CELPIP Speaking Test 1



Speaking Task 1: Giving Advice

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 90 seconds

A friend of yours wants to buy a special gift for his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Advise him about different gifts he can get.

Speaking Task 2: Talking about a Personal Experience

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds

Talk about a great time you spent with your family. You can talk about a wedding party, a picnic you had with them, a birthday party, or any memorable event you can think of. What was it? what happened and why was it an unforgettable time?

Speaking Task 3: Describing a Scene

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


Describe some things that are happening in the picture below as well as you can. The person with whom you are speaking cannot see the picture.



Speaking Task 4: Making Predictions

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds

In this picture, what do you think will most probably happen next?capture

Speaking Task 5: Comparing and Persuading

 Preparation: 60 seconds


You are planning to go on a vacation with your partner and you need to rent an RV. Your partner wants to rent the one on the left, persuade him that your choice is more suitable by comparing the two vehicles.


Speaking Task 6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation

Preparation: 60 seconds Recording: 60 seconds

A close relative has some financial problems and has asked you to borrow some money. Your wife/husband does not want you to lend him any money because he has not paid people back in the past.

Choose ONE:

Explain to your relative why you cannot lend him the money.
Explain to your husband/wife why you should lend your relative the money.

Speaking Task 7: Expressing Opinions

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 90 seconds

Answer the following question.

Do you think children should wear uniforms in school so that they are all dressed the same?


Speaking Task 8: Describing an Unusual Situation

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds

You went to visit a friend for the first time and discovered that he lives in a strange house. Phone a family member describing him/her what you see.



Try to provide your own response in the comment area. Just write the number of the task. I will review it, correct it, and give you my own evaluation.

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  1. One of the vacations I liked most was when we visited Ottawa in May last year. It was a trip suddenly planned. I was just surfing the internet and found a good deal and booked the weekend trip. When we reached Ottawa, we came to know about the ongoing famous Tulip Festival. Since we are from India, it was the first time I saw Tulips, and that too in so diverse colors. The view was mesmerizing and the photos we clicked were like straight out of some portrait. There was also a kid’s fun activity zone organized in the downtown center with lots of different kids’ activities. My son was so happy and excited to be able to participate in the paint workshop. It was the first trip that we took after coming to Canada, was completely unplanned and we experienced the natural beautiful never seen before.

  2. Hi Max, Hope you are doing well! Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary.

    It’s good you asked me about the present for Sarah. She mentioned to me last week about needing some vacation time. She might like it if you plan a weekend trip. If you are stretched for time to plan you may consider buying a SPA package. I feel she would love that. Also, you may think about taking her to a candlelight dinner and giving her a bouquet and assorted chocolates. These things are women’s best friends.

    I hope it will help you in choosing a wedding present for Sarah. Please let le know if you need any help finalizing the present. I am sure whatever you choose, Sarah would be happy with it.

    Congratulations once again on your upcoming Wedding Anniversary. Enjoy the day!!

    Lots of Love

  3. Answer Task 1

    Hey John! How are you? Hope everything is going great at home?
    Firstly, I want to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding Anniversary. I recalled its this month end, though, I don’t remember the exact date. I am Glad that you asked for my advice as Sarah is even a good friend to me. I would like to suggest some outstanding ideas for gifting on your special occasion. I think either you can present her a smart wrist watch which is in trend now-a-days and a sports shoes which she will be enjoying during her morning walks and evening exercises or you can even gift her a stunning MK handbag, I recently spent sometime checking for them online and found they have extraordinary designs with affordable prizes. I am sure Sarah would be delighted to have such marvelous gifts from you rest whatever floats your boat:) Hope I was of good help to you. Happy Anniversary in Advance.

  4. SPEAKING TEST 1 TASK 1 hey bell, how are you. there are many different option of anniversary gifts, i would like to suggest you some such as you can surprise your wife by taking her to surprise candle light dinner with pleasant violin music or you can gift her a Gucci wrist watch as she is the business woman a watch will help her to be on time everywhere or else you can give her a diamond necklace as you told me she loves wearing different accessories so i think so she will be happy to get a necklace.

  5. I am glad you asked me I think I can give you useful tips, actually I have preparing tens of gifts for my husband every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Since I am good friend with your wife I recommend that you get her a customised gift because she is fond of unique and special gifts. I f I were you I would print out your both names on a T-shirt she would love it a lot. You should consider as well selecting a picture of you together to print it out on a nice canvas and hang it on the wall with your names both curved on the frame , I bet she would cry of happiness to see that, if your budget is too limited you should prepare then a romantic dinner by making her favorite dish, light candles on the table along with her favourite meal and take the opportunity to tell her how much you love her while holding her hands passionately. I hope my advice was useful for you.

  6. Speaking task 2.
    A family moment I will never forget, took place in 1987. It was Christmas! It was snowing! We woke up early with my husband to put the presents for the kids underneath our beautiful small Christmas tree. As soon as, their breakfast was ready, they were all up and ran to see if Santa Claus stopped by to leave them his presents. I will never forget the expressions on their cute little faces! Their excitement and their happiness! Magic was in the air! Santa Claus is the most beautiful myth a child can experience! We gathered altogether around the tree and laughed and shared their happiness while the fireplace was on, making this memory even better for me!

