wards, I run through the User manual to reset the Tv setting and reboot, but it’s not helped and called the support center they directed to check with the store, so i visited your store yesterday and looking for you to get some help but you are not available during that time and I reached out to one of your sales person and try to explain the problem, but he is not attentive and not ready to understand the issue to help any ways and he is very rude on very one at the time.
    Even I have shown the bill and warranty details, he is not at all looked in details. Being a regular customer and know people like me facing this kind of experience not good and it will impact your business and store reputation. You must look into this matter very quick and make action, also let me know when we can meet to check the TV issue.

    • Nice try! I believe your writing style need more improvement to get a better score. You could get 5 or 6 at best.

      • Dear Sir
        Good morning, i would like to write this email to draw your attention on the disappointing customer service which I have received for the loyal customer of your store.
        I have perched Samsung TV 55’ in your store on April 15th, it was good and worked well for few weeks, we had fun and good time with family. Unfortunately TV stopped working one by one. First the sound not working then the power is not working, looked at the user manual to check the setting but did not help me to resolve, i reached out the customer service online representative they told me to visit the store to get right support.
        I have decided to visit the store and meet you to get some resolution, but you are not available. So, I redirected to one of the sale executive Mr. John, i was try to explain the problems, he is not attentive to help me in this matter, he told me that store will not be responsible for this issues and his answers are irritating and annoying in front of other customers. I know the warranty and policies on my purchase, I am thankful to receive good service to refund or new TV. Please look in to this issue
        Attached the original receipt
        Looking forward for your response

  41. I would prefer to have a gym rather than a childcare center and I have several reasons to support my opinion.
    First of all, having physical activity for people that are working under stressful situations is crucial to achieve proper physical and mental health. Having a gym in the company persuades employees to take this advantage and do some exercise, which also helps with unplugging from the work. Also, it has been shown that physical activities increase employees’ enthusiasm and creativity in their works, which is the ultimate goal of our company.
    Secondly, our company is always looking for holding social events to increase teamwork spirit. What would be better than having a basketball court in the company then? This option would serve a great way for the company to conveniently organize events for employees to socialize and compete in a friendly environment. Additionally, the company can organize match nights for employees and their families. This would be a great opportunity to bring everybody together and increase communications between colleagues.
    I would like to also appreciate the fact that childcare center is important for a large company like us. I feel like if the childcare center is close by, employees will tend to check on their child more frequently, which in turn might distract them from their work.
    In the end, my opinion is that having a gym in the company would be more useful than having a childcare center.

  42. Dear store manager,
    I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction with your store. I bought a TV set from your store last week on Friday (22nd April 2020). I was so happy, enjoying watching thriller movies on it. A couple of days later, the TV suddenly stopped showing anything or playing any sound, and eventually it turned off!

    I was shocked and came back to the store to talk about this with you. However, I wasn’t able to find you. So, I took an action on approaching to one of your sale assistants. I was discussing this issue with the sale assistant that he just walked away in the middle of my sentence! His rude behavior was unbelievable!

    Then, I tried to find any person at the customer service. I was waiting there for half an hour, and guess what? Nobody showed up there! I am not sure if you are aware of this situation going on in your store since customer service is a critical part of businesses such as yours.

    Anyway, I’d like to ask you for a full refund of my purchase. Hopefully, you will make some serious improvements in running customer service in your store.


  43. To whomsoever it may concern,

    During the time I was browsing the options for the corporate training, I came across your advertisement for a training course.

    I am working as a Project Manager for the Universal Solution Technologies, Gurgaon. We are looking for the training and development programs for our team members; this can be technical and behavioral as well.

    When I encountered your advertisement, I found it useful; however I could not find details about the training specifications. I would to like to know few more details such as mode of training (on campus or online), training schedule, technologies covered and the most important – the price. Because we dont want to buy a pig in a poke, I hope you can understand. We really want to keep this training on a defined schedule, as we are working on a project which is pretty deadline driven.

    It would be really great if some one from your team can afford some time and deliver some demo classes at our place. Also, I would love to know if you can offer us some deal or discount on the corporate training.

    I look forward to your response.


  44. Dear store manager,
    I purchased Sony HD 54 TV from your store on April 23. I was really satisfied first 3 days with that TV. Furthermore, after this time suddenly TV is stopped the working, and I tried to reset with manual instruction. But the problem was not changed.
    I decided to go your store back to express this issue. You were not available at the present. After that I shared this problem with your salesperson to his help. His behavior was very rude and frustrating although I reminded that product’s one year of warranty. He said we do not provide warranty if customer has a mistake on TV. I could not believe his explain. I was disappointing with his conduct.
    Please find attached my original receipt for your references. I hope you understand my situation. I accepted either refunds my money or replacement with brand new.
    I look forward your response.
    Best regards,

  45. Dear Manager,

    I am writing this mail to express my concern about the food and service quality of your restaurant.
    On April 10, I came to your restaurant with my spouse to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I reserved the table for 7:00 PM. We reached the place at 6:45 PM and we were asked to wait at the entrance. After a long wait of 45 minutes, one service man came to us and took us to the table.
    We ordered chicken pizza and two mocktails. The food that was served to us was not hot and the chicken was smelling rotten. The mocktails were not chilled too. When we compained about the food quality, no one paid attention to us. Moreover the restaurant manager was not available to resolve our problem. Our special day was completely ruined and we had to left without any resolution.
    Since your restaurant is well known for its service and food quality. I really want to give your restaurant an another chance. I would appreciate if you can refund the bill amount and give me some discount on my next visit.

    Looking forward for your response.


  46. Dear store manager

    I want to register a complaint about a recent purchase of a TV set at your store. At first I was very excited and confident about my purchase- owing mostly to the reputation of your store, but various problems started to emerge subsequently. First the sound system stopped functioning and then the TV shut down altogether. Consequently I went back to the store with the intention to speak with you in order to seek a solution, but you were not present during my visit. I reached out to the salesperson afterwards but I have to say his attitude towards me was dismissive and utterly inappropriate. Words are unable to express my irritation of the incident at present.

    I demand that my TV set be inspected or be replaced with a new set urgently. As compensation for the salesperson’s misconduct, I require an apology from you as the store manager.


    Kevin Smith

  47. First of all, I am grateful to be in a company that allows us to voice our opinion. I believe this conduct can improve our work environment more effectively. Regarding the new facility, I support the proposal of building a child care centre in the company.

    Here are a few reasons to justify my decision. First, most of the employees are young adults who are raising children that are under 5 years old. The children are not at the age to be sent to elementary school, therefore, the parents can only send them to private childcare centres which are extremely expensive. The new childcare centre does not only save money for the employees but also save time from driving their children to the private centres. Secondly, since the employees are able to check on their children during breaks. I believe not having to worry about one more thing in mind can keep us more productive during work.

    Based on these reasons, I truly believe the new child care centre can benefit the company enormously. Having to work for a company that strives to improve employees’ work environment is quiet fascinating, I am glad to be part of this success.

      • Let me start by thanking you for giving me this opportunity to provide an input in this matter.

        I would prefer the gym option. I firmly believe it is a far better plan than the child care center since it will serve the inherent needs of both the company and the employees. There are two reasons I put my two cents worth on building a gym.

        Firstly, on the part of the employees, building a gym within the premise of the company will give easy access to members of the staff. Thereby, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Also, internal sporting competitions like basket ball will be organized. As a result of this, social relationship between colleges will be fostered. In as much as the child care center is a good idea, it will hardly ever benefit the employees because there is a Daycare on he first floor of the building.

        Secondly, on the part of the employers, work related accidents will be alleviated since coworkers will be encouraged to use the gym frequently. I once read a research that suggested that; one of the efficient ways to increase company productivity is by keeping its employees physically fit. Hence, the gym is a better option.

        Therefore, the gym plan fits the bill, and it is fair to both parties.

    • To whom it may concern,

      My name is Emmanuel Osimiri, and I am writing this email with regard to the TV set I bought from your office five days ago. The television worked for a couple of days, and then tripped off permanently on it’s own.

      To begin with, I was and still disappointed with the unprofessional conduct of your sales person. Her name is Jessica Jones. First off, when I approached her to lay my complaints about the TV, she was reluctant to listen to me. After that, she responded rudely and walked out on me. The other customers were in awe of her attitude towards me. I felt insulted and disrespected. Her behavior was completely out of hand, and the customer service was zero because I went home without a solution to my problem.

      If at all possible, I would prefer you either send a technician to fix or give me a brand-new TV. I will also appreciate a complete refund since it is part of the store policy. However, which ever one you decide is fine by me.

      Awaiting your response.



  48. Dear Steve,

    I am writing this email regarding the TV I have purchased from your store last week. Furthermore, I would like to complain about the unfriendly customer service I have experienced yesterday.

    First of all, the TV I purchased was model S13M5 which I believe is the latest Samsung model that includes a one-year in-store warranty. I enjoyed the TV for about three days and after that, the screen just turned black. I tried to reset the TV by following the manual provided in the package. However, the screen remains black. I brought the TV into the store and was hoping one of your staff can provide some assistance with this issue. I provided my receipt to the staff and also mentioned the in-store warranty. Unbelievably, your staff straight up assumed the TV was damaged intentionally by me. Without any further explanation, he shuts me off and told me that the store is not responsible for any damages caused by the buyer. I was in shock with his accusation and even more furious about his attitude towards me.

    In conclusion, I am looking for a full refund on the TV, and I hope the store can re-educate the staff about the refund procedure and improve their customer service.



  49. Task 1

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I hope this email finds you well! As a loyal customer of the BestBuy, I would like to draw your attention to the disappointing customer service I’ve recently recieved.

    I purchased a Sony Bravia 85″ TV last Monday. It’s a great TV and I had no concerns till the other day when it suddenly stopped working. I reached out to the online representative and was told that it would be better if I visit the store and address my issues to the manager.

    Yesterday I decided to pay a visit to the store but unfortunately you weren’t present at that time. Therefore, I was directed to discuss the matter with the salesperson, named Michael.
    His attitude was extremely unprofessional. No attention was paid to my issue. He was constantly interrupting me, saying that it isn’t store’s responsibility. I find this rude and concerning. I have second thoughts about returning to the store next time.

    I know the policies. I am obligated to receive either full refund or a new TV. Please look in to this issue and let me know the decision.

    Please find the original receipt for my purchase attached.

    All the best,

  50. While I do see the benefit of a restaurant in the building, I believe a childcare facility is better because of its added advantage to the working mothers. In a sense, it will provide some security and assurance to them both emotionally and financially.

    First of all, working mothers either drop their kids at daycare facilities or leave them with family or friends. To do so, they might have to travel further and have to start their day way ahead than others. They might not get enough sleep and rest which affects the attentiveness in work. Mothers being protective they constantly check their kid’s status throughout the day. Some might feel restless and anxious which affects productivity.

    Secondly, daycare facilities are expensive and demand a good amount of money from our paychecks. Having a childcare facility in the building would help financially. Employees can be at ease and assured. The company can attain employee satisfaction.

    Considering these reasons, I believe a childcare facility would be a better choice.
    Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to provide input on this issue.

  51. thanks in advance for helping celpip exam takers

    It is phenomenal that the company is taking survey to figure it out what to do with the mentioned floor, and I am thrilled to share my idea over this matter. Construction a gym or childcare center both will bring an outstanding value to the table. Although I have sympathy with the option 1, I ultimately believe that option number 2 would be much more rewarding.
    Gym fans would claim that such a facility at disposal would make worker healthier as many would attend. While there are some truth in this, we should consider that these may already be part of other clubs which they enjoy their leisure time there and there is no intention in them to join the new gym. Furthermore, although gym could be useful to whom are interested, childcare would be the better option as many of the working staff have babies at kindergarten age
    Another argument against the basketball curt would be the rivalry and unpleasant environment that could happen as result of the sport event held in the gym center. However childcare center would benefit a wider range of worker as they could save enormous amount of time by just arriving at work and leaving their loved child some floors away.
    Finally it is although a gym center would have good effect on worker health, the child care center would be a huge help to parent whom always have the strees of leaving their child miles away from their workstations.

  52. Task1

    Dear Store Manager,

    Last Wednesday, I purchased a TV, Sony Bravia, from your store. It was working fine for the first few days, however, it suddenly stopped working for no reason, and it would not turn back on anymore.

    Because of the issue, I revisited your business yesterday to explain the situation, hoping to get some help with a solution to it. Unfortunately, you were not available at that time, so I decided to ask for some help from one of the sales staff. I was expecting the person to provide me with some information on what I can do to the situation and assist my way to handle the problem. Despite what I was hoping, he did not seem to care or know what he needed to do and simply told me to come back when the manager is available. He did not show any effort or care of dealing with my situation which I thought was very rude and unprofessional of him.

    I would like to get a refund or exchange for the purchase that I made. I still have the original copy of the receipt.

    I hope to hear back from you soon!

    Thank you,



    I think our company needs a gym for the new facility.

    I do exercise every day, and I am currently going to the gym located in downtown which takes about an hour by bike. I would appreciate it if we could have the gym in our building, so I do not have to spend the extra hour to go to the gym everyday and exhaust myself. Especially during the winter, it is severely cold outside, and biking from the gym home with my hair wet is very frustrating.

    Besides, I think utilizing the new facility as a sports gym could be beneficial to the company. It could encourage employees to get involved in more sports activities and exercises. There is a study that shows that exercise will help improve people’s performance at work to be more efficient. Moreover, I am very excited about the basketball court because that would be a perfect place for us to play sports together which I think could strengthen the bond of the people in our company and would create better team-working relationships.

    Thank you for consulting us and I hope my insights are helpful!

  53. Dear manager,
    I am writing this letter to bring your attention towards my unpleasant experience at your restaurant last week. We ordered vegetarian food. Halfway , through the meal what we beat was meat .
    We ordered Pizza, mackrony and pannerchilly dry. In paneer chilly there was a meat mixup. We realized after go through it. At once, we called the stewed and proffered all things. He was take back and brought mixup food but then we don’t want take hazardous to eat..
    I have been your regular customer , never faced such issue, we patronizing your resturent over the year. Than we thought to reporting this to supervisor but the person name jenni did not speck us with them. That was unprofessional behavior and its below par.
    I hope to hear your positive reply as soon as possible.Enclosed are copies bills and I supposed to want fully refund of my foodbill. Failed to do so will prompt me to lodge file in consumer protect department.
    Don’t hesitate to reach me anytime. You can contact me on 8568461623 or email me kajakaj@gmail.com
    Your faithfully,
    Kajal rahevar

  54. Dear sir/madam,

    On December 24th I bought a Samsung HD 50` TV on the store as a Christmas gift for my husband. The TV worked perfectly for three days and after that, it stopped working. We have read in the instructions guide to check if it could be a simple issue that we could resolve, and we could not find a solution.

    We went back to the store on December 28th and we have talked to a salesman named Michael as you were not at the store on that day. He was very rude and suggested us to call the fabricant for assistance. He refused to exchange the TV for a new one, even knowing that we have the right to do an exchange within 30 days after the purchase.

    I am writing to you hoping that, as the store manager of such a reliable store, you will be able to provide us a solution, exchanging the TV for a new one or making a full refund.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,


  55. Dear Mr. John,

    I am writing this mail with a lot of discontent in my mind about your customer service staff at Ahuja Electronics, 1-1800 Edouard Laurin, Toronto. My first impression about your shop based on the famous quote “Customer is God” ruined last Friday 20th Dec 2019. After hearing a plethora of good things about your shop and the customer service, I bought new Sony 59” HD smart TV by spending 1000 CAD. Surprisingly a brand-new TV stopped working in 3 days for no reasons.

