CELPIP Writing Test 1


Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You recently bought a TV set from a well known store in town. However, the TV worked fine for only three days, then it shut down for no reason. You went back to the store to talk to the manager but he was not available.  You tried to explain the situation to the salesman, but he was very rude to you and provided no assistance. Therefore, you left without a resolution.

Write an email to the store’s manager in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:
  • State the problem you had with the TV you bought.
  • Complain about the rude behavior of the salesman and the bad customer service.
  • Describe how you want the store to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Read the following information.

Company Survey

Your company is thinking of creating a facility in one of its floors. The Human Resources Department of your company is surveying your opinion on what to have. The major question is whether the company should build a gym or a child care center.

Choose the option that you prefer. Why do you prefer your choice? Explain the reasons for your choice. Write about 150-200 words.
Option A: Gym: This gym would include a basketball court, exercising equipment, and shower rooms.
Option B: Child care center: This center would include a playground, a green area, and some classrooms.

Try to write your own response in the comment area. I will try to give you an estimate score.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I am a resident of Culver City. It is always a wonderful experience shopping at the Pacific mall with family, but for a few weeks, it has been really difficult to visit. This is mainly because of the limited parking capacity of the mall.
    If we don’t get a spot, we have to park our car at the nearest parking place which is one mile away. It becomes really difficult to walk one mile on the way back if we have heavy bags. Hence, I would like to suggest a few options to resolve this problem.
    It would be a good idea to put a time limit on each parking. This would help get the parking spot early. I have also observed sometimes, people abuse the free parking facility by using it for the entire day. It would be better if you would charge a little price for the spot.
    I have seen some empty Non Parking spaces in the mall which are not utilized by customers and shopkeepers. Freeing those spots for parking would help us as well.
    I hope this issue will be resolved soon. All residents of the city are always available to support this problem. Please let us know if you would need any cooperation from my side.


  2. 1. Task 1: You and your family visit the local shopping mall every week. However, it has become more and more difficult to find a parking spot recently. You would like to let the shopping mall manager know about this problem.
    • Describe the problem you are having with the mall’s parking.
    • Explain what you and your family have to do in order to visit the shopping mall now.
    • Provide some suggestions for how the mall manager can solve this problem.


    Dear Mall Manager,

    I am writing this email to bring to your notice the problems pertaining to the parking space in your Shopping Mall. I am a frequent visitor of your shopping mall and visit the mall at least once a week. Recently I have observed that it has become more and more difficult to park the vehicle while visiting the mall.

    First of all, the mall has only one entrance and exit making it difficult for entering and exiting the mall, sometimes we have to wait for 30 minutes for the traffic to pass which eats up our time. Secondly, there’s no multi-level car parking due to which we have to keep our vehicle on the sideway and walk a considerable distance in and out of the mall which is an extra effort.

    In order to remediate this, kindly create a separate entry and exit for the vehicles so that there’s no congestion at the entrance of the mall. Secondly, consider creating a multi-level car park attached to the mall’s building which can be accessed through an elevator.

    Hope you would consider these options and work on the infrastructure of the shopping complex so that the visitors don’t face parking issues in the future.


    2. Task 2: Childcare Survey
    You work in a very big office. There is a popular and cheap restaurant in the building. The boss is thinking of removing the restaurant and replacing it with a childcare facility for the working parents in the office. You have been asked to respond to an opinion survey.

    As per my opinion, Option B would be a better option i.e. to replace the restaurant with the childcare facility. This will be of great help for the working mothers at our office. I would like to provide more insight on this.

    First of all, there are a considerable number of mothers working at our office, this initiative will help them in saving the commute time that they have to spend on dropping and picking up their kids. Sometimes due to the timing of the daycare, these women get late to work and they have to leave early due to the same which affects their performance at work. This initiative will greatly help to solve this problem.

    The second advantage of this initiative is that working mothers can visit the childcare facility and look upon their kids during the break time being the facility in the same building, giving them a sense of relief.

    In the end, I would like to conclude by mentioning that the above-mentioned points are solely my points of view and the final decision rests in your hand. Thank you for taking my opinion on this. I hope you will use the area efficiently.

  3. Dear Manager,

    I am writing this email to complain about a Sony Bravia LED 52 inches wall-mounted television set I bought a couple of days back from your store at City Center, Noida with a one-year manufacturer warranty. I was also promised an additional 6-months warranty at the store.

    The TV worked fine for 3 days then it automatically shut down without any reason. I tried to connect it to a different plug-point but was left with the same result. Upon explaining my situation to your salesman, he rudely blamed me for mishandling the TV set and said they cannot do anything about it. Upon demanding to meet you, he rudely rejected by saying that you left early.

    As a result, I had to leave without a resolution, this was least expected from a reputed store like yours. I am infuriated with the customer support and the rude behavior of your staff.
    I request you to either replace the TV or provide a full refund also take disciplinary actions against that rude salesman, his name is Rakesh Kumar.

    I hope you will take the above-mentioned points seriously and will work on better customer support.


  4. Dear, Manager,

    I am writing this email to bring the incident to your attention. Last Friday, I purchased a TV set from your store. Unfortunately, It worked fine for only three days. Therefore, I went back to your store for help today. Eventually I brought to home is the rude and impolite responses from your salesman.

    The reason why I choose your store is your great reputation based on the considerate costumer service. The salesman that I consulting for help, At first, He is trying to ignore me. At the end, He is yelling me and accused me that I destroyed the TV intentionally.

    In brief, Manager, I would truly appreciate it if you are able to either repair the TV or fully refund. Especially, response me with your available time. I am not willing to be treated with disrespect.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Mike Smith

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to inform you about my purchase and the situation I had encountered at Best Buy on Pembina.

    Three days ago, my roommate and I came to get a new TV. We had many purchases from Best Buy and we were always happy about the products. Unfortunately, the TV stopped working in less than a week. We tried everything to make it work but we found no resolution but the TV being broken from the beginning.

    Later, I went to the store to get more information about the TV and possibly to exchange it. The young sales advisor assigned to me was busy socializing with his friends, who happened to be at the store at the same time, rather than helping me out, which I found extremely disrespectful. In the end, my efforts for asking for advice was futile. I had to leave the store with no resolution since I was told that you were not available that day as well.

    I would like to ask for a full refund on my purchase. Additionally, I would like to receive a gift card due to the unprofessionalism of the salesperson.

    Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,
    Chelsey Smith

  6. Dear Sir/Mam,
    I am writing this email to inform you regarding a TV set, that I bought from your store. The TV set stopped working after only three days without any reason.
    I also went to the store to find a solution for the issue, but I ended up having the bad customer service experience. I tried to meet you at store, however, you were not there. I described the whole issue to a salesman, who was there but instead of assisting he was so rude. Although, I have been many a time to the store, but I have never seen such kind of rude and unprofessional behavior. The salesman has not even checked the TV set to find the problem. It seemed like he was not to interested to do his job.
    I expect that the store will either change the TV set or will fix it.
    Thank you for your time.
    Gurwinder Kaur

  7. Writing Test 1
    Dear Mr. Andersen,

    My name is David Scot and after living here for almost ten years now, I often find myself at your store. The service always is on point and I can always find whatever I need.

    However, earlier this week I purchased a new television at your store but after a few days (three) it wouldn’t turn back on, no matter what I did. So, I brought the TV back to the store in hope of getting it replaced or fixed.

    Unfortunately, one of your employees didn’t accommodate the problem and was very rude. First of all, he was not very welcoming when I approached him. Secondly, he said that I had probably damaged the TV somehow, even though I told him no.
    Lastly, when I asked if I could speak with the manager, he got frustrated and told me the manager was too busy, so I left the store.

    As so, I believe I should be compensated for this unpleasant experience, whether that’s a brand-new TV or a gift card to your store. Nonetheless, you have to take the TV back as my apartment isn’t big enough to store it anywhere.

    Kind regards,

    David Scot

  8. In my opinion, building a gym would be the better choice. Even though having a child care center in our company is a good idea to attract new workers who look for this kind of benefit, the gym would offer more practical benefit to employees.

    The workers in our company are always busy because we need hard-work to keep up in a competitive market. Therefore, we do not have much time for exercising. The monthly medical check result shows that eighty percent of them have health conditions due to lack of exercising. If we had a gym in our company, we could easily do some quick exercises such as yoga.

    Also, playing sports would get our mental health better. Not to mention, we are going to have fun with playing basketball and that could result in releasing the pressure from work. As I already mentioned, we are very busy so that we need a place to get rid of the tiredness.

    Considering these reasons, I believe a gym would be the better choice. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

  9. Dear store manager,

    I am writing this email to express my disappointment with your product. I purchased a TV at your store last week.

    I set up the TV on the day I bought it, A couple days later, it suddenly went black out and I could not turn it on again. Therefore, I visited your store to solve the problem. I spoke to your staff about what had been happening to the TV, but he did not offer any solutions and he blamed me of how I treated the TV instead. I could not believe his attitude towards me. He was unnecessary impolite.

    I got home extremely upset in the experience. I know your store is very popular in the town and I would like to give it another chance. I would like a full refund of the TV and a discount for next purchase at your store.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Ken Atwood

    • Sorry for the late response; we had some technical issues. Your writing would get 7 or even 8 if lucky. Keep up practicing!

  10. I strongly believe that option A will be a better choice for our company. We can see that some of our employees are already suffering from obesity and stress as we spend the day sitting at our desk.

    Although, after a long day at work I can be extremely tiered it will be great if I can enjoy a team game with my coworkers. If gymming becomes a habit for all of us it would be only beneficial for our mental and physical health and therefore it will help to gain in productivity at work.

    However, the child care is a good idea I really think it is too late as we are in December and most of my colleagues found places for their kids in private schools.

    Finally, if we can not stay after work for a gym session we still have the option to come earlier to the gym because it will include shower rooms. I can tell you how good it can be to start a day with one hour workout as last year I had this opportunity in my previous work.

    All those reasons above make me choose option A . I would like to thank you for the chance you provided us to voice our opinion in regards this survey.


  11. Dear store manager,

    I am writing you this email to express my dissatisfaction in regards the TV I purchased last week at your store on 152nd and 105.

    Although, I have been satisfied for the past fifteen years with your services, last Monday I was extremely disappointed.
    After I bought my device from your store with a great deal; 50% off I never thought it would stop working after only 3 days of use. I did try to change for a new set of cable but still I can not make it work again.

    In this matter, I came to the shop to get a full refund or an exchange for the same brand new TV but the salesman was rude ans told me he can not do anything for me. Therefore, I asked him if I can discuss this problem with you but his response was No; short and strict.

    For all the reasons above, I am asking you a full refund for the TV I bought las week and as a compensation for the misbehave of the poor customer service I received and additional 50% off on the brand new Samsung TV I would like to buy.

    I am looking forward for your response.

    Mary Johnson

  12. Dear Restaurant Manager,

    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with your poor service that I recently had at your restaurant. A couple days ago, I brought my parents to your restaurant to celebrate my mother’s 60th birthday. It had to be a memorable night for three of us. However, against all my expectation, that night ruined by poor quality of foods and unprofessional servers.

    Upon our arrivals, we had to wait a half an hour to be seated even though we arrived on time.
    Our server did not apologize for the situation, she were being sluggish when she served us.

    In addition, we ordered a special dinner course but this course foods were absolutely disgusting. Not only the foods were uncooked, we found a couple fries from the foods.
    Unfortunately, at that night you were not at the restaurant thus nobody could not take the responsibility to fix those issues.

    Needless to say, we are extremely disappointed at those occurrences. Therefore, I would like to receive a full refund for the cost of our meal.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Yours faithfully,

  13. To the manager of the store,

    Last Wednesday, I purchased a brand new TV set from your store however on Saturday, I had some technical issues and the TV stopped watching. My family and I were all surprised as it was the third time that we were using that device.
    On Sunday, I decided to go back to the store and I was hoping to talk to you about this situation however I was told that you were busy at that moment and a salesman called Steve was supposed to help me on solving this problem. I explained Steve the situation and he told me that he could not do anything regarding this issue neither the manager. Right after that, he asked me to leave the store. I think that he was extremely unprofessional saying that and rude.
    I request to have my TV set replaced immediately and receive a gift card as an incentive for the time lost and patience that my family and I had with all this situation.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


  14. Dear Maria,

    I hope you are doing great and how is everyone at home. I am doing great and Marco misses you alot. I got to know from a friend of your father’s that you are planning to considered a post graduation and I am delightful to hear that as university education provide enhancement of intellectual and social skills.

    In spite of cognitive development of an individual, there are many other positive aspirations of attending a university degree. First of all, it is fundamental to have a prospective career as almost all higher paid jobs seek a tertiary-level education. Secondly, you will be able to acquire numerous amount of knowledge about area of your work which will further help you to achieve specialization within your department. Last, you will be able to have amazing experiences of life where you will came across various joyful incidents.

    I believe you should go for Masters in Administrative Business (MBA) as based on you previous education in business as well as your interest in your father’s business depicts that you will be a successful entrepreneur.

    Looking forward to hear from you and say hello to you mother and father.

    Ross smith

  15. I am writing this in regards to the latest declaration by Paragon Ptv. ltd. for construction of one of their factory to manufacture plastic bottles just within 20 kilometres radius to Shelby residential society and I am one of the residents of that society.

    Upon discussion about this expansion with other residents, I assert without denying that this development would enhance the employment opportunities for the area, however, the detrimental effect on health and environment could not be ignored.

    First of all, it will adversely impact the overall health of the residents because of the fumes produced during the manufacturing process of the bottles plus the noise caused by machines will also affect the hearing ability, especially for infants and elders.

    Second of all, by-products from the factory will surface the quality of air, water and more importantly the soil will be massive. Moreover, this factory is being planned to be constructed on the green belt of trees facing our society which is extensively used for various outdoor activities like camping, exercising or dog walking.

    Last, a decade ago, a paper factory was constructed near a residential area in new jersey, USA and almost 40% of that area has been diagnosed by first stage cancer caused by fumes released to dry the paper.

    to sum up, this expansion will have a dreadful effect on the resident’s health as well as it will deteriorate the surrounding environment.

  16. Dear Manager,

    I am writing to you regarding the lack parking at your shopping mall. My family and I usually visit your mall to buy groceries, appliances, health care products, home hardware, personal care products, some clothes, gifts or just window shopping.
    Currently, we are having one uncomfortable situation. We can’t find a parking spot regardless the time. I suppose you know how many people work at the shopping mall and need a parking spot. Considering, the number of customers, on weekdays and on weekends, the size of the parking is not enough.
    Unfortunately, my family and I are thinking about going to another mall. Certainly, you don’t want to lose any customers, however it will not be easy for you to fix this problem.
    Therefore, I would like to suggest to you to try some extension in the parking area, rent extra place around the mall or implement electronic monitored parking spot.
    Finally, I would like to let you to know that I am available to discuss further about this issue, looking forward to hear from you.


  17. Dear store manager,

    I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction about the TV I had bought last week form your store and also about the misbehavior I had faced by your salesman at store.

    On Monday last week, I bought a Samsung HD LED TV from your store. My bill number is 12345. When I continue to use TV at home it worked according to my expectations. But after three days it suddenly shut down and stop working completely. When I checked all the cables and adapters, all are fitted according to user manual. When i do not understand the problem, I immediately rushed to your store for having a solution to my problem.

    When i reached at your store, unfortunately you were not present at that day. So i had to tell the whole situation to your salesman. I was shocked by the behavior of your salesman named Robert who does not paying a little attention listening to me. When I ask him twice to provide a solution he just pull his back and told me that it was not his concern. Then he just go away and started using his mobile and behaving like that i was not there. He completely ignored me and busy in his mobile.

    I just want you to look into this matter, and just repair my TV or replace it with a new one as it is in warranty period. Apart from that, provide adequate training to your staff about dealing with customers in a proper way.


        • Dear store manager,

          I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction about the TV I had bought last week form your store and also about the misbehavior I had faced by your salesman at store.

          On Monday last week, I bought a Samsung HD LED TV from your store. My bill number is 12345. When I continue to use TV at home it worked according to my expectations. But after three days it suddenly shut down and stop working completely. When I checked all the cables and adapters, all are fitted according to user manual. When i do not understand the problem, I immediately rushed to your store for having a solution to my problem.

          When i reached at your store, unfortunately you were not present at that day. So i had to tell the whole situation to your salesman. I was shocked by the behavior of your salesman named Robert who does not paying a little attention listening to me. When I ask him twice to provide a solution he just pull his back and told me that it was not his concern. Then he just go away and started using his mobile and behaving like that i was not there. He completely ignored me and busy in his mobile.

          I just want you to look into this matter, and just repair my TV or replace it with a new one as it is in warranty period. Apart from that, provide adequate training to your staff about dealing with customers in a proper way.


  18. Dear store manager,

    I am writing this mail about telling you the problem I am facing in using the stereo which I bought from your store. I bought a stereo of LG company’s latest version on the 20th of August on the cost of 5K INR it was working fine in the starting of 3 days but suddenly it’s battery backup became less as given in the instruction book and it gets shut down only in 2 hours.

    After I found these problems are technical than I went to the store from where I got this stereo on confirmation with LG company customer care executive. But when I went there what I faced there the experience was very bad. There is no attendant or any query section who can listen or resolve customer problems. Then I returned to my home.

    My concern is about replacing or repair this stereo as this is under warranty period and as LG is a branded name so your store should have a query section where customers can solve their query directly without facing this unprofessional behavior to have a good experience at your store.

    I will wait for your positive and acceptable update over this.

  19. Dear Store manager
    I am writing this to bring your notice regarding the problem, I had faced in the last two days. I bought a Philips stereo on 25th August from your store and after two days, it stops working, it starts producing buzzing sound and suddenly it stops while playing music. This clearly shows that it’s a defective product.
    For this I had visited your store and unfortunately, you were not there, in your absence one of your salesmen attended me but the way he talks is so rude and unprofessional, he asked me to wait for an hour but still, I haven’t received any resolution from your store. Even he asked me to pay for the transport fair which was not told me earlier while buying.
    I am very disappointed with your services. I need an immediate replacement for this within the next 2 days, and I need compensation for transport fair and a fresh warranty of 3 years. Otherwise, I will file a complaint against your store.
    Resolve this as soon as possible. Hoping for a positive response from your store.


  20. First of all, involving us in city council decision making on such matters is highly appreciated. My name is Peter, and I live in the Toronto city since 2013. I’m thrilled to know that city council is planning to fund either the bike lanes or the renovated gym, so I would like to express my opinion.
    In my opinion, including a swimming pool and spa center would help the public relax and rejuvenate. However, constructing separate lanes for bikes is a necessity to the Portland city.
    On the one hand, as our city is experiencing sun-kissing weather, people prefer to take trips and commute on bikes. As a result, the count of bikers has marked up.
    On the other hand, this also heightens the risk of accidents. For the safety of the motorcyclists, the government must build new separate lanes; it will also plummet the traffic.
    Hence, based on the aforementioned points, I see myself more inclined towards option B. Since your accolade to survey decision is final, I request you to examine the dichotomy of both options.

  21. Dear sir,

    I am writing this email in regards to my recent purchase of a TV at your showroom. I am sad to inform you that my TV is not working as expected just after three days.