  7. Speaking task 6.
    Hey Paul! I’m so sorry that you are facing this difficult situation! Not being able to pay the rent of the month is not an ideal situation to be in. I would really want to help you, but, unfortunately I can’t! Mike knows that you have already borrowed money from many relatives and you never paid them back. I understand that this is not what you intended to do, but, on the the other hand, as my husband says and I agree with him, we don’t make that much money to spare and give away. We have our own expenses to cover monthly and thank God we are ok. But, that doesn’t mean that we have a huge savings account from which we could share with you. I’m sorry for that! But, that said, why don’t you consider doing something else instead of borrowing money that you can’t return? For example, I know that the company you work for, is busy enough to approve overtime. You can work a little bit harder and catch up with all the expenses and things happening right now! Hard work always pays off and gets much appreciated from the employer. Good luck!

    • Great response! You could easily get 9 with your speaking responses, but it depends on your intonation, pronunciation, and other factors as well.

  8. Speaking task 7.
    I believe that children should were uniforms at school for many reasons. First of all, it would be much easier for us parents to dress our children because their regular clothes don’t really show underneath the uniform. Also, we would avoid all that competition that kids have (which one is dressed nicer and more expensive). I’m sick and tired of my daughter begging to buy her Calvin Klein’s clothes just because Karen wears them at school and shows off!
    Finally, I believe that our children would safer in uniforms because that way you can easily recognize a stranger walking into a school yard. Aren’t all parents concerned about their kids safety?

  9. Speaking task 1.
    Hi Paul! So you are about to celebrate your first wedding anniversary with Anna! Isn’t that great! Congratulations in advance!
    Since you are looking for suggestions on what to buy for her on this special occasion, I would like to help.
    If I were you, I would buy a nice golden ring with emeralds, since green is her favourite colour, along with chocolates and a beautiful bouquet of pink roses. If this is something you can’t afford, don’t worry! Alternatively I would suggest a gift certificate from Chinook centre mall, where she can spend in any store her little heart desires, along always with the chocolates and the flowers. Also, a nice romantic dinner, in a fancy restaurant for the two of you, would be a great idea, as well!
    I’m sure that whatever you finally choose, she will love it! Happy anniversary!

  10. Task 1:

    Hi Alan,

    Your first wedding anniversary is coming soon. I know you are getting confused for choosing gift for your wife. Let me suggest something for you, which might be little helpful. As you know, ladies like to wear jewelries. If your wife love too, then you can give her diamond ring or necklace with the rose flowers, it’s quite romantic for the anniversaries. If you don’t want to buy any jewelry then you can select 1 photograph from your wedding album and print it out in a big canvas print and plan a candle light dinner date and give it to her with rose flower. I think that will be the good memory from your wedding and it will be more creative too. In addition, any of the printing shops you will get this canvas print options. It is little cheaper too. Or you can plan a small trip of her favorite place where she wanted to go with you, that way you can spend some time with her too. I hope you like my options. It might help you to choose your anniversary gift. Good luck.

  11. hey Mike, I am very glad that you come to ask me for help in choosing the birthday present to Mary as you know girls understand girls better. I really have some good advice for you. You can buy her a luxury bag, her Gucci bag, which is the most expensive one in her whole bags collection has worn out last year, you could choose one at the outlets, one with a butterfly decoration is her favorite now and it costs less than 400 dollars. Then I suggest you buy a membership card in a salon because she has complained several times about her back pain, you can buy her a massage package which can exactly care about her health, she would be a fabulous choice for her now. I will introduce my salon manager to you that you can have a good discount. I holp she will like whatever you send.

  12. Task-1
    Hi Sam!
    I come to know that you are going to celebrate wedding anniversary on coming week. I congratulate you in advance. As you asked me about the gifts which you want present your wife, first you can have a look on diamond necklace which a very glittering and expensive gift. second you can try newly launched iphone model which is have a great options such as selfies and even she can use it for an office work. Even can try to gift a vehicle which is newly launched vehicle from Volkswagen. All the best and see you at party.

  13. TASK 7
    In my own opinion, children should wear uniform so that they are all dressed the same.
    Firstly, i believe that school uniform serves as unique identity of a school and it helps them identify their own students thus they could easily recognize any strangers who are entering the school premises.
    Secondly, having the same dress could prevent bullying especially those who are fashion victim as a result, children might experience trauma from attending school that might affect their grades.
    To drive home the point, even though wearing a civilian clothes could make them comfortable, it would be better for the children to wear a perspective uniform to avoid certain situations that i mentioned a while ago.

