CELPIP Speaking Test 2


Speaking Task 1: Giving Advice

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 90 seconds


Your friend feels lonely lately, so  she wants to take up a new sport. Advise her about different sports you feel might be helpful to cheer her up.

You can find answers for this test HERE

Speaking Task 2: Talking about a Personal Experience

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


Talk about a great time you spent with a family member or friend. You can talk about a movie you watched together, a meal you shared in a nice restaurant, a great show or music concert you went to, or any activity you can remember. What happened and why was it memorable?

Speaking Task 3: Describing a Scene

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds

Describe some things that are happening in the picture below as well as you can. The person with whom you are speaking cannot see the picture.

Speaking Task 4: Making Predictions

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


In this picture, what do you think will most probably happen next?

Speaking Task 5: Comparing and Persuading

 Preparation: 60 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


You and your sister are planning to go and see a show this weekend.

Your sister wants to see the ballet show (number 1), and you want to go and see Hamlet, the play (number 3). Convince your sister to go with you and see the play you chose.

Speaking Task 6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation

 Preparation: 60 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


You are a teacher and one of your students has an unacceptable behavior. Your colleague Tom advises you to take disciplinary actions, while David thinks you should be more patient with him.

Either: explain to Tom why you should be more patient with your student.

Or: explain to David why you should take disciplinary actions.

Speaking Task 7: Expressing Opinions

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 90 seconds

Answer the following question.

Do you think scientists have the right to experiment on animals for research purposes? Explain your reasons.

Speaking Task 8: Describing an Unusual Situation

 Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


You are walking down the street at night and you see a woman being robbed by a thief. Phone the police. Provide a full and clear description of the thief and the thing he robbed.

 Try to provide your own answer in the comment area. Just write the number of the task and I will review it, correct it and give you my evaluation.

You can find answers for this test HERE

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