    As the first step, I inquired with online customer service representative, and he directed me to visit the shop from where I bought the TV. I visited the shop and tried to meet the Manager, but he was on sick leave hence I reached out to one of the salespersons. In an attempt to communicate TV issue with your salesperson, he gave no attention to me, denied the issues with a brand-new TV and practically mocked me. He even mentioned that the shop is not responsible to any kind technical problem of the TV once it’s sold outs.
    I would be grateful to you if you could return my money, or better yet, give me replacement to faulty TV. At the same time, I would urge you to bring professional manners within your customer service staff.

    I look forward hearing from you soon.


  56. Dear Store Manager,

    I recently purchased a LED TV from your store and after three days of using it, it has failed to power on. I tried to connect the TV to a different power outlet but still it did not turn on. At that time it was certain that the TV had malfunctioned and I needed a replacement.

    When I went back to the store, I explained the issue to Nick, one of the salesperson, and unfortunately my experience with him was the most negative. He refused to believe that a brand new TV could have any manufacturing defect and accused me of damaging it. He also stated that the repair cost will not be covered in the warranty and I will have to pay for it. I was extremely frustrated with Nick as he did not offer any assistance and I left without a resolution.

    I am writing in the hope you will be able to assist me. Nick’s rude behavior has certainly made me lose confidence in your customer service but I think you can rebuild the trust I had in your business. I request that you either replace my defective TV with a new one or refund me the
    full amount by end of the week.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  57. Dear Mr Manager,

    On 22nd November 2019, I purchased a Samsung TV set model no. SAM20103 and my invoice no. is 2323233. I made this purchase from 76 Golf avenue store and payment was made by credit card.

    When I reached home, I switched on the TV, and it worked fine for the initial three days. On the fourth day, it stopped working for no apparent reason. After reading the operator manual, I tried troubleshooting, but it showed no progress. Therefore, I tried reaching you at your store, but unfortunately, you were not available. In your absence, I spell out everything to a salesperson, but he hardly paid any attention to my words. Instead, he behaved very rudely, provided me with no solution, and asked me to leave the store. I could not believe my ears.

    As per your company’s refund policy, I have enclosed the invoice with original manufacturer packaging, and the TV. I am sure that this TV will be considered as a product recall. I paid $200 for this product and request you to make the payment of a refund to my credit card.

    I look forward to receiving a favourable reply and refund.

    Yours faithfully,

  58. Dear Manager
    I am writing mainly to complaint about unsatisfactory customer service as well as a faulty equipment that I recently bought from your store.
    Last week I purchased a Samsung LED 32” TV set from your store. However, it worked perfectly fine for the first three days. On the fourth day I was watching a show, one thing the voice was unclear, I barely could hear anything and all of a sudden it turned off. I tried to fix it by turning it off and on but it showed no progress.
    The very next day I went back to the store to speak to you but the receptionist on the front directed me to the salesman. In an attempt to resolve the matter with the salesman, the latter gave me no attention, unapologetically ignored my problem and practically mocked me. Honestly, his behavior was rude and unacceptable.
    As a loyal customer of your store, I may request you to look into the aforementioned complaint. I expect either a full refund or replacement of the TV set. I will refrain myself from buying any equipment from your shop until you solve the problem.
    Thank you

  59. I would opine in favor of opening a gym. As there is also a proverb “health is wealth”. I would prefer gym over a childcare. Building a childcare is not a bad idea but as our human resource is full of youngsters and our job is to sit and work whole day.

    Young people who are working hard for company can also elevate their physical and mental health which can indirectly affect company’s growth in an exceptional way. According to study of western university it is proved that people who workout before their work are giving twenty times much better performance to their tasks as well as it is also perceived that people are more charming and overwhelmed.

    As it is also going to have a basketball court, we can also have internal competition among the different departments. We can also rent it for making our own charitable trust. We can encourage winning team by providing awards.

    To set good example for other companies and attract better qualified personnel, I will dynamically recommend choosing gym over childcare.

  60. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing this to draw your attention towards the issue i am facing with the 55″ Hi-sense television i bought on November 11th 2019, with two year extended warranty.I certainly enjoyed our first bought television for three days, after which it stopped working for no apparent reason.

    I decided to go in the store,and talk to you but one of you salesperson Eric, informed that it was your day off. So i explained the situation to him, surprisingly he offered no help, rather asked me to get it fixed from somewhere else,and also blamed that i might have done something that caused television to break down.I reminded him of the warranty,and asked for exchange or fixing it, which he absolutely ignored.

    I went out of the store very disappointed, i would like you as a Manager to conduct a meeting with that salesperson on his behavior towards customers as well an exchange or refund for the television.Please see attached receipt #1122334 for your reference.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  61. I would like to opine in favor of opening a gym in our workplace as this seems to be a convincing choice for me rather than a daycare. Though the later looks equally appealing I would like to present a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument.
    To begin with, in this hectic work-life schedule we hardly have time to hit the gym and care about our health. Hence, having a workout place in the office will encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, people prefer a facility that is accessible and less packed. As this will be an exclusive one for our office, the crowd will be moderate. Employees can exercise and take shower early morning at the premises without having the fear of running late or getting stuck in traffic.
    Moreover, a basketball court will increase team building activities among people. Departments can team up and play a friendly match or tournament which will enhance extra-curriculum events in our workplace.
    Considering these reasons, I believe that a gym is more beneficial than a child-care system. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I would go with whatever the management decides to do.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to voice my preference.

  62. Dear Store Manager,
    I am writing to you to draw your attention towards my concern regarding the latest purchase I made from your store: The Croma, Kennedy branch. On November 11, I bought a 52-inch Samsung-4K LED TV from your store and it worked fine for three days. However, on the fourth day, it didn’t turn on. Initially, I thought the batteries of the remote are the problem, but not.
    To discuss the matter with you, I went to the store, as you were unavailable, I spoke with one of your salespersons named John Glen and explained to him the entire situation. Surprisingly, the salesperson refused to be of any assistance, rather bluntly told me the store takes no responsibility of the product once sold. When I recalled him about the policy of the warranty period, he pretended to be busy and left the aisle without any response. The customer service given to me at your store was full of sheer disappointment.
    I would request you to either replace the TV with a working one or provide me store credit so that I can buy another set. Please find attached a copy of the receipt for your reference. Looking forward to your reply.
    Kind regards,
    Jack Lee

  63. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have recently bought the Samsung HD2045L TV from your store and was very excited about it but to my surprise, TV is so faulty that it went off within 1st week of purchase. I had come to store yesterday to talk about this issue however you were not available.

    In your absence, I spoke to the salesperson named Allen who was impolite in his responses. Although I explained him the situation in detail, his reply was inadequate and service was not what I expected from renowned store. I requested him to look at the product warranty and replace the TV as committed in the purchase agreement to that he out rightly refused the request and asked me contact the manufacturer directly. He asked me to leave the store so that he can concentrate on other customers which was very offending.

    I want you to look in to the matter and replace the TV at the earliest. I think that you also need to look into the trainings your salespersons go through before joining the team as I have experienced gross negligence and serious lack of business ethics during my visit.

    I am looking forward to your response.


  64. Dear Manager,

    I am writing this email to express my immense dissatisfaction over my last transaction of buying a TV at your store. Based on salesman’s recommendations, I purchased a 40 inches LG123 television for my drawing room with two-years of extended warranty.

    To my surprise, this product started creating trouble with HDMI port on the third day itself. While to connect Chromecast on HDMI-1 port, the screen went black and never showed up again. I verified some basic settings from the manual but did not attempt any experimentation, after all, I was new to this product. Seeking resolution, I visited your store along with product and purchase receipts, but the salesman in your absence hardly paid any attention and seemed novice with customer interactions. He strictly instructed me to get in touch with the manufacture’s service centre instead of bugging him. That was the last straw.

    Even though I had such a terrible experience with your highly esteemed retailer brand, still I would like to go back to the drawing board. I would suggest you either process a full refund or arrange a replacement for this product. I would appreciate a positive response.


  65. Dear Manager,

    I am writing this email to express dissatisfaction with the product and services received from your store. I purchased Sony Bravia R30D worth CAD 1200 from your store four weeks ago, and the product is malfunctioning since last 8 days.

    Initially, this product performed well in all aspects but since last week there are severe issues in audio and sometimes picture quality as well. I compared television settings from manual supplied with product but all in vein. Last Sunday, I tried visiting your store with a video proof of the issue but I was distressed by absurd behavior of the sales in-charge in your absence. He hardly paid any attention to my problem and eventually replying acrimoniously. This was never expected!

    I request you to pay attention into this matter and, first help me with product resolution followed by improving your staff behavior. If this matter is unsettled in few days, please plan to refund all my money. I will look forward for a positive response from your side.


  66. I feel grateful that our organization is considering the ideas to convert one floor to recreational area and soliciting employee’s views on the same. I truly reckon in favor of gym having exercising equipment, a basketball court and shower as an asset to employees and their well being.

    Firstly, health is foremost asset to an individual and having health center in office will leave no one with excuses of time or travel. Secondly, our sedentary lifestyle and inappropriate eating habits have been contributing to continuous degradation in health. Heaving recreational center in office with various options like gym and basketball court will be really helpful to boost energy levels. Additionally, playing together inculcates team culture between individuals which is an inevitable asset to any organization.

    Undoubtedly child care center is no harm to anyone, but it can be leveraged only by employees who have toddlers. Infant’s noise, employee’s distraction and surplus cost of children care takers might be overhead to organization.

    To conclude, I opine in favor of having gym and health center in office premises because “health is wealth”.

  67. Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

    Hello Store Manager,

    I am James Vasanth who has recently visited your store on October 1st 2019 and bot a brand new Samsung QLED TV which cost about $999 Canadian dollar. It was really working good until October 4th 2019, but after noon the Television stopped working. I tried to troubleshoot to my knowledge but i could not able to fix the issue. Hence i have visited your store again to complain about the television not working issue on October 5th 2019 at 9 AM whereas i could not able to find the same manager whom i have bot the Television.

    I have found a sales person called John at the front desk and tried to explained about the issue what i have faced with my new television. But John was not even listening to my explanation, he just said to go to the dealership we only sell the television and do not repair the television in a rude manner. I was really unhappy with the purchase which i have made with this store. I have been a loyal customer bot all my electronics from this store from 2018 and till now i have not seen a rude sales person in my life.

    The intention of my email is to resolve my television issue by replacing them as soon as possible or refund my money back, Also i want an apologies note from the sale person(John) who was rude at me. Thank you

    Your Faithful,
    James Vasanth

  68. Health is wealth, is common saying fits to everyone life. I think a gym facilities should be prioritized to maintain a healthy culture.
    Firstly, employees could not find time for work out, due to busy work schedule even though many employees hold gym membership. Traffic is real problem in our city and travel time to reach nearest neighborhood is more than an hour. The gym facility in company campus encourage employees to make time for work out by saving additional travel to gym facility. Additionally, exercise has many benefits and it boosts blood flow in the body and help to increase stamina. It also enhance individual concentration and ultimately enhance productivity.
    On another related note, facility should have a basketball court, exercise equipment and shower rooms. It will appeal to many employees with different interest. This facility constitute lucrative opportunity. Hence, the company should seize the chance to resolve employee issue by building gym facility.
    To set a good example for other companies and attract other qualified personnel, I strongly recommend building a gym facility.

    Note: Could you please provide your feedback by making your correction using bold or underline so I can know my mistakes fast. Thank you appreciate your help.

    • Nice job! I also believe this writing would score 7.

      I charge 3$ if you are interested in a full evaluation with correction.

  69. Dear Mr. Matt,

    This is Robert De, purchased a TV set from your store on Sep 1, 2019. I was delighted with purchased and service offered during the purchase. I writing this mail to inform you that the TV stopped working after three days and apparently shutdown
    And not starting.

    First, I visited the store on Sep 4, 2019 to inform about the TV problem but unfortunately you were not present on that day. Your front desk executive asked me to meet your sales person Mr. James. I was glad that he attended my request. When I started discussing the TV problem then he paid no attention to my problem. He seems very preoccupied and not interested to talk. I was very disappointed with his behavior. However, I explained him the situation in detail and asked for the resolution.

    Additionally, he was very rude and told after sale service is not provided in the store. Store is not responsible for the problem and you need to find technician to repair it. I was very surprised to hear that he is not ready to provide any kind of assistance on the problem. He left the conversion and went away from his desk. I am very disappointed with his conduct and left the store without any resolution.

    Finally, I would like to bring this problem to your attention and request you to either refund the money or replace it with new TV set.

    I am looking for forward your assistance.

    Your Sincerely

  70. Dear HR,

    Thanks for conducting survey and i’m glad to suggest my opinion for our companies decision in creating a facility.

    My opinion is to build a child care, because working mother usually have feeling of guilt & stress when dividing their attention between work and family. Major reason is they leave their children in child care for the whole day when they are at work, so they could not assist them or take care of their children. If our company build child care, they can leave their children at their work place where they can visit their children during their break hours and this will give them a greater relief .

    On the other hand, gym is also important, since employee health is one of the major concern our company should consider. But near by our office there are 2 to 3 fitness center, so our employees can enroll in those fitness center where they can go for workout after or before work.

    As per the report which we received from Human resource department, in our company 35% employees are working mother. So i would suggest to build a child care. Concerned about their employees and benefiting them will improve our company standards as well.


  71. Dear Store Manager,

    I am emailing you in regards to a TV set that I purchased 3 days ago and would like to express my disappointment in the product. I had initially bought this TV set to help create my perfect family living room.

    After the third day of using the TV set, the TV began flicking as soon as I turned on the TV and continued to do this for the next hour. I decided to turn off the TV to give it a break and to give it a chance to reset, however when I decided to turn it back on it would not turn on.

    When I visited your store to bring this to the attention of one of your sales representative, I was shocked when he began calling me a liar. He was rude to me in front of my family and would not provide any assistance.

    I believe this TV set is compromised and would like a full refund as well as a discounted price on a TV set I choose. In addition, I urge you to take corrective action with your sales staff as treating customers with a poor attitude is not great for your organisation.

    I hope to hear from you soon,



    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am emailing you in regards to the survey and would like to express my desire to have a child care centre build in our facility. Although I think a gym would be nice to have, I strongly believe that a child care centre would be more beneficial.

    Firstly, having a child care centre for employee’s only would be a fantastic resource to have because child care reservations are scarce and waiting lists can take up to years to secure a spot. Having a child care centre will alleviate stress and anxiety and can allow parents to focus on their work.

    Secondly, a child care centre would be beneficial for employees because it will give parents a chance to pick their children up without the hassle of driving out of the way while on their way home. This extra time saved will give parents a healthier work-life balance and will give parents more time to spend with their family.

    I strongly believe a child care centre would be more beneficial to our employees instead of a gym as it will give children a secured spot and will help with employee work life-balance.

    Thank you,


  72. Dear HR,

    First I wish to thank you for conducting survey among employee for creating a new facility in our company. I would suggest to build a child care in one of its floor. Even health & fitness is one of the major aspect that company should think, but near by our company there are multiple fitness center where employee can enroll.