    I have ordered a sony max-101 model TV at your shop and, it was delivered on time. Initially, TV was working fine and I
    was able to access all channels as well as the OTT platforms. However, yesterday morning when I switched on
    the TV it was not turning on at all, and also I tried re-starting many times which did not help.

    I tried raising my concern with your sales team to address my problem. Instead of registering my complaint, the salesman was forcing me to claim insurance in a harsh manner. Being a regular
    customer of your shop, it is disheartening to say that your customer service was poor at addressing complaints.

    It will be great if you can look into this and help me get a replacement for the malfunctioned product.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Yours faithfully,

  22. Dear Store Manager,

    I am your loyal customer in the downtown location since 2015. Nearly, I purchased a HD TV in your store, I was very excited to get a brand new TV. Unfortunately, the new TV didn’t perform well, and it stopped working after 3 days. There was no signal received when we connected the cable. Moreover, the monitor didn’t display the HD quality even with the cracks.

    I tried to feedback to the salesperson, John, but he didn’t want to listen and look into the problem. The only thing he said just go home and contact the manufacture instead of helping me. He was very unprofessional and not comprehensive, also he didn’t care about customer’s needs. I have been your customer for 5 years, this is the first time I experienced disappointing customer service.

    I hope my frustration can bring up your attention. Because we are going to have a family gathering this weekend, I really hope you can exchange a brand new HD TV with proper working function and deliver it before this Friday. Or I have to ask for a refund and get it from the other store around my place.


    • Nice try! Your response would most probably score 6 in my opinion. Try to practice more, and let me know if you need some tutoring.

  23. To whom it may concern,

    I am writing you to inform that I would not be able to pay a monthly installment for a current month. My name is Linda Therin, and my loan number is XYZ1234 against which I have borrowed 100 K USD from The State Bank of Canada. I supposed to repay loan amount in next 20 years. Presently, I am paying 1000 USD per month as a monthly installment, and I have already paid 30 installments without fail.

    I have my own company in the Toronto city which manufactures various types of metal and wooden furniture. However, I borrowed the personal loan from your bank to expand the manufacturing facility of the company. Unfortunately, last month due to the Hurricane, I lost all my company’s infrastructure and raw materials which makes arduous to fulfill customers’ orders, and hence, right now I am going through a financial crisis situation.

    Currently, I have a commitment from my friend that he is going to invest 50 K USD to restart the business. Under such an excruciating situation, I need at least a month time to bring back the business to normal condition. Hence, I feel It would be difficult to manage money to pay a current month installment.

    I hope you understand my concern and waive off my current month installment. I will ensure to pay all rest of the installments as per repayment schedule.

    I am waiting to hear your decision on my request.


  24. First of all, involving us in school’s decision making on such matters is highly appreciated. Personally, I feel that as an educational institute, schools should teach children about eating healthy diet rather than junk foods like pizzas, burgers, and hotdogs. I am more inclined towards serving salad and vegetables to the students in the school. There are a couple of reasons behind it.

    Firstly, Albeit, food items like pizzas, hotdogs, or hamburger have mouth-watering test, they create diseases like diabetes, cancer etc. and these diseases deteriorate human’s health over the period of time. As per the Canada health department study, almost 30 to 40% people lose their life due to unhealthy food eating which is really an alarming situation.

    Secondly, many nutritionist and food specialist have proved that eating salads, or vegetables provide necessary proteins and vitamins to the human body. By ingesting such a nutrition rich food purify the blood and increase the immunity of the human body.

    Hence, considering above points, I would suggest that school administration should at least reduce the current food and increase healthy food for the children.
    Thanks for improving the school food service qualities.

  25. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing you to express my disappointment regarding a TV that I bought at your store. It was great having a TV during this stressful quarantine. However, it just lasted for 3 days since the TV suddenly went blackout and made a really bothering sound before it finally shut down. I have tried to look up at the manual book but could not fix it myself.

    This afternoon, I went back to your store and was expecting a great after-sales service but turned out one of your salesmen named Brian was not helpful at all, even he was really rude. He said that nothing that he could do and I better buy a new one which is more expensive because mine was cheap with standard quality. I was looking for the manager to report this unexpected situation, unfortunately he/she was not there at that time.

    I would suggest that you take an action for that salesman in order to maintain your customer satisfactions. Last but not least, I expect that you will do a full refund or provide me an exchange with a new TV unit as well as the delivery fee.


  26. I believe we already has couple of child care facility near our workplace but, only one good restaurant which is very convenient for me and fellow colleagues. I will provide two main details why we should keep Tim Horton.

    Firstly, for all morning shits starting at 6:am. Tim Horton is only coffee shop which is 24/7. It does provide a refreshing and energetic start to the morning. Personally I take public transit to work if we remove the restaurant it would create a lot of trouble as i would have to cook my food every day. I work 7-5 and like me there a lot of employees who would not waste their time making coffees before leaving their houses.

    Secondly, our company does have employee benefit with Gotham Child care. As you know they have a day care just outside our building. It is very convenient for working parents to drop and pick their kids from work. . Employees have to travel 30 minutes to find another restaurant.

  27. Dear Manager,
    My name is CELPIP Test taker and I recently purchased a LG OLED TV from your branch of Target. However, after 3 days the TV suddenly stopped working. I was not able to fix the issue even after reviewing the troubleshoot section of the TV manual.
    Based of the suggestion from Target Customer care, I tried to return the TV at your branch. Unfortunately, I was told by your salesman that I was not eligible for a return.
    In particular, I was surprised at the unwarranted rudeness by the salesman. I understand that I did not have a copy of the bill, however this is not the way you treat your customer. I had to wait 30 min wait time to even talk to another salesman which added to the cost of my rental truck that I had to use. Moreover, you were not available on that day.
    I request you take the required action with the sales rep. With respect to the TV , I expect you to replace it instantly, and provide complementary 3 year extended warranty. Additionally, I would want you to provide compensation for the rental truck from my previous visit.
    CELPIP Test taker

  28. Dear Store Manager,
    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with the poor service and low quality of a tv set that I got at Best Buy Granville Street on July 1st, 2020. ‘
    Last week I went to your store to get the latest SONY TV set 6590 LED Curve and I paid $2000 plus lifetime insurance. But surprisingly, after three days I found that all the pixels in the bottom are gone and I am having a blurred image at the top side.
    Consequently, I went to the store and was looking for the Store Manager, but he was not there. I got shocked when the Salesperson in a very offensive way told me that if you have any problem with the product you should have just called us and then he left me promptly. Furthermore, the Customer Service Representative has not done anything so since I asked them to give me a refund and it is going to be a month.
    I would either like you to compensate me for the cost of the TV that I bought or refund my money as soon as possible.
    I look forward to receiving your response.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Farzad Ashourpour
    (201 Words)

  29. Option A: I would like the one-year underground parking pass.
    Option B: I would like the one-year public transit pass.

    First of all, including us in office decision making on such matters is highly appreciated. Both options have some advantages, and I can see why some employees might choose “Option A”. On the whole, however, there are several reasons why “Option B” would be my preference.
    Albeit, we have plethora of car parking spaces underground for the employees’, presently it is a paid facility due to which employees would prefer “Option A”, so that they will save some money at least for a year. But then we will motivate the employees to travel in their own car which will increase the city traffic issues.
    As per my analysis, an employee can utilize the one-year public transit pass not only for commuting to the office but for personal use as well. For e.g., over the weekend for outing, visiting the supermarket, to watch the movies etc. Secondly, I feel it will be an eco-friendly decision which will help to reduce the traffic congestion and the air pollution, as an employee will discard own car for a daily office commutation.
    Hence, based on the arguments I discussed above; I find myself more inclined towards “Option B”. Since your approval to the survey is the highest accolade, I would request to examine the dichotomy between both the options.

  30. Summers are short-lived in Canada as it only lasts for 2-3 months due to which everybody wants to enjoy the maximum out of it. While one earns to have fun barbecuing in their respective balconies on a beautiful summer evening, the duty being a responsible Samaritan and caring neighbour should not be overlooked.

    Firstly, Barbecue is not the only summer activity that one must indulge himself into at the stake of environmental hazards as it potentially causes smoke and could end up in a fire. Some municipalities even put a fire ban during peak summer days to prevent the worst situation like wildfire etc. Fort McMurray catches wildfire pretty much every year during summers. Being little vigilant towards our actions and choosing environment over enjoyment makes one a responsible citizen.

    Furthermore, People usually likes to barbecue meat items such as Chicken, Fish etc., the odour of which might be as comfortable to smell to the fellow residents. Being a caring neighbour, one must rather opt to do grilling at camping sites in the city. The city of Edmonton, for instance, provides day camps facility at the parks to accommodate people which could rather be utilized.

    I am hopeful that my reasoning would make sense to the building management.

  31. Dear Store Manager,

    I am a resident of the Edgemont community and I am writing regarding my experience during my visit at your newly opened departmental store in our area. As much as I was excited to see the low-priced items in the recent advert I received in the mail, I was disappointed as I did not find any of those in the store upon my visit this morning.

    The advertisement really enticed me to make a trip to your supermarket as I was running out on few household supplies which were also, luckily, a part of your promotion. However, I was disheartened not to find any of them on the shelves. Apparently, the neighbourhood must have been attracted to a new opening in the community. Given the fact that you managed to draw the crowd at your store, at the same time, it is your utter responsibility to not to disappoint your potential clientele.

    I would suggest that you should overstock the highlighted products that will build up a sound reputation of your store. I also would like to be informed as soon as you stock up the inventory and I would appreciate if you could honour the same discounts as were mentioned in the advertisement.



  32. Re: Survey response to HR.

    Thanks for asking my opinion on the new facility plan. I would go for option A: Gym.
    There are several good reasons for my choice.
    First of all, physical exercise is a priority in life and a necessary habit for day to day life. It keeps our body and mind fit and clean from the distress. The gym is a key to unlock this marvellous opportunity.
    Moreover, the in-house gym included with the basketball court and exercise equipment can help our colleagues to maintain the work-life balance. It will be a great source of recreation, as well as a platform to hang out and to have some chit-chats.
    In contrast to this, a child care center is not commonly devoted to using by all the employees, except some female colleagues having a toddler. A child care facility may be helpful to some extent, however, there are some additional costs incurred (for example, hiring a caregiver or dedicated security service for the babies etc.) which have a material impact within our organization.
    To sum up, I will be happy (and I believe most of us will be too) to have a gym in our workplace, and it will be my pleasure to cooperate the HR on this by any means.

    Thanks and regards,

  33. Dear Sir,

    With due respect, I would like to draw your attention to an incident that recently took place at your store with me, while I was trying to return my recently purchased TV. It seems the TV I have bought has some malfunctions from the very beginning and it was getting worse since last week. It cannot capture the proper signal, which made me think about a return or exchange option. With that in my mind, I went to your store yesterday around 3 PM and talked with the salesman who was serving in the counter number two.

    However, it is really unfortunate that I have been treated disrespectfully! That salesman was not professional enough and felt kind of disturbed after I have explained everything to him. He was quite a bit rude to me and ignoring my valid sales receipt while I was trying to explain to him about the problems. That made me really disappointed!

    Now I am a bit worried about the TV, which is supposed to have a good fix. I want your full support on this; especially, I am emphasising more on ‘an exchange’ than ‘a repair’ for that TV. Whatever happened with that salesman, I know stuff like this happens sometimes, and I only care about my TV, so I expected better service. I would like to request you to fix this issue as soon as possible and want you to let me know how may I assist with this from my side. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely yours,

  34. To whom it may concern,

    I am writing you to register a complaint about the recent problem of the teenagers’ noise in the park area located just behind my house. My whereabouts is 2100 Leduc Laurin, Toronto, and It is one of the placid places in the neighborhood.

    Albeit, I am staying near to grand park area which is the most crowded area with the kids, and the families, I had no complaints till date. But recently, I observed that few naughty teenagers are gathering in the park at night and making the absurd sounds which are really creating a trouble to people staying in the vicinity of the park. It is arduous to sleep once they start their activities and it affects my health day by day due to an incomplete sleep.

    I had a discussion with my neighbors regarding this issue, and we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to keep the park closed after 8 p.m. Perhaps, it will be also helpful if you can appoint a security guard at the park during the night shifts so that the people will refrain entering into the park.

    I hope you understand our concern and looking forward to implementing our suggestions at the earliest.


  35. Dear Sir,
    I am writing you to express my concern regarding the shortage of car parking space in the Walmart shopping mall. It is one of the biggest and well-known shopping malls in the neighborhood, hence most of the shoppers and families visit every week to fulfill their household needs and to spend the leisure time.

    Albeit, the shopping mall has two floors of car parking, during my recent visit, I noticed that it took plethora of time to find the parking space. Trust me, it was really frustrating and annoying. To my surprise, I understand from a security guard that the residents, residing adjacent to the mall, are utilizing the parking space free of charge whereas the shoppers who are paying the parking fees struggle to get the parking space.

    Personally, I feel that a paid parking in a mall should be dedicated to shoppers, and residents should be restricted. This way more parking space will be available to shoppers. In addition to that, I think the vigilant monitoring of an outside vehicle entry and exit is required which will help to identify the vehicles of the local residents.

    I request you to implement my suggestions at earliest to avoid inconvenience causing to your loyal customers. I hope with these changes, during my next visit, I will find the parking space quickly.


  36. Dear Manager,

    I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction with the experience I had on my TV, purchased from your store. Yesterday, When I turned it on to watch the latest news, I noticed that the TV screen was completely white and not showing any of the channels that I had before. At that time, I was so disappointed that my plan to watch a good movie with my friend at night was ruined.

    I called the store this morning to ask for sending someone to fix the issue, but no one answered my call. I understand that your staff might be busy while dealing with new customers. so, I just left my voicemail. However, I still haven’t received any kind of response.

    I know your store has a good reputation in the area and would like to give it another chance. As compensation for this problem, I would like to get a free service to repair my TV or a discount voucher for my next visit.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  37. While thinking about the given options, I strongly suggest to choose option of making childcare facility. There are two main reason why this is the good option.
    First, Working and handling house and kids are very difficult job for a mother and ,when all the ladies who have children come out of house and do there job for there employer in that time they are always worried about there children security because, of that productive of work get reduce . If we make childcare here inside our company then it will be a great place to make our women employees who have children work without tension. Which definitely increase the productivity.
    Second, we have a statistics which clearly shows fifty percent female employees leave there job after having babies and because of that company have to spend money on rehire and provide training to new employee which directly increase the liability. So, if we make the childcare inside our company then those female employees can continue their job. Experienced employees are always a asset for a employer.
    Conclusion, We are a big company with sixty percent of female employees so definitely we need childcare to give them a secure place for there children so that they can work for this company for a long time.
    Thank you for including me in this decision making survey. I hope my points help to take a right decision.

  38. Dear Store Manager,
    I recently brought a LED TV from your store last week. It worked fine for three days after it went black. I tried to make it work but the screen was still black.
    So, I decided to go back to the store to get an exchange. I met with one of your salesmen; his name was Jay. First, he tried to resolve my problem but I don’t know why he got mad at me. Then I told him to get me a manager he said Okay.
    I waited there for an hour but no one shows up. After that I saw him with the customer, I reached him and he said he cannot do anything because I didn’t get any insurance but it is clearly showing on the receipt that I can return or exchange in 30 days.
    As compensation for the problem, I would like to get a full refund or exchange it with the new TV.
    Yours sincerely,

  39. First of all, thank you for giving an opportunity by allowing me to contribute in the company’s work from home policy. My preference would be “Option A”.
    Personally, I feel that the work from home policy is purely depended on the type of work an employee is performing in the company. If an employee is a part of office work where his/her physical presence is essential, the work from home option may not be suitable to them. Since our firm is an IT service provider, a majority of the employees are equipped with an office laptop along with home network connectivity. Hence, it is a doable option to work from home.
    The work from home policy would be beneficial to the company, perhaps there will be monetary savings by renting the smaller office area, low electricity and water consumption due to less staff in the office, cut down in the conveyance charges from salary as no daily commutation is required. At the same time an employee will enjoy the work and the family together, avoid daily hectic travelling, etc.
    Looking at the above benefits to both the company and an employee, it is fair to say that the company can implement the work from home policy. Again, it is my opinion, and I am flexible to decide by a majority of the employees.

  40. Dear Store Manager,

    I purchased a TV from your store on May 30, 2020. It worked perfectly until I was watching football three days later. The screen went black and the TV stopped working.
    I returned to your store on June 4, 2020 and asked a salesman if a manager could help me exchange the TV. He asked me to wait while he went to fetch the manager. Thirty minutes passed by when I saw him closing a sale with a customer an aisle down. I went up to him and asked if he talked to the manager yet. He responded, “We’re not a repair shop. Take it somewhere else.”
    The salesman was extremely rude and unprofessional throughout the whole encounter. He dismissed my claims of your store’s 30-day return policy, which was clearly printed on my receipt.
    I request that you look into the incident and assist me in exchanging my defective TV with a working one. I look forward to hearing back from you.


  41. Dear manager ,

    My name is susan , I recently purchased a TV from your store in Sacramento
    It was a Samsung LED 42inch curve TV , it worked fine for 3 days and then there was a small spark and then it stopped working
    I went to your store the next day to get the issue resolved only to be belittled by one of your salesmen
    His name is erin , when I tried to explain the situation to him , he ignored my concern and refused to honor the warranty suggesting that I might have something to with it
    I would like to not only return the TV and get a new , but also file a complaint against erin

    I hope to hear from you soon

    Thank you

  42. I personally believe that building a gym would be more beneficial to our company’s staff, even though a child care center is a great idea for working parents. Building a gym is better because it can benefit to everyone and there are no much gyms in our company’s neighbourhood.
    Firstly, if the company decides to build a gym, I think all employees would use it. The majority of all staff is composed of younger people who do not have an interest in having children. For instance, I had an informal conversation with a group last week, and they all have pets and think this is too much work already.
    Secondly, it is challenging to find a good gym close to our office. I did some research and could not find any affordable option, so I decided to do my training at my local gym, which does not have many amenities. Currently, my gym does not offer a basketball court, and I would love to have this option.
    In conclusion, I think building a gym is a better fit for our company, but I would accept the majority decision. Thank you for letting me provide input in this matter.

  43. Dear store manager,
    I am writing this email to get a resolution to my malfunctional television and express a concern about a salesman at your store. I bought a TV a few days ago and after three days it went blank. Then I called the manufacturer’s technical support and they recommended me to unplug from the power source and connect it again, I followed the instructions, but did not have any success.
    On June 06th I went to your store and spoke to a salesman because you were not present. This salesperson did not give enough attention and he appeared to not care about my situation, even though I tried to explain the problem in detail. This type of behaviour is unacceptable for a well-known store. In the end, I left the store without a proper solution.
    I believe the best way to solve this problem is to replace for a brand-new TV. The TV has 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and I can return in 30 days according to your store policies. Please let me know if it is possible.
    I am expecting you to resolve this issue and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  44. FX Company released a survey, seeking employee opinion on whether to keep the main building’s restaurant or replace it with a childcare facility. In my opinion, introducing a childcare faculty would be the best option for FX employees for the reasons below.

