2Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Read the following information.

You have recently attended a parent-teachers meeting at your daughter’s high school. However, two of her teachers were absent in that meeting. You waited for more than an hour, but they did not come. Therefore, you were not able to assess your daughter’s progress in those two subjects.

Write an email to the principle of the school in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

  • Explain clearly the situation.
  • Explain how the teachers’ absence affected your perception of your daughter’s educational progress.
  • Describe how you want to resolve the issue.

    Try to write your own response in the comment area. I will try to give you an estimate score.

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Sample answer

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am writing to bring to your kind notice the unprofessional conduct of two of your respected schoolteachers. During the last parent-teachers meeting, my daughter’s Math and French teachers did not care enough to attend the meeting. Many parents, including myself, have waited for them for nearly an hour, but to no avail.

As you may imagine, this incident has unfortunately prevented me to have a clear idea of my daughter’s learning progress, especially in those two important subjects. In fact, my daughter already feels unconfident about her French, especially after her unsatisfactory grade in her last assignment; hence, I was desperate to discuss the issue with her teacher in order to find learning strategies to overcome her difficulties. On the other hand, I had also hoped to talk with her Math teacher about her performance in class so as to assess her gradual improvement and encourage her scientific inclinations.

In brief Mr. Brown, I would be very grateful if you could arrange a meeting with the aforementioned teachers as soon as possible. I believe devoting an hour of their precious time for us is the least they can do. Hopefully they show up this time!


Helen Smith

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  1. Hello Sir or Madam,

    Hope you are doing well!

    I am writing this email to bring to your notice the unprofessional conduct that occurred at the parent teachers meeting last Friday in sent Mary high school. My daughter Nyasa is in grade 10 and she is in Mrs.Mary class, during our meeting session I waited for 2 teachers who was supposed to provide feedback about my daughter on those 2 subjects, however, they didn’t showed up in that meeting at all.

    I had received an invitation to join the parent teachers meeting regarding review of our daughter’s progress in all her subjects last week. I came there on the time and received the feedback from the all teachers except Math and science teachers which are Mrs.Sara and Mrs.Sandra. I was told to wait for sometime for them, but after waiting few hours they didn’t came and I had not received the valuable progress status of my daughter in those 2 subjects.

    first of all, I really got disappointed as those 2 teachers didn’t attend the meeting and it feels like I didn’t get complete status of my daughter’s progress in grade 10. Actually I was eagerly waiting to discuss about the progress on those subjects with their teachers and want to highlight few concerns which I observed at home during helping in her homework of those subjects. Having said that I am pretty sure that it will impact my daughter’s improvement as well as in her upcoming examination, as we didn’t resolved those issues which I found and I think it will make her difficulties to understand and get confident on those subjects.

    Finally, I would like to suggest if possible that all subject’s teacher could attend the meeting so it would be really helpful for parent’s to know what improvement required for their kids in home. Also if you would plan some backup teacher’s for all subject for meeting, so if any subject teacher is unable to join the meeting due to any emergency, parent will not
    suffer and get all the review and feedback for that particular subject from supplementary teachers.

    I am looking forward for your reply.

    June Smith

  2. Dear Mr. White,

    I would like to bring your attention to the unprofessional conduct that occurred at the parent-teacher meeting last week. My last two sessions were scheduled with my daughter’s Math teacher and Physical Education teacher. Unexpectedly, I was left waiting for an hour at the room and ending up heading home with no explanation.

    As you may know, our family has just recently immigrated to Canada from Germany. Having to learn a new language is not an easy task and Susan is struggling to keep up with the English education in Canada. I was hoping to discuss with Mr. Bond if his teaching approach is suitable for new immigrants like Susan to comprehend comfortably. Furthermore, Susan was hoping me to ask Mr. Bond to provide some extra curriculums for her midterm preparation, instead, I went home with an empty hand.

    In addition, Susan has been feeling left out during team sports activities in her PE class due to her body shape. In my knowledge, there should be no tolerance regarding body shaming in the school, and It is Mr. Colin’s responsibility to ensure the students can be learning under a non-discriminated environment.