    In our organization as per the report from HR department there are more than 50% of working women and in that around 35% of employees children where taken care in child care. It is really hard for them to leave their children at child care far from their work place. If they have a child care near to their work, it will be best option for them to leave their children in day care where they can easily reach. so considering these working women who taking care of their children, we can build a child care. This will also encourage working women, without hesitating to leave their children at child care which is far from their work and our company will also get a good reputation in supporting their employees.

    On the other side of coin, employee fitness and health is also important. so our company can recommend nearest fitness center for new enrollment promotions, this will also benefits our employees.


  73. Dear store manager,

    I am writing regarding a TV set that I bought in your store last week.
    During the first three days the TV worked perfectly, and my family and I had a lot of fun with our new acquisition. However, on the fourth day, when I tried to turn the TV on early in the morning, I got no response. I grabbed the TV’s manual to look into the possible issues and followed all the steps to investigate the problem. No success at all.
    On the following day, I have been to your store to ask for assistance. The salesman “Carlos” did not even look to me and told me that I needed to call the manufacturer. I would never expect that kind of behaviour from a member of your company, and I truly believe you would not approve that as well.
    Therefore, I would like to ask you to call me at your earliest convenience to discuss a solution for this. I would be glad if you would be able to either replace the TV for a new one or have it fixed immediately.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance. I hope to hear from you soon.

  74. Dear Store Manager,
    I am writing to you to express my immense disappointment with the purchase of the TV set on my recent visit to your store.
    First of all, I am a very loyal customer at your store, all the electronics I ever purchased are only from your company. On my last visit I bought a TV set with a CD player and an extra feature of recent technology. I was very excited to have them all at my home. Unfortunately, the TV set I got worked fine for only three days, then shut down for no particular reason and stopped working.
    I was extremely disappointed, and I decided to go back to your store to tell you about the situation. Unexpectedly, you were not available at the store that day. I approached one of your salesmen with my issues, however to my surprise he was extremely rude. His conduct was very unprofessional as he refused to provide me with assistance. He also stated that he is not responsible for any problems with electronics I purchased from the store.
    I urge you to investigate the situation as soon as possible. Additionally, take some disciplinary actions with your employees. Their behaviour is highly unacceptable.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  75. I highly appreciate the initiative of our Human Resources Department on making use of a free space on the 8th floor of our building.
    I strongly agree to build a gym facility that would include a basketball court, exercising equipment, and shower rooms.
    First of all, having a recreational area just around the corner would have an immense impact on our employees. Thus, being able to exercise during the lunch one hour break would have a great influence on our employees well being and health. All of our employees sit at their desks in front of computers most of the day. Having to add an exercise regime to their busy schedule would increase their productivity and an incredible influence the teamwork.
    On the other hand, our firm consists of only 20% of employees with children, investing in a childcare facility would negatively affect the budget of our firm. Additionally, building a childcare centre would cause lots of unnecessary issues. Not only having children on the same floor what our offices would distract all the employees, but also would cause great harm to their important work schedule.
    I vote in favour of option A as it give us more advantageous.

  76. Health of emplyees is an asset for a company, I think a gym facility should be prioritized to maintain a healthy culture.

    Firstly, it will assist the workforce to improve their production. Since we have a long work schedule of 10 hours, workers often suffer from health as well as from mental issues. Even though the majority of us already have gym memberships, we are not able to go due to the tight schedule. This, availability of gym will provide convenience to employees.

    Secondly, it will be a profitable investment, because our personnel will get a boost in their ability to work. The company’s production will automatically increase, which could bring gains in the long run.

    A gym is a good option, which will benefit both the firm and its personnel.

    • Good work! I think it is too short, but your style looks like it would score 8 or 9. Keep up the hard work and write longer responses next time.

  77. It is almost a common knowledge to people that exercising has numerous health benefits. Even though we are aware of those benefits and know certainly that exercising is needed, we lack of it since we can’t make the step out after a long day of work. If the gym is located conveniently at our building, I believe it will resolve the issue for many of us.

    After talking with many others, I have found that we struggle finding the right schedule to fit exercise routine in our days. Going to the nearest Goodlife during lunch break of an hour would only allow us to exercise for 40 minutes at best, that is without showering. Then, we try planning going after work, but we know ourselves too well that we tend to be too relaxed once we get back home. So the planning never ended quite successfully. However, if the gym gets located inside our building, we can fit our plan into either lunch break or after work.

    With all being said, I don’t believe there is any current issues with the parents regarding their day care. Also, the people who will benefit of the convenience of the gym would include the parents as well.

  78. Dear store manager,

    I am writing to express an issue i have about the TV i bought in your store. Last week i bought a Sharp TV in your store and i was excited to get ready to watch NBA playoff, but the TV shut down after three days. I have tried to contact you but you were not available, so i talked to the salesperson and he provided a very unsatisfaction service to me.

    I asked for either return a new TV or get a full refund to me, but the sales doubted my situation. He said that it is impossible for the new TV shut down and this will only happen when i broke the TV. In further, if i want a full refund, i need to pay 10% damage fee. Is it the way how your store treat your value customer?

    I suggest that the store need to retrain some of the staffs to keep the standard service. For example, those staffs need to have a deep idea about the return and refund policy at least.

    However, i hope that this email will bring your attention and I wish that i will get a satisfying response from you.



  79. Task 2

    I personally think gym would be a great addition to the facility. Even though child care seems good, i believe gym would provide more benefit to our staff.

    The biggest advantage of the gym is that it will provide a healthy and relax environment for us. Our company is a fast pace, so our staffs do not have extra time to go to the outside fitness. It would be great if our facility has a gym where we can do excise and stay healthy.

    Having a child care center is good but it doesn’t fit for most people’s need. As i know, lots of staffs in our company are either single or unmarried. Child care center seems great for those staffs who have child, but gym will be perfectly fit everyone’s need.

    Considering these reasons, i believe gym would be a better choice for our company. I know many people would love to do excise. Again, this is my personal opinion, but i will support whatever the company decides.

    I appreciate the opportunity to give input in this matter.

  80. Dear store manager,

    Hi, I am writing to seek for solution on defective product that I have purchased at your store on Friday Aug 15th. It was a Samsung UHD OLED 53″ TV that, as far as I have understood, comes with 15 days exchange policy if there is any defect.

    At first, TV was working fine as it was displayed at the store. It was only after three days that the TV started shutting off by itself. Issue is very intermittent but it is clearly there. If it should be tested, I would be sure to you that you will see the symptom at least once within a day.

    I have actually visited the store yesterday to seek some help and received none but a hostile manner. Salesperson named Michael had simply tried turning on the TV and as soon as he confirmed that it powers on, he turned to me and said to take it back. I was expecting him to either offer an exchange or repair, or at least some effort to troubleshoot the issue.

    I hope you can offer me what I believe is right in this kind of situation, either repair or exchange.

    Best regards,

  81. Hello sir,
    I am writing this letter to address the recent experience with buying an electronic commodity from your store. I would like to express my immense disappointment with the recent purchase of a TV from your store and my interaction with your employees. I visited the store on 5th street where I purchased a Sony 56inch television with a special offer during labor day sales. The salesmen were attentive and good at their job in selling the tv. I was pleased with my purchase until it stopped working within a few hours of buying it. I tried to talk to the store manager and the salesman. I did not get any assistance with my concerns. All I have been hearing is excuses and delays with mechanics not being available to check the issues.

    Since I have already bought the television, there is no money return policy as clearly stated in your store policies. The least I expect is good customer service in addressing issues and concerns. I can hardly express my frustration with this issue as no one wants to hear about at the showroom. You probably hear a lot of people with their recommendations, requests, and concerns. But I would appreciate if you could address my issue and please get back with me with my request to get a replacement with my recent purchase.

    I appreciate your time


  82. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing this letter regarding my recent purchase on your store.I bought a Samsung Smart TV last Monday, August 04.My family were totally entertained and amazed of the feature of this product.However, after running for several days it suddenly shutdown for unknown reason.

    I hurriedly drove back to your store to bring the product but unfortunately you are not around. I am glad that one of your salesman was around but I was totally embarassed and disappointed by his rude gesture the way he give an answered to me.He does not have any respect to his costumer.Because of frustration I left the store without any resolution.

    As your valued costumer, I would like to give a recommendation on how to avoid such predicament. I personallt think it would be better if your HR will conduct a proper training on how to deal with the costumer. Moreover, I would like have a full refund of my purchase or try to find another unit for replacement.

    Im looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you will help me with this.


  83. I appreciate our company and the HR Department for taking the time to ask our opinion about what should be create in our empty floor. In my opinion, a gym is the best idea and will help our colleges more to improve our health and mental status.
    As many of us, we work 8 hours a day in which more than half of the time we spend sitting down. That may cause serious troubles to our body such as back pain, lack of movement and obesity. Moreover, we are looking at the screen of our computer for such a long time that can cause eyes problem. A gym will help us be more energetic, work out more and release the stress of the daily basis. Also, will help us improve our work performance because healthy mind-healthy body. The associates will love the basketball court and exercise equipment that will be implemented in this gym. After finishing the work out, we just take a shower and go back to our routine.
    Thanks again for this survey and giving us the chance to choose the best option that fit our convenience. I strongly believe a gym will improve our health as well as our performance at work.

  84. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction about the service and the product I bought from your store.

    I visited your store yesterday after I had issues with the TV which i bought from your store only a week ago.It is a Samsung LCD 40 inches with a plasma screen. It worked perfectly fine for the first few days and after it started turning on and off by itself. Also, sometimes the screen goes off leaving only blurry images on it.

    So, I went into the store to get this issue resolved and no one from the management was available to help me. The salesperson whom I spoke with yesterday was extremely rude and unprofessional. When told him about the problems I am having the TV, the latter gave no attention to me , denied all the issues and practically mocked me. May he was just having a bad day.Hence, I would be grateful to you if you could send technician to my place to get my TV fixed or better replace it.

    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. I hope you will help me with this.


  85. After reviewing both of the options given, it is clear that creating a gym facility would be a better option instead of a child care center. At an exercising space, employees would better contribute to the company by developing healthier habits and creating a teamwork environment.

    First, it is known that having healthier lifestyles can highly increase human’s productivity in many areas of life, and one of them is work. Researches have shown that a physically active employee has a productivity of about 35 to 40% more than a non-active person. Therefore, installing a gym space at work would incentive non-active employees to progressively start getting into shape and working better.

    Secondly, it can be a great opportunity to build teamwork activities. As the gym facility is planned to have a basketball court, team activities among departments could be implemented after working-hours, so employees feel more comfortable within their co-workers. By creating trust among employees, the company also gains by developing an acquaintance feeling around the staff.

    In conclusion, the benefits of having a gym outweighs the child care center idea, for the reasons described above. It is of utmost importance that employees feel happy and encouraged to come to the work place, and this facility will definitely help with it.

  86. Dear hightestscore,
    Your work is marvelous. Thank you and God bless. Kindly find my task 1 based answer as below.

    Task 1:
    Dear store manager,
    I am writing this mail to express my dissatisfaction in regards with the purchase of television from your store as well as the rude behavior shown by the salesperson. Despite the reputation of your store in the town, T.V has stopped working just in a period of 72 hours right after purchase.
    Firstly, I purchased the most high-end LED television available in the market and that too from your store which has the most exclusive tech gadgets available in town. Secondly, once I installed the TV at my place, the screen started flickering and was unable to connect to my smartphone even though, it’s a smart TV resulting in complete display failure in approximately 72 hours after installation.
    Moreover, I visited your store yesterday to raise issue regarding this and in result I was entertained in a rude, ill- mannered behavior where your salesperson refused to answer my questions and asked me to leave.
    Henceforth, I would like you to take an immediate action and suggest conducting proper training for your staff to treat customers as such kind of attitude will surely result in steep decline of them visiting your renowned store. Thank you.

    Mirza Maaz.

  87. Dear Store Manager,
    I am writing to express my concern regarding the television which I bought from your store. I purchased 52-inch Samsung LCD Television on 16th July. When I took a delivery of the item, it was working fine. But later after three days, it started giving problems. This electronic flat screen suddenly gets cut off from power supply. It comes back after some time. The connectivity is very unstable.
    I came back to your store to return the item. I discussed with one of the sales representatives regarding an electronic box. Instead of hearing my concern and looking into an issue. He behaved rudely with me. He was trying to blame that I did something wrong at home while operating the TV. This electronic device has 5 years of warranty. I had experienced poor customer service at such renowned showroom. I never expected this kind of unsatisfactory support.
    I want you to verify this faulty television. I am looking for replacement of television with good quality one. I have dropped television yesterday at your store. If there is no exchange policy then I would like to have my money back.
    Looking forward for your kind attention.

  88. TASK 1-

    Dear Store Manager,

    I purchased a Sony TV set at your store on Saturday May 10th. However, the TV worked fine for only three days, then it shut down for no reason. I even read the tv manual twice that didn’t help.

    I went back to the store to talk to you but you were not available. So I had to explain the situation to the salesperson but he was very mean to me and provided no assistance. Therefore, I left without a resolution. Your salesperson thaught I caused the problem that’s why TV set stopped operating after 3 days. I brought the warranty of the TV set to show the salesperson that didn’t help either.

    Your staff totally ignored my existence. I felt so humiliated during my conversation in store by everyone. I was even told I should leave the premises immediately. I was burts in tears and got headache.

    You should train your staff to provide better customer service to everyone or else your store would lose the good reputation soon. I want you to replace my TV set with brand new TV set and apology letter from your the agent who served me or tried to assist me with little knowledge during my complaint.

    Please consider my email, or I will lay an official complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

    Ethan Hawk

  89. My choice is Option A: A Gym. Even though I understand the practicality a Childcare centre would bring, I still believe that a Gym would be more beneficial for the staff.
    Firstly, a Gym would increase the overall health the company, and that would mean that the company as a whole would have less significant health problems in the long term, which equals money saved for the worker and the company.
    Secondly, it would increase the moral of the staff if we could play sports together before or after work. For example, people who exercise are generally able to work harder, longer without decreasing quality of output.
    And lastly, the general health and wellbeing of the workers should be a priority of any company, if your workers are happy, then that equals a happy outcome for everyone. Studies show that regular exercise coincides with lowering of stress levels and increase of general wellbeing.
    I believe that a Gym would show that our company takes care of our employers and has our interests at heart.
    Thanks for letting me be a part of the survey.

  90. I recommend Human resource department to build a gym on one of the floor in company’s building . There are two prominen reasons :

    First, health of the employees will significantly improve . Therefore , less people will do sick call and Company Hr department will have less impediment to frequently fill the sick position . Furthermore , Most of the people will come to the work with positive attitude which will increase the timely fulfillment of assigned tasks to the individual workers .
    Lastly , it will save time for worker in busy schedule says . Many people commute a distance for their physical exercise like gym or etc. . to keep them fit.
    Hence , Gym is more beneficial for the workers

  91. Dear sir/madam,
    I am writing to complain for an item bought from your store. On March 13 , 2019 I purchased a 22 inch sony television from your store located on the 2311 west Broadway , Vancouver. It was working well without any problem till March 16 , 2019; however, Dark screen emerged on T.V. next morning when I was trying to start it .To fix the problem , I reseted the television many times , and remained unsuccessful .