    To begin with, a significant number of company employees are leaving their kids in different local childcare facilities. The same employees will be able to save up to one hour of daily commute to drop and pick up their kids. This will allow parents to be less stressed, thus being more productive in the workplace. In addition, kids will be able to enjoy longer time with their parents by having lunch together. Furthermore, parents will be less worried for the well being of their children, knowing they are in the same building. The proximity to kids will also provide parents with a better opportunity to enquire about their kids’ performance and different ways to improve it.

    In conclusion, I believe the childcare facility project will be of a great benefit to FX employees and their families.

  45. It is great to know our company is going to build a new facility in first floor. Both options are good idea for staff. But in my opinion , I’ll choose the option B. There are several reasons why I choose option B.

    First, I have two children, who are nine and six years old. They always come to pick up me with their dad and grandmother. If there have a playground in first floor, they can stay there when they come earlier. At the same time, I can focus to finish my work.

    Also, the green area can makes me feel more comfortable in our work place. I can seat on the green area to have lunch. That should be a wonderful bleak time for me to relax.

    Moreover, in my experience, there are many meeting on Saturday, children are no school on Saturday, my mum needs to take care my children and they watch TV or smart phone all day long. The child care center can drop down my kids in classroom. They learn more and I focus to work more!

    In sum, those are few reasons why I think option B is batter than option A. And the important thing is build a gym may make staffs to spend work time in that, especially in shower room.

  46. Dear ABC Media Store’s manager,

    I am writing to complain about the store’s salesman who had bad customer service. I bought a TV set on 25th May 2020, the TV worked fine for three days which means normal to turn on or off the TV. One day, the TV was shut down suddenly when I turn on the TV after 3 mins. It was no reason about that and I couldn’t turn it on again.

    I went black to the store on 29th May and explain the problem to the salesman, but he said he could not help me and shout ‘Get out!’ to me. I couldn’t found other staff helps me to follow my case. I felt very angry and upset whole day. The salesman was very rude to me.

    Us everyone knows that ABC Media Store is a well service in our town, but I had a bad shopping experience in the store. I hope I can get the full refund of the TV set.

    Feel free to ask me more information about that.

    Best regards

  47. I second with you that the number of accidents in our company has increased drastically in past two years. Both options suggested in the survey have some pros and cons, and I can see why some employees might choose “Option B”. On the whole, however, there are several reasons why “Option A” would be my preference.
    Albeit, our cement factory is located in remote area, majority of the employees live in the city. Perhaps, it would be convenient for them to opt “Option B” because they can access any gym in vicinity of their resident. But it doesn’t mean that they will be regular in the gym. Secondly there are bright chances that they will spend the monthly gym allowance on some other cause, or they might get fed up due to daily commutation between home and gym.
    Personally, I feel that “Option A” would bring value to the thought of employees’ health fitness. Since the gym will be located in the office premise, there is no need to spend time on commutation. Even company can keep a track of employees’ attendance in the gym. Perhaps, HR department could think of flexible office hrs., so that employees can make use of the gym as per their work schedule. Finally, feeling of satisfaction rather than burden in the employees’ mind will bring fruitful results.
    So, as far as I am concerned, option A is better choice.

  48. Dear Manager,

    I am writing to report an outrageous experience I went through at your Apple store in Metrotown.

    My parents had purchased an iPhone 12 online and picked it up last Sunday. It was meant to be my birthday gift, and yes, I was full of excitement. To our surprise, there was a crack on the back of the TV screen. At the time of purchase, your staff told my parents that he checked the TV thoroughly for any defect, and spoke professionally, so they had no doubt in his word. However, I encountered the crack immediately after I opened the package at the birthday party. I was in a shock. I gave a call the next morning and complained about what had happened. The staff said that he did not find any crack upon pre-sale inspection. He said that my family caused the cracking of the TV during driving home. I do not believe so because my father is a careful driver, and we are only ten minutes away from the store.

    My 18th birthday turned out to be a complete fiasco, thanks to your staff.

    I was extremely disappointed by such a rude attitude and poor performance of your staff. I would like a replacement for the TV as soon as possible. I strongly suggest that you review your training manual and revise it on how to be nice to a customer who wants to solve a problem.

    I look forward to your sincere response.

  49. Both options can provide a lot of benefits to employees in our company. However, if I have a choice, I would choose Option A. There are several reasons why I select Option A.

    First of all, most employees are working all day in front of a computer. A lot of them seem to have a health issue such as over-weight because of the lack of exercise. There are several gyms around our building, but it appears that our employees don’t want to go there. If there is a gym in the building, people will start to consider using that facility during lunch break or early morning. I heard that some employees want to take a shower while working overtime, so they can use the most of the shower room in a gym as well.

    Even though Child care would benefit to some employees who have a child, most employees are the mid-20s without a child. In addition, I heard that there is a lot of well-known child care nearby. Even though our company will build child care in the building, employees would hesitate to switch child care to leave their children.

    So for the reasons that I have outlined, I feel Option A is the better choice.

    (I wrote wrong one in some sentences in the previous comment, so I changed and re-post)

  50. Dear Sir or Madam,
    Hi. My name is Daniel who bought Samsung Smart TV which has a serial number SMS-198821 last Saturday at the store in Toronto Eaton Centre. However, I realized that Smart TV I purchased has a critical issue on it. I would like to not only explain that technical issue but also describe my experience in customer service happening when I revisit the store.

    There was not an issue to use the TV for the first 3 days. Last Wednesday when I turned on the TV, I heard an explosive sound from TV and it just turned off itself after. When I turned it on again, it keeps repeating turning on and off with awkward sounds.

    I revisit your store this Thursday to discuss this issue with you. However, you were not there at that time so I talked to Patrick one of the salespersons. When I asked him about my broken TV, he almost yields at me saying that I should come back later and talk to a store manager. His attitude as a salesperson was very rude and I felt so embarrassed.

    Anyway, I would like to hear a sincere apology from Patrick directly and get a fix or replace the broken TV as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

  51. Dear Mr/Ms Manager,

    I am writing to inform you that I was not happy with the product and the service at your Apple store in Metrotown.

    I bought an Apple TV on last Sunday, and I realized that there was a crack on the back of the screen. At the time of purchase, your staff said that he checked the TV thoroughly for any defect, and spoke professionally, so I believed his word. However, I encountered the crack after I opened the package at home on the same day. I gave a call next morning and complained what had happened. The staff who helped me buy the product said he did not find any crack. He said that I broke the TV on the way home. I drove very carefully and that is unlikely. I was very disappointed because it was the worst service ever. I would like a replacement for the TV because of a defect, which the warranty I purchased covers. I also suggest that you can train your staff on how to be nice to customers who are only seeking for help especially when I tried my best to discuss calmly.

    I look forward to your sincere responce,


  52. Personally, I think gym would be a better option. Building a gym would help employees in numerous ways. Even though creating this facility would take time and money, the employees would reap many benefits that would easily outweigh the costs.

    The first benefit is doing a physical activity regularly. It assists in staying fit and fabulous. Also, it would save the time and hassle of commuting to the gym everyday and inculcate the habit of working out everyday. Having access to Basketball court, exercising equipment and shower rooms would be amazing.

    The second benefit is that it reduces stress and anxiety of work and gives employees a chance to work out together and build rapport which in fact builds employees’ morale and productivity. They will be able to spend time together and feel more positive and confident about the workplace.

    In conclusion, I feel it would increase business results and help employees stay hale and hearty by leveraging the option of working out in the gym. All the employees are eager and awaiting access to the new facility and development. Again, these are my personal beliefs but I will support whatever the Human Resource Department decides to do.

    I appreciate the opportunity of providing input on this matter.

  53. Dear Manager,

    I am sending this e-mail to report two problems I had with our store. First, I bought a TV on your store on March 13, three days ago, and the TV just stopped working. I already tried everything and the TV does not turn on in anyway.
    Second, I went to the store to solve my problem, and one of your salesman was so rude with me. I started talking to him and he simply turned his back to me. He was the only one in your customer service desk. It is a very bad personal behavior from him and a terrible customer service process established at your store.
    To solve my problem now, I would like a full refund to buy my TV in another store. Also, I would like to give you a piece of advice. Improve the store customer service process giving the employees regular training. It will show them how to behave with customers.

    Thank you,

  54. I appreciate that this company will value the employees opinions with regards on building another facility that will help not only to business but also for the benefit of their employees.

    Firstly, Both A & B are beneficial, However Option A which is Gym for me would be the best choice. Gym now a days is very popular because people today are more conscious to their health. ” Health is wealth” . According to demographics of this company most of employees are millennials and their habit after work is more physical activity such as gym, basketball etc. and this facility will highly appreciated by employees to spend time for health after work or before work, this is beneficial not only for the people but also for the company because employee will be more healthier and productive that will results to company excellency.

    Secondly, Child facility care is not much applicable for everyone because almost 70% of employee are single. even child care center has a benefit to those mother whose having a hard time to go to further child care facility. But Option A for me is the best to choose.

    Finally, thank you for allowing your employees to give opinions regarding to what facility you are planning to built. This shows you appreciate every ones opinion and this probably will result a good relationship between top management and employees. Thank you for reaching out.



    • I valued and appreciate that this company will provide the opportunity of employee’s opinions with regards to building another facility that will help us not only to business but also for the benefit of their employees to grow.
      Firstly, both A & B are beneficial. However, Option A which is a gym for me would be the best choice! The gym nowadays is very popular because people today are conscious of their health. “Health is wealth”. According to the demographics of this company, most of the employees are millennials and their habits after work is more on physical activities such as gymnastics or playing any ball games. In this connection to this facility, it will be highly appreciated for all people working in this establishment to spend their time having plenty of exercise after or before work. This gives more beneficial not only for the employed people but also for the growth of the company because they will become healthier and productive to perform their duties and responsibilities that will result in the company’s excellence.
      Secondly, Child facility care is not much applicable for everyone because almost 70% of employed people working in this firm are single. Even child care center has a benefit to those hardworking mother whose having a hard time to go to a child care facility. But Option A for me is the best to choose.
      Finally, thank you for allowing your workers to give time for any such opinions regarding what facility you are planning to build. This shows you appreciate everyone’s opinion and this probably will result in a good relationship between top management and employees.
      Thank you for reaching out.


  55. Dear Manager,

    I am writing you a letter complaining about the 50″ Television that I bought last Friday in your store February 8, 2020 at around 3pm. When I saw that TV I was fell in love because of it’s features and that was I exactly looking for. I was very lucky that time that it was on sale that’s why I bought this. However after 3 days it will sudden shutdown for no reason. I tried to follow the steps in manual for trouble shooting but it didn’t work.

    I decided drop by to your store and brought a unit with me and looking for a manager and unfortunately you are not around that time. A sales Representative named Jason is there and I relay my concerned with the said product which I wanted to have a resolution. But instead of helping me out he was listen but no actions or even saying that he will relay the issue on top. I felt blame that time for improper using the item instead of saying that you are just figuring out the reason of a sudden shutdown of the TV . I am expecting help for him because I was feeling disappointed to spend money for the product that last only for 3 days.

    I am hoping that you will be more rational on dealing with my complaint. I was expecting the replacement of a new product or a full refund.


    Chever Sarcajuga

  56. And here is my Task 2 Gym

    Personally, I think a new gym would be a better choice. Even though we have employees who have kids, the majority of our staff members are young professionals and they will benefit more from having a gym downstairs.

    First of all, many of our employees tend to go to the gym after work, but it takes time for them to arrive there. They also have to pay membership fees, which are often very high. Opening a new gym will help our employees save some time and money.

    Second of all, working all day in the office doesn’t have any positive benefits for your health, in fact, it only makes it worse. So having a gym just downstairs, more and more people will get interested in it and it will promote a healthier lifestyle amongst the employees.

    Considering these reasons, I believe a new gym would be a better choice. Everyone at work will be able to benefit from it. Again, this is my personal decision, but I will support whatever decision is made.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to provide input on this issue.

  57. Good time of the day,

    If that’s not too much ask, can you please check both of my answers and give me an estimate result that you think I’ll get.

    Task 1 TV
    Dear store manager,

    Last week, I visited your store in order to buy a brand new TV. I was amazed by the amount of choices that your store provides. After browsing around, I’ve managed to find the perfect TV I was looking for.

    However, after enjoying the TV for only 3 days, the screen turned black and the TV stopped responding at all. I have tried to do some troubleshooting as per the instruction booklet, but it gave me no results.

    Next morning, I gathered all the necessary documents for the TV and went back to your store. Once I arrived, I approached a salesperson right away and explained the situation to him. After doing manual troubleshooting, the representative told me that the TV was broken because of my faulty usage and my warranty is now void. After some discussion, he started getting angry and kept telling me that this is my fault and the store will not do anything for me. I asked to speak with a manager, but you were out of your office that day.

    I would like to ask you to provide me with a new TV or a full price refund.


  58. To. Human Resources Dept.

    Re: New facility on 2nd floor

    Given the two choices, I prefer gym over child care center for various reasons. The gym facility will bring ton of beneficial outcomes not only to our employees but also to whole building staffs.

    First, as the trend moving towards to ‘healthier’ lifestyle, many people are spending their spare time at the gym. Therefore, if the gym facility opens up in our building, many will benefit from the gym facility. For instance, employees would not need to go further distance to hit the gym, and also not need to register for pricey gym membership.

    Secondly, considering the fact that most of our employees are young professionals, child care facility would not benefit for most of them. However, this does not mean that our working mothers are excluded from benefits. I’ve had time to talk with one of my co-workers who are working mom, and she said that she’s not willing to move to different child care facility as their children could face difficulties adjust to new environment.

    Finally, thank you for inviting the employees to submit their opinions regarding the new facility plan on 2nd floor. Considering aforementioned reasons, I highly recommend to go with option A, as gym facility will have many advantages over child care center.


  59. Dear. Manager

    I am writing to complain about the product quality and poor customer service experience I had at the Bestbuy store located at Richmond Hill.

    I’ve purchased a 52″ Samsung Smart TV on a boxing day with sale price. The quality of the product was extraordinary, the definition of the screen was superb. Also, the connection was smooth enough where I could connect my phone to TV from distance. However, on a 3rd day, the sound from TV gets disturbed for some reason, and it got disconnected from my device and got shut down with some sparkles came out from the cable.

    Therefore, I went back to the store to explain the situation, and get the product replaced, but the salesperson refused to replace it because saying that the product was on sale. That is generally not the right policy because I’ve learned from the Bestbuy website that the sale items also falls under return policy.

    Additionally, the salesperson who helped me at the store was completely not trained. He absolutely had no knowledge over the policy, and he was unwilling to help the customers.

    Considering the aforementioned reasons, I wish to fully refund my TV and get formal apology letter from your store.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


  60. Dear Manager,

    Last week I purchased a brand new television and believed I had made a good deal. However after 3 days the TV went blank. I tried the steps mentioned in the instruction booklet but had no success.

    A quick call to the customer service, who tried a few things of their own, also did not resolve the issue. Finally, I visited the store with the unit and all original receipts. You were out of the office on that day so explained my issue to Jacob, the sales rep. filling in for you, but not only was he not able to resolve my issue but was out right rude in dealing with my complaint. He even suggested the fault lies with how I used the TV and the wiring in my house. Any valid reasoning with him fell on deaf ears.

    To avoid a showdown I left with my sanity in place. I am hoping you will be more rational in dealing with my complaint and make me not regret my decision to pick your store for such an expensive item.

    I am expecting you to send in your technician to my place, check for any faults and replace the faulty TV with a new one.

    Paul Jones

  61. I will vote for a Child care center to be built on the vacant first floor of our office. Personally, I would have loved to have a fitness center to help work out during lunch and after work but the child care center will benefit a larger percentage of employees working at our downtown facility.

    You must be aware that most of the employees travel at least an hour to reach work and with no options for a daycare close to work many are forced to leave their precious ones at places on route to work or having to make a 30 min detour. All this adding to their travel times and leaving them quite anxious while at work. An option in the same place as work will put a huge smile and sense of relief to all these parents.

    Everyday costs are rising for everything and if the company is able to provide a subsidised option for child care then it will go a long way to build a strong employer – employee relationship.

    Lastly, a child care facility will help bring back our women colleagues back to work from maternity leave earlier if they have help so convenient.

  62. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is ___ and I am writing to let you know of the unfortunate incident with the TV I bought from your store, as well as the unpleasant experience I had with one of your customer service representative.

    I recently bought a 64-inch Samsung Smart TV at your store last Tuesday. It was working perfectly fine for 3 days but just last night, the screen went black all of a sudden for no apparent reason. We already tried plugging the TV to a different power outlet but to no avail. I tried calling the store in hopes of resolving the issue as soon as possible but the customer service representative told me that I should go to the store so they can check the unit.
    This morning I brought the TV back at your store and asked the salesman if he could assist me in checking the TV. I had told him what happened the night before then he tried to turn on the TV so he could see what the problem is. After doing some troubleshooting on his own he came to the conclusion that the TV is indeed broken and the cause is misuse therefore voiding the warranty. I tried to explain to him that we only used it for 3 days and for no more than 1 hour per day but he just got all defensive and talked nonsense. In the end I tried talking to a different salesman and asked if I could talk to the store manager but unfortunately you were out of the office and so I got your email address and went home.

    I sincerely hope that you could help me resolve this incident. As checked in the warranty, I still have 4 days for the unit replacement. I would appreciate if you can either replace the TV I bought or just refund me the money I spent. You may reach me at 555-555-555 from 8 am to 7pm.
    Thank you.

  63. Dear store manager,

    I recently bought a TV set from this store. I have been purchasing things from this store for a very long time and the products have been good quality. Unfortunately, this time my experience was not good. However, the TV set worked perfectly fine for the first three days after it was set up, then it just completely shut down for no reason. I did come to store to talk to you about this experience but you were not available. So, I tried to explain my situation to the salesman at the store but he was very rude to me and provided me with no assistance. Therefore, I left the store without a resolution to my problem. I want the store to solve my problem to my satisfaction and I also want to know what to do with the TV set I bought, whether to exchange or refund the TV.

    Thank you.

  64. I have bought New TV set from your store located in Brampton L6Y2R8, TV was working fine 3 days after that it was not working, when we switch on the TV the display not working and getting shutdown, I have run through the User Manual and reset the Setting and tried its not work out, than called to customer service they advised to visit the near my service center or the store. I visited the store to get some resolution on this issue, but not able to meet you and you were not available. Then I tried to find some help from one of your salesman about this issues, but he was so rude and not interested to lessen to us no assistance provided and he was shouted on us. So we have left from the stone with no resolution.

    I need your support to resolve this problem/issue. my TV Set model details and billing details are listed below
    Billing Date:, Invoice NO:, TV Model:, warranty details.

    Important! – look out and improve the Customer service and customer satisfaction.

  65. Dear Manager,
    I have been a regular customer of your renowned store for many years now and usually make all my electronic purchases from your store itself. The excellent services provided by you along with the various latest technologies that you offer has always fascinated me. However, my last visit was a sheer disappointment.
    This is to bring your kind attention towards the various grievances I witnessed. Firstly, I was advised that the manager is not available at the moment and one of our sales person would attend you shortly and made me wait for around 40 minutes which initiated my frustration. Moreover, when a sales person attended me, was barely a good listener and gave me rude responses.
    Being a well wisher of your esteemed company, I would like to extend some valuable suggestions. Primarily, some more staff should be hired, specially at the front desk to avoid such long delays. In addition to this, you must organise some behavioural training for all your staff to ensure customer satisfaction.
    I hope my complaints and suggestions are closely acknowledged and acted upon appropriately. Wishing your brand always remains in the good books of your customers.
    Best Regards

  66. Amidst the hustle and bustle of work lives, where every human being is running a mad rat race to earn money and perform well at their work places, some recreational activities plays a vital role to reconstruct the energy. Now a days, various companies. However, the question arises, among the two conceivable initiatives of having a gym or child care centre in one of the floors of the organisation which one is better?

