CELPIP Speaking Test 3


Speaking Task 1: Giving Advice

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 90 seconds

Your friend’s health is deteriorating because of smoking. His/her doctor recommended stopping smoking cigarettes immediately. However, he/she is very addicted and doesn’t know how to stop. Advise him/her about different ways that could help him/her quit smoking.

Speaking Task 2: Talking about a Personal Experience

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


Talk about a scary situation you or someone you know experienced. You can talk about something that happened at night, a scary dream, or any dramatic situation. What was it? Where and when was it? What happened and how did it end?

Speaking Task 3: Describing a Scene

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


Describe some things that are happening in the picture below as well as you can. The person with whom you are speaking cannot see the picture.

Speaking Task 4: Making Predictions

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


In this picture, what do you think will most probably happen next?


Speaking Task 5: Comparing and Persuading

 Preparation: 60 seconds Recording: 60 seconds

You and your partner are thinking of sending your son to a new high school. You have chosen Virginia High School, whereas your partner prefers St George High School. Convince your partner to let your son study in the high school of your choice.

Speaking Task 6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation

 Preparation: 60 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


After a check up, your doctor advises you to take at least three days rest at home. However, your boss insists that you work these days.

Either: explain to your doctor why you should work.

Or: explain to your boss why you should rest.

Speaking Task 7: Expressing Opinions

Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 90 seconds


Answer the following question and give reasons for your answer.

Do you think it is very important for children to learn how to play a musical instrument at an early age.

Speaking Task 8: Describing an Unusual Situation

 Preparation: 30 seconds Recording: 60 seconds


You want to buy a birthday gift for your son and he desperately needs a bicycle. While you were looking at different models, you saw this one and wanted to buy it. Call your wife. Provide a full description of the bicycle and ask her about her opinion.

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  1. reply for comparison ans persuading; I ponder the opposite choice have better and difficult to speak on own choice as less feature in it.

    I have a better choice then yours and i have some logical reasons behind that firstly if i tell about the structure or area around the school then virginia high school have lot of space as there is a big green park in front of the building where students can sit, play in break time or leisure time. on the other hand, in st george school, his friend is studying may be he will depend on him but in virginia school he will know about how to make friends and he will stand on his foot. I know the price and the distance is quiet higher then yours choice but we cannot denied the other discussed reasons.

  2. Hey Rishi,

    I would like talk to talk to for 5 minutes regarding an imporatant thing. Hope you have some patience to listen in this situation.

    I have been telling you to stop smoking since so long but you keep neglecting my words and continued more over you have increased number of times you Somke. It is spoiled your health drastically and you are not in a situation to listen to anyone.

    Yesterday I was walking at the park and happened to meet our mutual family physician there. He told me that you have visited him for your severe cough and chest painreceny. He discussed about your situation although it is not lawfully correct to share others personal health issues. He requested me to work towards your smoking to quit.

    I know you are already trying to quit smoking but let me suggest you something serious for quicker results. Firstly try to limit your number of cigarettes for a while and then you can stop eventually. I would recommmend to do some exercises and drink some toxins which can clean your body. Also why don’t you consider nicotine controllers, I heard they can help you better than anything else. Also I read somewhere that Bananas and oranges can help you to reduce smoking tendency. I would eat them whenever I am tend to smoke. There are lot of other homemade solutions I have read online and forwarded to your email last night. Try to read them when ever you have time.

    Hopefully you will be successfull in quitting your smoking habit very soon


  3. Hey Sam, I am very sad to know your health badly affected because of smoking. This time, you must follow you doctor’s advice and stop smoking. I know, its very hard to get out of that habit which you following last 18-20 years. Anyways, I am happy that you have taken into consideration your doctor’s advice and trying to quit smoking. See I know its very difficult to stop smoking in an overnight. But, I promise, I will be with you and I will help you to stop tis habit.
    First of all, please don’t think about cigarettes and avoid visiting your regular smokers areas like office smokers corner, café etc. When you are tempting, please divert your mind by speaking to someone of your interesting topic or drink a glass of water, munch something. These are some techniques you can apply to keep your elf away from smoking. Furthermore, engage with some physical and mental activities which will keep busy.
    I hope you will be rigid with your decision and will not give up until you win the game. Best of luck

    • I haven’t corrected some mistakes as it is not a writing task. I think your introduction is as long as your pieces of advice, which I wouldn’t recommend.

  4. Hi hightestscore,
    Your tests really helpful. Is it possible to get some more practice tests to my email??

  5. Hi Hightestscore,
    Your test is very helpful and useful. Is that all the 3 speaking practice test task that you have, if not can send me more to my email. And is all your practice test are likely the same in actual test.
    Thank You,


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