CELPIP Speaking Tasks, a general overview




Just to state the well known obvious, there are eight CELPIP speaking tasks.
Allotted time: 20 mn
Before the first part, you’ll be given a practice question just to be familiarized with the microphone and get more comfortable with it. Then the serious stuff begins. (preparation time: 30 sec/ speaking time: 60 sec)

Task 1

You’ll have to give a piece of advice to someone. You have to help him or her to either make a decision or get prepared for an event. (trip, studies, party…)(preparation time: 30 sec/ speaking time: 90 sec)

Task 2: Here you’ll have to talk about a personal experience. You’ll have to tell a story, a past situation or event. In which case, you have to use the past tense when narrating. (preparation time: 30 sec/ speaking time: 60 sec)


Task 3

At this stage, you’ll be looking at an illustration, which is generally a scene involving a number of actions and positions, and you have to describe what is happening as you see it. (preparation time: 30 sec/ speaking time: 60 sec)

Task 4: Still dealing with that same illustration of task 3, try to make predictions. You’ll have to imagine what might happen next in that scene. (preparation time: 30 sec/ speaking time: 60 sec)

Task 5

This is a comparison task. At the beginning, you’ll be asked to select an item which can be a car, fridge, hotel, watch, phone, house… The two pictures are similar; they just defer in particular details. After selecting your choice, you’ll have to persuade a coworker, a friend, or someone from your family with the choice you have previously made. In other words, state your reasons. (preparation time: 60 sec/ speaking time: 60 sec)


Task 6

 You’ll be given a difficult situation with which you have to deal with. You’ll have to choose between two difficult options and explain why. They are usually related with family, friends, or work related matters. (preparation time: 60 sec/ speaking time: 60 sec)

Task 7

You’ll be given a statement with which you have to agree or disagree. You have to clearly state your agreeing or disagreeing first, and then provide arguments for your opinion. (preparation time: 30 sec/ speaking time:90 sec)

Task 8: You’ll have to describe a picture of a strange unusual situation or item to a friend or a family member. The person you are describing to, does not see the picture, so you have to carefully choose your words in a manner that is very clear and unambiguous. (preparation time: 30 sec/ speaking time: 60 sec)

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Here are some practice speaking tests:






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