    In my strong perspective child care centre is undoubtedly much more advantageous as compared to gym. Primarily, due to the over occupied work lives, working mothers have the strain on their shoulders to make the formative years of their child more fruitful. Moreover, this would provide working mothers a stress work life, since they do not have to worry about their children’s well being.
    My view point is further bolstered upon by another unavoidable fact that this would promote a rare notion of celebrating women and becoming a helping hand in bringing up the upcoming generation in the best possible way to ensure a fruitful adulthood.
    To encapsulate all the above stated reason clearly justifies my belief that the numerous benefits offered by a child care centre far overweighs the health gains that a gym may bring to employees.

  67. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my opinion on a conceivable initiative for employee’s betterment. In my strong perspective, having a child care centre would be a great drive towards women empowerment. Due to the over occupied work lives, working mothers have the strain on their shoulders to make the formative years of their child more lucrative. Therefore, providing child care facility in the office vicinity would be an exclusive concept.

    Wherein, the another school of thought to have a gym along with various facilities seems less popular. There are few reasons to support this belief. Primarily, very few people are fond of gym/exercise during work, as one has to carry extra clothing and other accessories to work. Moreover, people usually prefer to perform activities like exercising or game such as basketball in their spare time. In addition to this, such facilities can also be accessed at every other corner of the streets at a very little expense.

    To encapsulate, the above portrayed discussion and my proposed reasons clearly justifies my opinion of promoting a rare notion of celebrating women and becoming a helping hand to brought up the upcoming generation in the best possible way to ensure a fruitful adulthood.

  68. Dear Manager,
    I bought a TV from your store last week. Since, I am a true admirer of your products and services along with the various latest technologies that you offer has always fascinated me. However, my last purchase was a sheer disappointment, as the TV had stopped working last night in the middle of an interesting live footy match and the screen went blank.
    The following morning, I gave a buzz to customer service and they advised me to visit the store to rectify the issue. Furthermore, during my visit to the store, as I tried to explain my concern to the manager on duty, a rude response was given which initiated my frustration. In addition to that the manager tossed me to another team member, saying that his shift is over and he is no longer the in-charge.
    Considering all the circumstances I would demand for an appropriate solution to my problem. I would really appreciate if you get the TV fixed/replaced for me at your earliest or kindly refund entire amount that was paid for the purchase. Nevertheless, some timely behavioral training can also be organized to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

  69. From my perspective, the event if scheduled on the afternoon is more suited to the residents. Though the morning could be beneficial for some people; most of people will prefer afternoon . Here are the following reasons to support :
    First and foremost, the visits are scheduled to the museum on weekday . As Myself and my family will not home during weekday’s afternoon because we all have been working 4.am to 5.am . Therefore,The vehicle’ s noise of roaming here and looking for parking spaces will not disturb us . Furthermore, I have been lived in this neighborhood since last 36 years ; most people are not home during afternoon either they are gone to their jobs or outdoor activity like gym , swimming , etc. So, the parking spaces along roadside curb, house owner parking space , would help the organizer to have additional space park the visitor’s cars .

  70. Dear sir ,

    I am writing this email regarding our charity foundation .

    I am sheron and i have been volunteering with the peter’ charity since last 10 years .The main head office of our organization is located on the 44 green way , surrey. From last 66 years , Our charity group has worked to help the orphan children . Over the years , We have provided thousands of children free education , shelter and food.

    Last Friday , A short trip for 2 days to the manali near kelwona has been planned for the childen . We will depart from Vancouver on September 27 , 2109, and will arrive back on September 29 , 2019. I have tallked to the sheraton ‘S htoel manager and have booked the 10 rooms The reason to arrange the trip is to provide the children an opportunity to socialize with others . As proportion of children have expressed their felling of being lonely

    We would appreciate any help to make this trip successful . The collected money will be spent on the booked rental cars and the food for the children.



  71. Dear sir ,

    I am writing this email to express dissatisfaction with customer service .

    On September 23 , 2019 , I purchased a 53 inch Sony television from the 5311 green-way , surrey location. It worked well for initial three day.; a problem arose . One Fine morning I started the device , and found the display screen black . To fix the problem , i reset the television many times. However , i was unsucceeeded to fix it .

    Considering the product is still valid under the 2 year warranty , I approached the store. The Manager was unavailable because of his vacation trip to the netherlands. To assist me ,the customer service department assigned the salesman , john. Unfortunately, his behavior was very rude and arrogant. When i told the television price , he recommend in loud noise to visit the repair shop . Even though i invoked the product under the warranty, he refused to help in any terms .
    In order to resolve the issue, i would like either $500 paid for the television to be reimbursed or issue a new television .Also, please consider a mandatory customer training program for employees .


  72. HI Ravi ,

    i am writing this email to give my house responsibility to you .

    I have booked a flight to California , USA,at 5.00 pm tomorrow. Yesterday, My brother in law called and informed about my sister accident. She is still in the hospital under critical condition. The doctors has said her chances of survival is low .
    while i will be there , During both day and night time , i want you to feed my dog 10 pieces of pedigree daily . It is placed on the kitchen’s shelf besides the protien box . Moreover, our cactus plant requires 2 glass of water every night to survive . So , fill the water from sink and pour it .



  73. Dear sir ,

    I am writing this email to raise fund for special children’s activity .

    I am Sheron and since last six months I have been volunteering with the peter charity. Our charity Team works for the orphan childrens between the age 10 – 17 . The team has focused to provide all children the free education, and pays the 50 % of each individual monthly rent .

    As it is summer, we have planned an 2 days camping event for all the children . The trip will begins on the October 27 , 2019 until October 29 , 2019 .Kulllu near kelwona , a beautiful place surrounded with tress , has been selected and it is 300 miles away from us . The reason is to provide the childrens opportunity to socialize with other childrem . As in survey , we have discovered that most of the children feel lonely because they dont have any campion or frien d.

    We would be grateful if you contribute an amount for this cause . The money will be used to pay the rental cars and , food which we will take with us .



  74. Dear Manager,
    I am writing to complain about the item which I took from your store. On 17 July 2019, I purchased an XBOX game DVD of Harry Potter from your store and, my invoice number is 229032. I bought it at 24 Avenue Street store.
    After reaching home, I inserted the DVD into the game box but, I was shocked to see that, it was not recognized. Ergo, I referred to the user guide to troubleshoot this glitch. I followed all the instructions step-by-step. Yet, it shows the same message on the screen. I think this disc is defective as other discs are running smoothly.
    So, as per the company policy, I would like to have my payment refunded back to my credit card. I have enclosed the invoice and the DVD, for which I spent $90.
    A sooner reply and refund would be appreciated.

  75. Dear sir ,

    I am writing this email to give my gratitude to you .

    I am bikka and i am student of your evening law class at the community college . Yesterday, I felt sad to hear your resignation , the emotions were extremely high , and i had not able to ate dinner .

    I will remember you as the most generous person . As a teacher , I have not seen any person who enjoys beautiful bond between students and teacher . In adittion , Your Teaching method to the student was significally effective, and moslty explaining tthrouugh daily lives examples helped me to understand the law well. Furthermore, whenever the student asked you the question related to any law concept , i have noticed you listening patiently ,and answered with details to understand it well .

    In the end , if possible , I would like to have your phone number or email. As I am going to give exam next month , i may have some question to be Asked.



  76. Dear sir,

    I am writing this email to complain about inadequate customer service , and defected product .

    On July 3 , 2019, i purchased a 53 inch Sony television from the 2311 marine way , surrey location. It worked well for initial three days and one fine morning when I tried to start the television it didn’t work. To mend the problem , i reset the television many times . However , all attempts went unsuccessful .

    considering the product still under warranty, i approached the store . The manager was unavailable and a salesman was assigned to help by the customer service department . Surprisingly , he behaved ruthlessly, and he was arrogant. When i told him the television price , he loudly shouted to me and i was told to go the mechanic shop instead . Invoking the product’s warranty, he answered not to waste his precious time . Bystander customer was watching the scene , i felt humiliated .

    In order to solve the issue , i would like my $300 paid for the television to be reimbursed .Also , kindly consider to give customer training to all employees .



  77. Dear sir,

    I am writing this email to request defer the scheduled exam . My name is Bikka and I am studying law in evening classes at the community college .

    Earlier this week ,the exam dates for courses have been given to us .While reviewing the dates , i noticed the history exam has been scheduled on 23 September, 2019 at 10.00am. Consqequently ,it has created a time clash between work and exam for majority students including myself because most of us are doing a part job in mornings during all weekdays To take some action to solve the issue , therefore, I have talked with other students on this issue .Majority of them have showed their concern because they have scheduled to work on that day. Hence , all of them have appointed me their representative to express our concerns with you .
    Also , Being a international student, we are already dealing with enormous financial pressure due to expansive fees . As we are not allowed to work outside the campus, bikka cafteria, is the only place for us to work . So , if we will not be manged to reach the work that day , as a result , we will be fired .

    It would be grateful if the exam will be scheduled to evening on that or some other day. I would also be grateful if possible to have conversation with us before fixing the date .



  78. Dear sir,

    I am writing this email to complain about unsatisfactory product and customer service i have experienced from your store.

    On March 23 , 2019 i purchased a 53 inch Sony television with 2 year warranty at 222 , Seymour way , surrey . It worked well only for initial three days. One fine morning when I started the television, the screen display was showing nothing. Therefore , i restarted the television many times to bring back the screen colors , however, i was unsuccessful to do it .

    Taken into consideration the product is still valid under warranty, i went to the store to find a solution. I requested the customer service department to meet the manger ; however, due to his unavailability a salesman was assigned the duty to help me. Unfortunately , he was reluctant and behaved ruthlessly . He refused to assist me because the product is inexpensive . Even though i invoked the company’ warranty to fix any problem withing 2 years ,in response, surprisingly he started yelling on me . Bystander customer was watching the circumstance , i felt humiliated with his act and left the store .

    In order to solve the issue ,I would like either my $300 paid for the television to be reimbursed or send a mechanic to fix the problem .



  79. Dear sir,

    I am writing this email regarding my watch which i forgot in your gym. It is a Rolex watch with gold stoned embedded on all the sides .

    On September 27 , 2019 around 1.30 pm after work out i went to the changing room to take my casual clothes from the locker, suddenly , my watch fell down due to broken strap so i placed it on the table besides the locker and went to the washroom. Unfortunately , after i returned from restroom i forgot to pick it up from there . I realized this when i have reached my home .

    As it was gifted to me by my grandfather who died last year , i have been emotionally attach to it and it is the last memory of my grandfather . Next week , i am going to meet my father who will be very upset if my wrist will be empty .

    If you find it please give me a call , if somehow i woundnt able to answer the phone leave a message . I will get back to you as soon as possible .



  80. Dear members ,

    I am writing this email to share the trip details planned for our business trip to Toronto next month.

    we will catch our plane from Vancouver international airport and tickets has been booked for September 25 , 2019 at 5 pm. I will arrive at airport 2 hour earlier with everybody boarding passes and will be handed to all of you there . As our flight is on Friday , the traffic on road will be immense so plan your trip considerating it to avoid missing the flight .

    Our flight will be arrived at Toronto Pearson airport at 8 pm same day and a yellow cab taxi has been hired to drive us to Sheraton hotel . It is 5 five start Oscar winning hotel and not far from airport with 15 minutes drive only . On next and day after that day , Lot of time will be free to enjoy the hotel bars because there is only one meeting at 11.00pm on both days at convention centre in our hotel .

    Last day September 28 , 2019 a meeting will be attended with sun core energy at 9 am in our hotel meeting hall . After the meeting ends , we will be headed to airport to take our flight at 11.00 pm . As Toronto is busy city, we will early because traffic issue can generate anytime . So , please also bring your suitcase prior to the meeting.

    Please dont hesitate if anyone has a question to ask. I can be contacted either by my email or cellphone .



  81. Dear sir .

    I am writing this email to complain the unsatisfactory services of your retail outlet store . On march 23 , 2019 I bought an brand new iPhone 10 from your apple store located on the 2311 marine way , surrey. While I was paying for the phone , I asked salesman to open the package to check the phone ‘s condition but I was take into confidence by giving the company’s brand name. Contrary to that I found my phone screen broken when opened at home .

    within an hour , I went back to the store to show my phone’s condition . However , I was surprised by salesman response to blame me for damaging the phone. furthermore, he also invoked our previous conversation and called it as drama . I am veu disaapointed by his rude behaviour .

    I ould like my money to be reimbursed or issue a ne phone .


  82. Dear sir

    I am writing this email to express my concerns for dissatisfaction service I received . On January 23 , 2019 I reserved a table with your employee on phone for February 11, 2019 to celebrate my child 5th birthday. As I had told to be booked for 5 pm I arrived with my family on time and sat on the reserved table.

    Expecting the waiter to take our order, patiently I was waiting and seeing the manager desk to send someone to see us vacant . Unfortunately, owing to the fact that restaurant was busy , no employee came near the manager’s place and we were still looking for personnel to be hosted . Half an hour had been passed, then one waiter took our food order .

    We felt relieved and thrilled to enjoy the food , however, all our hopes went down when we tasted the curry chicken and it was undercooked. to solve the matter ,I asked the employee for manager but he as not unavailable at that money. So, I left the restaurant after paying the bill

    I would like my money to be paid for food to be reimbursed or send me a coupon for free dining .



  83. Dear sir,

    I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction to your service . On march 13 , 2019 I purchased a new alpha Kodiak camera from sonny outlet located on the 1221 marine way , surrey. It worked well for a week, after a problem arose . One fine morning I started the camera but unfortunately screen display wasn’t showing anything, to mend the issue , I tried many attempt but remain succeeded .

    Two days was left to start our family vacation, sole purpose to buy a camera , I approached the store to narrate the issue. However , I was surprised by manager response for refusing to assist in any terms and suggested to had visited repair shop prior to arrive here. As I mentioned the product still under the warranty, I believe he took the matter to his ego and started yelling to me . Many bystander was watching his rude behaviour to me, I felt humiliated and left the store .

    I would like my paid money of $400 to be reimbursed or issue a new cameras . Also, please make a customer service training mandatory for all managers .


  84. From my perspective, I strongly believe the increasing numbers of mosquitos can be effectively controlled by pouring chemical on the stagnant water in the neighborhood . Here are the following reasons to support the choice:

    First and foremost, continuous raining since last month increased the stagnant water spots in our neighbourhood which is the home of thousands of mosquitos . As the mosquitos do breeding on the water, I noticed since last 15 days the numbers of mosquitos roaming here is increased . To stop the more breeding, either water should be removed or killing larvae chemical will pour. On the other hand, usage of drag flies might get affected to control the mosquitos , however; due to that thers problems will have arisen . As they enter the home which it does without any impediment because of tiny body, if somehow sits on your food, person who ate will suffer health disease diarrhoea

    Thank for involving in the surrey and I hope my vies will be considerd while making any decisions

  85. In my perspective , a new coffee machine for office will provide financial and time saving benefits . Here are the following reasons to support:

    First and foremost, a coffee cup will be cheaper in price , contrast to the local shop coffee . As each employee contribute their allotted share money help to buy the coffee’s ingredients in bulk and by making coffee for themselves labour cost will be saved , both these factors reduce making each coffee fixed costs . Additionally, some employees will be helped to save some time daily in their busy routine because half proportion of the employees in our company is addicted to coffee and cant start their day without having it but they have to arrive half an hour earlier before the work to buy a coffee from the next door-store .

    On the other hand , nearest coffee shop to our work is usually busy in the morning rush hours . Even sometimes customer line is long enough to wait each individual for 10 -15 minutes to get their coffee . Some instance , I have also experienced that due to large sales the product material finished and people have to leave the store without coffee .

    Thank up for asking for asking my opinions and I hope my opinions ill be considered.

  86. Option B is suitable to my circumstance , the workers can complete their renovations work by unlimited access to my home while I will be enjoying my vacation in September . Here are the following reasons to support the choice :

    First and foremost, a full month of September has been scheduled in las Vegas, Nevada for my sister wedding, being not at home , I will not hear the large decibels construction noise which has been recommend by doctors considering my ear problem to avoid it . Furthermore , I feel my valuable items are safer with the frequent entry of workers to my apartment because I will have taken all my valuable items like passport or other paper work , and all big furniture like television , laptop or other things will lock in the store room Therefore , all items would be placed safely and chances of stealing diminished

    On the other hand, with option a , continuous visit from worker while relatives are at home remove our privacy. Also , my home things are accessible to construction employee ,therefore, I do not feel safe

    Hence , I have aforementioned my reasons for choice and I hope a renovation date will be taken scheduled by considering it .

  87. I strongly believe paying $15 each month for unlimited numbers of tea or coffee is the best and viable options. Though other option of paying $1 each cup may be benefitted to the infrequent users, however; including myself all employees are coffee addicts . Here are the following reason to support my choice:

    First and foremost, its financially profitable, our job need proactive attention to the volatile stock market that drains our energy and to refresh ourselves drink lot of coffee each day. As I checked my credit bills last month , I noticed our cafeteria had been transacted 56 times with $1.50 large coffee price which total sum to 84 . Contrast to other option , the option A is inexpensive because $1 multiply with 56 makes $56 monthly .

  88. In my perspective , I strongly believe city council should built a new kitchen instead of replacing old windows Here are the following reasons to support:

    First and foremost, kitchen in the community centre is in the poor condition since last year all wooden floor is rusted , stoves are working slower , some wooden cabinets are missing apparently all items are placed is visible, and microwave under the stoves is not working. Given the aforementioned problems, due to that the community people haven’t done any get together for long time because , certainly, they have no option to heat the food. On top of that, a fire alarm is damaged in the kitchen , some day ago , a lot of smoke was generated from the stove , however; I was surprised to watch alarm didn’t start. As it is the biggest safety concern and could put people lives into danger , if any mishappening occurred in the future .

    On the other hand , all the windows in the community centre has been in the excellent condition, therefore , I believe it does not worth to replace it with new ones . Last Thursday , I visited the centre and didn’t see any crack or damage on any window .

    I hope you will consider my opinion while making decisio

  89. In my perspective , the open hours of the church should be changed to increase the people attendance in the church . Here are the following reasons;

    First and foremost , the church opens on Sunday from 5am to 11am , certainly, its unsuitable time for most people in our town because they aren’t awaken from their sleep . As Saturday is the holiday, some people do late night party and others prefer to enjoy long hours of sleep after the hectic weekdays work. People will be attracted only if the church opens hour’s is scheduled between 4pm until 8 pm, that time is free and viable for most people. However, if the management consider to open later than aforementioned time , atllast starts from 7pm to 10 pm, the majority of crowd will still remain absent because they have to prepare themselves for next morning by sleep earlier .