    As the product is still validated under the warranty of 2 years , I went to the store on March 17 , 2019 to solve the problem. I expressed my intention to meet the Manager to the customer complaint department ; However, salesman gave reason for his unavailability owing to the fact for his meetings and called his co- worker to assist .
    From the beginning , he behaved reluctant to listen the issue . The situation became worse on asking for solution . In an rude behaviour , I was suggested to visit the repair shop and left the shop .
    I would be grateful if paid money for television would be reimbursed or if possible , issue a new television . Also , please consider the mandatory traing program on customer service for employees .
    I look forward to hearing from you

  92. TASk 1
    Dear Manager,

    I am writing this letter to inform you of the trouble that happened to me at your store. When I was in search of a good store to buy a TV my friends suggested me your store as the most reliable. Having that in mind I bought LG 3107 TV for 1200 dollars, which is not cheap as you understand. However, it worked only for three days very well and then just shut down for no reason. I left it off for several hours to check but it didn’t work anyway.
    Yesterday I came to your store but you were not there. I tried to get any feedbacks from a salesperson as he is supposed to be qualified in this area. He was very rude though, and even said that this is not his problem and accused me of inappropriate use without any preview of the TV. He did not even offer to check it before accusing. I am very much angry with his behavior and think it is definitely not acceptable.
    Having said that I would like your service team to come as soon as possible and take the TV for an inspection. Since the inspection will take time, I would request you to deliver me a new replacement of the same model.
    I look forward to your soonest response on this matter.

  93. Task 2
    I highly appreciate the Human Resources initiative to free the space on the first floor. I strongly believe that building a gym will be an effective measure to increase employee’s productivity.
    Firstly, it will benefit the health condition of employees and will decrease the employer’s spending on insurance fees. Less sick leaves will be taken and the productivity will increase enormously. One hour spent on basketball court will make the employees more energetic and definitely will unite the team not only during the game but on work too. Exercise equipment will be wonderful option for ladies to feel fit and beautiful. For feeling fresh and hygienic afterwards the shower rooms would be great. Physical exercises energize and let the brain work better, coming up with brilliant ideas.
    Secondly, building a child care center does not only mean discrimination of married against singles but also noise. Noise would definitely influence on the workability of employees. Parents will always distracted to check if the child is fine. Moreover, a qualified nannies needs to be hired, which means additional costs.
    Based on those two considerations, I would prefer to have gym rather than decreasing productivity. The gym will give the employees the much needed time for self-development.

  94. Dear Sir/ Maa’am,

    I am writing this email with regard to a bad service I received from salesman in your store when I approached him to address the problem I encountered with the new TV I bought from your store.

    I purchased a Samsung TV 49 Inches from your store on 19th June,2019. The television was working fine for the first three days i.e. from 19th June till 21st June, 2019. But I found a colour change on the edges of the screen and by the end of day the screen went off all of a sudden. I am not sure whats the issue with the television. I immediately visited your store to meet you but unfortunately you were not available in the store and therefore requested one of the salesperson to register the complaint but the salesperson refused to register my complaint. He was not willing to listen to my issue and told me that the store is unable to resolve my problem.
    I received a very bad customer service despite of me being a very old customer of your store. This experience really disappointed me and i would prefer not to make any purchases from your store in future.
    I really hope you can provide me with a solution as soon as possible. I am requesting you to either return my cash or provide me with a new television. I am also attaching a scanned copy of purchase receipt and warranty card for your reference.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Shilpa Susan

  95. Dear sir/manager
    On 23 January , a 20 inch Sony television with 2 year warranty was bought from your location on 3211 west Georgia , Vancouver. It worked fine for initial three days , and a problem arose after . On one fine morning , i started the television, unfortunately , a beep sound with black screen was demonstrating . In an attempt to mend the problem , i rested the television many times . Consequently, unsuccessful to resolve the matter .
    Considering the television under the valid warranty period , i went to the store to solve the matter. On the complaint service department, due to the fact that manager is on the vacation , a salesman was offered by the receptionist to assist . To my surprise , he wasn’t empathetic to listen the problem and suggested to spend more money to buy the product.Furthermore , he commented warranty is only to attract the customer . I felt humiliated and left the store .
    Kindly , isssue a new television or reimburse the $ 500 spent to but the television . I would like to suggest the management for customer services training courses for the employees
    I look forard to hear from you

  96. Dear Manager ,
    On 23 January , 22 inch sonly television was bought from your store located in 2311 marine way , Burnaby. For the first three day , it worked very fine without any impediment . The situation reciprocate next day ,when watching soccer game screen suddenly starts blinking and went black. In an attempt to mend the problem , I reset the Television many times , unfortunately, result remains the same.
    The product is still being under the warranty of three years given by the company . I went to the store for a solution and interacted with the salesman on customer service department. On asking for a Manaer , a reason has given for his busy schedule meeting. To solve the matter , problem was narrated to the salesman .To my surprise , his arrogant behaviour turned the situation worse . I was told to look for the mechanic instead of coming to the store .I felt humiliated and left the store .
    I would like all my money to be reimbursed or if possible , issue a new television . Furthermore , a training program should be considered to train the staff and disciplinary should be considered for any misconduct of employess
    I look forward to hear from you

  97. Atlantic Superstore
    Sales Manger
    June 17th, 2019
    Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to express my extremely disappointed because of the new TV I bought form your branch last week. On Wednesday June 10th, 2019 on my wife birthday I had have promise her to buy a new flat 56’- TV as gift for her and fortunately there was a big sale for the flat TV because it is the last piece of this version, we were decided to buy it because the reasonable price and wonderful features High Definition and especial sound system. Though, I have installed by myself and it was worked perfect for a few days then I had a lot of troubles watching TV. Firstly, the TV remote control does not work at all, and I was expected because of the battery issues and I have changed with new one but still not fixed. Secondly the color resolution gets corrupt and even I couldn’t see the subtitle words during watching movies that’s really annoyed and even all my family members. Finally, the sound system was poor and extremely low and unclear to hear. I went back to the store during 14 day (sales policy) to get a new TV or total refund. However, the customer service with unexpected response to my inquiry rejected neither gave me a new TV nor refund.
    I would be grateful if you could help me out with this issue.
    I am looking forward to hear from you soon
    Best regards

  98. I trully appreciate the management asking for our opinion of creating a facility for the benefit of employees.
    Taking in consideration our busy and sedentariness life style, I would prefer option A on top of second option.
    Building a gym with a basketball court and exercising equipment will be a good motivation and encouregment to promote a healty life style. A healthy budy has a healthy mind.
    I think exercising can help a lot to increase the concentration and feel more alive, it gives you a new dose of energy for the rest of the day.
    It can be so much easier to do some work out during the lunch break, or straight after work, or whenever you have some free time.
    A child care centre is a great ideea as well, but it will benefitt only the employees with children.
    Therfore ,with all of those being said, my opinion is that the company should build a fitness centre, it will give a great chance to every employe to develope a healthy life.

  99. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction about the service I received at your fitness centre for the last few weeks

    I was very excited to see the advertisment about all the services that your fitness centre provide, I have been looking for that for a while, and it is situated on the neighborhood, couldn t be greater, so I purchased a 2-year membership straigt away.
    Unfortunately, only after a week of membership, all my enthusiasm disappeard. My membership supposed to include free access to zumba and yoga class, and every time when I tried to get there I was asked for an aditional payment.
    More than that , the swimming pool and jacuzzi, described as recently renovated, they have such a small dimenssion and they are full evey time , still didn t get a chance to swimm.
    I tried to aproached the manager, Msr Conway, but his attitude surprised me, he said ” You have for what you paid for”
    If none of those services are inluded in my membership, as it was advertised, I would like to get a full refund. You have attached a copy of my invoice.
    I would really appreciate your help in this matter.

    Best regards,

    Amy Smith

  100. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute in lieu of this important issue. In my candid opinion, i would prefer building a child care facility in the building to the gym facility. I equally know how important exercising is to the body but on a more pressing note, the child care facility will ease the stress of most working mothers in the company.

    Statistically speaking, most of the workers in the company comprise of working mothers who usually have divided attention as to the well-being of their kids with paid day care services outside the work environs. Current survey in the company has proven that the recent reduction in productivity is as a result of working mothers inattentiveness. The child care facility will provide working mothers access to their kids during lunch break and in times of emergency.

    On a more related case, the company can actually increase its financial status with the day care facility by charging a little fee to near by company who would like to have access to it. Child care facility is another business venture altogether.

    I am not disputing the importance of the gym. It is vital to exercise all the time but that should not be the topmost priority of the company looking at the highest rate of working mothers in the company.

    Considering the above reasons, i strongly agree to building a child care facility in the building.

    Thank you.

    • Good job! I think this one would also get 7. keep it up! I hope it didn’t take you more than the allotted time.

  101. Dear Manager,

    i am writing to express my dissatisfaction in the service provided last weekend at your shop. On the 5th of February, 2019, i bought a 43 inch Samsung television from your shop. Initially, it was performing exactly on point but after three days, it begun to dysfunction. The screen goes off and makes some uuusual noise. I decided to bring it to your shop for replacement or refund.

    Unfortunately for me, i met your absence on my arrival but I met one of your salesmen to explain my plight to him. He acted unprofessional right on the spot. He did not pay attention to my problem and could not provide me with any reasonable solution. As i begun to explain my problem to him, he immediately shouted at me and told me to go look for an electronic repairer to either fix it or discard it and purchase a new one. I was really disappointed with his attitude since i had a two years warranty which could provide me with a refund or replacement.

    Please find attached a copy of my receipt for a refund or replacement as soon as possible. I would also appreciate it if you could re-train your staff on how to properly attend to customers. Clients or customers should always be your priority.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
    Thank you.



  102. In my opinion, having a gym in our office premises will be a good choice as because most of our employee’s work in second and night shift jobs they hardly get time to relax.

    As we are supporting the USA and Canada clients we hardly get time to sweat out. It is necessary to keep our mind and body fresh to stay healthy for which gym will certainly help a lot. Last time, when we had a Christmas event in our office we have conducted a basketball match in TD arena to our surprise lot of our associates enrolled that shows the interest of our employees towards basketball. A shower room is mandatory to refresh themselves because after their work out and play they need to resume to work

    In other hand having child care is not a bad option but I feel it might distract the employee and chance of reduction in productivity is more. The recreation center is a onetime investment and periodic maintenance is more than enough whereas childcare needs a lot of planning and constant monthly investment.

    Anyhow I will cooperate and understand the decision our company management decides.

  103. Dear Manager,
    I am writing this email to mention my disappointing experience occurred in your store. We brought a 55-inch television and it was functioning fine for the first three days and then stopped working all of a sudden . Although you are one of the reputed stores in GTA area we received a faulty TV and attitude of the sales person was very rude at the time of enquiry.

    We came to the shop to meet you and explain the situation but unfortunately, you were not available. We approached the salesperson and explained the issues with the TV but he was arguing that TV was completely verified before delivery. In addition, he told, as because we used other TV power cord this TV is not functioning properly and he is not ready to listen to our explanation.

    As a customer, I am expecting a refund for the TV or I want a replacement and also please give a warning to the sale person not to be rude with the customers.

    Please let me know if you want any more information or in person discussion on this matter.


  104. Hello,

    Please see my answer below:

    Dear Manager,
    On March 3, I bought a TV from your store. The TV worked fine for three days, and then it shut down for no reason. The TV has perfectly installed, look like perfectly but is not working.
    I went to your store looking for you, but unfortunately, you was not available. I talked with the salesperson and explain the TV issue. He was very rude without reason. I only explained the problem to him and try to receive some answer, in any moment he tried to understand, he just told me that he was busy and cannot help me. I leave the store without no assistance and totally upset.
    I hope you may give me details that how I can change my TV for a new one or how can I receive my money back.
    Please see attached copy of the invoice.
    I will be waiting for your analysis.
    Thank you,
    Maria Moitinho

  105. Survey:

    I believe both of choices will be good for the employees, but my choice is the gym with the basketball court and exercising equipment, for two principle reasons.
    First, exercises is important for make a healthy body and mind. The company have many problems with stressed employees and this could be essential for try to control this. Exist many person who need to exercise for stressed out the problems. If they can do this before come to work, in the work breaks or after work hours this person will be work more relax and focus.
    Second, the basketball court can help with the employee integration. For example, the Company could organize team games after work hours where everybody can enjoy, playing or watching those. This can provide not only integration team but also happy employees.
    In resume, I think the gym will be benefit for the most of employees and for the Company too.

  106. I truly appreciate the company asking for our opinion on what should be done with the unused area on Floor XI. I think it would be best to convert this area into a gym with basketball court, exercising equipment, and showers.

    I think that building this kind of fitness centre would be useful for everybody. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, which is really important. All of us sit in front of the computer screen for most of our day, which makes working out very important for us. Our sedentary lifestyle could lead us to an unhealthy future, which can be easily avoided by including a little bit of exercise in our daily regimen. Presently a lot of us cannot find time from our busy schedules to hit the gym, or participate in any sports events. Having such a facility in the office premises would really help people like me adopt a healthier lifestyle. Making a child care center would be beneficial as well, but only for employees with children. However, with a fitness center, all of us can benefit.

    Therefore, I think we should turn the unused area on Floor XI into a fitness center. I am sure all the employees will appreciate having such a facility in the office premises.

  107. Hello,

    I, Jane Doe, am a very old customer of your store. Most of the electronics I own have been bought from your store. However, I was very disappointed in you guys with my last purchase.

    I bought a TV set from your store about a week ago. It boasted of all the best features at a reasonable price. It was working well and i was quite happy with my purchase, until it stopped working after 3 days of the purchase. The video just went off, and all I could get was the audio. It has been the same ever since.

    I went back to the store so I could talk to you, but you were unavailable. In your absence, the staff was very rude and unapologetic. They said they could not do anything about it, which made me come to you directly.

    I am very displeased with the service I got from your store regarding this matter, and your staff has not been helpful at all. I request you to look into this matter, and either replace my product, or I want a full refund. I am attaching my receipt here for reference.

    Jane Doe

  108. No doubt, both options are required for our company and have several advantages and I can see why most single employees will prefer the gym option. However, I will opine in favor of option B which is the day care as I think it is far more useful. I will show a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument .
    For one thing, there is no day care in the area and the closest one to our office is 20 minutes away, therefore, providing one will surely reduce the hassle of babies’ transportation for mothers and allows them to arrive earlier at work.
    For another thing, having a day care in the same building supports breastfeeding option and gives space and time to the breastfeeding mothers which gives them peace of mind, consequently increases their productivity. Besides, the child will be able to learn, play and have fun.
    Even though the gym is a healthy option, but I think that a day care would be the best option for our valuable company, especially that a new gym is being built in the shopping mall next street.
    I hope you consider my opinion as it solves many crucial issues.

  109. Task 2

    I’m writing this email to respond to the recent survey our company conducted. I personally prefer to have a child care centre in company’s premises for following reasons.

    Our employee benefit plan has already covered GoodLife Fitness membership. I’ve noticed that many of our employees doesn’t even realized that it has been covered by the benefit plan.

    That being said, we don’t have a child care facility. Any cost for our kids is not covered by our employee benefit. That’s the reason why we need to have a child care system in our company.

    Another reason is that there are high possibilities to expect improved work performance. Since majority of our employees is working moms, having their kids in workplace would give them tremendous comports. As a result, our company is going to be more profitable.