  14. Hi Mac,

    Hope you and lesa are fine! I heard that coming July 2nd is your wedding anniversary. Hayyy..I’m so excited my friend, I know you might be a bit confusing situation that how to surprise her! Let me share few opinions with you. Firstly, we generally gift flower, dark chocolates and yes wine too which are very common. But, I don’t want you to fall on same track and you know Lisa always have an high expectations upon you.I still remember last year their was no engagement ceremony before your wedding. So, keeping this in my mind I suggest you to present a beautiful platinum ring with the bunch of Lily, which are Lisa favourite. I know as you recently shifted to Edmonton, may cant effort this. Don’t worry as one of my friend working in platinum collection store will definitely help you out with good discount. I bet its gonna be a memorable surprise to her. Hope you like me help and advise. See you soon at the event.

    Yours lovingly,

    • Hi Steve, I heard to our friend Julie that your wedding anniversary with Thelma are coming and you wanted to buy her a special gift. Well, first you can buy her a bouquet of flower and chocolate then try to put it you’re your bed room where there are some of roses petals scattered in the bed. Second, you can by her a pair of shoes or a dress. Third, you can surprise her a trip to Hawaii. It’s also serves as a second honeymoon for both of you since you both loves to travel much. Hope my suggestions help you. Happy Anniversary.

  15. task 1:

    Hi John! I heard you are planning to buy something special gift for your wife on your anniversary? well, since Ella loves to bake why not buy her a set of baking utensils? I know a store near our office and they are currently on sale about 50% percent off in all items. However, if you want to give her something extraordinary, perhaps you can give her a set of diamond jewelry. I am pretty sure that she would be surprised. There are also things that you might also want to consider like buying her dress or shoes but if you want the simple but sweet idea you can just surprise her with a bouquet of flower and a bar of chocolate. I hope my suggestions will help you. Happy anniversary!

  16. Hey Jack,
    how are you ? i hope you and your family doing well.
    first of all i would like to congratulate you and your wife too on your first wedding anniversary.
    i am glad to know that you asked for my advice.
    i can defiantly help you,
    well according to my personal experience and your wife is friend of mine, i would suggest you to buy a diamond earring, because i know she has wedding diamond ring for this time if you buy similar matching earring, she would fall in love with you once again. I rembered that time when i gifted diamond earning to my wife on our first wedding annivarsary. She was really gleeful.
    i know a jewellery shop, the owner of that shop is friend of my dad, his name is Ekam it is in located in garden city mall. i am used to buy many gift from them and never ever had any complaint. just give them my reffrence and they will give you discount.

    i hope my suggestions will help you. good luck

  17. Task 1

    Hey John,

    I heard about your upcoming wedding anniversary and you’ re looking a special gifts for your wife. I suggest you might try to buy a bracelet with meaningful charm on it, so that when ever she’s wearing it, it reminds how much you love her. There’s a lot of sale bracelets in Pandora that you can choose from. Anyway, I hope you find a special gift. Just let me know if you need more help. Enjoy your wedding anniversary!

  18. Task 8:
    HI Aunti,
    How are you all. Lastweek i visited Brampton for 2 days for my business meeting and i got chance to meet your son there. We planned to meet on some famous restaurant but i got late fro my meeting and then i decided to visit his place. His home looks very good from outside but He is living in dirty basement. Firstly the basement is 7 stairs down from ground floor. It was so smelly and dark there. Apparently it looks like he never do sweeping and mopping there. Everything is scattered all over the ground. I expected to have clean room but i got totally different picture of room. secondly The Washroom was so dirty that i didn’t use that washroom at all. I am amazed how they are using this washroom. last but not least, There was no public transport available near to basement. the have to walk 30 mins to catch bus. it is quite hard though . At Last,kindly take care him and advice them to keep cleanliness and arranged things nicely.However It is the old myth that if you know status of life ,first check their bathroom. because cleanliness starts from us.

  19. Task 1

    Hey Jenny,

    How are you doing today? Firstly, i would like to congratulate you and your wife on your first wedding anniversary. Since you have been in search of a beautiful present for your beloved wife, I would like to provide little advice regarding the same.

    I remember when i bought a beautiful piece of earnings for my wife on our first wedding anniversary, she was really gleeful. Adding to this I would suggest you to visit the jewellery shop which is in the vicinity of our office, the shop has various different design, moreover offers a 10% discount for company employees.

    Therefore, I hope that you will be able to find the best gift for your wife.

    • Good response! However, I don’t think this response would take 90 sec. You can develop more ideas or give examples to the pieces of advice you gave. Good luck!

  20. Task 1-
    Hey Mark how are you doing today! First of all I would like to congratulate you on your first wedding anniversary. Last week you were asking me some suggestion about the present, well I have done some research about it, as your wife is good friend of mine and I had a clue that she is expectation a diamond earrings as a present. I can suggest you a great jewelry shop in the downtown call PP jewelry, owner of the shop is good friend of my dad his name is David you can just go to him and take my name he will offer you amazing discount and truest me his jewelries are good quality and long lasting, he has mordent designs inspired by the latest fashion. Hope this will help you find the nice pair of earing for your wife.

  21. Dear Hightest Score team,

    With regards to the speaking task, can I write my response here. Would you be able to review the same and correct me with your suggestions.

  22. Hi there, do you have a sample answer for the speaking test that you can share? I really like your tips!! Very useful!! Thanks!!! 🙂


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