    On the other hand , offering a childcare services to residents will not make a big difference to increase the people attendees because Sunday is holiday and form couple one of the spouse can look after their chid at home .

    As a result , changed hours of operation is the solution to attract more people .

  90. I strongly believe including myself community members have more benefits if recreation centre management invest money in current childcare program to improvise and add some extra facilities . Here are the following reasons:

    First and foremost, growing numbers of membership in recreation centre has also increased enrollment of children under the centre’ child care program. As management planned foreseen enrollment of students in the program has been exceeded, each faculty members are overloaded with enormous work by giving them 4-5 more kids to oversee. As a result , faculty members are facing difficulty to monitor each child activity effectivity , for instance , last week my son indulged in fight with fellow student and broke his arm. Therefore, new faculty members are needed to hire to reduce other members work.

    Furthermore, new building or renovation of current building is needed because apparently rooms under which children are monitored by personnel are in poor conditions, certainly , it will fall anytime soon and injure the people beneath it .

    Lastly, proportion of people involved with centre are more young couple with a 1 or 2 year old kid than a single person , who desperately needs a trustworthy child care facility to take care their children well. n the other hand , we are least care of other programs to be added in the centre

    consequently, making the child care better ithneeded facility is the beast option .

  91. From my perspective, a new train station shouldn’t be built in my neighborhood. On the other hand , it could be beneficial for commuters if train station is opened, contrary to residing people who will have turmoil in their lives . Here are the following three reasons:

    First and foremost, people whose house will be demolished in constructing the railway station will have enormous difficulty to find a new house to relocate themselves . As while buying the home lot of factors have to be addressed like location , financial suitability and etc . that take lot of time to find a adequate place relevant to purchasers choice .

    Additionally , under the city’s current legislation the land acquired by government from owner will only be given value according to the market value assessed by government annually. Nevertheless, the house owner will be facing the loss due to that because the buyers pays 10% higher money than government house assessed value.

    On top of that, other local residents whose houses are near to the station will be disturbed by the frequent train noise .

    Hence, building the train station our neighbourhood is not the wisest decision .

  92. Dear Mr. Manager.
    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the TV I bought from your store. Moreover ,about the unpleasant customer service I had received from your faculty staff member.
    On October 2nd ,2019 I had purchased a 55’’ Philips LED TV from your local store. Earlier ,it was working perfectly for first two days but on October 4th,morning it got shut down while I was watching match . I quickly took up the manual booklet and follow the instructions written on it, to press the refresh button then restart it.
    After which ,I quickly ran towards your store to seek some help. But their I came to know that you were on leaves. Then I told one of your salesman about the problem which I had faced. But I was really disappointed with the carefree behavior he was having towards me. When I tried to show him the warranty card which clearly shows that if something went wrong t the product within 15days of purchase ,the customer will get back full refund. He totally ignored it and mocked at my situation.
    Therefore , according to the policy I want full refund of my purachase. And I would suggest that u should conduct special training sessions of your staff members that how to deal with customers and towards their problems in order to avoid this type of misfortune in future.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  93. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Myself Arun, i’m writing this email to request you to provide solution for the malfunctioned product which i purchased in your store.

    I purchased a Sony 55″ TV in your store(xx branch) on 18th Sep 19. from the date of purchase for first three days TV was working fine, after that when i switched on the TV, it shut down for no reason. So I made a call to your customer support team and explained them the issue i faced. They instructed me to reset the TV, but after resetting also issue was not rectified. since support team advised me to reach nearest store for further assistance.

    Yesterday i came to store to talk to your manager but he was not available, so i explained my situation to the salesman his name is Tim. I dint get a proper response from him and he was very rude. So i had to return home with no assistance.

    In warranty it is mentioned that TV will be replaced if it gets malfunctioned with in a week from the date of purchase or amount will be refunded for the same. based on my warranty TV can be replaced or i will get my money refunded.

    I’ve attached purchase receipt & warranty in this email, kindly verify and provide me a solution in this matter. Below i furnished my email address & phone number, waiting for your prompt response. Thanks!

  94. While I believe the gym will is a good idea, a childcare centre will be a better choice because it offers plethora of benefits to all the employees. Therefore, it will serve the purpose for all male and female staff.

    To begin with, childcare centre would be immensely advantageous for working women as they will be able to bring their children to work and leave them in childcare facility. In other word, women will be able to focus on their office tasks without worrying about their children, while their children are taken care in childcare. Additionally, children will be able to enjoy in playground and have fun in company of other children.

    Secondly, our office is in dire need of classrooms for ongoing trainings. With these new classrooms, our staff would be able to upgrade themself with traings of latest technologies, which will surely a boon to our company. Moreoever, green area could be a ideol place for people to take short breaks and recharge themselves in greenery.

    To recapitulate, without any doubt, having a gym in office is luxury; However, a childcare centre along with classroom and green area will provide solution to many existing problems and have something to offer to all the workers.

  95. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to you in regard to sudden shut down of my TV set,
    which I recently purchased from your store of Ontario street.

    The TV operated well for first three days, before it break down.
    We were watching a movie on it, and it turned off all of a sudden
    Although I took all the primary measures like pluging out and pluging in the TV set schoket,
    it did not fix the problem. Because problem with TV did not get resolved,
    I decide to visit your store.

    When I visited the store on last Monday, first I tried to find you to complain about the issue but
    I believe you were on leave that day. Subsequently, I mate a salesman to explained him about the issue.
    To my surprise, he refused to listen to my complain,
    and said that store can not take any responsibility once product is sold despite showing him warrenty letter.
    Moreover, he was vulgar and unwelcoming to me, during entire conversation.

    I request you to look into this issue urgently, and replace the TV with a new piece.
    In case, same model is not available, I would like to have a full refund of my purchase amount.
    Lastly, I would strongly recommend you to provide your staff a training on customer intraction, to avoide such incident in the future.

  96. From my perspective , organizing an events in the morning will not create any burden on the local neighbourhoods .On the other hand , in the evening people are mostly on the streets and could be a hindrance to them . Here are two reasons :

    To begin with, people are gone to their jobs in morning loud noises either from the visitors cars or from our conference doesn’t bother them. By the time, they will arrive from their jobs our program will have been finished .Furthermore, in morning visitors are coming to neighbourhood while local residents are leaving their resident . So , both of them are travelling opposite each other and chances are negligible that car wwill make any jam to them .


  97. From my perspective, offering gym in company’ building has more benefits to the employee . Other option of child care could be attractive to faculty having child but majority of personnel are single in our company . Here are following reasons to support:

    First and foremost, an hour or half hour employee’s daily time allocated to reach their gym centre will be saved, instead arrived to fitness centre within one or two minute walk to the company’s upper floor in the building . On top of that, saved time will give time give them an opportunity to relax or pend some time with family that phycological enhance person’s happiness and reduce mental pressure . Consequently, mind will be more stable to finish the job tasks adequately . As invoking the study from hayward university , happier people complete their tasks on jobs better contrast to unhappy.

    Adittionally,Human respource department will get ease , physical employees will become strong, therefore , less sick call will be made.

    Adittionllyy , due too thir shy nature some people coundnt do exercise or play any support ,the other will acoompained and mke them feel motivate to do the task .

  98. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m writing this email to let you know the unsatisfactory service which i experienced in your store and to get a solution for malfunctioning product. Last week i purchased a Sony 55″ TV from your store.

    It was working fine for the first three days, the next day when i turned it on, it wasn’t working. I went through the user manual and reached on call support. They suggested me to factory reset & restart the TV, but still no lucky. On call Support team advised me to reach out nearest store for further assistance.

    Yesterday i reached the store and that was a unpleasant experience with your support team in store. I verified my warranty certificate, it is clearly mentioned there should be a replacement or a refund for malfunction product within 15 days of purchase. Support team hesitated to give me a proper solution and left me unattended. Kindly give me a solution to replace the product or refund for the same.

    And it would be great if you conduct training for your employees to handle a customer. Thank!


  99. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m writing this email to let you know the unsatisfactory customer service & a solution for the Malfunction product which i purchased for your store last week. I purchased a Sony 55″ TV from you store. It was working fine for the first three days. After that when i switch in the TV, it is not working. I called your customer service they provided on call support to rectify the issue, i tried to reboot or reset factory setting based on their instruction, but still there is no luck. They advised me to check this issue in store. yesterday i visited the store to complain the issue, but i didnt get a proper response from your support team. Even though i have 2 years warranty, support team refused to investigate reason for malfunction. Since manger is on leave for a week, i couldn’t reach any supervisor to get solution for this issue. I have a copy of my receipt, please let me know whether TV can be replaced based on my warranty or will i get refund for this product.


  100. From my perspective , the money raised by local community should be used to renovate the theatre stage. Other option of buying artist costumes with funds seems less prioritize contrast to the Option A. Following are the two reason:
    First and foremost , the stage has passed maximum life given by the builder , therefore, we are calling an accident if it is not replaced as soon as possible . Apparently , cracks are seen on both right and left side pillar and, even though one pillar parallel behind right side fell last month. In an autopsy by government officer of this scenario revealed that cause of the incident was wood that had been loosen his strength to stand. Above said Officers word should be taken seriously and contemplate the whole stage weaken condition, otherwise, we are putting the artist and audience life in danger for not taking foreseen problem preventive action .
    Additionally , Artist’s’ problem of costumes can easily be solved by wearing their old clothes or borrowing from other theatre artist club . As I have witnessed a tradition between them to exchange a character dress required by artist through City artist council .All city artist are enjoying harmonious relation and will not be reluctant to help another artist in need .

    Hence, repairing of the stage should be the management first choice .

  101. From my perspective , paying $15 every month has more benefits contrast to paying $1 each month . Here are three reasons :

    First and foremost , employees save money with a fix rate and have an opportunity to drink as many times as they want. Taken our company’s working environment, employees proactively focus on every minute volatile stock market which drains their energy and by drinking coffee twice or thrice a day they keep themselves refresh.

    Additionally, the whole payment paid in advance will give ease and flexibility. For instance , any person who have no money due to financial crisis or left his violet at home , still can get a coffee with co-worker instead of felling embarrassed .

    Lastly, all employees are getting good salaries and $15 each month is easily affordable . Besides that, it will increase socialization between employees by going together to coffee shop and enjoying by talking with each other .

    Hence , paying $15 is the best option for all employees

  102. From my perspective, paying $1 each time for coffee or tea has more benefit and viable for most co-workers . Here are three reasons:

    First and foremost, Most co-workers including myself infrequently drinks coffee due to caffeine which has proven adverse affect on human body. On top of that, I have been recommended by doctors to abandon ingredients like milk, sugar or caffeine considering my health complexity, therefore, I seldom drinks coffee once in a while. Taken this into consideration , I strongly believe $1 each time coffee is more financially good for me whereas, frequent user are benefitted by buying $15 monthly package.

    Additionally, it is more flexible and less burden with payment after each purchase . A person feel independent and make his decision considering his financial situation because sometimes other due expenses need to be paid first. On other hand , with a single payment person become obliged regardless of whether it will take a full benefit or not . As in our company’s job, we never know to be shifted on other location to work so if it happens all paid money will be wasted .

    Hence, financially and flexibility makes the $1 each time payment the wisest decision.

  103. Dear Manager,
    Just three days ago, I bought a TV set with a one-year warranty from your store which is located in our town, although it worked fine, however, its screen went blank tonight, no clue what had happened with TV.

    Immediately, I enquired some basic information from your customer service where a rep advised me to visit the store and meet on-duty manager along with purchase receipt and warranty card, so next morning I was in the store, unluckily your office was closed and could not meet you, To keep my struggle alive, I tried to approach one of the available sales-rep and put forth my concern which turned out to be unpleasant experience; he did not pay attention and his rude behaviour added fuel to the fire. I was dismayed and came back without having any resolution.

    According to the warranty card terms and conditions, I have a right to demand a full refund of my purchase or replacement with new TV at the earliest. Last but not least, you valued your customer and suggest you equip your sales team with professional training in order to avoid unexpected experiences which I had, unfortunately.


  104. I choose option A because 20 % discount except groceries seems attractive , contrast to the 10% discount on all products . Here are two reasons:

    First and foremost , Giant purchase like buying a sofa , television and etc. becomes affordable for most co-worker to buy . All the employees are getting minimum wage and sum of total monthly salaries is only enough to run the household. They will get a chance to buy their favourite item by saving good amount of money with the discount.

    On the other hand, discount decreased to 10% with inclusion of groceries is not financially attractive. The maximum families spend $ 500 to buy each month groceries ,and 10 % percentage discount makes $50 savage only. However, if employee would purchase any item, suppose bought a $2000 microwave , 20 % discount will save $400 on the item.

  105. I am thankful for asked to share my opinion with you . In my perspective , bike lane built on one side of the street has more benefits , contrast to parking space on both sides.

    First and foremost, I have seen most of the parking space empty both during day and night time and, less likely give other benefits to the resident. Mostly people prefer public transport in our residential area ,therefore , very few person have their own cars. Taken the number of car owners, I strongly believe after reserving their parking spaces still lot of empty parking lot will be left if only one side of the street is used

    Additionally , resident safety will be increased because cyclists are illicitly using the side footpath and enhance the risk for walking pedestrian. Though the police are aware of the deed and do random checks to stop , unfortunately , still lot of people recklessly breaking the law by driving cycle frequently. A incident happened likewise last month causing brain injury stroke nit by cyclist will be prevented .

    Lastly, cyclist lane consumes less space to be built, contrast to parking space . As a result, driving will become ease for locals because road will become wider and accident proportion will be decreased .

    Hence , building parking space on one side is the wisest decision .

  106. Some resident may choose not to build the train station on the price of demolishing few houses . However, Taken the bigger benefits into consideration , i strong believe government should built the train station in my neighborhood. Here are the reasons:

    First and foremost,Significant number of people will be benefited to reduce their traveled distance to reach the nearby train station. As there is no station between Rundle and Shawnessey and the distance is almost 30 miles between them . Being in middle of both the stations, neighborhood communities including our resident people have to commute a long distance of almost 15 km on each side to catch a train .

    Additionally, all lots in our residential is of giant size and only couple of houses need to be destroyed to built a train station . Though , i have empathy with people whose houses will be taken by government; however, large popoulation will become ease and canceling this notion consider the house owner ill be irrational and unjustified . Also , i would suggest a good amount of money compensated to the affected families .

    Hence, lage popluation will be benefiteed and is the wisestdecision goverment should take .

  107. I appreciate to be included in your survey to give my opinion . I my perspective , serving organic food only is the best option over serving organic and non organic food . Here are two reasons:

    To begin with, a pure clean organic food will be delivered to the customers . I have noticed last time when i had ordered curry chicken in your restaurant , tiny pieces of burgers was seen on the sides of utensil in which it was poured . Being a chef , i am aware most restaurant use same frying pan for the making of organic and non organic food which is the biggest hindrance to purity of making either organic food or non organic food.

    Additionally, focus on one specialty food will help you to concentrate and enhance your quality. Survival of both kind of food is viable for short run to make money, comptetive industry, retailers gets difficulty to attract the customers again without any quality .

  108. I strongly believe having digital copies of the book on the university’s website is the best option to engage more students to read the books . There are two reasons to support :

    To begin with, it is more convenient in this century born children to learn stuff from websites . As they are very familiar to operate and find it easy as compared to carry big books. Also , having 24 hour access to websites , they have more chances to spend time to learn because they can open by login to website in 1 minutes anytime likewise travelling to their school in train, free time on the school campus or etc .

    Additionally , nowadays generation is impatient and finds difficult to manually search the pages on the physical book because sometimes it gives the reader trouble to reach the looking page in the big book. whoever, the digital books are advantageous over this issue with lot of helping tool made it easy by typing the word in the search box and choose it from seached items under 1 minute .

    Easy usage and accebility contribute to use the trend of digital books

  109. -In my perspective, Management should have all meetings within the working hours . To reached the analysis , i have concluded employees have less benefits if meetings are organized outside working hours . Here are two reasons :

    First and foremost, most of the employees will have problem to schedule their time management adequately . As outside working hours meeting will take additional 2 or 3 hour so the pre-scheduled routine of most employees to pick up their children from child daycare or work will Definitely be Disturbed. Taken into account the long meetings, either those days their children have to skip their work or their spouses will take a day- off from their work to commute them .

    Additionally , all employees salaries are paid on the yearly package . For the outside working hours meeting , they will not be compensated any amount . Consequently , they will have worked more hours without any return , and its clearly a violation of the charter of human rights

  110. I appreciate to be included in the company’s survey to give my opinion to the management . I strongly believe Option b is the best option and should replace the old copy machine as priority over getting comfortable chairs. Here are two folds:

    To begin with , I have seen most of the employees awaited long time near the machine to get their documents printed. I assume due to some technical problem machine is taking longer time than normal machine to print . Even though, it happened with me couple of times that device has printed dark unreadable font or only half of the document page is printed with other half as complelty white .

    Additionally , the operating system believes to have some issues because whenever the new ink was intalled in the machine it vanished quickly . Furthermore, frequently leakage of ink has been happened and many days are wasted in aiting for the meachanic ti repair it .Owing to this fact our company paperwork has deferred frequently .

    Hence , urgency forced our employees to long commute to staples while chairs are less required byh employees as compared to this hindrance.

  111. I opt for option B because it has more advantages than option A . I strongly believe if the museum visits will be made in afternoon , all local residents including me have less issue to deal compared to be scheduled in the morning . Here are two folds:

    First and foremost, our family including both children are gone in the early morning to their works and nobody at home will be bothered by the continuous noise of vehicle parking by visitors. Mostly people in our locality aren’t at their houses during this time of the day and will be enough parking space for visitors to park the vehicle. Furthermore, both the times people arrival and departure is not mixed with the rush hours timing ,so, the traffic wont be added on the street roads and local resident will reach their houses without any delay .

    On the other hand, I affirmly says considering the congested roads in our neighbourhood that morning visit will make worst traffic problem for most people and will be stuck for the hours .

    Hence , I strongly believe afternoon is the best time to ave visits .

  112. From my perspective , Option B is the best choice members of the theatre group should consider to built . Here are the two folds;

    First and foremost , our theatre was built 20 years ago which is more than the time construction engineer has said for the average building life . Apparently , the crack on the wooden pillar on both front sides has seen which is the indicator that base has been weakened . Taken above said engineer’s words , it is jeopardizing the theatre artist’s life if the stage wont be changed as soon as possible .

    Additionally , theatre artists old customes is good enough to wear till next two year.

    Considering the risk on the theatre people life ,renovating the stage is the priority to be built .

  113. In my perspective , Option A is the best option to choose. Having individual small birthday parties in the company has more benefits as contrast with a single big party . Here are two folds :

    To begin with, it gives a moment for all the employees to celebrate together and involve in co-worker happiness. Furthermore, it has been worked to develop good social bond between employees. As Busy schedule lives hardly left any time for any individual to get together outside the workplace , however , celebrating every invidual’s birthday create a good connection between them. Taken the company’s employees size 0f 15 people , only couple of occasion are fallen every month to celebrate.