    I would like to reschedule with the two teachers individually on the weekdays to resolve the aforementioned issues. Having said that, I have trusted the school to provide my daughter with adequate surroundings for her education, and I hope this can be addressed promptly. Thank you.



  3. Dear Mr. Brown,

    I am father of Gloria Smith who is a 6th grader at your school. I’m mainly emailing you to bring it your attention the unprofessional conduct of two of your respected schoolteachers. Last week, my wife and I attended the monthly parent-teacher event. However, to our shock My daughter’s math and French teacher did not care to show up without any advanced notice. We waited close to an hour and left in disappointment.

    First of all, my daughter has been struggling with math for some time. I was anticipating having a conversation with her math teacher to come up with a learning plan that helps her excel in this subject. On the other hand, my daughter has been getting remarkably higher marks on her recent French report cards. I was hoping to find out what was being done differently in her class that helped with her progress.

    As a caring parent Gloria’s academic success is my top priority. I would kindly ask you to set up a meeting with the appropriate teachers next week in order to go over aforementioned questions.


    Logan Smith

  4. If possible, I’d prefer half of us would work on Saturday mornings to keep up with work progress while working four hours for one month. Although some may opine option B due to fewer hours of working per day it offers, my preferred choice has many other advantages which outweigh it.

    First off, many of my fellow coworkers would have a choice to make whether to work on Saturdays or not. Thus, ones who have planned weekend schedule which is sort of mandatory may choose to work as usual. For instance, Amanda, with sales department usually sees her son on Saturdays in compliance with the court’s order, may be beneficial with my selection of choice.

    Moreover, the option of working half a day on weekdays enables singles like me voluntarily work on Saturdays in exchange for less time at work during weekdays for other personal matters such as doctor’s or government agencies’ appointments. Consequently, I don’t have to sacrifice my unpaid time-off or my adherence to undergo the appointment.

    Last but not least, despite my preference is stated, I would comply with the final decision the management would make. I appreciate the opportunity to provide my input on this matter.

  5. It is outstanding that for the matter like this company is taking surveys from staffs and I am thrilled to share mine. Working on the weekend is no one favorite especially whom has kids and family to be with On the other hand, company activities need to be on schedule. At this situation among the available choices I strongly believe everyone working for 2 hours is much better idea than the other one. It probably will result in finishing the job sooner than the estimated time of two months and we could get back to normal situation sooner.
    Everyone working for 2 hours means we have needed power to tackle the issue. While if we stick with option 1 the company would definitely lag on some point as half of the expertise are out which means more delay and not only the work would not finish on time but also there is a high chance of getting more behind the plan.
    Another argument in favor of option 2 is the working time. Although we should work for 2 hours at the weekend, We would not miss out much of it anyway we still could catch up with our weekend plans. However, option 1 would result in ruining of weekend for half of the workers and it somehow may affects their work ethic.
    To sum up in this condition if we choose option 1 company get on track moreover staff wouldn’t bothered and they still could plan their weekend to be with their loved ones.

  6. Dear Principle,
    I am writing this correspondence about recent parent teacher meeting. However, Mathematics and English teacher did not show up in the meeting.
    There were other parents along with me waiting for the two teachers, we waited for couple of hours but all in vain. We were not able to check the progress of our child in two crucial subject.
    My daughter did not perform well in Mathematics in last semester I have worked hard with here to work on her Maths problem and as you know English is not our first language, so , it is something new for her to learn and understand.
    I know teachers might be having crucial reason behind skiing the meeting, But I would like if teachers can plan the meeting dates in advance it will be good for everyone to plan. In addition, teachers should inform there in availability to principle or leave a note that will same time of parents waiting. Also, school should plan for telephonic session in case parent or teacher cannot make in person.
    Hoping in next meeting, you can consider the above points


  7. To the management team,

    first of all, I would like to thank you for counting my opinion in the matter.

    As per the situation company has to take affirmative steps to meet deadlines. Saying that, I think option 2
    will be more effective in achieving desired results. As for completing paperwork, all the departments are
    dependable and in the absence of any person can result in “No Work done” situation.