    It also could be an impeccable marketing strategy for prospective software engineers. Our company has trouble in hiring talented software developers. We can appeal to potential employees by building a child care centre since none of our competitors has their own child care facilities.

    As I mentioned above, having a child care system would be enhancing work environment, and help our business more lucrative.

    Thank you for your work!!
    I’m thinking of donating $3 for a feedback. If I donate $3, you would give me one detailed feedback ?

    • Nice work! I think this one might get 7.

      Yes, if you make the donation, I will email you a detailed feedback with corrections and suggestions on how to improve your score.

  110. Dear Manager,
    My name is Cristina and a week ago I went to your store to purchase a TV. I usually buy all of my electronics from your store and I have never had any problem with any appliance. However, this time my new TV started to glitch after three days that it was installed. The TV shut down itself and did not turn on again.
    At the same evening, I went to your store in an attempt to exchange the item. I spoke to Kevin, a salesperson at the electronics counter, who told me that in cases like this, the manager has to authorize the transaction, once the TV was being returned in an open box. I can understand that, but beyond the normal questions about how I set up the TV, he kept insinuating that I caused the damage on the TV once the store has never had any problem with this brand. He even suggested me, in a hispid way, to pay to a technician to set up the electronic.
    I would like to schedule an appointment with you to exchange the item, and I also would like to get an extended warranty for free as a courtesy for the inconvenient. I also would like to suggest you train better your team. This was an awkward situation where I was on my right to exchange a product and I shouldn´t have been mistreated like I was.

  111. Dear Manager,

    I am writing to you to issue a formal complaint regarding the TV set I bought last week, and particularly the appalling after-sales service I encountered.

    The 43″ Sony TV only worked for three days before broken down. It suddenly became silent with a black screen, and could not be restarted after several attempts.

    Next day as soon as appeared at the store I was asked to wait for you, the only person able to handle the issue. After standing beside the customer counter for two long hours, finally a salesperson, Bill as was called, approached me. He looked pre-occupied and annoyed while listening our experience. When asked how could he help, he refused to offer any solution, saying “out of store, out of obligation”. As for the warranty, he had audacity to deny any kind of warranty exists, then walked away. You can image how furious and frustrated I was when stepping out your store.

    As per the 30 days return policy, I hereby ask for refund of my purchase. Receipt enclosed. I look forward to your reply, and will wait until December 31st, 2018 , before filing a complaint with the BBB. Please contact me at the above address or by email.


  112. I am very glad that HR are taking steps for the welfare of the employees. I presume that option B is need of the time to as it supports women empowerment, therefore such initiative will help female employee to be more concentrated and productive.
    First and foremost, reason for supporting idea is, It will help mother’s to take away guilt of leaving kids behind to attend the office, which in turn make them more focused and which will create a win win situation for employee as well as to employer as this will increase their productivity which plays a vital role in revenue generation to organisation. Moreover, such huge steps will make children happy which will help parents to be happy and generate a positive vibes at workplace. Lastly, Daycare will generate more jobs as they will require caregivers for child
    On the flip side Gym will be consider as an isolated solution as it will serve to only fitness freaks and in office like ours with lot of workload it utilisation percentage will be very low .I presume that very few people will turn up to gym.
    So I believe DayCare will be most opted option

  113. I appreciate the Human Resources Department’s initiative to upgrade support for employees. Although child care center may be a popular choice among colleagues who have little kids, my preference is gym.

    Firstly a child care center only targets the employees with little kids. Given more than half of our company employees are single without kids, it is unfair that company to create a facility exclusively for such group of people, leaving others behind. In contrast, gym, with a basketball court, exercising equipment and shower rooms, would be welcomed by everyone, male or female, young or old. Additionally the gym would become a social place, where colleagues could know each other better, so as to improve the overall productivities.

    Moreover gym is easier to set up and maintain. There are many strict rules and regulations on child care facilities, for example on the furniture, toys, and worker’s qualification. Sometimes it even has to go through procedures for license. Admittedly gym needs more investment on equipment, but it would be comparatively simple to build up and need much less resource to maintenance afterwards.

    Based on those above considerations, as far as I concerned, gym would be a better choice.

    • Nice try! I believe your style would score 6. You seem to have some problems with punctuation, articles, and some sentence structures. If you need any help, contact me on Skype. ID “hightestscore.com”
      Good luck!

  114. In my opinion, there should be a childcare center within the office premises. I have many reasons to support my option. First of all, the employees will work carefree if their children are being taken care in their vicinity. This will allow them to focus on their job rather than worry about the well being of their kids.
    Employees who are parents will take fewer leaves for their child’s sake and be able to invest more time to the company which will be saved from leaving and picking up their children from outside child care. Happy children make happy parents who as employees give better results to the organization. In addition, there will be employment generation for childcare givers.
    Having a gym is not a bad idea but a childcare will be more useful looking at the employee’s family information and statistics. Having a facility that is sparsely used will not aid in company’s success. Moreover there is also the downside of people taking longer work-breaks for the gym.
    To reiterate, I believe having a childcare facility with a playground and greenery will be a win-win work for the entire company.

  115. Hi store manager,
    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the experience I had at your store. Last week I bought an TV set from your store, but it just worked for three days.
    To overcome the problem, I came to your store, but you were absent. Then I waited for 15 minutes to talk to someone, however nobody came to me. Even Nobody ask me water or sit on chairs. After some time, the salesman came to me and ask me about the help. I let him know about the problem the TV had.
    He looked at the TV and said, “once the item is sold, then we are not responsible for that item”. I said I have warranty card. He said we are not responsible. There was many people and only he was handling everyone, that’s why he wanted to get rid of me. Neither he looked at the card nor provided me any assistant. Despite to solve the problem, he spoke loudly at me. His behavior was very rude, and I felt very embarrass.
    I paid huge amount for this item. Therefor, please give me 100% refund.

  116. Dear Sir or Madame,
    The purpose of this letter is to inform you about the incident that occurred early today.
    On December 1st, I went to one of your electronic stores and bought a new HD television. My family and I were overjoyed with the new appliance. However, the television set went down after three days of usage without any foreseeable reasons. Therefore, I went back to the original store where I purchased the set to ask for assistance from you, but you were not present that day.
    Nonetheless, I found a sale person that could help me or at least navigate me to get to the right course of action. I soon realized that the particular person had paid no attention to my issue. Meanwhile, he was more focus on the fact that the problem was my fault. He was also very rude in the way he treated me and my wife. I was so furious that I stormed out of the store and left the problem unresolved.
    To ensure that our business relationship will not be damaged, I suggest that if you can, please give me a refund for my purchase or a new television set as a replacement. I am looking forward to your reply.
    Best regards,


  117. A Company’s primary and vital responsibility is to take good care of its employees. While expanding their scope or creating a facility for its workers, they must consider what the employees need and how will it add value both to the company and the employees lives. Considering the above options, I prefer to choose to build a Gymnasium which would benefit a larger number of staffs.

    There are various benefits of building a Gymnasium. Firstly, the employees can enjoy a better and a healthier life style when they work out regularly. Also, since the gymnasium is located on the same premises of their work area they don’t have to spend time in travelling to the workout area and there is a dedicated trainer who can guide the staffs in the gym.

    Furthermore, it facilitates the employees to take time out of their working hours and help them engage in physical activity like playing a sport (Basketball). This helps the workers to beat the stress and improves their productivity and efficiency at work. In addition, since the gymnasium comes with shower rooms we do not have to worry about the Hygiene at work place.

    To conclude, I am personally convinced that by constructing a gymnasium the company will start witnessing massive growth and would also help its employees to accomplish greater results without compromising their health.

  118. In my opinion, creating child care facility in the company should be the best option because of the following reasons.

    The first reason will be, that working mother would boost up their performance without worrying about their child whereabouts and they will concentrate more on their task and side by side they will get an opportunity to have a check on their child, if there is any need or urgency. In this way, the company can save their workers precious working time as this will bring more quality into their work.

    As one more thing to note, as the company is creating a profitable situation not only in terms of their work but they also inspire other company’s to do as well in order to reduce the problem of working mothers and child care issues, this way they can create some profit for themselves also.

    Hence I strongly recommend building a child care facility.

  119. hi
    please check my letter
    Dear Manager,

    On Oct 28, I brought a 3D TV from your store, Me and my husband were
    able to enjoy for only three days, and suddenly it stopped working
    for no reason, I came to the store to have a conversation with you,
    but you were not available at that moment.

    I had a pleasure to talk to one of your salesman. I thought that he would
    help me in resolving the issue, but he was very rude with me and didn’t
    listen to me. He seemed to be preoccupied and told me to get it repaired
    somewhere else. I also told him about the guarentee period but he din’t care.
    He was such a rude person that I had to shout at him and leave.

    Please find the attached copy of the purchased reciept,
    I would be grateful, if you can refund me or offer me a new tv set.
    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    your’s faithfully
    Manasvi Sawant

  120. ABC Electronics, 29th July 2018
    St. Julian – 4542

    Re: Subject: Complaint about an Inferior quality product sold and unsatisfactory customer service.

    Dear Store Manager,
    I am writing to report a highly inadequate customer experience. I bought a 70” HD TV from your store 3 days ago and this afternoon it shut down abruptly in a flash and never re-started after a couple of attempts.

    Without wasting a moment I headed to your store expecting someone to address my concern. I had to wait for 30 minutes after explaining my TV issue at the service counter. Then, a salesperson called Bill walked towards me and bluntly declined any help on the matter. He was too unprofessional. First of all I was sold a cheap product and instead of feeling apologetic for my inconvenience the salesperson had the audacity to turn me down even after it being none of my fault.

    Per your 15-day return policy, I would you like to either replace my TV or refund my full purchase amount. Since we have a good past record I will appreciate that such behavior is not repeated else I will be forced to escalate.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  121. Dear Best Buy Manager:

    I need your support to help me obtain a refund for the TV Sharp Model XYZ acquired just 3 weeks ago on September 29. The reason to request the refund is that the speakers are not working.

    Yesterday I went to the store aproximately at 8pm and found your customer support representative extreemly rude, first I introduced myself and explained the reason to request the refund, she immediately rejected the request stating that the damage was caused by misshandling the equipment. How can she know that if she did not even look at the TV?

    Unfortunatelly I will not be able to visit the store within the next 3 days. Given that your store has a 30 day policy to request returns I will need your support to allow an exception to this policy.

    Given the pain caused by the abusive behavior of your team and the lack of attention to dismiss my claim I do believe that the request to return the TV 2 days after the return period expires is founded



  122. One goal of our company is to keep employees’ health and wellness and as far as I’m concerned, a gym facility would benefit most of us, employees.

    First of all, as I have observed, we are not at all active on physical activities such as sports. Most of our vacant time are spent on social media or on our canteen having snacks which leads to sedentary lifestyle. The gym facilities would promote active lifestyle as it is readily available inside the building. This gym may serve as an outlet to the stress and pressure from work and daily struggles. It is also time to improve our team on the inter-company basketball competition. The court to be built would encourage more players to join the team and make their practice easier.

    On the other hand, a child center would be a temporary facility because once the children of employees have grown older, the center would be vacated and thereby rendering the center empty. The gym facility could cater all kinds of employees; from the young adults to the senior ones.

    I choose the gym facility as it would promote work-life balance. Thank you for considering my opinion.

  123. Dear Store Manager,

    I am writing with regards to the problem with the Sony 55inch TV which I bought a week ago at MSS Vancouver branch. I am a regular customer and this is my first time to encounter a technical problem on an item.

    The TV was working fine, as what was promised by its product description, until the third day of use. It suddenly break down with no apparent reason. I have tried every possible way of resetting it such as turning it off and on again and unplugging, but there was only black screen display. I brought back the TV on your office for a repair but your sales personnel put the blame on me telling I did not handle the TV properly upon usage. He accused me of misuse even if the item was not inspected thoroughly.

    I would like to appeal to you to have someone more knowledgeable to repair for my TV or else replace it with a new one. My grandchildren are coming home for vacation and it would be lovely if this problem be solved in a week. May I suggest also to teach your salesperson on handling customer complaints so as not to repeats this kind of incident.



  124. Dear Store Manager:
    My name is Ada. I bought a Sony LED 65” TV from your store three days ago. We could enjoy it until yesterday. The TV shut it off abruptly with on reason when we were watching our favourite show. It failed our every attempt to boot it up.
    Today I came to your store hoping I could meet you to find a solution since I want to keep it. Your sales John told me you were not in store and I explained my issue, wondering if he can help, yet what happened consequently really surprised me. Mr. John told me you have no obligation about this TV, and any problems it has is not your store’s business. He said that I should contact the manufacturer to seek any repair or replacement. He hustled me to leave and even didn’t want to give me the manufacturer’s contact info.
    With all these happened, I have no any interest left about this TV which I want to return. In addition, I think as a well- known store, you should constantly provide staff training to ensure the good service in the market.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.



  125. Both options have several advantages to the employees. I can imagine that why some employees would prefer a child care center. I am sure both the options would be helpful to employees one way or the other. To take a choice, there would be plenty of reasons why I would like to go with option A.

    First of all, child care facility might seem a good option for employees with children; however it would not be useful for others. Building a gym would not only be useful for all the employees but would also help to reduce the cost of health service provider, eventually less premium for our company to pay to providers.

    Secondly, there are quite a few child care centers in the vicinity of our workplace, whereas the closest gym is located at least half an hour drive. On top, most of our employees work on computers with minimal physical activities. Gym would not only give them an opportunity to improve on their health but also be helpful to increase the overall productivity for the organization. There is saying in west- Healthier employee brings the higher numbers.

    At the end, I would like to thank you to for giving me the opportunity to participate. As stated above, my choice would be Option A.

    Yours Faithfully,

  126. Personally, I think a gym with basketball court, exercise equipment and shower rooms in the company would be a better choice. Even though child care center is also required to nearby our office premises, the gym would offer more practical comfort and happiness to the employees.
    First, gym would save a lot of time to commute, increase mental alertness and financial support. Employees can do gym any time in the office, do discussion and meeting during treadmill-walk and take showers when they feel comfortable. For example, some office colleagues stopped doing gym because gym equipment are very costly, and they can’t afford at home as well as in private gym center.
    Second, Basketball court will increase team sprits in the employees. Group of employees can go and play game, talk and will know more about others and it will also enhance their skill of basketball game. Later on they can join multiple competitions happening outside the company for charity and social services.
    Considering these reasons, I believe gym would be a better solution. I am sure after this employee feels overjoyed, happiness and feel more alertness. Again, this is my opinion, but I will support whatever the final decision is made.
    Thank you very much for providing an opportunity to write my inputs on this issue.

  127. Dear Store Manager,
    I wish to complain about the Samsung 42 inches smart TV set with serial number A092y137836 that I purchased on September 25, at your Store.

    I am complaining because just few days after this purchase, the Television has gone absolutely blind while the audio signal is effective. After some time the whole system has broken down completely without a tangible reason.
    When I first learned of this problem, I contacted one of your salesperson Kenneth by name at your store, and was told that nothing could be done about my problem. Moreover his customer service ability was very rude. I believe that this response is unfair because this product came with a warranty card of two years.

    I would like a written statement explaining your company’s position and what you will do about my complaint. Alternatively, a refund of my payment would also be fine.

    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. If I do not hear from you within 5 days,I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies and consider my legal alternatives.
    I am enclosing copies of my receipt. I may be contacted via this email address or phone number(7807627266).

    Johnson David.