    Also, celebration invidual birthday becomes precious memory of indivual life , as time is running swiftly we never know what going to happened tomorrow . Sometimes , people move out to other country , province or changed their jobs ; however, having pictures of their special day celebration or in sub conscious memory invoked the stuation and feel very happy . Contrates to the single big party , mostly person recognizes their good momemts , so it is unlikey people will feel connected to the big party

  114. In my perspective, gym is the best options to be installed on the company’s building . Though , child care centre has also some benefits but relatively low as compared with gym. Here are two folds ;

    To begin with, most of the employees aren’t doing any physical activity owing to the fact that no time has been left in their daily work-life routine. Accessibility of gym or exercise equipment on the company’s floor help employees to manage some time everyday to use this facility because their 1-2 hour commute time is saved if they travel from their house to aforementioned facilities places in the city. Additionally, the productivity of the employees in the work will be improved as it has been proven medically , those who exercise daily has had more mental ability to perform daily tasks efficiently contrast with people who don’t exercise .

    Lastly, employees will likely have been accompanied by their coworkers to perform any activity , and spending some time with them definitely increase the communication . Therefore , a positive environment on the work place will be created beneficial for both employer and employess .

  115. Dear sir/madam,

    I am writing this mail to complain about the purchased item from your store and customer service.

    On September 1 , 2019 I bought an 56 inch Sony television including 2 warranty from your 5111 Kingsway , surrey location. Followed day , I was watching television with family , suddenly , a beep sound had been start emerging from the device. Meanwhile , after couple of second I found the device screen completely turned into dark and sound vanished too. Though , I tried many attempts to solve the issue , unfortunately , unsucceeded in all .

    Consider the product’s warranty, I went to the store hoping to find a solution. The customer service department have been narrated the matter and in response to me, a salesperson was assigned the task in the place of Manager due to his unavailability. In the beginning , he had taken the matter seriously until I told him the television’s price. After listened that , he recommend to visit the mechanic shop and completely ignored me , though , I have had many attempts to initiate a conversation .

    I would like $1800 paid for television to be reimbursed or send a mechanic to fix the problem . Also, kindly please consider to give a employees training for effective customer service .


  116. Dear store Manager,

    I’m writing this email to express my dissatisfaction on the purchase of Samsung TV HD1025, I must admit that for the first two days, I was glued with TV and enjoyed its latest features but on third day TV was shut down for no reason, so, I rushed to the store to seek support from the available staff even though I was loaded with personal stuff.

    At first it was quite tough for me to find the concern person so that I could elaborate my issue but Mr. Nick, salesman at duty made me surprized from his unapologetic behaviour, for a moment, the way he treated me I almost forgot my problem and tried to convince myself how could a person be rude in sales profession which suppose to be better in mannerism? however I did not talk to him much and enquire about you and learned that you were on leave on that day so I came back home with no resolution.

    With no further delay, I request you to refund my money or replacement with another TV. I can’t imagine without TV because soccer season is going to start next week.


  117. HI AMY / Jasmine,

    I would like to congratulate both of you for the arrival of newborn baby in your family. Yesterday , I received the call from jasmine mother to inform and share her happiness for the addition of new family member .

    Parenting is not a easy job and needs lot of work to become a good parent. On the other hand , if you will have worked on the issues related to the parenthood , its the greatest blessing of god to have a child . Over the years , I have witnessed the upbringing of my neighbour children’s . One thing which I have noticed in the grooming of their children’s played a significant role is their parents behaviour and attitude . A child follow the deeds of guardians specifically their father. So, one must perform all the qualities before you search it from your child .

    Also, I am working on the weekday and will be happy to babysit the baby . As , I am aware both you work on the weekends .

    I am looking forward to hearing from you


  118. Dear SuperTV Store Manager,

    I am writing this email with regards to my purchase on May 25. I bought a Samsung 46770 TV set and I really enjoyed my purchase for the first 3 days, till the TV display did not turn on.
    In order to solve the problem, I called customer service centre and the man on the line was not at all cooperative and I was told to bring the TV to the store. As my purchase is a brand-new product and is under warranty service, I expected the customer service to show up and solve the problem at my place. As I have a disability and I cannot drive, I had no choice but to call for a truck with a driver to bring the TV to the store at cost of $100.
    After I brought the TV to the store, you were not available so I tried to explain the situation to the salesman in the TVs section. Unfortunately, his behaviour was unprofessional and impolite.
    To make the story short, I expect you to either refund my purchase or bring me a new TV as well as compensating all the expenses.
    John Smith

  119. Task 2 (Option A: Gym: This gym would include a basketball court, exercising equipment, and shower rooms.):

    It is greatly appreciated that you asked for my opinions on the new facility options. As far as I am concerned, I think a gym would bring more benefits than a child care center.
    First of all, a typical day for people in this building is to spent time on their chair to talk with customers. Every month, people book a massage therapy appointment to relieve their back pain accumulated from work. Therefore, with a gym, employee now could stretch their body by either playing basketball in the court or doing cardio with the equipment after long hours of sitting and take a shower afterwards.
    Second, considering the fact that most of the employees in this company are single and diversified in age. In compare with a child care center, you must have a baby to enroll while people of all age groups could use the service from a gym without any restrictions.
    Based on the above reasoning, I believe a gym is a better option than a child care center.
    Thank you for taking the time and effort in considering my response.
    Best regards,

  120. Task 1:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My name is Jay and I am writing this email to complain about my recent purchased at your store. It is a TV set that we bought, and my family really enjoy watching NBA on it.

    After three days of purchase, it started experiencing shut down issue for unknown reasons. I have tried my best to look for answers from both manual and online, and none of the approaches seems to work. We decided to bring it back to the store for assistance.

    Right after the salesmen heard we are here for service. He claimed that the TV doesn’t come with a warranty, and we have to pay ourselves for any relevant cost. Also, the manager wasn’t in the store due to family emergencies. Thus, we could not escalate the issue to you, and we left without an agreement.

    Today’s consumer product industry is more dynamic and turbulent than ever before; only those businesses who can provide the best service are likely to survive. Therefore, I wish you could either repair my TV or issue me a full refund.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,


  121. Dear Manager

    I’m Lisa. In recent times I have marched into your brand new television store to purchase 40inch LED tv, but upon your suggestion I opted for 52inch bravo television because I was really delighted with your service. Though the purchase was made on August 13th upon your on call request I have agreed for late installation services due to festive season. I was gratified to see that tv was installed perfectly on 16th of August. But, since yesterday found some technical error and tried to contact you. Got no proper response on call.

    Immediately I have rushed into your store, as usual it was very crowded with customer after 15 minutes of search in electronic showroom found one of your customer service executive namely Mario. I tried to explaining him about the technical error which I faced yesterday, but he was nowhere interested to take an action and upon this he provided me gunshot answer by stating to drop a mail for service agent. Though it was unpleasant situation upon his irresponsible suggestion dropped a mail and found no response with in 48hours.

    I was furious and stud at awful situation with both the sales and customer service team. I believe this matter deserves your immediate attention, so that either a refund issued or a replacement is provided. Also, I would recommend you that company should emphasize more on training the sales staff for better relationship skills so that consumers like me will feel safe and assured when they plan the next purchase with your store.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


  122. Dear Mr. Smith,

    Good afternoon. I am Jun, who bought a TV a few days ago. And the reason writing e-mail is that I would like to complain that I have got awful service from Jamie salesman, and I strongly want to get a refund for the TV, I have got from the store.

    A few days ago, I purchased TV and I was thrilled that I will get a new TV that released a few months ago. Unfortunately, 2 days later after I got a TV, I was realized that something was wrong because I found several cracks on the surface that I didn’t expect, so I visited your store yesterday and I met salesman for the first time but he treats me like a liar. I couldn’t believe that situation that I had to explain specifically about what happened to TV even though TV was broken since I was purchased. I felt that he disrespected me. I don’t want to feel emotion like that (other customers either), so I strongly recommend you to change your salesman as soon as possible, and I like to be able to get a refund.

    As soon as possible I want to get a message from you.

    Thank you

  123. TASK 1
    To best buy Customer Service Manager

    I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction regarding a Television that I bought 4 days ago and after 3 days of light use is not turning on anymore.

    Due to the short time of my acquisition. I decided to go back to the store to expose my problem and try to find a solution as soon as possible. I explained to Mike one of your seller the issue with the TV and he literally was no paying attention to me, he was a focus on his phone which I encountered very disrespectful of his part. more than three times, I asked him, could you please look at me and he continued ignoring me, honestly I lost my patience and I raised my voice and questioned him, will you be able to help me or should I call the manager? Which he answered me, go head!, I do not care!. I took my TV and finished my conversation to avoid conflicts.

    To be honest, I went for a solution such as exchange, not to get more problems, I totally understand that as a human being everyone could have a bad day but, This type of behavior is unacceptable for a simple customer who is kindly asking for help o solution.

    I felt really disappointed about this experience and I would like to get a refund in full in 5 business days as maximum.


  124. Dear sir/madam ,

    On March 13 , 2019 , I purchased a 22 inch Sony television from your 211 greenway , surrey location . However, the experience was worse .

    The television worked well only couple of days . One fine morning,I started the television and found the t.v. display screen totally black . I tried many attempts to fix the problem and was remained unsuccessful . Also , my uncle worked as electronic mechanic was called to find a solution , unfortunately , he couldn’t solve the issue either .

    Considering the 2 year warranty , I visited your store. The salesman on the complaint desk made me aware of your absence, so I decided to narrate him the issue . To my surprise, he refused to offer me any help after listening the problem and was told to leave the store in front of other customers . I felt humiliated with his arrogant behaviour .

    I would like my $600 paid to be reimbursed or issue a new television. Also , please consider to monitor the customer service for effective customer service .

    I am looking forward to hearing from you


  125. I think it is a better idea to build a gym in the remaining floor area. As our jobs require us to work with computers, we spend most of our workday sitting. As our lifestyles become more sedentary, spending time regularly on fitness is now a necessity.

    According to the data gathered from our HR department, among the 400-odd employees in our building, 38 percent graduated from college within the last 4 years, and 36 percent of them have kids who are in or past teenage. Of the remaining 26 percent, nearly half of them listed themselves as being single. Though a child care would help in long-term retention of employees, it will only serve a minor population. I would also like to point out that the nearest gym from office is 2 miles away and opens late in the morning while the nearest childcare center is one block away and has excellent reviews.

    From a business standpoint, it is my sincere belief that investing in a gym would yield considerably more value. However, the needs of minorities should not be overlooked, so, a deal with the nearest childcare center for our employees would make both sections happy.

  126. Dear Store Manager,

    I am writing to report a grievance related to a recent purchase I made at your store last month. I was excited to get the new Samsung 52 inch HDTV in time to watch the cricket world cup, but within 3 days, it shut down for no reason.

    I went to the store next day and when asked to see the store manager, I was told you were not available. I explained the problem to one of your salesman, Nick (if the name on his tag is correct), and I ended up leaving the store disappointed, annoyed and feeling unvalued. Nick did not allow me to explain my situation and treated me as if I damaged the television on purpose. Nick was least bothered to give me any information about your service department and stated repeatedly that the purchase of all goods is final.

    Businesses are valuing people less and less as days pass and I find it very sad. I hope this not how every customer is treated and I wish you will take corrective action to look into my problem and make sure no one faces such treatment anymore.

    Justin Case.

  127. Nowadays the schedule of every person is very busy so they do not give time to their fitness or gym so in my opinion to build a gym is better option.

    The main benefit is that the office and gym are situated at the same location so not to go another location with the wastage of time people will gave proper time to gym and fitness.
    Its very difficult to go home first after that to go gym some people ignore for gym because they already get to much tired and don’t want to go. In addition his same situation happen with me.
    To sum up, I believe that if the gym will be build on first floor it would be very impressive for our clients and also in favor of our staff.

  128. Hello
    I am writing to express the dissatisfaction at your store, am your regular customer I always purchased electric things from your store and very good experience but with my last purchased my opinion get changed.
    Recently I bought a tv from your sun store its only work properly first three day on fourth day when I started my tv it shut down and did not turn on again. I was very excited with my new tv but my happiness was not more than three days.
    In that situation I called your customer care number 1800-0000 they register my complaint but no one came to look my tv. After this I went your store first they ignored to me if one salesman came to handle my situation he was very rude to me and behaved like that all was my mistake and when I got angry with this inconvenience they shouted on me.At the end of this mess atmosphere one salesman came with me to check my tv. The sales man checked and confirmed that one of the tv machinery part is damaged and asked for extra charges.
    I pleased to you to resolved my problem with a better way and with no charges because it is in warrantee and talk to your staff to behave in a good manner with their customer. If you can not do this for me I have to go union store of your company and explained everything , I believe that you will look in this matter and sort out the situation as soon as possible


  129. Dear sir/madam,

    I am writing to complain your employee dissatisfactory customer service . I purchased a 23 inch Sony television from your store on 19 July , 2019 .

    The television worked well for initial three days, however, a problem arose after with the television s screen. A dark black screen appeared all times when we turned it on . we tried to fix the issue by changed the screen display range from 0 to 90 , unfortunately , all attempts were unsuccessful .

    Considering the product 2 year warranty , I went to your store for a solution. The salesman on the customer service department offered his help provided a reason of your unavailability due to vacation trip .
    Therefore , I explained all the issue with television . To my surprise, he shocked me by his answer . I was told to visit the mechanic shop, and buy expensive product to restrain any related problem in future .

    I would like my television repair or issue a new product . Also , please kindly train your employees to provide a good customer service .

    Yours sincerely ,

  130. I recently bought a TV set from Samson’s store.
    I am writing this email to help you understand my grievances and unpleasant post purchase experience.
    I had no problem until the third day after which it stopped working.
    It wouldn’t start through a remote-control command and the only way that worked was a long press on the power button located in the TV screen.
    There are sudden pop-ups of error screens followed by complete shut down when I am watching a movie or a live sport relay.
    I could also see buildup of air bubbles on the screen from a small crack at the top-left corner of the screen
    I tried couple of workarounds mentioned in the user manual but no luck.
    Running out of options I gave a call to the customer care unit.
    They were able to understand the issues I explained.
    Though they were empathetic, their suggestions didn’t work as well.

    Running out of options I thought my best bet is to approach Bianchi, the courteous store manager who helped me purchase this television.
    Unfortunately, Bianchi was not available by then and I was introduced to Robb.
    To my surprise, Rob was unlike any understanding sales-person i met before.
    He was unfriendly and rude. He wasn’t paying enough attention to my complaints and was often taking excuses to engage with other customers.
    Upon asked about lack of engagement, his repeated reply was to approach the store manager.
    He was least interested to register a complaint or call Bianchi to discuss further steps.

    I am honestly tired of carrying this television to your store back and forth, treated by unfriendly sales-persons.
    In my opinion I would like to be refunded as quickly as possible.
    Although if you’re interested to give a try, please make some arrangements for the television to be picked up from my residence.
    Also, it will be a good idea to get connected to the TV company and inspect the unit for any manufacturer’s defect.
    I would like to remind you that time is a great factor to consider during an after- sale experience and request you to react as quickly as possible on this complaint.
    The more I wait I guess I am loosing on a long built rapport with the store.

    • Trimmed version: from 350+ words to 285 words

      I recently bought a TV set from Samson’s store. I am writing this email to help you understand my grievances and unpleasant post purchase experience. I had no problem until the third day after which it stopped working. It wouldn’t start through a remote-control command and the only way that worked was a long press on the power button located in the TV screen. There are sudden pop-ups of error screens followed by complete shut down when I am watching a movie or a live sport relay. I could also see buildup of air bubbles on the screen from a small crack at the top-left corner of the screen

      Running out of options I thought my best bet is to approach Bianchi, the courteous store manager who helped me purchase this television. Unfortunately, Bianchi was not available by then and I was introduced to Robb. To my surprise, Rob was unlike any understanding sales-person I met before. He was unfriendly and rude. He wasn’t paying enough attention to my complaints and was often taking excuses to engage with other customers. Upon asked about lack of engagement, his repeated reply was to approach the store manager. He was least interested to register a complaint or call Bianchi to discuss further steps.

      I am honestly tired of carrying this television to your store back and forth, treated by unfriendly sales-persons. In my opinion I would like to be refunded as quickly as possible. Although if you’re interested to give a try, please make some arrangements for the television to be picked up from my residence. Also, it will be a good idea to get connected to the TV company and inspect the unit for any manufacturer’s defect.

      • I wouldn’t advise exceeding 220 words. Having said that, I believe your writing should score 7 or 8. keep it up!

  131. Hello,

    I am writing this letter regarding a recent TV that I purchased from your store within the past week. I am one of your regular customers and my recent experience deeply affected my opinion about your business.

    Unfortunately, three days after purchasing the TV, it did not turn on anymore. I was really disappointed with my purchase and I returned to your store to find a solution for my TV.

    Unfortunately the staffs in charge were not able to help me and there was no manager on duty at the time. Even though less than a week has been passed, they holding me responsible for the TV malfunction. None of the staff tried to find a solution for this problem and they offered neither and refunds or exchange.

    I would appreciate if you can look into this matter meticulously to offer me some options to resolve the issue. I can send you the receipt of my purchase, the exact date I returned to store to talk to your staff in person and the name of the person who worked at the customer service on that day.


  132. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am writing to express dissatisfaction with a recent purchase at your store located on Elm Street. The items bought include a 32-inch smart tv and a blue-ray player. While the video player is working fine, the television went bad after three days of moderate use.

    To begin with, the product worked fine after unboxing for a couple of days. And then on the third day, the left audio speaker stopped functioning. We tried to perform a factory reset and software upgrade; however, there was no use.

    Furthermore, I visited your shop on the same day looking for a possible solution. At that point in time, there was only one employee in the store. Upon raising my concern to him, he was least bothered to help. Moreover, the answers I received were unconvincing and misleading. He further informed men not to come back with any service issues.

    I request you to kindly provide me a full refund as the product sold was inferior in quality. Either issue a store credit or refund the amount to my credit card. Apart from that, please consider training your employees in an efficient manner so that they provide better service to customers in future.

    I appreciate your prompt attention to this issue.

    Yours faithfully,
    John Smith

  133. Dear Store Manager,
    I would like to bring in your notice that I often come to the store and most of the electronics I have in my home are bought from there. Last week I made a TV set purchase from your store to watch the ongoing Stanley Cup. The new electronic device worked fine for the first three days but after that, it suddenly shuts down and is not operating since then.
    To my rescue, I came to the store finding you to resolve my issue, but unfortunately, due to your unavailability, I had to report the matter to one of your salesmen. I had to bring it in your light that the reception I got from him was awful, he mistreated me and left me no choice but to storm off from the store.
    This kind of treatment and customer service is unacceptable. Therefore I need compensation in regards to the problems I faced. I would like you to replace the TV with a new one and punish the salesman for his unprofessional behavior with a valued customer.
    I hope to get positive feedback as soon as possible.