    Moreover, having all the coworker available in the office builds pressure and doesn’t give the feelings of “Only
    people Working”. Also, just two hours would not interrupt any of my weekend plans, infect my Saturdays often starts
    too late and I end up doing nothing instead, so It would be really great if by doing over time we can complete all the pending work before the start of next fiscal.

    Thank you for the opportunity, I am certain that appropriate course of action will be taken.
    Yours Sincerely,
    John Simmons.

  8. Respected Principle,

    I am writing to expresses my concern regarding last week parents-teacher meeting. My daughter is in 4th grade in your school. We had great meeting with most of the teachers and get useful update on my little age growth. although, I didn’t get the progress report from the Mr. John History teacher and Ms. Lindsey an drawing teacher.

    I waited for them about an hour but haven’t heard anything about their presence. I assume everyone time is so precious and as a parent I was so excited to get report from all the teacher. this situation force me to think that some teachers are not as responsible as suppose to be. I am concern now that my daughters’ future is in safe hand or not?

    sometime we all have an emergency and that makes our schedule little behind and I agree may be something like that happen with this two teachers. but In my opinion, to procure that if you can mail their reports to parents house with special notes and give chance to meet teachers if needed that would be great.

    I hope you will consider my email on serious notes and take necessary actions.


  9. Regarding the matter of which choice should be chosen in order to catch up the delayed paperwork, half staff
    come Saturday mornings and work four hours one month would be the better option in my personal view.

    As a start, we have already gotten many complains from our clients due to the delayed paperwork. Although, some of our coworkers do overtime work to catch it up, but the volume of paperwork are more than we thought.
    A primer example of which is that my department, a great number of customers want to reduce order amount, the reasons being that is we can not supply our paperwork in time. Base on the aforementioned situation we probably finish all our paperwork in a short time.

    Secondly, compare with all staff come to work on Saturday, half staff work four hours will reduce the commute cost and others expenses. At the same time, the rest coworkers can spend more time with their family. With the time and money saved, we can introduce new system for paperwork to avoid the same situation happen in the long run.

    In a nutshell, half staff work four hours on Saturday one month would be definitely better choice over all staff work two hour, It is in that context I wholeheartedly support this option and hope company will proceed the same interest.

  10. Dear Mr.Smith,

    I am writing to express my disappointment regarding two of your respected teachers were absent during the parent-teacher meeting last week, which had been planned serval weeks ago in advance. It is with regret that I must inform you and draw your kind attention.

    Sayo is my daughter who has two weakest subjects, History and Mathematics. In order to know how to correctly support she overcome these weak subjects , I would definitely like to discuss with respective teachers through this meeting. However, I, along with others parents, we kept waiting nearly one hour. Unfortunately, both did not show up without any notice and contact.

    Although, all parents and I can totally understand that no one wants to do job on Sunday. But, we were dismayed by their unprofessional conduct. To let my daughter have good performance in the upcoming exams, I sincerely hope I can talk with these two teachers face to face. I am sure their feedback would be crucial information for my daughter.

    I would be greatly appreciated it if you could communicate to my disappointment to them and arrange a meeting this week. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

    I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience.

    Sincerely yours.


  11. Hi Peter,

    I can understand how unpopular the decision to have employees to work on Saturdays is going to be and the resentment is obvious but given the company needs to complete the mandatory compliance work before the start of the next fiscal it is quite imperative such extreme steps be taken. Of the options available, I would prefer part of the staff working for four hours and complete the work in a months time.

    Primary reason for picking the longer working hour is that is that it will only be a months adjustment that the employees will have to make. Also given that the team will be coming in to work, on a Saturday, they might as well stretch and complete the work earlier than later. If I could add a suggestion, we should split the team in two and have each team to work on alternate Saturdays. This will help reduce the burn out of the team.

    Personally speaking, Saturday mornings is a slow start for me so if I spent the additional two hours on Saturday mornings, in comparison to the other option, then I could be more productive and helps me plan my Saturday evenings.

    Warm regards,
    Paul Jones

  12. Dear Ms. Brown,

    My daughter, Grace Young, will be graduating high school this year and the unfortunate experience I, and other fellow parents, had during the last parent-teacher meeting has left us anxious. I waited for over an hour for the French and Math teachers but to no avail. They simply did not turn up.