  128. Dear store manager,

    A week ago,I made a purchased to a new Sony 42” Tv set in your store. My family really enjoyed watching on it as soon as I finished setting it up.

    Unfortunately after 3 days of using the tv ,all of a sudden it was suddenly stop functioning.I tried my best to fixed it but it didn’t work. So i decided to go back to the store to talk to you about this matter and hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible. But you were out of the country for a holiday according to one of your employee.

    I got the chance to talk to one of your salesman to have a look for it and get it possibly fix.But his rude attitude towards me was really a big surprised.I never got a clear answer to any of my inquiries.He gave me some answers though but with some sort of sarcasm. I gather all my patience and remain calm and ask him again about the warranty. But then again, no definite answer coming from him and that he doesn’t know anything about it.

    I was really shocked and furious at the same time. So I decided to stormed out of the store without saying anything.

    I hope you can do something about this matter.As for the Tv set, I attached the receipt of my purchased and wait for any actions from you.


  129. i submitted with mistakes here is the correction let me know how u could rate it
    To the Store Manager of ABC ,

    My Friend Recommended Your Store and we Visited on Oct 3 2018. Iam Amazed to see many brands at your store with offers. I Bought 60 inch LG curved TV on the same day . We enjoyed watching TV just for 3 days. Unfortunately it stopped working after that.
    Then we approach your store on Oct 7 2018 and i met with a sales man in TV Section. I just conveyed him about the issues in the TV but sales man is not ready to accept it . He might be a fresher to the store so i thought to meet you in person but i have not got proper responses from the workers of the store. It was very disappointing for me and for my family.
    I would expect to get refund for my purchase or to provide me a new one. I urge you to take this in priority to solve this . i Have attached the receipt of purchase and Warranty Card for TV . Will Await for your response.
    Thank You,

    • I have to admit there is a degree of improvement from the last one, but you shouldn’t expect more than 7. Keep it up!

  130. To the Store Manager of ABC ,

    My Friend Recommended Your Store and we Visited on Oct 3 2018. Iam Amazed to see many brands at your store with offers. I Bought 60 inch LG curved TV on same day . We enjoyed watching TV just for 3 days. Unfortunately it stopped working after that.
    Then we approach your store on Oct 7 2018 and i met will a sales man in TV Section. I just conveyed him about the issues in TV but sales man is not ready accept . He might be a fresher to store so i thought to meet you in person but i have not got proper responses from the workers of the store. It was very disappointing for me and my family.
    I would expect to get refund for my purchase or to provide me a new one. I urge you to take this in priority to solve this . i Have attached the receipt of purchase and Warranty Card for TV . Will Await for your response.
    Thank You,

    hello let me know how much band i could expect ?

  131. Dear Store Manager,
    I have purchased ABC Smart TV on September 28th,2018 from your store at Downtown branch.
    This is one of my favourite brands in the market. I was really happy to get this latest version of TV after many months. But my happiness lasts only for 3 days. TV set suddenly shutdown without any reason. I was little disappointed that evening.
    First thing on next day I went to the store where I purchased the device, for getting it replaced. To my bad surprise, the store staff made me to wait for 30 minutes. I have had no patience to wait for so long time in single seat. At last he came to me and said the particular brand service person is on leave today and he asked me to come next day. I got frustrated on his response to my query after a long wait.
    I would like to bring it to your attention that the irresponsibility of the staff should be warned. In favour for this, I expect you to send the TV replacement to my home directly. I have attached the bills and warranty card with this. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  132. There might be a few reasons that many employees would prefer option B which suggests creating a child care centre. However, I prefer option A and believe that it would be more beneficial for the employees to have a gymnasium facility.

    First of all, I think that child care centre would be less useful as compared to the gym because it will only benefit those employees whose children are of the age between 1 and 10. On the other hand, any employee irrespective of his age will be able to use the gym facilities. As proposed in this survey, the gym will as well include a basketball court and a shower room and thus it could attract a wide range of employees.

    Moreover, as we are aware that our company has long working hours and most employees are leading a sedentary lifestyle. It is important for them to focus on their health. Furthermore, it is even recommended by many health experts that everyone should have at least two hours of physical activities in a day.

    Considering the above-mentioned reasons, I think that it would be great if can avail gym and sports facilities on our premises.

  133. It is a welcome development to know that the company has the well-being of it’s workers at their heart. I would like to give you a warm commendation to this. Regarding the issue on the survey, I would personally prefer the implementation of option B for some reasons.

    Firstly, having a child care centre with in one of the floors of our complex would be magnificent. I have just recent gone through the recently published company magazine and I discovered that 60% of employees in the the company are mothers. Having a child care around would not only make the mothers feel at home but also would boost the company’s productivity. A mother knowing that her child is at a safe hands with in the premise would be a catalyst for task completion proficiency.

    Secondly, this would be an asset to the company as the child care centre would have a classroom. Both workers and outsiders can enroll the children in the classes instead of looking elsewhere outside the premises. The money generated in the sector can be used in project execution by the company.

    Although having a gym in the complex would have been great heaalthwise but an unrelaxed person is an unhealthy person regardless of the amount of exercise carried out. Also a gym would be quite expensive considering a large number of equipment required to put up a standard gym.

    I believe that a Child care centre would be more beneficial to all the parties. Thank you for listening to my opinion.

  134. Dear Manager,
    Chroma Electronics

    I am writing this letter to show my displeasure for recent purchase of TV set from your well know store.
    For your reference order number : INV001234, Samsung black 32 inch smart TV set.

    However when I brought TV at my home it work very well for first few days than slowly contrast & brightness of TV started changing
    automatically and finally it stopped working.

    So I decided to call customer representative to register complain. I had very bad experience with them as
    they were not listening to my problem even after multiple attempts. Finally I decided to visit to your store personally and check with you.
    In your absence sale person addressed me and I was not happy with the way he was talking to me. He sounds very rude to me and he did not help me.

    To fix this problem I would request you to look into this matter and help me to replace this faulty piece of TV set with new one.

    Looking forward for your response.

    Thanking you,
    Minoy Kansara


    I have been a loyal customer to your store in the last 10 years. I recently bought a Sony TV 60 inch at your store on September 20 2018.i am writing to let you know I am disappointed in the purchase of the TV.
    Firstly, after the purchase of the TV which was delivered to my home, we installed the TV immediately and notice the picture quality of the TV was so bad.
    Secondly, I had come back to your store to complain about the quality of TV ,i have asked to speak to the manager, unfortunately I was told you are off on September 25th 2018.I spoke to your sale person name (JAMES) thought he would be able to solve the problem or advise ,but his conduct was very rude and UN-professional .He advised me to call the manufacturer or have it fixed elsewhere which i could not believe the statement in my ear when I remind him of the warranty on the TV.I left the store without any problem solved.
    Please see attached proof of purchase for your reference. I would be grateful if you could have a new TV or have my money refund back to me.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Yours sincerely

  136. Dear Mr Manager,

    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction for the recent purchase I did from your store in Toronto. Last week, we bought a Samsung 42 inch led with the aim of enjoying forthcoming football world cup on big screen.

    However things did not turn out as expected , exactly after three days of working the television screen crashed and it never worked again. I tried rebooting the same but had no success. Day before yesterday, I visited your store to report the incident in hope of a solution but I felt shocked to see the attitude of your workers. The person assisting misbehaved and was not competent enough to take my queries. I was told that you had gone for a workshop visit else I would have reported the scene then and there.

    You already know I have been a regular patron of your store. Citing this, would request you to get my television replaced at the earliest. Besides this , I would urge you to consider retraining your staff so that they can learn the art of customer treating.

    I hope you will look in to my query with highest priority. Looking forward to hear from you.

    Your faithfully

  137. Personally, I think that the Child care center would be a better choice. Even though the gym would help to improve employee’s health by making the access easier.

    The first benefit regarding the Child care is the possibility to offer another routine to our employees that have to struggle about the kid’s routine. For example, Marcia from accounting needs to drop off her daughter at 8:55 am and pick her up 3:00 pm since this was the only spot available. I didn’t know by then, but she told me that our city does not have enough child care and besides this fact, it is extremely expensive.

    The second benefit that I can mention is the talent retention. I am sure that any mother or father here would love to have the opportunity to stay close to their children and offer them an amazing space with a playground and open area.

    Considering these reason, I believe that the Child Care the best cost benefit from the company perspective and for all the parent’s colleges would be overjoyed.

    Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to provide input on this issue.

  138. Dear Manager,

    I am writing to share with you a recent problem that I had with your product TV Special Model 300. I bought it on September 17th at the Downtown store, and after three days the television is not working properly anymore.

    Of course, I went to the store full of hope that you could solve this situation, however, you were busy and could not follow up on my case.
    Since I was in a hurry and wanted to solve this issue as soon as possible, I talked to a salesperson. I can assure that he did not deliver the proper customer service that I had experienced when I bought the television days ago.

    As a customer, I would like to suggest the immediate return of the product and have my money reimbursed in my credit card. At this point, I don’t feel that I have enough trust to buy another model or brand.

    I have been buying from this store for a long time, and I am confident that we can align the interests here and solve this problem as soon as possible.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
    Carla C.

  139. Dear sir/madam,
    I am writing in respect of the 42 inches LG TV set I bought from your store twenty days ago at Television plaza, 5790 Granville NW,Calgary. The television costs $150 and paid with my credit card.
    Thus,the TV worked fine for only three days, then it shut down.Initially,it started by turning videos on and off while the audio was effective. I turned it off ,unplugged it from the mains socket, after ten minutes I turned it on again and nothing came up from the screen. I thought it was a power problem from the mains socket,quickly I called an electrician who satisfied that the socket is in good shape.
    Immediately, i proceeded to your store but unfortunately you were not available at the time. However, I met with your salesperson, but I was more disappointed with the attitude of your salesperson than the TV set itself. Her attitude was very rude and she lacks customer/client relationship. It took her an hour to respond to my inquiry. Honestly it was very bad experience with her.
    Alright, I want a new TV set while I returns the faulty one with me as stated in the warranty invoice or I will like to fill in a refund request form for a refund. Please explore the options and get back to me before a further action.
    I look forward to your kind response. Thank you for your consideration.
    Yours truly
    Benneth Azusa

  140. Dear Mr. Tim,

    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with respect to the TV purchased from your store.
    We Purchased 32’’Samsung LED TV on Aug 10th from your store located in 100 Weber street. The TV was perfect with excellent picture quality for first three days. However, after third day the screen started to flicker and suddenly the picture vanished. As per the instruction provided in the manual, I unplugged the socket and wiped all the dust and plugged it on another electric outlet. But to our dismay, nothing worked.

    Hence, I brought the set to your store, hoping to find a replacement because it was under warranty and I have all the necessary bills. After conveying my problem to the receptionist, after 30 minutes wait, the sales person arrived. He saw all the papers and he said that he will not be able to assist me on this issue. When I asked him repeatedly about the reason, he was very rude and shouted at me.

    I am extremely dissatisfied with his behavior in such a reputed store. Since we are a regular customer at your store, request you to provide a replacement unit or our money back as soon as possible.

    I hope you will look in to this issue at the earliest.


  141. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I bought a Samsung LED TV from your store on 15th Aug ’18. I and my family enjoyed the new TV set for merely three days, as it stopped functioning all of a sudden. The picture screen never restarted since then. Considering it’s still in the warranty period we visited your store to register a complaint, unfortunately, you were unavailable at the store.
    We tried reporting the fault to your salesperson Mr. James. But to my surprise, he behaved very unprofessionally and was quite reluctant to help us. Instead of coming up with a feasible solution he insisted we should get it fixed from somewhere else, As the item once sold is not the responsibility of the store. Listening to this shocking statement I had no other option to shout at him and leave.
    Therefore, I am writing this to you to consider our complaint about the attached invoice of Samsung LED TV and redress the issue as early as possible. We are expecting either a full refund of the item purchased or a replacement of the same model.

    I look forward to hearing from you at earliest.


  142. Dear Store Manager,

    I am emailing about a TV that purchased from your store last week. The tv worked fine for the first three days after which it unexpectedly shutdown. I tried restarting it by plugging out and plugging in the power supply, however, it did not help.

    In order to get this issue addressed, I visited your store yesterday. Unfortunately, you were not available at the time I came in, so I talked to one of your salesman; they told me that the store does not take any responsibility for it, and that I will have to contact the manufacturer. I tried to explain them that on receipt it says that the store will cover all issues for 2 weeks from the purchase date, however, they did not seem to be interested in hearing what I was saying, and started helping other customers. I was not impressed by this extremely poor customer service and rude attitude.

    I would request you to please look in to this matter, and to give me a date when I can come back in the store to get a replacement or a refund. Also, for your reference, I have attached a copy of my receipt to this email.


  143. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to complain about the problem I have had with the TV set that I bought from your store.

    On August 2nd, I purchased a Samsung smart TV set from your store which was delivered to us the next day at our house. After setting up the TV by your technician, I signed the delivery form confirming that the device is delivered with no defect. I enjoyed the TV for exactly one week. After that a thick line appeared in the middle of the screen. Yesterday I came to your store and informed the salesman about the problem and asked him for a resolution. But to my surprise, he told me that they have no responsibilities after the device is delivered since I had signed the delivery form. He even suggested to me to get it fixed somewhere else. I tried to be patient and asked him about warranty conditions. But he was completely rude and told me that it is just a useless piece of paper. I could not believe my ears. Finally He told me that I either had to wait until evening to see the manager or write a letter to explain my issue.

    I am therefore writing you to request for full refund of the TV set price on the same visa card that I used to pay, as well as the transportation fee. If reimbursement of my money is not possible in any case, I would appreciate if you send your delivery staff to collect the TV set and replace it with a new set without having to pay any additional fee. Surely you will appreciate that this is the least of my expectations as a costumer.

    I look froward to receiving your confirmation of my request at your earliest convenience.

    Kind Regards,
    Zahra Karimpour

  144. Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

    The Child care is the good option but in my opinion the gym will be the better choice, as majority of offices are among the young unmarried people whom are working long hours & they avoid exercise in daily life due to a busy long office day they exhausted & loos stamina for exercise.

    My first point is to provide a healthy choice where 90% of the staff will join which benefit to their health, life & work progress, as an famous says “a healthy body creates a healthy mind” in results the outcome would be wonderful for Example Army is the perfect dept. why? because exercise is part of their job.

    Secondly, it helps the busy workers to had a chance to change their life style & stay away from obesity & other overweight diseases and the workers will be overjoyed by this decision of management, many whom blaming for no time for gym can try an healthier life style by this facility.

    Considering the above points, I am recommending the gym would be beneficial for entire workmen, this is my personal opinion; I would always be in support of whatever the decision made by the management.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to make input on this issue

  145. Personally, I think the childcare should be provide for parents in office because it would be increase parents performance in our company. Even though the gym is helpful to be healthier and more active, the childcare would be better option in several ways.

    The first benefit would be the increase the hours parents can be in office. For example, everyday the childcare centre which my son goes is start at 7:00 am so I need to wait to put my son in daycare and then I would be able to come to work which is usually later than other staff.

    The second benefit for the company would be decrease staffs’ absent days. For instant, last week I just received a call from daycare because my son did not feel good, so, I leaved early the office to check him while he was good in total.
    Considering these reason, I believe it would be better for employees performance to have childcare in office.
    I appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this issue.