  134. TASK 1
    The Store Manager
    ABC Electronics

    Dear Mr. Jones,
    I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction in which a situation was handled by your sales personnel. On June 24, 2019 I purchased a Samsung Smart 40″ television set. The T.V worked fined because I made sure it checked before I left the store. However, I noticed on the morning of June 27, it kept coming on and shutting down until finally it didn’t restart.
    I return to your store the following day to make a complaint but unfortunately you were not in office. I was then directed to the sales personnel in charge at the time and was very disappointed in the approach he took towards handling the matter. I calmly expressed my frustration to him because it was only three days since I had bought the television. He seemed quite annoyed and ignorant at my complaint. He had a bad attitude telling me that he is not in charge of taking complaints and I should come back tomorrow when you are in office.
    I have been a customer for more than three (3) years and never have I encountered this. I would like the matter to be deal with immediately. This sales person needs to offer me an apology for the manner in which he handled the situation. The television needs to be assessed thoroughly by a technician. If this occurs again the unit should be replaced with a brand new one with additional warranty. I also encourage continuous customer service training for your staff so they can be properly equipped when handling matters of this nature.
    I would hate for our business relationship to end because of one minor mishap which could have been dealt with in a more professional manner. I look forward to hearing from you with a suitable solution. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.
    Kind Regards,
    Miss D. Smith

    • Good work! It is too long though; try to keep it withing the limit. Your style would probably get 8. Keep it up!

  135. Dear store manager,

    I am writing this email to you regarding a recent purchase I made from your store just a week ago.
    I recently bought a television from your establishment, which I was very happy with for 3 days, until it stopped working completely.
    I went back to your store to find the manager, but you were not there, so I explained my situation to a salesman, I believe his name was Larry, but I was very surprised with his response and lack of interest. He kept on explaining to me that it wasn’t his problem and that the manager will take care of it when he gets in, in a few days.
    So I left without satisfaction.

    I would like you to resolve this problem as soon as possible. My wishes are plain and simple, they are for someone to listen to my problem and provide me with assistance, as well as an apology from Larry.

    Kind regards,

  136. Dear Manage,

    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the experience I had at you store.
    I bought a TV set from your store four days ago. I was very excited with the purchase, as this is my first TV. However, the TV only worked for 3 days. It suddenly shut down and it does not work anymore.
    Yesterday, I stopped by your store to try to talk to you about it. A salesperson advised me, that the manager was not on site. Patiently, I explain the situation to your employee, but he refused to help me, and he was ridiculously rude. He accused me for not using the TV properly and asked me to leave the store.
    I would suggest you to talk to you staff, on how to treat people. His behavior was extremely not necessary, it only made me even angrier and disappointed with all the experience.
    Please make sure you get back to me as soon as you can.


    In my opinion, having a gym right at the building is way more beneficial them having a childcare facility. I understand that is convenient for parents to have their kids around. However, a childcare facility will be beneficial for only 5% of people that work in the building. On the other hand, everyone will be able to use the gym.
    Some people (myself include), has to wake up earlier to be able to go to the gym, and drive to work on time, due the traffic. The other day for example, I was stuck in traffic on the way to work because I left the gym a little later them usual.
    Another good point. People will be more conscious about their health. No more excuses to be active.
    The healthier you are, the more discipline you have. It benefits your lifestyle and work activities.
    Again, this is only an observation on what I think. I will support any decision made.

  137. Dear Store Manager,

    I am writing this letter in regards to bring an issue related to a Tv that I purchased recently from your store located at Surrey Central Mall. I bought a LG 50” LED Tv from your store on June 21, 2019. I have attached a receipt of purchase with this email for reference.
    Tv worked absolutely fine for first few days. Roughly 4th day in the morning I tried to turn on my Tv but nothing come up on the screen just a black screen. However, sound was coming from Tv. I checked all the wiring from my cable to Tv but everything was looking good. Eventually, I decided to visit store to get my Tv checked by the manger of the store.
    It comes to my disappointment when I talked to the sales person in store and asked him to check my Tv as it was a very recent purchase. Sales person totally refused to solve my problem and not even allowed me to talk to the store manager and informed that manager is not on duty today. As a well-known establishment in surrey your team is not providing good customer service at all. I believe your staff need appropriate customer service training before getting them on board.
    Nevertheless, I am looking forward to hear a professional response from you and I believe you will help me out to solve the issue with my Tv as soon as possible.

  138. hello store manager
    i am writing this letter to express my problem about your store stuff. on 15 April i bought a TV from your store. it worked only for 2 days , I tried to turn it on but It just showed black sence. also the remote did not work , I changed the batteries but still showed nothing.
    I wanted to speak with one of your saleman his name is sam but he ignore me and his behavior was so rude to me. He told me It is not our business and I can not do any things for you . unfortunately I forgot to bring my receipt so he thought I am liar , I can not accept his behavior and I want you to speak with him to change it , so i decided to inform u through this email .
    I please you to resolve my problem in best way , if you can not do anything for me I have to speak with union store and explain every things for them . I would really like your store and always I order or buy most of my stuff at your store so i believe you should return or change my broken TV.

  139. to whom it my concern
    i am writing this letter as means of expressing my view on creating facilities. both options come with their own benefits . i believe gym center that located at company is required from the company to provide more extensive facilities for employee.with this in mind, it is important that company make a correct decision about this creating.Although child care center there are benefits , i think gym center offers more advantages.
    first and foremost , these days obesity is most problem in the world because most of the jobs are without movement , and most of the jobs do with computers these days as well because of improving technology so gym center is necessary for any company that employees can do exercising in free time and use free time in best way. in addition , it would be far helpful and economical.
    Although , child care center does have its own benefits such as women who work in company can keep their kids there and be sure about safety , i believe it is not logical to do it and it is not good to spend money just for some kids and ignore other employee’s health. that is not beneficial; enough.
    to conclude , having discussed two possible direction about creating facilities on company , i still strongly believe that gym center has more advantages .finally i will support whatever decision it made

  140. Dear Sir or Madam:

    Thank you for taking this time to read this email. I am writing this letter to inform you about the difficulties being experienced by customers, while finding a suitable parking space at the Springdale Shopping Mall.

    First of all, my family and I, are frequent visitors at the shopping mall. On an average weekday, we would spend over 30 minutes desperately scouring the parking lot for a suitable space, before we are able to enter the mall. As a result, I have to use the poorly maintain park space at Chazen Car-Mart across the street.

    In addition, we had to limit our shopping time, because the car mart charges a ridiculous parking fee per hour. I have brought a verbal complaint to the mall parking supervisor whose response was, “Sorry! We are unable to do anything about it.” At this point, we have crossed a Rubicon on this matter. This is really inconvenient because this is not apart of our family budget.

    To conclude, I would suggest building more parking space or even leasing additional parking spaces from adjacent premises which are ubiquitous.

    Looking forward to your response.

    With kind regards

  141. Dear sir/madam,
    On 23 January , 24 inch sony television with 2 year warranty was bought from your store . The experience is unsatisfactory , worked fine for three days, and problem arose with screen . It blinks when starts the television and quickly transitioned to dark colour . To mend the problem, we reset it many times, nevertheless result remains same .
    I went to store on 26 January to explain the situation to the Manager, unfortunately , salesman conveyed a meesage for his absence owing to the fact that he went to Las vegas for 3 weeks . With an intent to solve the matter , I narrate the problem to him for the solution . However , he blamed me for not having proper education to operate and furthermore , restrain to came to store with this problem .
    I would like to have intervention from management to review the employee misconduct, if possible , disciplinary action be taken . Also I would be grateful if a techinician mend the problem within a time period of not more than 10 days or issued a new piece.
    I look forward to hearing from you

  142. To the Human Resources Department,

    I opt for the child care center, since it is more advantageous for me compared to the gym. It is relatively easier to find a good gym outside which is not far away from our company, however it is really hard to find a trustworthy child care center nowadays. I think the management will do its best to find capable teachers and create the ideal environment for education. In addition, it is going to make my child feel more comfortable since he is going to be near me and have easier access to me. As you know there are days when I have to go home later than usual because of work and in those days I can not see my child at all. I believe the building of this center will also improve the morale of the employees who have children.

    I am grateful to the management for bringing up this idea. If the child care center is opened, I will be one of the first to register my child!

    Kind regards,

  143. To the Store Manager,

    I recently bought a TV set from your store since it has a good reputation in the town. While my TV had worked fine in the beginning, it shut down without any reason on the third day. I came back to the store to talk to you right after but you were not available. I explained the situation to the salesman to whom I had talked when I bought the TV, however he was very rude and did not help me at all regarding the situation. That’s why I left the store without any resolution whatsoever.

    I am deeply disappointed with this situation and I would like a new TV as soon as possible. Since I had enough coming back and forth to the store, I expect you to deliver the Tv to my apartment. In addition, I ask you to warn the salesman so that he does not repeat this action to any customer again.

    I have faith in the reputation of your customer service and I believe you are going to do everything you can to fix this situation.

    Faithfully yours,

  144. HI sir/maam
    On 23 January , 24 inch LCD Sony television was bought from the store with 2 year warranty . For the first 2 days, it was working fine,unfortunately , screen starts blinking after. Whenever television was being started , Initially dark black screen appeared ,and then multiple white line rotating upwards exhibits. In an attempt to solve the problem , we reset the television twice , nevertheless, result was same .

    As the product was under the period of warranty, I visited the store to solve the matter. However , the experience was very humiliated . A salesman named, gurmeet was working on customer service desk , who was acknowledged with the matter and showed an interest to meet the manager.To my surprise, he refused to let us interact with manager for his busy schedule and advised for not wasting time for cheap television and recommends to go home .
    A person for customer service job , should be asked for his abusive language and misdeed . With regards to televsion , either reimburse the money or send a mechanic to solve the problem within 10 days , if possible
    I looking forward to hear from you

  145. Dear Manager,

    The undersigned had purchased 32 inches color television with flat screen from your well known store. We selected your shop as it has been familiar for best electronic gadgets in the city. When we shopped the desired TV for our home, it was well operated. After installation of the same at home, it was perfectly functioning. With the passage of three days, it suddenly shut down by giving a sharp beep. We then decided to visit your shop in concern with this problem but when we came here in your shop you were not available and in your absence we explained the situation to your salesman. At first he did not paid attention to our complaint and when we said it again he replied very rudely and said it was not his job to do so. His responses hurt us a lot and we left the shop without a resolution. Hence we now writing direct to you and demands that out TV set must be replaced as it had been clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions of the bill that if any item got defective within a month would have been replaced with new ones. Please feel free to reach out to me via e-mail or phone.

    I look forward to hearing from your goodself soon.

    Yours Sincerely,

  146. Dear sir /madam,
    Last year on 3 November, Christmas sale was organized by your store, i got a chance to paricipate , and bought a 18 inch Sony television on 3 year warranty . However, the experience with televison was not good and it’s screen starts blinking after some days . I tried to reset the television to mend the issue , nevertheless , it dint work.

    I went to your store to explain the condition of the television . However , the encountered reaction from salesman was very humiliating, he was very rude . Initially , he was very reluctant to listen my issue , however , somehow agreed , But he shocked me by saying ” sales product on warranty is just to attract the customers , don”t take it too seriously , nothing will be reimburse to you . So, dont waste your time ”. I
    resist myself to punch him after hearing his words , somehow managed o left turmoil situation . Also, Many other customers were waiting for their turn to purchase their items, feel amaged for his behavior therefore left their stuff without buying it .
    Firstly , if possible , a disciplinary action should be taken against the employee, Secondly , either provide me new television , time is still under the warranty period or send a technician to fix the problem .
    I looking forward to hear fro you

  147. Dear store manager,

    I am writing this complaint about a TV set, which I bought from your store last week. Just after three days, things started to go wrong. It shut down completely with no reason. I also checked connections but it was fine. This situation is very frustrating since I can not watch TV after I come from work.

    Naturally, the next day I went to your store to talk to you but you were not available. I talked to one of your salesmen about my problem. He said that I would have to wait for you because he can not help me with this problem. He also argued that it was my mistake and I should call the company and solve my problem by myself.

    I am neither satisfied with your product nor with your customer service I received. I am, therefore writing to ask for a full refund. I will return a TV set to your store on Monday and I expect to receive my cheque.



  148. First, let me thank Human Resources department for asking us about our opinion. I would give my vote to a gym center.
    Most of our employees are in early stage of their carrier. They are either single or just married without kids. So, childcare center would help only few employees. There is a private childcare facility just across our office, which already takes care of these selected few individuals.
    On the other hand, many employees have gym membership at private clubs. They can save money as well as time by going to gym just before or after work. Employees, who currently avoid going to gym because of time it will take to go every day, would also start working out and live healthier life. Healthy employees incur less healthcare cost.
    We have a basketball team who will benefit from the basketball court for their weekly practice. Some employees, including myself, travel to office using bicycle. I would love to take shower before starting my daily work.
    After considering all above points, I feel gym would be more helpful for employees.

  149. Dear Sir,
    I am one of your customers recently bought a 40-inch screen resolution television from your shop a week ago but facing some technical problem now days. So, I am writing this email to enquire you the problems.
    When I got it to home, it worked properly for the first three days but after that it suddenly shut down. I tried to turn on for many times, but it couldn’t. So, I called to your customer care number. The ring seemed like continuously but no one picked it. After that, I came to your store but there was no senior person and neither of the employees who were working over there gave me response. So, I just came to one of your salesmen. Initially, he just ignored my voice. Moreover, he was so arrogant and rude. I became very angry with his behavior.
    That’s why, I am writing you to just give me solution for my problem. Even, the television is in its warranty period, so if possible, either just replace it or send a technician to my house for its repairing. Moreover, I am advising you to make eye on all employees so that this wouldn’t be happen next.
    Yours sincerely,
    Joe Smith

    • Nicely done! I think this one would get 6 at best. Keep up improving your writing style! If you need any help with your writing, let me know. You can contact me on Skype if you are interested in preparation classes. Skype ID: “hightestscore.com”

  150. Respected Manager,

    I am writing to you regarding my recent experience with your store. I bought a new TV from your store 4 days back. It was on discount.

    TV worked fine for first 3 days and then suddenly it stopped working. I tried restarting using hard power button at back of TV. I tried using different sockets at home, but nothing worked. Therefore, I came back to your store yesterday. Unfortunately, you were not available. I talked with one of your salesmen. He didn’t listen to my problem and instead started blaming me for everything. His behavior was extremely rude. I had to leave the store without any resolution.

    This email is my final effort to resolve this matter. Either you replace the TV with new one or give me full refund. Also, salesman at the store should give me a written apology for his behavior.

    I hope you will take right steps to fix this matter.

    Your loyal customer

  151. Dear Store Manager,

    I am writing this email to make a complaint about the unsatisfying experience I had in your store yesterday.

    Recently, I purchased a smart television set from your store located at downtown Vancouver. After returning home, we followed the instruction manual to install the television. It worked very well in the beginning, however, after a few days, my friends and I was watching a world wide basketball game, when the television suddenly shut down in the middle of the game. We were extremely disappointed by missing the final game!

    We went back to the store the day after, seeking for you to help with the issue. However, you were having a day off and your staff Kyle came to help. We illustrated the problem to him, hoping he could get it fixed. What bitterly disappointed us was Kyle refused to give us any assistances while being offensive. He claimed that we were trying to acquire benefits from your store by reporting a broken TV!

    Hence, I need a formal apologize from your staff Kyle, and wish to receive a resolve from you with my television issue by either sent us a technician or give us a full refund.

    Best regards,


  152. I would prefer to have a shopping complex with nice restaurants, shopping centers, and in particular a movie theatre.

    We live in a small and nice city and enjoy its calm culture . However, the city become a bit boring as we do not have many options for expending our leisure time. A shopping complex will give a a few more options for our leisure time like having a dinner with a family in good restaurant or going to a movie theatre for watching a movie. That is my main reason of choosing a shopping complex.

    Moreover, by having a shopping complex with a large supermarket in the centre of the town, we will be able to fulfill our basic needs. This is more convenient than the current situation that we need to drive a few miles to access a large supermarket. This is important to me as it saves my time, and as a consequence will improve my satisfaction.

    Last but not least, I understand the fact that having a recreational park contributes in having a healthy life style. However, given the fact that we are in a small city with a convenient access to parks and walking trails, the benefit of having a recreational park is marginal in my opinion.

    • Nicely written. This piece of writing would also get 6 or 7 with little luck. Keep it up! How much time did it take you to finish?

  153. Dear Restaurant Manager,

    I’m one of your customer that had dinner in your restaurant last night. Unfortunately, our last experience was too bad, and below the expectation that we had from a famous restaurant like yours.

    Our main problem was about the quality of the dinner itself as it was not healthy, and in particular too salty. Moreover, the level of service and how your team behaved us was not satisfactory. They did not even accept the responsibility of their work and denied the problem which is not a good sign.

    Given the fact that the customer satisfaction should be one of your main concerns, I’d suggest you to set a process to monitor the quality of every single individual in your restaurant. In particular, my suggestion is to design a review system such that each customer can submit her view about the quality of meal as well as the service, and define the bonus of each employee based on the reviews she has gotten. I believe this bonus structure promotes the customer centric culture in your restaurant.

    Thanks for reading my email and hope you find my comments constructive.


  154. An office with great amenities will help the company gain recognition in the community. I strongly believe that a child care center will result in greater benefits compared to a gym.

    First and foremost, I feel that working moms have so much to do on a daily basis. On top of their long list of activities in their workplace and at home, they have to worry about their child’s safety and wellbeing. By having a child care facility at work, working moms can relax and concentrate at work more effectively.
    In addition to the aforementioned point, it is clear that moms usually work more efficiently when close to their kids. With the child care facility being a few meters away from the office, working moms can come together and leave the office with their kid(s). Additionally, the mom can have lunch together with their kid(s) and potentially spend a lot more time together.

    While having a child care facility can benefit working moms, it can also help the business make some money. After doing some research in this field, it is apparent that this is a lucrative business opportunity. I strongly recommend the company to make some money while making a better workplace for the moms.

    John Grivtsy

  155. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I send you this email extremely disappointed and unsatisfied. This past Saturday 5th March I purchased a top of the range LCD smart TV from your store located at the Toronto Eaton Centre. After returning home and installing the television according to the manufacturer’s instructions, I was astonished on Wednesday 9th March when the TV mysteriously lost power. Subsequently after calling the store multiple times, with no answer, I returned to your store with the TV (After dismantling which took a great deal of effort) looking for a replacement, or a refund and also most importantly an explanation as to how this may have occurred.
    As you may very well understand I was quite frustrated by the time I reached your store and was absolutely astounded by the shear lack of respect and compassion I received from a sales associate Paul. I quickly explained the situation and the outcome I expected. Paul was extremely rude and unhelpful. He provided no assistance at all, brushing off my complaint and saying that it was my fault and my issue.
    I would like a full refund for my purchase as I will be comfortable to shop in your store.
    Kind regards,

  156. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to contribute to such an important decision about enhancing company’s facilities and infrastructure. Although the gym is one of the most talked about facility our company is missing, I would strongly suggest to build a child care center in the premises.
    Firstly, the number of working moms have significantly increased in last couple of years and it will be a sigh of relief for new mothers to have their kids been taken care in the same building, they are working so that they can pay visit and feed them personally during lunch hours and free time.
    Secondly, this will give a boost to our company’s rank in Top Employee Friendly Companies and will enhance the company’s face value.
    Lastly, the facilities you will be providing in the child care center i.e. playground, classrooms etc. will motivate a number of parents to move their kids from another child care center to our company’s one. This will be good in terms of revenue for the company.
    I genuinely appreciate for this thought of yours to provide more facilities to employees in the campus.
    Ross Geller

  157. Dear Manager,
    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with a recent purchase from your Dundas store. I purchased a Samsung 44″ Smart TV(Model# JHYTGYU789) on April 18th. The television worked fine initially but suddenly broke down on the third day while I was watching a movie.
    After doing some basic troubleshooting myself, I tried reaching to your customer care the same day but they were not able to help either and suggested me to go to the store.
    I came to your store the very next day and I have to say, in your absence, Tim from your staff behaved extremely rudely to me. He had me waiting for more than half an hour and didn’t show any interest in trying to understand my problem. Your staff was busy in discussing the soccer match playing in the store rather than helping me.
    Please consider this as my official complaint and try to resolve my issue asap as it is really frustrating to have such an experience from a reputed store like yours.You can reach out to me on 437-774-8976.