    You understand this is a crucial year for the children and seeing how competitive the last years results were we want our children to be focused and feedback during the parent-teachers meeting is crucial for parents to help, along with the teachers, for our children to pass out with flying colors. After all if the children do well in the up-coming exams will the school also shine among other schools in the board.

    Grace’s result from the last test were a bit of a concern for me and I hoped to understand from Mr. Richard, for French, and Mr. Lewis, for Maths, what help I could provide to bring Grace’s grades to back where she was.

    I request you to take cognizance of the two teachers absent during the parent teacher meeting and provide parents an alternative time with them at the earliest.

    Warm Regards,
    Paul Young

  13. Dear Principal,

    I am writing this email to explain my situation, where I am unable to assess my daughter’s progress in two of the subjects Mathematics and Physics, due to absence of teachers for those subjects to parents-teachers interaction which was held very recently. It’s been a long since I met teachers of these two subjects.

    To begin with, I am interested in learning by daughter progress in these subjects particularly, as I believe they are the key and game changers in one’s career in future. I am dreaming my daughter to become a mathematician or an engineer, which is making me enthusiastic to know my daughters’ performance in those subjects. Surprisingly, I never got a chance to meet teachers of these subjects.

    However, I am thinking you could be of some help in resolving this issue. Either you can find out with teachers and send me an email with suggestions or any comments on my daughter’s performance or you can arrange some online meeting for my interaction with teachers. Even I can make myself available on weekdays and I believe a half hour would more than suffice for walkthrough.

    Looking forward for your response.

    Thank you,

  14. Although none of the employees like to work on weekends if it is mandatory, I think every employee should come for two hours every Saturday.

    Firstly, if all colleagues are working every Saturday for two hours, it will speed up the pace of work to meet the deadline. Successful in doing so will ultimately reward our company. Also, it possible to finish up the project in less than the estimated time period and then everyone can enjoy weekends off.

    Considering the option a might create an imbalance in the entire working schedule, as half the colleagues have to sacrifice their Saturdays and others will leave unaffected from the increased workload. Since everyone has weekends to meet their own personal priorities thus, allocating equal work and time would be a great option.

    Considering the reasons of option b, I think it would work best for every worker. I know others may have a different opinion than me but I will support whatever decision is made by the company. Thanks for providing me with a chance to give my input on this issue.

    Jasnoor Kaur

  15. Dear Mrs. Naaz,
    I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction that I had with two of your school teachers. In last week’s parents-teachers meeting, the math and physics teachers were not there. This is the only time when parents receive the report of their children’s academic growth. But unfortunately we didn’t get it this month because of their absence.

    Even though, My daughter is very brilliant in studies but as the level of education is getting higher, it becomes very crucial for us to keep track of their growth. Also, she told me before this meeting that she is facing hurdles in mathematics and also didn’t understand some of the physic’s topics. So, I was looking forward to discuss these problems with the respective subject teaches. However, I lost the opportunity because of teachers irresponsible behavior.

    To cover it up, I want to set up the meeting again with both the instructors to get their feedback on my daughter’s academic evaluation. If you can arrange an hour with them, it would be great.

    Hope to hearing from you.


  16. To the management team,

    I appreciate you letting me put my opinion forward on this matter.

    I think it would best to opt for Option A as this would be the most efficient choice. Despite the fact that only half of the staff will be required to work for four hours per Saturday, being able to complete the backlog of paperwork in just one month would bode well for our team’s productivity. I think that the shorter period of time in eradicating the delayed paperwork would help ensure that no additional delays fall on our laps.

    I would like to point out that it would be more equitable to rotate one half of the team to work for two Saturdays in a month and the other half for the remaining Saturdays. This would ensure that the extra overtime is evenly distributed amongst the team and that we can all still enjoy our weekends.

    Thank you for this opportunity and I am certain the most appropriate course of action will be taken.


  17. Dear Principal Smith,

    I am Louise Tan’s mother and I am writing to express my disappointment regarding the parent-teacher meeting that I was invited to last week.

    Much like most fee-paying parents in this private school, I have very high expectations of the conduct of the teachers here at St. George’s High School. Therefore, I was very dismayed when two of Louise’s teachers were absent at last week’s meeting which had been planned several weeks in advance.