  146. Dear store manager,

    I am writing you to discus about the TV I just bought last week which is not working properly. I know you are well known company but this kind of sale is not good for your performance.
    First problem is about quality of your TV. Actually, the TV just worked for just three days and after that it shot down. The second disappointing thing that happened yesterday was about your salesperson. I came to the store yesterday to complain about the TV that I bought, unfortunately, your customer service was vey rude to me. Instead of solving my problem and changing the
    TV or repair it, his act was awful. I do not think it would be acceptable for your store reputation.

    My suggestion for solving this problem is to provide new TV with two years guaranty and also your customer services should write an apologize letter to me and maybe $50 gift card can be even make it better to accept your apologize.
    I just figured I would bring this to your attention because I know your store is well known in city and I had been happy with your customer services before yesterday. I am looking forward to hearing back of you.

    Thank you for this consideration.

    Best regards,


  147. Dear Mr. Ross.

    I would like to complain about the TV I bought from your store on August 28.

    In my eyes, Samsung TV has the best reputation in the industry. I was watching Master Chef last night with my family and suddenly I was shocked by the bright light from the side of the TV followed by the black screen. At first, I thought it was normal but then I was very disappointed with the purchase I made.

    In addition, when I took my TV to your store to replace it, I was approached by a salesperson after 30 minutes of arriving there. Also, the salesperson was extremely rude and did not even let me complete my talk. The on shift manager was nowhere in sight.

    I would like you to replace my TV or refund my money as I am very dissatisfied with the experience.

    I hope you will look into this matter and train your staff to have the appropriate behavior befitting the occasion. I am very hesitated to return to your store for any further purchase.



  148. Dear Store Manager,

    I’m writing in regards to a recent purchase that I’ve made at your store. On the March 14th I’ve bought a Sony TV set, which surprisingly worked well only for a few days. Having been concerned with the broken device, I returned to the store to find a resolution. However, It took me half an hour, waiting for some crew to show up. To worsen the matter, not only was the person in charge unbelievably impolite in his words, but he was moving around quite aggressively while speaking. In essence, he accused me for improper use of device, and stated that many customers nowadays, including myself, do not know how to maintain electronic devices. I’m sure your brand’s reputation cannot afford such unprofessional behavior and poor customer service.

    According to the warranty, the device could be returned and fully refunded within 14 days after the purchase. In this view, I demand you an immediate exchange for a new one. Perhaps you may want to consider a discount voucher to be issued as a remedy to the bad conduct of your personnel.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kindest regards,
    John Dow

  149. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction about a 65” LG OLED TV set that I bought yesterday at the store. I purchased this TV because of the positive reviews and it was one of the best seller. Unfortunately, the TV works perfectly fine for only 3 days, then all of a sudden it shuts down for no reason.

    First, when I tried to open the TV, there is a red flashing light at the bottom of the screen and it turns black. I tried to fixed it by myself, but the issue still persists.
    Furthermore, the plugged itself has an open wire. I came to the store to address my concern but according to your staff named Ben you’re not around. I told him about the situation but he accused me of being “irresponsible buyer”. He even said that there is no available technician and he will suggest to come back tomorrow instead. According to the receipt it has a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.

    I would suggest to train your employee on how to handle complain like this to achieve customer satisfaction at the same time to gain higher sales in the future. Plus, I would like to either refund my money or change a different brand of TV.

    Please see attached official receipt for your perusal.

    I look forward to hear from you soon.

    Yours faithfully,


  150. Dear Manager,
    I have been working in this company from last 5 years and I would like to appreciate that you are thinking so much for the employees of the company. I know we all need to be fit and making a Gym is a good idea but we should not forget most of the working employees in our companies are moms and some have little kids who go to the daycare. I would suggest making a daycare is a far better option than making a gym. This will help employees to come and leave the office at the same time with their kids.
    However, Making a Gym will be a good option for some of the employees who are single and who have grown up kids, but for employees with little kids would be a heaven in the office. They can spend spare time with their kids, have lunch with them and keep an eye on their kids as well as concentrate on work.
    As you know Daycare cost them extra and not safe sometimes, our in-office daycare will save money and time for employees and help them concentrate on work as well as on families.
    I hope you will make a decision that will best for the interest of all the employees. Thank you for considering my opinion.


  151. Dear Store Manager,

    I am writing to complain about the item I bought from your store 3 days ago. I have bought a black color Samsung LED Smart TV from your store on 13 August 2018. My whole family was very happy and excited about the arrival of a new TV. For 3 days it worked fine and we enjoyed watching it, but on the 4th day it shut down for no reason. I tried to troubleshoot the problem, but it did not work.
    Therefore I went to your store to complain about it. I tried to find you but unfortunately, you were not there. I went to one of your salesmen to explain my problem. First of all, he took 1 hour to come over to speak to me, even though it was not a busy day and I was the only customer present in the store. Second, he refused to help and asked for extra money to get it fixed, I have not seen such a rude person in my life.
    The only thing that annoyed me was when the salesman said: ” It might be your fault”. He refused to replace the TV nor the money back, and asked me to leave the store.
    As we know, your store is a well-known store in this area and I am an old customer for years. So I a giving you second chance to replace the TV with a brand new TV with a 6-month warranty. I will look forward to hearing back from you soon.

  152. In my opinion, the company should open a gym in the company’s building rather than having a child care centre considering the less number of young parents in our company.

    Employees being the most important asset of a company, it is very important that they are fit, physically and mentally. Being involved in hectic and tight office schedule, most of the employees are over-stressed and could not devote time to their health which eventually affects their work performance. While having a gym at an arm’s length distance, employees will be able to use the gym facilities in between their schedule, effectively utilizing their breaks, and at the same time, it will also increase their productivity and concentration level.

    Further, It will also promote cooperation between the employees. In a recent survey by a health magazine named “Health Plus”, it was observed that the companies should uphold some team building activities to promote co-operation and coherence and suggested having a gym in the company premises, could be of dual advantage of promoting physical health and building effective understanding amongst employees.

    For the above reasons, a gym in the company’s building can prove to be unparalleled for both the employees as well as the company.

  153. Dear Store Manager,

    I have purchased a Samsung Smart TV 55″ from your store on August 5, 2018. Initially, the TV worked absolutely fine but on the fourth day, the screen turned black while i was watching a show and shut down without any notice. I tried to troubleshoot the problem using the user manual but nothing worked.
    Today I brought the TV to your store but since you were unavailable, so I explained the problem to the salesperson available at the counter but to my shock, he did not pay heed and left me unresolved, denying store’s responsibility for faults in the appliance once sold, even though the TV was under a warranty for 3 years.

    Being a loyal customer for last 10 years, I have purchased this TV from your store but this time I am highly disappointed with the service. Your salesperson is neither willing to assist the customer nor provide them after sale services.

    Considering my past good experience, I would like to give you a second chance, and request you to either replace the TV with a new unit or refund the money I have paid at the earliest.



      • Thanks for evaluating my writing. Can you please point out the mistakes in this email and how it can be improved to make up to the level of 10-12 score.

  154. Dear Sir
    I am writing to this email regarding the purchase I had from your store. Last week on 25th of June I bought a 55 inch 3D Samsung TV from your store, which was one the new arrivals in your shop. I have been assured by the salesman that is one of best models that has been produced by Samsung brand. However, for the first 3 days it was working properly and all of our family members were thoroughly satisfied by the quality of the TV. But on the day 3, we had number of guests in our house and were watching our wedding ceremony video, suddenly the screen of the became black . We pressed the power button several time to turn it on again , but nothing happened
    I refered to your store to file a complaint , but unfortunately your were out of the office and we were obliged to talk with one the saleman in the shop .Regrettably after I addressed my concern he behaved very rude and even shouted at me , that he is very busy and cannot. Waste his time for me. I was thoroughly dismayed by his attitude.
    I would appreciate if you could either refund my money or exchange the TV with the delivery service from your company . Moreover, I hope I would never encounter such inappropriate behavior from your staff.
    Your faithfully,
    John Smith

    • This one would also get a 7 in my opinion. Same comments as the previous one. sentence structure/tenses/articles.

  155. In regards to the human resource survey recently, , I would support building a Gym in our company as it leads to multitude number of advantages for the employees and for the company afterwards.
    We are a research company and most of our time have been spent in front of the computers at least 10 hours a day, which made it almost unlikely to allocate any time for physical activities. This means that we are exposed to a sedentary life style that leads to multitude number of diseases. Having gym in the company would undeniably contributes to staff health and promote a healthier life style. Having the shower in the gym, made it more feasible to do some work outs during the lunch time for an instance .
    Another worth mentioning point is that, while I should concede that childcare center would benefit staff that has children, gym offers benefits to a wider group of employees in our company. Establishing a gym is a more optimized investment as the number of newly-wed couples that neither do not have any child, nor have plan to in the near future, is significantly higher than the parents group. Had made a childcare in the building, may be would utilized rarely and it would dramatically waste of the money and resources of the company.
    Considering the above reasons, it seems to me that creating a gym is not only more economical when it comes to money matters, but also would immensely increase the health condition of employees.

    • I think this one could get a 7. You need to work on how to use articles and revise tenses. There are also few structure problems. Good luck!

  156. I could imagine why some people would agree for Childcare center. In my opinion, however, we should build a gym on the common 8th-floor area.

    Firstly, consider the percentage of employees you have kids, that too in age bracket suitable for the proposed child care center versus the number of employees who could avail gym facilities. Needless to say that the gym could be used by all employees including new, or for that matter old moms/dads.

    Moreover, the gym would not only promote the physical, mental and emotional health but would also promote camaraderie and cohesiveness while playing and gym-ing together, among us. It would help us to unwind and offer a quality productive break between and after our stressful work schedules. On the other hand, as has been surveyed by a recent popular work magazine ‘Workplace’, the childcare centers/daycares or nurseries prove to distract and hamper the concentration of employees. The potential users, goes without saying, would be tempted to often meet with their offsprings during working hours.

    For the above reasons, I effusively believe that Human Resource department should without any doubts consider building a gym center.

  157. Hey John,

    I am writing this letter to apologize for the inconvenience that you had at our store. Also, to let you know that the sales manager Tim was not intended to neglect you.

    On the day you reached out to our office, we were having a sudden audit which was unexpected. Tim was representing me as I was out of town. He might have exhausted by the time you reached out to him regarding the issue that you have. He is one of the best employees in our company who awarded as a diligent worker multiple times for the respect and customer service he carried over.

    Personally, I am taking the responsibility to assist you with the issue. I would send a mechanic to your home to find out the problem with current TV. We can replace the TV If he would not fix it and I would guarantee you for further assistance.

    Again, my apologies for all the trouble had.


  158. Dear Store Manager,

    I am writing this letter regarding a TV that I have bought from your store last week.

    I have bought a Samsung TV, Model # 789htf last week and Tim was the salesperson who assisted us in buying this. He seemed to be a diligent worker in the shop and he helped us to determine the brand and size of the TV with no hassle. However, TV has worked fine for only 3 days and then it started to flicker occasionally. Then on the 5th day it got completely shut down and never switched on. I returned to your shop to reach out to you and explain the issue that we have been facing, but you were out of office that day. And then I recalled the salesperson name who assisted us earlier, asked him about the return or exchange policy. Surprisingly, he was very rude with me at it’s best and dismay. I felt very disappointed, moreover, shocked to see his behavior with customers.

    Under the given circumstances, I decided to email you for a quick prompt reply about the issue. Since, I would like to get a new piece or at least I would expect you to send a mechanic to my home to discover the problem with my TV.

    I could wait 2 more days to get the reply from you; Hence. I would sue your company for the inconvenience that you caused.


  159. Undoubtedly, employee satisfaction is one of the most important measures of a company’s success. The happier the employees, the more productive they are, the more successful and profitable the company will be. Hence, in my opinion, based on the number of young parents in our workforce, building a child care centre is the best way to enhance the overall satisfaction among employees.

    First of all, according to an earlier survey, young parents in our company consist of 65% of all the employees. Our core productivity depends heavily on these ambitious working parents. These employees typically encounter the dilemma of whether to take care of their children at home or to dedicate their time and effort to their career and company. With this new child care centre within arm’s length right downstairs, this dilemma will not exist anymore. The young professionals save so much time on traveling to their original daycare centre and taking care of their kids while the other parents is not home, which means they will have more time to spend on work in the office.

    Secondly, the thought of a child being alone at home makes every parent anxious and distracted. They wish they could just run back home and keep an eye on their children so that nothing dangerous happens to them. The productivity and concentration these working parents present at work will obviously be jeopardized. Now think about what a child care centre at the company can provide to these worried parents. It provides not only a safe place for the children to play and learn with professional care, but also a peace of mind for those young parents in our company. As a result, they will be giving more focus on their work without distraction and be grateful for this gesture of our company, which leads to improved morale, productivity and employee satisfaction.

    In conclusion, in my point of view, the child care centre is an unparalleled project to our company for employees. It provides our employees a time efficient way to take care of their children and a peaceful mind to concentrate more on while benefiting our company morale, productivity, and employee loyalty.

    • Excellent job! This is also 9-10 material. However, try not to exceed 200 words so as not to affect your score.

  160. Dear store manager,

    My name is Sheryl and I recently bought a TV set from your store. I have heard a lot of great things about your store and the quality of your products. So I made up my mind to make the purchase.

    It worked so well in the first three days. The sound effect was terrific, The quality of the image was amazing and clear, and the size of the TV sets fitted perfect in my living room. However, on the fourth day, it shut down out of the blue for no reason. So I had to go back to the store regarding this problem.

    The experience I had at the store was unbearable. The customer service was terrible and rude there. I asked for help at the front desk. It took 30 minutes for the receptionist to tell me that you were not available at the moment. Then she found a salesman to help me. After I explained my situation to him, he did not only ignored my questions and requests, but also rolled his eyes on me, telling me it was my own fault.

    I left the store with my problem unresolved and wasted my whole afternoon there. To be honest, the customer service and attitude of the salesman in your store do not match the good reputation of yours. Having said that, my only goal here is to solve the problem. I would like to make an appointment with one of your TV technicians and have my TV set fixed for free. If it cannot be fixed, I hope you can give me full refund on this disappointing TV set.

    Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to your reply.


    Sheryl Shi

  161. Dear Store Manager,

    I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction with the experience i had at your store.

    I bought a 32″ color television of brand AIWA on dated 6th August, 2018. We enjoyed our leisure time in front of television for three days only. After that television suddenly shuts down. However, i tried to fix the problem by checking all the electricity connection but all in vain. There after, i called to customer care and explain the problem, they suggest me to meet store manager.

    I walked to the store to meet Store Manager but you are not available that time. Than, i wanted to made aware the salesperson about the situation. I surprised, when salesperson neither respond nor bothered me. He tried to realize me that he was engaged with other work. After 10minutes he listened my problem but gave adverse reply. He said you can fix it from outside, which shocked me. I did not expect this kind of service from a big and reputed store of town. I left store with bad experience.

    I would like to replace my television with new one as it is i warranty or refund the full amount. Copy of invoice is attached herewith.

    I look forward to hear from you.

    Sandeep Kumar

    • Nice try! Your tense should be consistent. You talk in the past, then you suddenly switch to the present for no reason. Try to pay attention to punctuation too. I don’t think you are going to get more than 6 for this one. Keep up working and good luck!