  158. For the time being, the lifestyle of working parents become terribly occupied that, they are experiencing bunch of hurdles in managing the work and parenting their children. I strongly support to have a child care center in the company, so that the working parents can be tension free for proper care of their children.
    As per the demographics of the company’s workforce, most of our employees are working parents, who experience difficulties in giving proper parenting to their off springs because of work. They want their children to be in trustworthy environment, where they can observe their children after short intervals. So, child care center at workplace will be perfect solution for their problem, where they can stay their children during work and can look after their kids during the tea breaks.
    Unfortunately, they have to do different shifts from their spouse, that is, morning and night shifts in order to take care of their children one by one. Because they do different shifts, they do not get time for their spouse as well as for household responsibilities. If there will be a child care facility at work they can manage work and family time well.
    Lastly, I will highly recommend to have a child care facility for staff’s convenience.

  159. DEAR restaurant manager ,

    I am writing this email to complain about the experience with the reastaurant . For 22 February ,2019 ,reservation was made to celebrate my daughters’ birthday by giving her favourite “Karahan chicken” supper. So , she could enjoy her day . However, result was not same . when she started eating , realized that food is still under cooked . Furthermore , we noticed beard hair lying on the chicken .It was devastating.
    So , I decided to narrate the event to the Manager . Unfortunately , you wasn’t available. The serving lady named “alaisha” was familiarised with the event . However, her behaviour and answer wasn’t appropriate . She told ” we never had complaint like this before of having hair on the meal , there is much more probability , it could be yours” . Her words was disrespectable and we decided to leave the restaurant .
    There should be disciplinary action against employee for her misconduct and free dinner should be compensate.
    I look forward to hear from you
    rajjoban Deep singh

    • Nice work! This one could score 5. Try to work more on your writing style. Let me know if you are interested in taking some classes. Good luck!

  160. I would like to choose child care facility instead of Gym. As I am a working mother so I know the importance of child care facility. There are so many reasons for opting this preference.
    Firstly, parents can work hassle free and without any tension as they know their child is safe and near to them. Secondly, parents can have lunch or spend some time with their children.Lastly, parents can check their children daily routine.
    I would also suggest to hire or outsource it to any reputed firm so that parents will not face any problem. Also facility should include a playground, green area where children can enjoy in open area, classrooms for study, maintain some library so that children will get material for reading and most importantly everything should be designed in a way so that it will not harm any child.
    I appreciate the efforts done by Human Resource Department. Kudos for them.

  161. Dear Store Manager,

    I had purchased a brand new TV from your store which is located in New Delhi, India. I came to your store on 10 Feb and the sales representative present over there shows me lot of variety. He recommended ABC brand which gives 5 years of Warranty with reasonable price, so I opted this and purchased the TV. Suddenly after three days it stops working and nothing is displayed. I was very upset at that time and trying to connect with you were not available in the store, My bad luck!
    I contacted with sale person over there and explained everything to him. He is not showing any interest and providing no assistance, his this behaviour is unprofessional and also very frustrating.
    Finally I came back from the store with no solution. As your store as very renowned in my location but these type of instances may impact your goodwill. Now I am writing this mail to you and hopping that you may understand my problem and provide me some resolution. Also I want to suggest you that the sales representatives in store should listen and understand customer problems apart from selling new things.

    • Nice try! I believe you can get 6 for this one. Try to work more on your tense use. If you need help improving your writing let me know.

  162. In my opnion , gym is the best idea to be open in the building .
    Firstly, it will help many employees to manage their time well. Nowadays , mostly people go gym to maintain themselves. Their time could be saved in the factors like travelling and preparing for the gym ,if they do it , after reached their home . However, facilities in same building will be preventative in these factors . Furthermore , more people will likely join the gym facility for their ease to reach. This will increase the employee productivity , helps to reach the company target and increase the revenue of the company . In the science , it is proved that exercise increases the brain memory and operate it well contrast to people who don’t do exercise .

    In the contrat with child care Centre , Gym is beneficial for the company. Almost every residential area, there is playground and green area . So , they are already enjoying these facilities . Also , they can accompany with their family. However, if these facilities will be made on the company building, very few people will prefer to engage .

  163. Dear Store Manager,

    On 8 February , I bought 18 Inch LCD television from your store. It comes with warranty for 2 years . In the beginning ,everything was working fine . However , problem arise after few days . I was watching cartoons with my children , suddenly , with a crack sound screen went black . I reset the television few times ,but didn’t worked .

    As television was still under warranty period. I went to the store to explain the circumstance with manager , unfortunately, he was not there . So, I explained the scenario to salesman who was monitoring the manager desk .But, he was very reluctant to listen. He disrespected me ,saying not having enough time to listen the matter .So , I came back without any solution .

    I am writing this to take a strict disciplinary action against employee for his behaviour . Secondly , I want to reimburse the money for the television or new television should be issued . I am looking forward to hear from you soon .
    Raj Singh

  164. Starting with appreciation for considering my opinion as part of your selection to new facility which is coming to become a part of our company,considering both options have their merits and demerits,I would end up picking option A for some personal reasons that I am going to present in this essay.
    Nowadays,on the be half of modern life people mostly have,they may experience many health problems for working too many hours seated and lack of physical activities.Having a gym with appropriate equipment would be a real great help for everyone.It would help with their physical wellness,reduces the stress and promotes their health.
    Staffs can exercise just before or after their working hours with no time wasted in commute,as the gym would be located just close to office and is providing them with shower rooms which is really great so people can completely be prepared for their next task.
    Eventually,i think many individuals would be agree to this due to the changes it can make to their daily life.Having healthier staff would lead to company’s promotion and benefits,less struggle and expenditures for health issues.
    I really understand those people whom would pick option B,as they might have trouble with their kids to be kept somewhere comfortable and enjoyable,but as there are some facilities for this all around the company,I don’t consider it as necessary as a gym could be.Once again,thank you for considering my opinion,whatever decision is made i would be a supporter.

    • Yes it does. However, you must pay attention if the word you misspelled doesn’t exist in English; because if it does, it won’t underline it as a mistake. For example, you want to write “son” and you wrote “sun”, it won’t count it as a mistake because simply “sun” is a correct English word.

  165. Dear manager
    I wish to make a formal complaint over the bad experience I had with your customer service.
    I am a loyal customer of your store ,like any time I purchase my essential electronic devices there.I bought a Samsung LED TV on Jan 15 on a great promotion.I went home and installed that on be half of its brochure.I was totally satisfied with it,but the satisfaction lasted only for three days,as it stopped working suddenly .I unplugged and plugged it twice to restart it but it was failed,that is why I decided to go back to store and ask for a help.
    Long story short,I went to the shop on Jan 19.I asked the salesman to either help me with the issue or to refer me to a professional.The staff member I talked to was named John.Not only he did not help me,but also acted unbelievably disrespectful.I was totally shocked to be treated that way.He condemned me for the matter and asked me to pay for repair,although the instrument was on its warranty for two years.As an ancient customer and regarding to your store reputation I profusely ask you to consider some training programs for your stuffs and provide them with ideas about their attitude toward clients.
    I think this matter deserves you immediate action.please look into it personally .I want you to change the TV or refund my money back,moreover I am looking forward to a formal apology from your staff.

  166. Dear Store Manager,

    I’m writing this email to talk about an issue on my TV recently purchased and a bad customer service from one of sales person whose name is Michael.

    I bought the TV(LG signature Model: X080808) last Friday in one of the Best Buy locations at Yonge and Dundas. I’m pretty much satisfied with qualities and boxing day deals I have gotten. However, it only works on the weekend properly. It started turning off itself intermittently.

    As soon as I found the problem, I went to the store, and talked to the sales person Michael about the event on my TV. I didn’t get any helps from him since he didn’t listen to what I said, and kept telling me bring the TV to see if there is the problem. He didn’t seem to believe my words. Besides, he was really nice to people who are interested in purchasing right away. The discrimination made me so mad. Finally, I walked out of the store without a solution.

    So, I’d like to have a full refund of my TV by tomorrow. Furthermore, the sales person might need to be re-trained for customer services.


    Jacob Lee

  167. May I request you to review this piece also…though it is a different question
    Dear Sir,
    I am writing this letter to express my delight for the food quality and supreme customer service we experienced at your Community center restaurant in Silicon Oasis.
    We organized a party of 25 people; family, friends and office colleagues on Wednesday, January 1st to celebrate the golden jubilee of our marriage anniversary. We have made prior bookings and also requested the restaurant to prepare a two tier chocolate cake for the special occasion. The evening was flawless and to my utter pleasure, all the guests seems really thrilled and enjoyed their evening.
    Not only the food tasted delicious but, it was also served warm and presentable. The presentations was at par with a five star restaurant. Your menu offered a great choice, so does the liquor one. The wine was not only served at the right temperature but, in the right choice of glasses, reflecting on the good training of the staff.
    In addition, the waiters were very polite and did not interfere with the proceedings. They were quick to attend to any requests. Overall, it was a great evening with succulent dishes, nice music and impeccable arrangements.
    I would like to thank you once again for making our special day so memorable and congratulate you once again for doing a great job with your restaurant.
    Yours faithfully,
    Mr & Mrs Kalra

  168. Dear Manager,

    I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction towards my recent purchase and the behaviour of your salesman with the customers.

    I purchased Samsung Led T.V on Jan 2nd, 2019 in your store with high expectations. Unfortunately, T.V stopped working without any obvious reason in a week i.e Jan 8th, so I went to see you in the store yesterday but you weren’t available by that time.

    The salesman, who was heard the problem didn’t care about the actual issue, moreover, he blamed me that I was intended to misuse the warranty. I tried to explain to him that as I had purchased a week ago, I have been eligible to claim my warranty but he was reluctant to listen and rude to me. so I came back without resolution.

    I would like to suggest you send the good technician to my house to resolve or offer me a new T.V. I would like to recommend you train your staff to change their behaviour with the customers. Your store has been well known in the city, I hope you will take the right decision to resolve my issue.


  169. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    My name is John and I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction regarding the quality of the TV purchased from your store and the rudeness of your salesman.
    I bought an LG TV model number 5732 on 5th Jan, 2019 based on you recommendations. It worked pretty fine for exactly 3 days but, to my utter surprise, it stopped functioning for no apparent reasons.
    I, therefore returned to the store the following day, but, unfortunately you were not available. I happened to bump into a salesman, thinking he would either help me or guide me the appropriate course of action. But, to make matters worse, he paid no attention to my complaint and on being shown the warranty papers, he stated that the company does not assume any responsibility post purchase. In the entire conversation, I found him precisely rude and uncooperative.
    I expect to resolve this problem urgently. I would therefore request you to refund my money in full, should I not receive a delivery of new TV by the end of this week.
    Looking forward to hear back from you immediately.
    Yours faithfully,

  170. Dear Walmart manager,
    I am writing this email to express my dissatisfaction with a purchase that I made in your electronics department. Last Friday I went to your store and a very friendly attendant sold me a TV model HD-60. Everything was going well, the whole family loved the TV, but the tide turned against us; the TV only functioned for 3 days.
    The TV stopped to work after it suddenly turned off, even though we made nothing to this happen. After proceed with all possible tests and have certified that the TV indeed was defective, I came back to the store and asked to talk to you about the problem. However you were not available that day and a vendor named Robert received us. I explained to him the entire situation, and for my surprise he started to put the blame on me. He was very unprofessional and I left the store without a solution.
    As compensation for these problems, I would like to receive full refund of my purchase or another TV, with an upgrade to a better model for the same price that I paid.

    I look forward to your prompt reply and resolution of my problem.


  171. Task2

    Dear HR department

    I’m writing this email to respond the survey our company recently conducted. I personally prefer a child care centre to be developed in company’s premises for following two reasons.

    First, as both my wife and I work in the company for a long time, we are expecting better employee’s benefit such as a family care. If you can take our children to the child care facility while we are working, it would give us tremendous comforts just to have our kids in the workplace. As a result, my work performance would be improved.

    Second, the child care centre would be a perfect marketing for both our customers and prospective employees. Since our company builds a child care software, building the child care system in our workplace would be convincing our customer to trust us. Moreover, nowadays our company is having trouble to hire talented software engineers. We can appeal to potential employees by having the child care, as none of companies out there has their own child care centre. That’s why I want to have child care centre.

  172. Dear Manager,

    I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction towards bad experience at your store last Saturday. I visited there to purchase 55 inch TV set. After purchase, I took TV home, plugged in the TV wire and suddenly a spark came out and TV screen went blank.

    Afterwards, I brought it back to your store and asked for a repair or replacement, but the salesman refused to initiate my request by saying it is not covered under warranty. I showed him the invoice with serial number, but he denied by saying the particular serial number is not covered under any warranty and I should leave the premises with faulty TV and get it repaired somewhere else. In addition, I requested to talk to store manager, but he informed that manager is not available at the moment.

    One of my friends has strongly recommended your store for electronic purchases but considering my experience, I would never suggest it to anyone else. To keep the reputation, I believe you should hire employees who can handle and treat your customers responsibly, efficiently and effectively. Also, I would expect a refund or a replacement within next 2-3 days.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  173. Looking at the current scenarios, where people are enticed towards lethargic life, unhealthy eating habits and ignoring essential physical activities, my preference would be option A i.e. Gym.

    Firstly, to get promotions, incentives and extra bonuses, people are continuously working and stressing themselves by spending extra hours in office. By doing so, they are ignoring an important aspect of healthy living i.e. exercise. An exercise keeps the body fit and calms the mind. A person who exercise regularly, can live better and healthier life as compare to those who skip this regime. Hence, if our office facilitates a gym, then it can boost and motivate employees to put extra efforts for doing physical exercise.

    Secondly, in a research, it has been noted that exercise is a great way of releasing stress. If an employee is working on a project with controlled mind and focus, then he can achieve greater results that can be beneficial to the company. A healthy employee may lead to more satisfactory outcomes and company revenues can go up.

    In addition, there is a baby care right outside the office building where mothers can keep their babies without worrying. But the vicinity lacks a fitness center which is a necessity.

  174. Dear Sir,

    I am writing this letter to complain about TV bought from your store. Moreover, I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the customer service provided by your salesperson upon reporting the issue in your absence. Yesterday, I bought a LED 2.0 Version Samsung TV, silver color, 46.5 inches from your store. We tried to install it as per the procedure mentioned in the brochure, but we could not do so due to the bent plug pins. Also, a red wire was loose on the ends.

    We immediately arrived at your store with the Television and its accessories, informed about the aforementioned issues to the attendant present at the front desk present during your unavailability. He bluntly refused to assist us in any way possible and asked us to contact the manufacturing company instead. We reached out to another person from the sales department and received ignorant and in-compliant treatment. This untrained and poor assistance from your reputed electronics outlet is not anticipated.

    I strongly assert that the problem with purchased item be resolved at the earliest. In addition to this, I would suggest you to hire professionally trained staff in your store.

    Your’s faithfully,

  175. Dear Manager,
    I am writing this email regarding an issue to my recent purchase from your store. Last Saturday, i bought a 55′ Samsung TV which suddenly stopped working after three days for no reason. Late that day, I came back to your store to understand the problem and then i had the most terrible and disappointing conversation with your salesperson.

    Sir, the TV worked perfectly for three days, however, on the fourth day, when i tried to connect it with my phone, it suddenly shut down. I went through the user manual and tried to reinstall but it didn’t switch on. Moreover, when i came back to your store, the salesperson response was very rude. Initially, he was not accepting the warranty card i received with the TV and was blaming me for the issue. Later, he asked me to come on some other day, saying he is too busy to help me today.

    Having said all this, i request you to please into this matter and help me to replace my TV. Moreover, i would also advise you to please give a proper salesperson-customer interaction training to your team, so that in future no other customer go through the same experience.

    Thank you for your time.


  176. Dear Manager,
    XX Electronics

    Am writing this letter to express my disappointment on your customer service. I recently bought SHARP 43” TV from your showroom. The TV was working fine for 2 days. From third day, the display started diminishing and completely turned off.

    I visited your showroom to lodge a complaint but the salesperson there was unconcerned. He didn’t pay attention to me and behaved rude when I tried to explain him the problem. It was just 3 days back when the same salesperson spoke to me politely to sell the product. I then contacted the customer service, they too sounded so careless and told that they will route this issue to head office without giving any explanation. Is this the way you treat your customers?

    I have 2 years warranty as well as replacement insurance for my product. Please send a technician immediately to fix my problem. Otherwise I will go with my replacement option as a last resort. Hope to get a positive response from you.


  177. I am writing this letter to raise the utter dissatisfaction, I have after purchasing a Sony 40 inched Smart TV from your “Disha Electronics”.I purchased this TV last week with invoice Number:-2f8ff and for first two days it was working as expected however, from last three days it is not even turning ON ,I have call the customer care number mentioned in the Bill but, nobody is picking the phone then I called to store there sales man behaviour aghast me Initially ,he denied to connect to me mentioning the reason they do not provide Post Selling service and later on when I visited store the store he in a very rude way told me that people from service team will approached me ,conversely its being 3 days nobody connected with me.

    So being a store manage, I would like to guide me about the procedure to resolve the issue and I believe that a replacement of it or a money back is the best solution for this problem. Also I appreciate if you can guide sells team to customer dealing etiquettes


  178. Hi Panorama Electronics Manager,

    Few weeks ago, I’ve visited your store, which is located at St-Catherine, Montreal, Canada. I’ve bought a nice looking colored smart LED TV of 32’’ with UHD from the shop. The company was new and the price looks reasonable to me so I decided to bring it home and replace it with my old-fashioned TV. However, after a week of using this smart LED TV, the screen starting to have some strange white spots at the bottom. I tried to explore the reason for this irregular behavior of the LED TV by searching on the Internet web. I’ve found that many customers that bought this smart LED TV faced the similar kind of issues. So, I immediately came to the conclusion that this is a manufacturing fault. I went to your shop and showed this fault to “Mr. John” who was the in-charge of the shop at that day. First, he didn’t recognize this issue but after a while when I explained to him more about the issue, he seems to be convinced. But he was not willing to compensate me by replacing this smart TV with another one from different trusted brand, like Samsung. I also gave him the option that I can pay the difference of the prices. He was telling me that this is not their policy to exchange the brands. I’m not satisfied that there exist any policy as he didn’t show me upon my request. Now, I want you to step-in and resolved this matter since I’ve been your customers from several years. This is the reputation of your store and I believe that the TV has a genuine manufacturing fault. Last but to the least, I think it’s an urgent matter and I must say that I deeply disappointed from the quality of the customer services of your shop.

    Yours Truly,
    Waqar Ahmed