    My main reason for being upset is that Mathematics and History are Louise’s weakest subjects, and I would have greatly appreciated their feedback on her recent performance. Louise has been finding these subjects difficult and I wanted to organize a plan on how we could all help her excel. Secondly, I received no notice of their absence and I ended up wasting my own time, yet they did not show up.

    I would appreciate it if you could speak to Mr. Fradley and Mrs. Lyons and communicate my disappointment to them. I would also like to request a meeting with both of them next week so we can finally discuss Louise’s academic performance.

    I look forward to your response.

    Yours sincerely,

    Maury Tan

  18. Although I am quite certain that the majority of our colleagues will not be in favour of working on a weekend, but if it is mandatory and beneficial for the company, I would like to choose option B.

    To begin with, most of the employees in the company have plans for the weekend. Many of us have to take their family for outing or picnic, while others either have to visit their hometown or explore the nearby areas with friends. However, working for only two hours in the morning will not be much problem as people can still plan the rest of the day with their family without getting tired in office.

    In addition to this, the presence of full staff in the office will make the work effortless. Most of our work has a dependency on other departments, the absence of any concerned person may halt the work, and purpose of people working on weekends will not fulfil.

    In conclusion, I would like to prefer the proposal of working two hours in the morning by the full staff as this is more productive for the company and less tiresome for the employee.

  19. Dear Mr.Cullen,
    I am writing this due to the utter disappointment that I had faced due to the unprofessional and negligent behaviour of your school teachers, related to the children’s academic progress meeting.
    My daughter Maria Johns is in 10th grade in your school. Last Saturday, my husband and I came to attend the PTA meeting. Unfortunately, two of her main subject teachers (Biology and Maths) were not present over there. We waited there for more than 2hours, but they didn’t show up and to my surprise, no one had any idea where they are. This is my view is lack of responsibility and unprofessionalism!
    I believe that this type of meeting is extremely curious, as parents came to know about their kid’s overall performance at school. Teachers act as role models for their students; therefore, this type of carefree behaviour will give a negative impact on teenagers.
    I humbly request you to take your best foot forward and teach your staff some sense of responsibility. As their actions have long term effects on our children’s behaviour.
    I hope that you will take some strict actions considering the gravity of the situation.
    Sara Johns.

  20. Dear Mr John,

    I am writing this email to draw your kind attention toward the unprofessional behaviour of two of your staff members. During the last parent-teacher meet of my daughter, her Mathematics teacher and English teacher did not bother much to attend the meeting. I, along with many other parents, kept waiting for hours but they did not show up.
    Although my daughter grades have improved significantly in mathematics, still I wanted to meet her teacher to discuss further improvement plans. My appointment with her English teacher was utmost important because my daughter is not performing well in this subject. Moreover, she is unconfident about her English and is scared of upcoming exams. You can imagine how crucial it was to meet the tutors of these subjects.

    I would be grateful if you can arrange a meeting for an hour with teachers of these two subjects. I think devoting this time will make me aware of her weak areas and I can help her in enhancing her grades in the forthcoming exams.

    Yours sincerely,

  21. I think most of our colleagues would not be comfortable working extra hours on Saturday, but if it has to be the case for the welfare of our company, then I would opine in favor of option B based on various grounds.

    Most of us are preoccupied every weekend, especially Saturday, wherein the some of us have to spend time with our kids, have to fulfill social duties, manage groceries, visit parents, etc.; accommodating long working hours might not fit in this regime. However, working couple of hours might be a key solution to this problem, wherein, we will be able to accomplish our personal tasks as well as spare time to catch up lagging work in office.

    Moreover, given the availability of a complete workforce, coordination, as well as task delegation, would be much easier. This could potentially resolve all the dependencies on the given day itself and a significant reduction in the total time required to accomplish a task. This way, we might catch up with delayed paperwork even before two months.

    On the other hand, calling half of the staff is also against the company’s policy of Equinamity among Employees, thus, creating differences at the professional level and would hamper enthusiasm among a few of us.

    Though some of our colleagues would favor option A, but, based on the above points I find myself inclining towards option B.


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