  162. Dear Manager,

    I am writing this letter to complain about a Samsung TV that I have bought from your store on Sep 12th, 2018 with an year warranty and the bad experience that I have faced with one of your salespersons.

    I have purchased a Samsung TV, Model #TYUGHT67 and installed the set up successfully using the user-friendly manual on the same day. We felt very happy for the exquisite picture quality and the nice sound style. It worked fine for only 3 days and then it did not switch on for no reason. Initially we thought, the problem is with the remote so we tried to switch on the TV manually but it did not work out.

    Though we have disappointed, we felt happy to have 1-year warranty in terms of any issues. However, I have visited your store again on Sep 14 to report the issue without any delay and asked for the same sales person Tim, who assisted us earlier for better communication. But I was surprised to see his rude behavior and worst customer service when I try to elaborate the issue that we are facing.

    I would like you to take the responsibility to either replace the TV with another brand new piece with prior customer service assurance or bare the repair expenses to fix the issue. Otherwise I am going to sue your company for not being able to stand on the norms.
    I will be waiting for your prompt reply.


    • Nice work! I think you would get a 7 for this style. Try to revise tenses uses and improve some sentence structures. Good luck!

  163. Dear Mr. John,

    This is regarding the recent purchase of Sony TV, Model: YHTG456U at your store made on 29-August-2018.

    I completed the setup and started watching the TV only for three days that I noticed the screen started to flicker sporadically for no apparent reason. The phenomenon continued from 4th day till today.

    I visited the store on 7th September in the hope to resolve this by informing you in a timely manner. Since you were not available, I described the situation to Mr. Tim, the salesperson through whom I bought the TV set. To my surprise and dismay, his behavior was very rude and at best, uncivilized. He was blaming me for not being able to operate and handle the TV properly.

    I want you to either take the TV back or exchange it with the new piece with the assurance of better customer service. With the reputation of your store in town, I hope you will look into this promptly and take appropriate action to my satisfaction. Please find attached the receipt with details of purchase for your reference. In case if you need any further information, please feel free to call me at 123-456-7892.

    Jack Braha

    • Good job! If you are lucky, you would most probably get a 9. However, such writings get usually 8 in my experience. Good luck and keep up trying!

      • None of the evaluations above has been able to fetch 11 or above. I am not sure what an 11 or perhaps 12 write up would look like. Or maybe you don’t want anybody to get overconfident. 🙂

        • I don’t want them to get disappointed, because frankly speaking, I don’t think that 11 or 12 is achievable any more.

  164. Dear Sir or Madam

    I am writing you this email to express my dissatisfaction with the service provided in one of your fitness centers. I have escalated this matter to the manager of that center but he was unable to help and was very rude to me.

    I have taken 2-years membership based on an advertisement in your Tomken road’s fitness center. I was very excited about after I took 2 years of membership, but when I started accessing the fitness center, I observed many of the gym equipment’s were not available. I found a treadmill; a few sizes of dumbbells and yoga ball were not available at the fitness center. Also, as mentioned in an advertisement, I didn’t get the free trainer for first 6 months.

    Initially, when I talked to the manager about the same thing, he was neglecting me and did not respond. But after repeatedly asking the same thing, he was angry for no reason and told that it’s not mandatory that whatever shown in an advertisement that all equipment’s or services should be available. Also, he added that we cannot provide you, free trainer, as we have only one trainer to serve you all.
    For such a bad service, I would like you to either refund my money or provide a 6 months additional free membership.

    I look forward to your response.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Robin Smith

  165. Subject: Receipt no. FTK1120850021Q1 Samsung Curved 55″ Silver
    The Store Manger,
    On 02/08/2018 I bought a Samsung Curved 55″ Silver Screen model code no. “KL9uf11587!JU11P” i was being waiting since ages it works perfectly fine for 3 days then, unfortunately with no reason the screen shut off completely on 05/08/2018 @3:55pm me & my mate we checked all possible options but no use.
    We brought it back to your store around 05:40pm which usually not rush hours in Suvey – 126-avenue.

    Firstly, you were not present in store at that moment, we approaches customer service counter to discuss the issue the technician but he was busy so, we requested a salesperson to take a complain, with no reason he was busy on his smartphone watching video and do not attending us, my mate called him several times but he didn’t even bother to look at us. later he attend us with rough mood and without hearing any complain, clearly states “Guys you can take your screen to workshop for repair we do not entertain after sales any electrical device” and left us shocked on the counter, my mate was going to hit him but i resist.

    Secondly, i am writing you this email to solve this issue as earliest as i had mentioned the receipt number in subject, for repair my device or replace it with newer screen. as you are holding a reputed goodwill ground since decades in the market to keep it up the same i am humbly requesting you to take serious note on this issue.
    Finally, i reserve my right so, please do not force us to approach the customer care agency to jump in & handle the situation which can result in heavy fines & cancellation of your store license as well.

    Your prompt response will save time for both of us.


  166. Dear Manager,

    I am writing to complain about a problem with my new TV brought from your store, and the terrible service offered by the sales person.

    I purchased this SAMSUNG TV for $1,000 on June 1st. However, The screen suddenly turned black after three days of use. I tried every single ways in the user manual to troubleshoot the issue such as restarting the TV, switching to another power outlet, and changing the power cord. Unfortunately non of these worked so I have to bring the TV back to the store for exchanging.

    To my surprise, after I talked to the customer service, the salesman refused to exchange for me and claimed that the store is not responsible for the fix and all sales are final. However, when I was reading the receipt, it clearly states that this TV is returnable within 14 days of purchase. What’s even worse, I told him that I would like to get a refund but he asked me to leave rudely for no reason.

    To fix this issue, I would be grateful if you could issue a refund of the TV as soon as possible.

    Best regards,

  167. Dear Store Manager,

    Kindly note that I face problem as last week I went and bought a Tv set from your store as usual I buy all my electronics from your shop but unfortunately three days later after I open the TV suddenly it stop from working , TV screen have black and blue colours with no sound .
    I went back to the store to meet you to elaborate the bad situation but I didn’t find you , for my bad luck I met sales person and wisely I explained for him what happened with the TV but he was unhelpful person .
    He was very rude person and he didn’t even provide any solution for this bad situation so l leave the store angry and disappointed from bad customer service.
    Now I contact you to solve this problem as in my point of view I need to repair the TV with new one with extra sound system also with discount card for next purchase order.
    Waiting for your kind response.
    Best regards.

  168. Dear Sir,
    Here is Ibrahim Ali,
    I’ve purchased Toshiba TFT-120 TV set from your store at Slavia square 15th of May, my receipt number is 132 15-May.
    The device had been working greatly for the last three days, but suddenly it shut down and no longer functioning for no reason the power led shows that its working but the screen doesn’t load.
    I went to the store 18th of May 6:00 PM to look for a solution, Sadly, I’ve stayed around 30 minutes waiting at the customer care department until the sales rep show up, Moreover, the sales rep was really rude to me and he didn’t offer any solution for my problem, I am writing you to complain about his unacceptable behavior, sorry to say but this was my worst customer service experience ever, I am really pissed off.
    I am looking to replace this TV set as soon as possible or a full refund for my money.
    Your fast response is highly appreciated.

    • Sorry for not replying earlier! I think you would get a 5 or 6 tops. Keep up working on your writing style. Good luck!

  169. Dear store manager,
    I am writing to you regarding the problem in one of my TV purchase from your store. I had bought Sony 40inch LCD TV in last week but unfortunately it stopped working after just 3 days. Even though the TV video is working, but It looks like there is a problem in audio component.
    I came to your store in last Friday to check with you regarding this issue. Since you were not available, I reached out to the salesman Mr. John and stated the problem. But, there is no luck either. Not only he was not helping me out, he was showing very rude behavior. First of all, he did not listen to the problem and he totally ignored the warranty policy of the product. I am in a state of shock that the reputable stores like you having such kind of arrogant employees.
    As a next step, I am strongly asking for your intervention in this matter to either refund my money back or get the TV replaced with a new unit. Also, I would like you to speak with the salesperson and take necessary action.
    Looking forward for your response.

  170. Dear Manager,

    I am writing this email to raise a formal complaint about the quality of a 50 inch LG TV that I bought last week. After 3 days of having bought it, the TV started present problems when I tried to turn in. This issue continued through days until it finally shutt down.

    In order to take measure, I went back to the store to express my dissatisfaction about the product. I tried to contact you but unfortunately you were there. I followed ahead and I explained the situation to one of your salesman. However,I did not get any solution because your saleperson had a terrible behavior when I express my case.

    I hope you look into this matter as soon as possible and resolve this issue by providing me a replacement. I hope you will train your employees for handling consumers complaints more politely.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Red Rose

  171. Dear ABC-TV Manager,

    About a week ago, I purchased a Sony 55″ TV set from the ABC-TV downtown branch. To my disappointment, I experienced troubles with it as well as with the customer service.

    I set up the TV according to the manual that came in its package and my family and I were enjoying it for the first three days. However, two days ago the screen went off and it won’t turn on. I tried resetting it according to the instructions, but nothing helped.

    I stopped by the store yesterday hoping to resolve the issue. Not only weren’t you available but the salesperson I talked to was completely disinterested in providing any solution. I had to wait at least for 10 minutes for her to finish texting on her phone, and after she finally listened to my complaint she couldn’t provide a single relevant answer to any of my questions. All I could get from her was an indifferent suggestion to come in later.

    I am very distressed with this situation since ABC-TV has a great reputation and this experience is not what I expected at all. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience and arrange an exchange of the TV.

    Thank you for understanding and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    219 words

    • Very good job! I would give it a 9 if I were your rater. Avoid contractions in formal emails please. Good luck!

  172. Dear Manager,

    I am Onur and writing you to tell my problem with your salesperson. I came to your store to buy a TV upon one of my friends recommendation. Your salesperson welcomed me and introduced the best-selling TVs in the store. I bought LG 42 Inch Smart TV after a discussion with him.

    I was very happy when I set it up at my home. Two days later, it shutted down suddenly. After I searched on the web, I found some troubleshoting guides. Unfortunately, they didn’t work for it and I got the point that my TV was bitten the dust. I decided to go to the store to see available options to recover my TV. I was shocked after your salesperson said we didn’t cover this case and you should have bought insurance for your TV, because I expected to see refund or change as your offer. Besides that, he didn’t respond my follow-up questions.

    When it came to selling, my experience was good but it turned to my frustration after seeing salesperson’s rude behavior when I need help to resolve my TV’s problem.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

  173. Dear HR Team,

    I like to start by saying I appreciate your employee engagement and this new facility initiative. Both options are brilliant. A child care center is a great idea. This will definitely help those employees who needs to bring their children in the office.

    However, being a single and health conscious guy, I’d prefer having a gym with shower rooms instead. First reason is that this will help us save cost on our annual company basketball league. Other sports like badminton and volleyball can be played in that facility as well instead of renting out sports complex.

    Secondly, it is important for our employees to maintain a healthy mind and body. Playing sports and exercising are proven ways on relieving stress.

    Last but not the least is a bit personal. I like going to the office on a bicycle. After forty minutes of bike ride, it would be great if could get a nice shower before starting my work day.
    These are my two cents on the topic. Hope it helps your team in making the decision. Whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be for the improvement of the employees and the company.


  174. Dear Store Manager,

    Hope you find this e-mail well. A week ago, I bought a SONY Bravia TV set from your store. It was working fine for the first three days, then it shut down unexpectedly. I read the manual and tried moving to a different power socket but I can’t still figure out what seems to be the problem.

    I went by the store yesterday to ask for support. I brought the TV just in case your technical person needs to see the unit. Unfortunately, Nick, your salesperson, seems to be having a bad day. He was very rude and unaccommodating. Long story short, I didn’t get the support I expected.

    I know you guys are trying to protect your brand. You wouldn’t be a well-known store if you weren’t. Given the circumstances, I think the best way to handle the situation is for me to get a replacement unit. It is under warranty after all. Also, I’d like to deal with the issue with you directly instead of having Nick handle it for me. I hope to hear from you soon.


  175. It is great that my company is taking initiative to build a Child care or Fitness center for the employees, I was even more impressed when they were reaching out to employees to decide on what’s best for them.

    In today’s fast moving and constant demand for excellence in day to day deliverables, increases the stress levels for all employees. Having a fitness center in-premises is one of the best way to help reduce the stress levels. When they feel stressed out they can hit the gym and blow off their steam or take a good warm shower. This helps the employees to reset their mind which helps for their productivity and efficiency. At the same time, not employees would have interest or time to effectively use the gym, as everybody prefers their own unique method for stress mitigation.

    I’m sure working parents like me are under lot of stress; not only with respect to work, but having to make sure the child is in a safe place when they are away for work. There is a constant thought which keeps them occupied no matter where they are, what is my child doing? Did he/she eat? Is he/she in any kind of trouble and so on. This affects the efficiency and performance of the employee. Having child care in the place of work will give them relief as they have access to their kids when they need. They can even keep a close eye on the childs need, This will help them to concentrate better on their deliverables. Along with the sense of relief to the working parents, it matters so much for the developing children to have parents close to them when they need.

    In my opinion, having a child care center will be more beneficial for every one, as parents can worry less about the well-being of their child. This can affect directly to all employees as their involvement in projects would get better and would create a much better working environment.

  176. To The Manager,
    I had visited your store twice over the last week. First time to buy a Television, Second to replace the broken TV which I bought. There were no issues with my former visit, however on the latter one we had several bad experiences.

    Firstly, the TV which costed me $1000 stopped working since the day before yesterday. I also paid extra $100 for the warranty from your store. The warranty stated that “if anything happens to the TV within first 30 days, the TV would be replaced with a new one, no questions asked”.

    Secondly, when I visited your store to get my TV replaced, the customer representative whom I spoke to, said you are not available, and after diagnosis he told me that the TV cannot not be replaced as the screen had a big crack. The screen was in excellent condition when I took it in for diagnosis. When I dissented with him about the crack on the screen, he lied and said the TV had broken screen before diagnosis.

    When I politely inquired about the warranty which should cover my situation, the representative said he did not care what the warranty says and that they cannot replace it. This behavior of his, lying to my face and insulting me in public is not acceptable.

    I would like you to have the representative send me an apology accepting the responsibility for cracking the TV screen and replace my TV with the new one or give a full refund including the warranty cost.


  177. Survey Question:

    Having a gym in the office premises is an excellent opportunity for employees to take care of their health. Those who are not able to abide with regular exercise will appreciate this opportunity. Having said that, I would prefer to opt for the second option to arrange Children’s Nursery or play school.
    Considering the working parents in our company, this would be a great initiative from our HR department to honour the mothers in such a wonderful way. By arranging a child care unit in our building, we are palliating the mothers in an enormous way. Knowing their children are staying close to them in the same building, mothers would stop worrying and being anxious about the children. Moreover, this will give an opportunity for those mothers who enroll their children in the child care centre to visit during their break time.
    Secondly, by doing so, the company will achieve a great goal by acquiring the employee’s gratitude and in turn, employees are obliged to be more productive.
    After all, by arranging a child care center for the working mothers in our company, we depict the town and the eventually the city, how we respect and take care of our employees.

  178. Hello HighTestcore,

    Can you please let me know, is the word count matters? Most of the responses have more than 200 words to an average of 250. Is that OK to go beyond the word limit.

    Best Regards

    • I wouldn’t recommend going over the work count limit. As to the other responses, they should have that covered since I can’t track their word count in the comment area.